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Author : Henri Julius
Andrea Beetz
Publisher : Hogrefe Publishing
Release : 2012
Page : 206
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 1613344422
Description :

The biological and psychological basis of pet therapy / animal-assisted therapy and what this means for practice “A comprehensive, scientific foundation for human-animal therapy.” (Judith Solomon) In recent years, the ancient symbiosis between humans and their pets has entered a new phase, marked by the burgeoning clinical specialty of human-animal therapy. This approach uses the relationship between humans and their (mainly) mammalian pets to support the growth of emotion regulation, social skills, and mental health in children, adolescents, and adults. But how are humans and animals able to develop close bonds at all? What makes it possible for animals to have a therapeutic effect on humans? And how can we best use this understanding in animal-assisted therapy? In this unique book, a team of expert biologists and psychologists integrate and combine sophisticated biological and psychological knowledge to answer these questions. Together they have created a comprehensive, scientific foundation for human-animal therapy, a foundation that will facilitate the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective new interventions.


Author : Zazie Todd
Publisher : Greystone Books Ltd
Release : 2020-03-10
Page : 304
Category : Pets
ISBN 13 : 1771643803
Description :

As seen in The New York Times · People · SLATE · Psychology Today "The must-have guide to improving your dog's life."––Modern Dog Magazine Whether you are training a new puppy, considering adopting a dog, researching dog breeds, or simply curious about your own dog's happiness and behavior, Wag has all the answers––and then some. Respected dog trainer and social psychologist, Zazie Todd, demystifies the inner life of canines and shares recommendations from leading veterinarians, researchers, and trainers to help you cultivate a rewarding and respectful relationship with your dog—which offers many benefits for you, your family, and your four-legged friend Inside this engaging, practical book, readers will find: A Check List for a Happy Dog Enrichment exercises How to socialize and train a new puppy How to reduce fear and anxiety in dogs Tips for visiting the vet Information on aging dogs Expert interviews with vets and psychologists And so much more! “Dog owners and those considering becoming one should appreciate Todd’s substantial insight into how dogs and humans relate to one another” —Publishers Weekly

Author : Susan Krauss Whitbourne
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release : 2010-01-12
Page : 224
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 0345514831
Description :

In the fall of 1966, at a university in the Northeast, 350 students signed up for a psychological survey on personal development and happiness. In 1977, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, then a young psychology professor, came across the study and decided to expand it. She tracked down the study's original participants and questioned them every decade until she had forty years' worth of data. Now, in this groundbreaking book, Whitbourne reveals the findings of this extensive project, a seminal piece of research into how people change over the course of their lifetimes. The results indicate something fascinating: No matter how old or how content you might currently feel, it is never too late to steer your life toward a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction. Western society often paints a pessimistic view of aging, a "best years are behind you" attitude. But Whitbourne challenges this notion and posits that it's possible to find fulfillment at any age. Guided by her research, she identifies five different life pathways and provides a questionnaire that will help you discover which one you are currently on: • The Meandering Way You have a low sense of identity, lack priorities, and feel lost, unable to settle on a clear set of goals. • The Downward Slope You seem to have it all, until one or two poor decisions send your life into a spiral. • The Straight and Narrow Way You embrace predictability, shy away from risk, and don't enjoy shaking up your routine. • The Triumphant Trail Your inner resilience has allowed you to overcome significant challenges that could have left you despondent. • The Authentic Road You take a bold and honest look at your life, assess whether it's truly satisfying, and take the necessary risks to get back on track. Whitbourne shows how you can work yourself off a negative pathway and onto one that is more fulfilling. And if you identify yourself as being on one of the more positive pathways, you'll learn how to keep enhancing your feelings of satisfaction. Filled with insight and candid personal profiles of Whitbourne's subjects, The Search for Fulfillment offers proof that change is not only possible but ultimately rewarding. Revolutionary and inspirational, this encouraging book provides a new way of looking at our lives—and a guidepost for making changes for the better, at any age.

