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Author : Peter Pearson
Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.
Release : 2005-10-01
Page : 82
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 0819222038
Description :

A one-stop guide to icon painting, including the history and spirituality of icons as well as simplified, step-by-step icon-painting technique.

Author : Peter Pearson
Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.
Release : 2005-10-01
Page : 96
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0819226459
Description :

For more than a thousand years, Eastern Christians have used their hands and hearts to create icons, proclaiming God’s reality in a visible–and breathtakingly beautiful–way. This ancient art is enjoying a renewed interest in the West, as people of faith create icons and use them to meditate on mysteries for which there are no words. A Brush with God is a guide to painting icons and using them in prayer. Written with warmth and energy, it describes the history of icons and examines why they’ve been a spiritual tool for so many centuries. Written from a uniquely Western perspective, the book guides artists–from novices to professionals–through the process of icon painting, using traditional techniques but employing contemporary materials. Included are eight full-color plates of the artist’s icons.

Author : Peter Pearson
Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.
Release : 2009-10-01
Page : 144
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 0819226858
Description :

This is the sequel to the author’s previous work, A Brush with God, for advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced iconographers. It presents greater detail and instructions for creating entirely new icons. One major feature of the new book is the full-page sketches that artists can photocopy and use as the basis of their own icons, providing a unique and much-requested resource. Chapters and topics include: 1. Introduction and contemporary reflections on iconography, spirituality, and technique. 2. Highlighting folds on full-length figures, including black and white renderings of draped legs, arms, and torsos. 3. Architectural and landscape renderings in Byzantine iconography, including background shadow and highlighting techniques, plus inverse perspective. 4. Festal icons, involving multiple figures, landscapes, architecture, furniture, vegetation, and animals. 5. Construction of heads, figures, and analysis of whole compositions, sacred geometry and proportion.

Author : Ron DiCianni
Publisher : Tyndale House Pub
Release : 2002
Page : 101
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 9780842361798
Description :

This book holds over 20 stirring devotional readings, each accompanied by a Scripture verse and a beautiful, full-color painting by popular Christian artist DiCianni. Topics include deliverance, miracles, obedience, trust, and freedom.

Author : James D. Whitehead
Evelyn Eaton Whitehead
Publisher : Orbis Books
Release : 2008-12
Page : 213
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1608332586
Description :

Eros is the passionate energy that makes us one with the beautiful other, with a leper, with the world of nature waiting to be embraced and cared for, with our neighbor, the stranger, with God. The Whiteheads explore this vital energy of love as the gift of a Creator madly in love with his creation a God who would bring us to life in abundance if we only say "Yes." They discuss Eros in the movements of our sexuality, as well as in our arousals of compassion and care. They examine the Eros of pleasure and of generosity. They honor the Eros of hope, of anger, of suffering. They reveal that Eros has a Source far deeper than lust, and is a pathway to a passionate God. Holy Eros recovers this fundamental energy of love as a powerful resource in the revitalization of Christian spirituality. Unlike most books on the topic it eschews easy clichs. Its reader benefit is to understand and appreciate an energy that can heal as well as hinder and to tap into its positive force.

Author : Lorana Hoopes
Publisher : Lorana Hoopes
Release : 2018-07-21
Page : 228
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1717858880
Description :

Can a movie star really find happiness in small town, USA? Billionaire actor Brent McKasson is tired of being typecast in the same action roles. Wanting something different, he decides to take some time off to think. However, when his car breaks down in the small town of Soda Spurs, Texas, he is forced to rely on people he doesn't know, Brent rediscovers the charm of a small town and a feisty female mechanic, but will it be enough for him to stay or will the fame call him back? Sam Jenkins moved to Soda Spurs after a hard breakup. All she wanted to do was open up an auto shop and return to her small town roots. Then Brent McKasson lands in her lap. Literally. She's the only mechanic in town, and with the only hotel in town booked for the Cowboy festival, she is forced not only to fix his car but to open her spare room to him for the weekend. What she hadn't expected was to open her heart to him as well. Can a spark between two opposites create a lasting love? Or will his fame and her independence keep them apart? Fans of Susan May Warren, Melissa McClone, and Dale Mayer will love this new inspirational Christian romance by Amazon best selling author Lorana Hoopes. This story focuses on second chances and trusting God to bring the right people into your life at the right time. Follow the journey by clicking the button above. Nominated for the Clean Wholesome Romance Reader's Choice Award for 2018.

