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Author : Lani Ka’ahumanu
Loraine Hutchins
Publisher : Riverdale Avenue Books LLC
Release : 2015-09-23
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Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1626011982
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“I am part of the generation that came of age when Bi Any Other Name was already in print. This groundbreaking anthology gave me the language, courage and sense of community I needed as a young queer woman.” —Daisy Hernández, A Cup of Water Under My Bed The 25th Anniversary Edition Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out first debuted in 1991. This groundbreaking book helped catalyze a national movement for bisexual identity, justice and equality. Often dubbed “the bisexual bible,” Bi Any Other Name was on Lambda Book Review’s Top 100 GLBT Books of the 20th century and became a beloved reference text in many classrooms, doctors’ offices, libraries, and pulpits. A 2007 Mandarin translation was published in Taiwan. The new 2015 introduction of this book updates readers to the enormous changes the past quarter century has brought – for bi people, the larger society and the sexual rights and liberation movement of which we are a part. When did you know? How did you come out? What was your experience? The coming out stories in this book speak to the many ways bisexuals embrace realities outside rigid either/or categories throughout the passage of our lives. Everyday stories of women, men, transgender bisexuals, teenagers to octogenarians, from many different cultures and family arrangements. The fierce truth of these lives made visible puts a check on bisexual erasure, exposing the binary constructions of gay/straight and male/female as oversimplifications that reduce spectrums to mere opposites. Caught between the mainstream culture’s persistent discounting of bisexuality, the sensationalizing characterizations presented in media, and the sexual liberation movement’s continual disregard of bisexuality as a serious identity, bisexual people are often not seen or heard when they speak out. There is a vital need for these earnest voices to be heard in the new century. Enormous cultural changes have occurred in the past 25 years, yes, but understanding bisexualities has just begun.

Author : Sarah MacLean
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2012-02-28
Page : 400
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0062065386
Description :

New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean has taken the world of historical romance fiction by storm! With A Rogue by Any Other Name, she once again boldly breaks new ground. The first book in her remarkably fresh and original Fallen Angels series—featuring four dark Regency Era heroes who will steal the hearts of their heroines and the readers alike—A Rogue will captivate fans of Julia Quinn and Suzanne Enoch while bringing new romance readers eagerly into the fold. The scintillating story of a disgraced Marquess reduced to running a London gambling hall who hopes to restore his good fortune by marrying a very proper lady who’s secretly drawn to sin, A Rogue by Any Other Name is sexy and wicked fun.

Author : Maureen Garvie
Publisher : Minerva S Owl Books
Release : 2012-02-01
Page : 256
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9780981143996
Description :

When sixteen-year-old Amy wakes up in a hospital bed, terribly injured from a dive onto hidden rocks in a quarry, her shattered body is not the worst of her troubles. The worst of it is the fact that the body is not her own. An over-achiever from a wealthy Toronto family, Amy has somehow ended up in the body of Krystal, a troubled girl from North-End Kingston. No one, of course, believes what Amy says. Amy's drive and determination help her to build a new life, but all she really wants is to find her way back to the life she once had. Or does she? Amy by Any Other Name is a story about what makes us who were are-and about the human capacity to grow and change.

Author : Vivian Verdell Gordon
Publisher :
Release : 1990
Page : 40
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 :
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Author : Lori Linzer
Publisher :
Release : 1995
Page : 22
Category : Antisemitism
ISBN 13 :
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Author : Nancy Gift
Publisher : Beacon Press
Release : 2009
Page : 192
Category : Gardening
ISBN 13 : 9780807085523
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Chronicles a year in the life of a suburban mom and professional weed scientist to describe her advocacy of what she calls "plants out of place," in a recipe-enhanced tribute to the virtues of clovers, dandelions, and other unpopular lawn-cluttering plants.

Author : David Marc Sobel
Publisher :
Release : 1997
Page : 108
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Author : Thomas Harding
Publisher : august house
Release : 1999
Page : 96
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 9780874835786
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Natural Products: Discourse, Diversity and Designprovides an informative and accessible overview of discoveries in the area of natural products in the genomic era, bringing together advances across the kingdoms. As genomics data makes it increasingly clear that the genomes of microbes and plants contain far more genes for natural product synthesis than had been predicted from the numbers of previously identified metabolites, the potential of these organisms to synthesize diverse natural products is likely to be far greater than previously envisaged.Natural Productsaddresses not only the philosophical questions of the natural role of these metabolites, but also the evolution of single and multiple pathways, and how these pathways and products may be harnessed to aid discovery of new bioactives and modes of action. Edited by recognized leaders in the fields of plant and microbial biology, bioorganic chemistry and natural products chemistry, and with contributions from researchers at top labs around the world,Natural Productsis unprecedented in its combination of disciplines and the breadth of its coverage.Natural Produces: Discourse, Diversity and Designwill appeal to advanced students and experienced researchers, from academia to industry, in diverse areas including ecology, industrial biotechnology, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, agronomy, crop improvement, and natural product chemistry.