Author : David Charles Anderson
Publisher : Purdue University Press
Release : 2007
Page : 146
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 9781557534248
Description :

This book gathers, in one place, those measures presently used to study the human-companion animal bond. The measures chosen for inclusion are the most heavily used by researchers, as well as measures that appear to be innovative or relate to the different aspects of the human-companion animal relationship. The measures cover the human-animal bond principally by attachment, but also by fear, abuse, or neglect.

Author : Christopher Blazina
Lori R. Kogan
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-04-13
Page : 329
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 3319300970
Description :

The healing power of the bond between men and dogs is explored in this unique book. Three important themes emerge: attachment, loss, and continued bonds with canine companions for males across the life span and from various contextual backgrounds. The contributors replace common assumptions with needed context pertaining to men’s emotions and relationships, starting with the impact of gender norms on attachment, and including robust data on how canine companionship may counter Western culture socialization. The chapters engage readers with details pertaining to ways in which dogs help men develop stable, caring relationships, process feelings, and cope with stress – within a variety of environments including home, school and treatment programs for veterans, prisoners, and youth. The book also address men’s loss of companion animals, and the need for building new ways of sustaining the memory and meaning of the bond in males’ lives, referred to as a “continuing bond.” From these various vantage points, therapeutic insights and relevant findings bring a new depth of understanding to this compelling topic. Included in the coverage: Masculine gender role conflict theory, research, and practice: implications for understanding the human-animal bond in males’ lives. At-risk youth and at-risk dogs helping one another. An examination of human-animal interaction as an outlet for healthy masculinity in prison. Exploring how the human-animal bond affects men’s relational capacity to make and sustain meaningful attachment bonds with both human and animal companions .“/li> Older adults and companion animals: physical and psychological benefits of the bond. Continuing the bonds with animal companions: implications for men grieving the loss of a dog. Probing the deeper concepts behind “man’s best friend,” Men and Their Dogs provides a rich clinical understanding of this timeless bond, and should be of special interest to health psychologists, clinical psychologists, academicians, social workers, nurses, counselors, life coaches and dog lovers.

Author : John Bradshaw
Publisher : Basic Books
Release : 2017-10-31
Page : 384
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0465093159
Description :

A leading anthrozoologist and the bestselling author of Dog Sense and Cat Sense explains why we are so drawn to pets. Historically, we relied on our pets to herd livestock, guard homes, and catch pests. But most of us don't need animals to do these things anymore. Pets have never been less necessary. And yet, pet ownership has never been more common than it is today: half of American households contain a cat, a dog, or both. Why are pets still around? In The Animals Among Us, John Bradshaw, one of the world's leading authorities on the relationship between humans and animals, argues that pet ownership is actually an intrinsic part of human nature. He explains how our empathy with animals evolved into a desire for pets, why we still welcome them into our families, and why we mourn them so deeply when they die. Drawing on the latest research in biology and psychology, as well as fields as diverse as robotics and musicology, The Animals Among Us is a surprising and affectionate history of humanity's best friends.

Author : Omri Gillath
Gery C. Karantzas
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2016-03-29
Page : 346
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 0124200761
Description :

Adult Attachment: A Concise Introduction to Theory and Research is an easy-to-read and highly accessible reference on attachment that deals with many of the key concepts and topics studied within attachment theory. This book is comprised of a series of chapters framed by common questions that are typically asked by novices entering the field of attachment. The content of each chapter focuses on answering this overarching question. Topics on the development of attachment are covered from different levels of analysis, including species, individual, and relationship levels, working models of attachment, attachment functions and hierarchies, attachment stability and change over time and across situations, relationship contexts, the cognitive underpinnings of attachment and its activation of enhancement via priming, the interplay between the attachment behavioral system and other behavioral systems, the effects of context on attachment, the contribution of physiology/neurology and genetics to attachment, the associations/differences between attachment and temperament, the conceptualization and measurement of attachment, and the association between attachment and psychopathology/therapy. Uses a question-and-answer format to address the most important topics within attachment theory Presents information in a simple, easy-to-understand way to ensure accessibility for novices in the field of attachment Covers the main concepts and issues that relate to attachment theory, thus ensuring readers develop a strong foundation in attachment theory that they can then apply to the study of relationships Addresses future directions in the field of attachment theory Concisely covers material, ensuring scholars and professionals can quickly get up-to-speed with the most recent research