Author : Suresh Subrahmanyan
Publisher : Notion Press
Release : 2018-11-13
Page : 312
Category : Literary Collections
ISBN 13 : 164429852X
Description :

Suresh Subrahmanyan draws freely from his life experiences to present this compendium of acutely observed columns. His métier, humour and satire, and his abiding love for the English language, resonate on every page. He delves nostalgically into his childhood, ruminating on, among other things, boarding school escapades and a wide spectrum of music that saturates his life. He paints a vivid portrait of India’s contrariness with a light brush, warts and all. Politics, sport, the arts, current affairs and selective autobiography – they are all grist to the author’s mill. As he himself says, ‘I write for fun. If the reader is amused, it’s a bonus’. Suresh Subrahmanyan is refreshingly different from others of his ilk. He is known for his eclectic tastes, partial to wit and satire, a cricket tragic (in Aussie parlance) and an aficionado of music of varied genres. Small wonder that he has been a regular columnist in leading newspapers. His writings, covering a wide range of subjects, come as a breath of fresh air. This delightfully humorous collection of his choicest columns, impeccably written, will lift the reader’s spirits. N. Murali Chairman, Kasturi and Sons Ltd (Holding company of The Hindu Group) and President, The Music Academy

Author : M. Germaine Hustedde
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2012-11-30
Page : 215
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 147974610X
Description :

DESCRIPTION MAKE ROOM FOR GOD is an invitational exploration of ones journey through life using an enhanced mode of awakening. It is a pathway for the earnest searcher to live at a deeper and enriched level of existence. Drawing on theories of psychologists and philosophers, the author presents an interesting, well crafted and readable text constructed on the principles of formative spirituality, drawing on contemporary thinkers and classical spiritual masters. Each chapter concludes with a Prayer Poem and several reflective questions to enable the reader to enter more fully into the inward journey. Personal biographical inserts gives the book a unique and interesting flavor which will inspire the reader.

Author : Lisa Burkhardt Worley
Catherine Weiskopf
Publisher : Redemption Press
Release : 2015-06-22
Page : 171
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1632325314
Description :

"If I Only Had..." is an answer-focused book for women who've searched for security in looks, friends, family, money, and men, and have come up empty-handed. It is loaded with Scripture based secure points, Biblical characters who have struggled with the same issues, and personal testimonies of current-day Christian women who God has given victory over insecurity. After each chapter of "If I Only Had..." there are discussion questions which makes this a perfect book for a women's Bible study.

Author : Gilles Weissmann
Publisher : Search PressLtd
Release : 2012
Page : 127
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 9781844487943
Description :

Focusing on the classic methods of icon painting and its rich history, this detailed and practical guide covers everything, from the materials needed and how to prepare a panel to adding inscriptions and finishing off using traditional Byzantine techniques. It explains the origins and principles of icon painting; how to choose a subject; the technique of sacred geometry; the use of color, varnishing, and egg tempera; and how to use traditional gilding techniques. Part of the icon's symbolism is transmitted in the techniques used to create it and this is explored throughout. With in-depth information, step-by-step demonstrations, invaluable advice, and many superb examples of finished icons, this is the most comprehensive guide to the philosophy and practice of icon painting.

Author : Dan Allen
Publisher : Dan Allen
Release : 2014-09-30
Page : 184
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0692278494
Description :

A book to help Christians create a culture of evangelism as they are instructed and challenged to share their faith with the divine appointments of family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others.

Author : Sara Hagerty
Publisher : Zondervan
Release : 2020-03-31
Page : 256
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0310357020
Description :

For anyone who longs to experience God in the thick of life's demands, Sara Hagerty's Adore offers a simple, soul-nourishing practice for engaging with God in the middle minutes of your day. None of us signed up for a conventional experience with the unconventional God, yet too often the spiritual life can become routine, dare we say, even boring. In Adore, Sara Hagerty gives us all permission to admit "I barely know You, God," and with this honest admission, to scoot a little nearer to this familiar stranger. Adoration is the simple practice Sara discovered for starting where you are, and letting the grit of your day greet the beauty of God's presence. Adoration is for the woman who feels frenzied and fearful in the middle minutes of her day. It is a simple practice for 7:37 a.m. when the children are waking and the dryer is already humming but also for the 12:17 p.m. lunch break and for 5:53 p.m. while stuck in traffic. Adoration is the place where we put how we feel in front of God's Word, and watch what happens to our insides. It's what you were made for. Join Sara in this soul-stirring journey through thirty attributes of God which you can walk through at your own pace. Learn how the simple habit of adoration--in the middle minutes of your day--can help you see God with fresh eyes, and talk to Him right there. Experience a new way of engaging with God in your everyday. Adore will show you how.