Author : Emma Newman
Publisher : Diversion Books
Release : 2016-02-21
Page : 344
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1682303152
Description :

Thought-provoking, wonderfully inventive, and filled with treachery and mystery, the soaring second book in the Split Worlds Series pulls Cathy, Will, Max, and Sam deeper into the twisted world of Fae-touched society. Cathy has been reluctantly married into the Iris family and moves to Londinium, the magical Nether reflection of London, setting her on a collision course with the restrictive, high-pressure social circles that demand propriety and obedience, things the vocal and free-spirited Cathy cannot abide. Will, meanwhile, is trying to find a compromise for his new bride, but whispers in his ear are urging him towards dark deeds... Sam, determined to dive back into the world of Exilium to rescue innocents, crosses paths with Cathy and Max once again as Max and the gargoyle uncover more information about the mysterious Agency and the chain of events that wiped out the Bath Chapter. Sacrifices, terrible deals, and dreadful revelations mark this second installment of Emma Newman’s wondrous Split Worlds series. “Emma Newman has built a modern fantasy world with such élan and authority her ideas of why and how the seemingly irrational world of Fairy works should be stolen by every other writer in the field.”—Bill Willingham, Eisner Award-winning creator of FABLES “With a feather-light touch, Emma Newman has crafted a very English fantasy, one brilliantly realised and quite delightful, weaving magic, mystery and parallel worlds together with ease.”—Adam Christopher, author of MADE TO KILL

Author :
Publisher : Anchor Books
Release : 1978
Page : 35
Category : Motion picture music
ISBN 13 :
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Author : Keith G. Laufenberg
Publisher :
Release : 2016-10-19
Page : 274
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0991420217
Description :

In the title story, Any Other Name, it is 1962 and the world is on the brink of nuclear war. For 13 days in October what became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis raged in Cuba, the United States and Russia and the story begins when a 21 year-old ex-marine, working for the CIA, becomes involved in the operations. The young ex-marine was there when DEF CON 2, one step before all-out nuclear war, was activated and he saw history made from a much different angle than anyone else and this, then, is his story.The Terror is told in the 1st person and the subject-the writer's friend-known only as the Russian, is a study in contradictions. Here is yet another book of short stories by author Keith G. Laufenberg all of which will stay on your mind long after you've put the book back down.

Author : Craig Johnson
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2014-05-13
Page : 336
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0698163532
Description :

“It’s the scenery—and the big guy standing in front of the scenery—that keeps us coming back to Craig Johnson’s lean and leathery mysteries.” —The New York Times Book Review A sheriff’s mysterious death spurs the tenth Longmire novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Land of Wolves In Any Other Name, Walt is sinking into high-plains winter discontent when his former boss, Lucian Conally, asks him to take on a mercy case in an adjacent county. Detective Gerald Holman is dead and Lucian wants to know what drove his old friend to take his own life. With the clock ticking on the birth of his first grandchild, Walt learns that the by-the-book detective might have suppressed evidence concerning three missing women. Digging deeper, Walt uncovers an incriminating secret so dark that it threatens to claim other lives even before the sheriff can serve justice—Wyoming style.

Author : James G. Abernathy
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2007-09-01
Page : 328
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1556352042
Description :