Author : Caroline Knapp
Publisher : Dial Press
Release : 2010-08-10
Page : 272
Category : Pets
ISBN 13 : 0307759997
Description :

At the age of 36, Caroline Knapp, author of the acclaimed bestseller Drinking:A Love Story, found herself confronted with a monumental task: redefining her world. She had faced the loss of both her parents, given up a twenty-year relationship with alcohol, and, as she writes, "I was wandering around in a haze of uncertainty, blinking up at the biggest questions: Who am I without parents and without alcohol? How to form attachments, and where to find comfort, in the face of such daunting vulnerability?" An answer materialized in the most unlikely form: that of a dog. Eighteen months to the day after she quit drinking, Knapp stumbled upon an eight-week-old puppy at a local animal shelter, took her home, and named her Lucille. Now two years old, Lucille has become a central force in Knapp's life: "In her," she writes, "I have found solace, joy, a bridge to the world." Caroline Knapp has been celebrated as much for her fresh insight into emotional and psychological issues as she has been for her gifts as a writer. In Pack of Two, she brings the same perception and talent to bear on the rich, complicated terrain of human-animal relationships. In addition to mining her own experience with Lucille, Knapp speaks to a wide variety of dog people--from animal behaviorists and psychologists to other owners whose dogs have deeply affected their lives--about this emotionally complex, sometimes daunting, often profoundly healing alliance. Throughout, she explores the shift in canine roles from working partners to intimate companions and looks, too, at how this new kinship, this wordless bond, becomes a template for what we most desire ourselves.

Author : Hilda Kean
Philip Howell
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2018-09-03
Page : 560
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0429889240
Description :

The Routledge Companion to Animal-Human History provides an up-to-date guide for the historian working within the growing field of animal-human history. Giving a sense of the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of the field, cutting-edge contributions explore the practices of and challenges posed by historical studies of animals and animal-human relationships. Divided into three parts, the Companion takes both a theoretical and practical approach to a field that is emerging as a prominent area of study. Animals and the Practice of History considers established practices of history, such as political history, public history and cultural memory, and how animal-human history can contribute to them. Problems and Paradigms identifies key historiographical issues to the field with contributors considering the challenges posed by topics such as agency, literature, art and emotional attachment. The final section, Themes and Provocations, looks at larger themes within the history of animal-human relationships in more depth, with contributions covering topics that include breeding, war, hunting and eating. As it is increasingly recognised that nonhuman actors have contributed to the making of history, The Routledge Companion to Animal-Human History provides a timely and important contribution to the scholarship on animal-human history and surrounding debates.

Author : Aline H. Kidd
Robert M. Kidd
Publisher :
Release : 1995
Page : 7
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Odean Cusack
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2014-06-11
Page : 248
Category : Pets
ISBN 13 : 1317715047
Description :

This fascinating new book addresses the most recent research and provocative findings on the use of pets in mental health therapy. The historical basis of using pets in therapy is reviewed, and numerous examples are provided of results incurred from prescribing pets to disabled, lonely, incarcerated, and institutionalized individuals. The author provides convincing evidence of the therapeutic value of animals in making us happier, healthier, and more sociable. Although the terms human-animal bond and pet-facilitated therapy are relative newcomers to the scientific literature, the concepts they encompass have been with us for centuries. BACKCOVER COPY Research has shown that animals can promote humor, laughter, play, and a sense of importance in people. This fascinating book explores the provocative findings on the use of pets in mental health therapy. Although the terms human-animal bond and pet-facilitated therapy are relative newcomers to the scientific literature, the concepts they encompass have been with us for centuries. The historical basis of using pets in therapy is reviewed, and numerous examples show the astonishing results of prescribing pets to disabled, lonely, incarcerated, and institutionalized individuals. Odean Cusack, animal lover and writer, provides convincing evidence of the therapeutic value that animals have in making us happier, healthier, and more sociable.