Author : Ed Meshler
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release : 2007-07-01
Page : 188
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1602666539
Description :

From the days of Abel through today God baffles, teaches, and amazes with real-life lessons from real-life people. The Christian life is an adventure, and God is anything but boring. (Practical Life)

Author : John Lionberger
Publisher : SkyLight Paths Publishing
Release : 2007
Page : 158
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 1594732191
Description :

Exploring the teachings about wilderness in sacred writing--both ancient and contemporary--and how people can grow through the shared and individual experiences of being present in nature, a practical guide illuminates the power of finding God in the wilderness experiences and the universality of spiritual connections through nature. Original.

Author : Stacey Thacker
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Release : 2016-08-30
Page : 224
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0736967354
Description :

You're Invited to Savor Some Grace Today What do you do when everyone expects you to be amazing...and you've got nothing left to give? It's an issue all busy women share—that pressure to always be a go-getter when sometimes all you want to do is get going (and stay gone for a long time). Join author and speaker Stacey Thacker as she walks you through God's mercies and shows you how to... identify what's dragging you down so you can find the specific encouragement you need increase your trust in Jesus by learning practical ways to rest when you're depleted accept the invitation to see God big when you're fresh out of amazing Whether you're short on time, energy, motivation, hope, or all of the above, only one thing can bring your weary spirit back to life: Jesus.

Author : Mark Mah
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2016-10-07
Page : 132
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1532604688
Description :

This book uses the metaphor of walking to gain insight into the spiritual life. Walking is the most basic movement of the human body. For many people, walking carries no value on its own except to transit between two points. From the spiritual perspective, we can derive many benefits through the act of walking. As a spiritual discipline, walking not only has health benefits but generates different states of well-being that are good for the human soul and spirit. Walking gives us pleasure, joy, happiness, and serenity. Metaphorically speaking, walking gives us a sense that we are on a journey with God. It also helps us to know the importance of engaging our physical bodies in our spirituality. It keeps us attuned to the present moment, cultivates in us a sense of wonder in the natural world, creates an inner space in our cluttered lives, highlights the need for solitude and silence, and gives us the freedom of simplicity that the soul enjoys.

Author : Meredith Gould
Publisher : Liturgical Press
Release : 2016-05-09
Page : 156
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0814648754
Description :

In Desperately Seeking Spirituality, sacred spelunker and sociologist Meredith Gould, combines practical wisdom with lived experience to explain why and when traditional practices don’t work for today’s seeker and then how to choose ones that will. In short, easy-to-read chapters and with characteristic wit, Gould provides counsel for reframing perception to discover the sacred in everyday life. This guide is for self-identified seekers who have tried some, many, or even all the classic spiritual practices and then, given up on them when they stop working. In Desperately Seeking Spirituality, Gould invites readers to embrace a broader definition of practice that shifts focus from doing to being.

Author : Deepak Chopra
Publisher : Harmony
Release : 2000
Page : 319
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0609805231
Description :

The author shares his perspective on how to find and know God, blending philosophy and science to argue that the knowledge is hard-wired into the brain, and introducing the seven stages one must pass through to fully experience the divine.

Author : A. Daniel Frankforter
Publisher : Westminster John Knox Press
Release : 2001-01-01
Page : 195
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9780664222840
Description :

This engaging book explores the effects of the rush to adopt contemporary styles of worship by many Protestant congregations. It discusses some of the different programs for "marketing" worship, explores the implications for the integrity of a church's mission and spiritual life, and proposes some alternative means for rejuvenating worship.

Author : Josh Ross
Jonathan Storment
Publisher : WaterBrook
Release : 2015-05-05
Page : 224
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1601426712
Description :

You Can Help Bring Heaven to Earth God so loved the world, and he still does. He values his creation too much to destroy it. If you know where to look, you can see that the coming of a new heaven and a new earth already has begun. Life on earth is renewed every time you live out Jesus’s prayer that God’s ways will be followed on earth. The work of God’s Kingdom involves restoring what has been broken. This includes people, unjust systems, relationships, anything that has been separated from God and needs to be healed, reconciled, and set right. This is how heaven collides with earth—not following fiery destruction but in the power of restoring to life everything that God created. What you believe about God’s plan for humanity and for his creation determines how you will invest your life. God calls all of us to this renewing work. You can help bring heaven to earth, starting today.