Have you ever wondered . . . . . . what a worldview is, and why it's so important? . . . how liberal and conservative Christians both claim the Bible as their foundation? . . . why different worldviews attempt to solve the same problems in different ways? . . . how two people who formally espouse different worldviews can agree on so many issues? . . . why secularism is just as religious as Christianity? . . . why secularism has its own mythology? . . . why secularists want to silence Christianity in America's legislatures, courts, schools, and churches? . . . why education is nearly always offered as a solution to society's ills (and why it won't work)? . . . how to formulate positions on contemporary issues not directly mentioned in the Bible? . . . why Christians are often ineffective at influencing culture? Abernathy answers these questions (and many more) by examining the relationship between ideas and their real-world consequences. This foundational relationship is key to understanding secularism, to understanding why its attempts to solve society's problems produce disastrous real-world consequences, and how its ideas infiltrate the biblical principles of even the most committed Christians. Abernathy sifts through the deceptive language of secular orthodoxy and shows how secularism by any other name still has tragic real-world consequences. Ideologies such as humanism, postmodernism, and liberal Christianity are exposed as repackaged havens of a failed worldview. Seemingly well-intentioned notions such as progressive education, pacifist foreign policy, tolerance, and wealth redistribution are debunked as deceptive myths peddled by an impoverished faith. By Any Other Name shatters the secular barrier erected to exclude Christianity from the marketplace of ideas and lays the groundwork for engaging a culture contaminated by secular mythology.

Author : Lori Austin
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2012-11-13
Page : 1
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1101572981
Description :

A Civil War romance as lush as the Southern countryside. AVAILBLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME For Julia Colton, spring in Missouri held the promise of dreamlike beauty. But just beyond her family’s land, across Colton Creek, were the Murphys—an Irish immigrant family who sided with the Union Jayhawkers, making them her father’s sworn enemies. But when Ryan Murphy saves Julia from a group of Jayhawkers, she begins to question her alliances. Is this kind young man with tender blue eyes truly her enemy, or is he a dream of love come true? Includes previews for Beauty and the Bounty Hunter and An Outlaw in Wonderland, as well as the ebooks An Outlaw for Christmas and When Morning Comes.

Author : Ava Stone
Publisher : Ava Stone Inc
Release : 2013
Page : 100
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Lady Philippa Casemore caused quite a scene at her very first ball of her very first season. She even landed herself, somehow, on the pages of the infamous betting book at White's gentleman's club. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember one moment of the night in question. Not the music. Not the notorious rake she'd dragged into the middle of the dance floor. Not the flask of opium-laced brandy she'd downed without realizing it's contents... ​ Jason York, the wicked Earl of St. Austell, can't quite forget the lady who stole his breath away the previous night. Of course, his broken nose, courtesy of the girl's brother, did have a way of making an impression. When he stumbles into Lady Philippa the next day, his ego is more than bruised when she doesn't seem to recall him at all and a scheme to make certain she never forgets him again quickly forms in Jason's mind. * Previously found in THE BETTING SEASON

Author : Bill Mason
Publisher : Wildside Press LLC
Release : 2019-01-09
Page : 194
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1479449210
Description :

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable—and most parodied—names in western literature. Bill Mason, BSI, collects and annotates these parody names, from the first one that appeared in 1891, to the present day. As Mason says in his introduction: One of the great aspects of Sherlock Holmes is the fact that, just as the character himself is subject to endless variation, so is his name. Ellery Queen noted that the name itself “is particularly susceptible to the twistings and mis-shapenings of burlesque minded authors.” Surely, Arthur Conan Doyle, who struggled a little with what he was going to call his detective hero, could not have known just how perfect the name he finally selected—Sherlock Holmes—would be for parody, for rhyme, for the transposing of letters and sounds, for the substitution of suggestive words in the name of a comic character. Mason’s listings are an invaluable resource for the Holmsian scholar, researcher, or for those interested in whiling away a few hours with a delightful and chuckle-inspiring volume.

Author : Lori Handeland
Publisher : Lori Handeland
Release : 2016-04-05
Page : 283
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0996836551
Description :

A Shakespeare meets Old West love story! What's in a name? For two young lovers . . . everything. During the War Between the States, the feud between the Kansas Jayhawkers and the Missouri Bushwackers raged like wildfire. But it was nothing compared to the hatred between the Coltons and the Murphys. Julia Colton is taught from birth that the Jayhawkers are her enemy, especially the Murphy's who took the Colton's rightful property. When Ryan Murphy saves her from a band of renegades, she begins to question everything she thought was the truth. Ryan lost his mother to a Bushwacker attack and has vowed vengeance. But Julia's gentle ways tempt him toward love instead. The only time he feels at peace is when he's with her. To save Julia from a loveless marriage to a violent man, they marry. As the war heats up, along with the feud, they must choose between family and love, between vows of vengeance and vows of marriage. Is their love stronger than bullets, deeper than blood? Will it be just as true by any other name? By Any Other Name is a standalone western historical romance, written by New York Times Bestselling author, Lori Handeland, who has also written western historical romance under the name Lori Austin. If you enjoy excitement and romance in the tradition of both Shakespeare and Louis L'Amour download By Any Other Name! romeo and juliet, shakespeare romance, civil war romance, western historical romance books, historical romance novels