Author : Marvin B Sussman
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-04-01
Page : 238
Category : Pets
ISBN 13 : 1317715152
Description :

This major work summarizes the recent research and findings on the interactions of pets and their owners and the social and emotional benefits that may be derived by families who have pets. Social and health scientists explore the pervasiveness of the animal/human bond and the high prevalence of pets in U.S. households, including pets and children, pets and the elderly, pets as factors of stability and instability in family relationships, and pets as therapy for ill, grieving, and disabled family members. With this carefully researched book, researchers and family health professionals can better understand the complexities of family/animal interaction and can pursue further study into this increasingly important subject in contemporary society.

Author : James Serpell
Professor of Humane Ethics & Animal Welfare James Serpell
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1995-09-21
Page : 268
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 9780521425377
Description :

A scientific analysis of dogs, their behaviour, and their relationships with humans.

Author : Cindy C. Wilson
Publisher : SAGE
Release : 1998
Page : 310
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 9780761910626
Description :

Exactly how do animals affect the quality of life of their human companions? The 7th International Conference on Animals, Health, and Quality of Life set out to explore this question. A major result of this quest was Companion Animals in Human Health, a careful selection of jurored and invited papers from that conference. The articles in this volume address Human Animal Interaction (HAI) according to the elements that define quality of life: physical, mental, emotional, and social health; functional health; and general well-being. Beginning with an overview of human/animal interaction from historical and value perspectives, the authors develop a conceptual framework for HAI research and quality of life measurement. They then go on to explore the psychosocial and physiological impact of HAI. The concluding sections address the role of companion animals in human development and the training and welfare of animals in therapeutic programs. As a state-of-the-science document, Companion Animals in Human Health is a must-read for all health and social science professionals caring for clients who already have companion animals or for clients who might benefit from such interaction. Thus it will be of interest to those in the fields of clinical psychology, cognition, developmental psychology, family studies, gerontology, nursing, patient care, psychology, public health, and sociology.

Author : Clive R. Hollin
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2021-05-09
Page : 208
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 1000378543
Description :

An Introduction to Human–Animal Relationships is a comprehensive introduction to the field of human–animal interaction from a psychological perspective across a wide range of themes. Hollin examines the topic of the relationships between humans and animals as seen in owning a companion animal alongside more indirect relationships such as our approaches to eating meat. The core issues under discussion include the moral and ethical issues raised in using animals for entertainment, in therapy, to keep us safe, and in sports such as horse racing. The justifications for hunting and killing animals as sport and using animals in scientific experimentation are considered. The closing chapter looks to the future and considers how conservation and climate change may influence human–animal relationships. This key text brings an important perspective to the field of human–animal studies and will be useful to students and scholars in the fields of psychology, sociology, animal welfare, anthrozoology, veterinary science, and zoology.

Author : Dennis C. Turner
Patrick Bateson
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2000-06-08
Page : 244
Category : Pets
ISBN 13 : 9780521636483
Description :

Unravels the mysteries of cat behaviour for the general reader and specialist alike.