Author : Maya Schenwar
Victoria Law
Publisher : The New Press
Release : 2020-07-21
Page : 295
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 1620973111
Description :

A crucial indictment of widely embraced "alternatives to incarceration" that exposes how many of these new approaches actually widen the net of punishment and surveillance "But what does it mean—really—to celebrate reforms that convert your home into your prison?" —Michelle Alexander, from the foreword Electronic monitoring. Locked-down drug treatment centers. House arrest. Mandated psychiatric treatment. Data-driven surveillance. Extended probation. These are some of the key alternatives held up as cost-effective substitutes for jails and prisons. But many of these so-called reforms actually widen the net, weaving in new strands of punishment and control, and bringing new populations, who would not otherwise have been subject to imprisonment, under physical control by the state. As mainstream public opinion has begun to turn against mass incarceration, political figures on both sides of the spectrum are pushing for reform. But—though they're promoted as steps to confront high rates of imprisonment—many of these measures are transforming our homes and communities into prisons instead. In Prison by Any Other Name, activist journalists Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law reveal the way the kinder, gentler narrative of reform can obscure agendas of social control and challenge us to question the ways we replicate the status quo when pursuing change. A foreword by Michelle Alexander situates the book in the context of criminal justice reform conversations. Finally, the book offers a bolder vision for truly alternative justice practices.

Author : Sebastian Stuart
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
Release : 2011-10-08
Page : 264
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0738730882
Description :

Hunting the Hudson River valley for cast-off treasures is usually low-stress for Janet Petrocelli, a former shrink who now owns a used-stuff shop. But her insatiable curiosity kicks in when she gets a call from Natasha Wolfson, a high-strung singer and songwriter. The girl is desperate to unload her funky jewelry for a little fast cash so she can move to Los Angeles—and escape some serious trouble. Hours after meeting with Janet, the tormented rising star allegedly leaps to her death. Suspecting foul play, Janet noses into Natasha’s life and gets drawn into an eccentric enclave ruled by the rich and infamous. From a hotbed of corruption at the New York State capital to an exotic pleasure house hidden deep in the Catskills, Janet’s obsession with the case leads her closer to the shocking truth.

Author : Kirsten Fermaglich
Publisher : NYU Press
Release : 2018-10-23
Page : 256
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1479872997
Description :

A groundbreaking history of the practice of Jewish name changing in the 20th century, showcasing just how much is in a name Our thinking about Jewish name changing tends to focus on clichés: ambitious movie stars who adopted glamorous new names or insensitive Ellis Island officials who changed immigrants’ names for them. But as Kirsten Fermaglich elegantly reveals, the real story is much more profound. Scratching below the surface, Fermaglich examines previously unexplored name change petitions to upend the clichés, revealing that in twentieth-century New York City, Jewish name changing was actually a broad-based and voluntary behavior: thousands of ordinary Jewish men, women, and children legally changed their names in order to respond to an upsurge of antisemitism. Rather than trying to escape their heritage or “pass” as non-Jewish, most name-changers remained active members of the Jewish community. While name changing allowed Jewish families to avoid antisemitism and achieve white middle-class status, the practice also created pain within families and became a stigmatized, forgotten aspect of American Jewish culture. This first history of name changing in the United States offers a previously unexplored window into American Jewish life throughout the twentieth century. A Rosenberg by Any Other Name demonstrates how historical debates about immigration, antisemitism and race, class mobility, gender and family, the boundaries of the Jewish community, and the power of government are reshaped when name changing becomes part of the conversation. Mining court documents, oral histories, archival records, and contemporary literature, Fermaglich argues convincingly that name changing had a lasting impact on American Jewish culture. Ordinary Jews were forced to consider changing their names as they saw their friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and neighbors do so. Jewish communal leaders and civil rights activists needed to consider name changers as part of the Jewish community, making name changing a pivotal part of early civil rights legislation. And Jewish artists created critical portraits of name changers that lasted for decades in American Jewish culture. This book ends with the disturbing realization that the prosperity Jews found by changing their names is not as accessible for the Chinese, Latino, and Muslim immigrants who wish to exercise that right today.