Author : Lionel Shriver
Publisher : Catapult
Release : 2011-05-01
Page : 416
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1582438870
Description :

The inspiration for the film starring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly, this resonant story of a mother’s unsettling quest to understand her teenage son’s deadly violence, her own ambivalence toward motherhood, and the explosive link between them remains terrifyingly prescient. Eva never really wanted to be a mother. And certainly not the mother of a boy who murdered seven of his fellow high school students, a cafeteria worker, and a much–adored teacher in a school shooting two days before his sixteenth birthday. Neither nature nor nurture exclusively shapes a child's character. But Eva was always uneasy with the sacrifices and social demotion of motherhood. Did her internalized dislike for her own son shape him into the killer he’s become? How much is her fault? Now, two years later, it is time for her to come to terms with Kevin’s horrific rampage, all in a series of startlingly direct correspondences with her estranged husband, Franklin. A piercing, unforgettable, and penetrating exploration of violence and responsibility, a book that the Boston Globe describes as “impossible to put down,” is a stunning examination of how tragedy affects a town, a marriage, and a family.

Author : R.L. Maizes
Publisher : Celadon Books
Release : 2020-07-14
Page : 320
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1250304121
Description :

• 2021 Colorado Book Awards Winner • R.L. Maizes's Other People’s Pets examines the gap between the families we’re born into and those we create, and the danger that holding on to a troubled past may rob us of the future. La La Fine relates to animals better than she does to other people. Abandoned by a mother who never wanted a family, raised by a locksmith-turned-thief father, La La looks to pets when it feels like the rest of the world conspires against her. La La’s world stops being whole when her mother, who never wanted a child, abandons her twice. First, when La La falls through thin ice on a skating trip, and again when the accusations of “unfit mother” feel too close to true. Left alone with her father—a locksmith by trade, and a thief in reality—La La is denied a regular life. She becomes her father’s accomplice, calming the watchdog while he strips families of their most precious belongings. When her father’s luck runs out and he is arrested for burglary, everything La La has painstakingly built unravels. In her fourth year of veterinary school, she is forced to drop out, leaving school to pay for her father’s legal fees the only way she knows how—robbing homes once again. As an animal empath, she rationalizes her theft by focusing on houses with pets whose maladies only she can sense and caring for them before leaving with the family’s valuables. The news reports a puzzled police force—searching for a thief who left behind medicine for the dog, water for the parrot, or food for the hamster. Desperate to compensate for new and old losses, La La continues to rob homes, but it’s a strategy that ultimately will fail her.

Author : Paul Zindel
Publisher : Graymalkin Media
Release : 2011-05-14
Page : 168
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1935169025
Description :

One of the best-selling young adult books of all time, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Zindel. John Conlan is nicknamed “The Bathroom Bomber” after setting off firecrackers in the boys’ bathroom 23 times without ever getting caught. John and his best friend, Lorraine, can never please their parents, and school is a chore. To pass the time, they play pranks on unsuspecting people and it's during one of these pranks that they meet the “Pigman.” In spite of themselves, John and Lorraine soon get caught up in Mr. Pignati’s zest for life. In fact, they become so involved that they begin to destroy the only corner of the world that has ever mattered to them. Can they stop before it’s too late?'

Author : John Paul Scott
John L. Fuller
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2012-07-10
Page : 506
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 022619082X
Description :

The classic study of canine behavior: “A major authoritative work…Immensely rewarding reading for anyone concerned with dog-breeding.”—Times Literary Supplement Based on twenty years of research at the Jackson Laboratory, this is the single most important and comprehensive reference work on the behavior of dogs ever compiled, written by geneticist and comparative psychologist John Paul Scott, known for his research into social behavior and aggression. “One of the most important texts on canine behavior published to date. Anyone interested in breeding, training, or canine behavior must own this book.”—Wayne Hunthausen, D.V.M., Director of Animal Behavior Consultations “This pioneering research on dog behavioral genetics is a timeless classic for all serious students of ethology and canine behavior.”—Dr. Michael Fox, Senior Advisor to the President, The Humane Society of the United States “Comprehensive…[a] seminal work.”—Mark Derr, The Atlantic Monthly “Essential reading for anyone involved in the breeding of dogs. No breeder can afford to ignore the principles of proper socialization first discovered and articulated in this landmark study.”—The Monks of New Skete, authors of How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend and the video series Raising Your Dog with the Monks of New Skete