Barron S Spanish English Pocket Dictionary Download Ebook PDF Epub Online

Author : Meg Tsiris
Publisher : Barrons Educational Series Incorporated
Release : 2008
Page : 982
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9780764140051
Description :

Presents seventy thousand word and phrase entries in both languages, with additional sections for symbols, numerals, weights, measures, temperatures, and verbs.

Author : Barrons Educational Series
Publisher : Barrons Educational Series
Release : 2015-08-15
Page : 1072
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 1438006101
Description :

Compiled and edited by native bilingual speakers, Barron's Spanish-English Pocket Dictionary contains approximately 70,000 words. Abridged from Barron’s comprehensive, full-size bilingual dictionary, this lightweight, easy-to-use pocket guide is ideal for students and travelers. This revised edition features: Entries organized in two sections: American-style English to Spanish, and translations from Spanish to American-style English Each headword is listed with its translation, part of speech, and pronunciation Phrases follow each definition using headwords in standard contexts Separate bilingual lists present numerals, abbreviations, and more Entries for computers, the Internet, and information technology

Author : Majka Dischler
Publisher : PONS
Release : 2006
Page : 1307
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9780764133305
Description :

Presents a thumb-indexed French-English, English-French bilingual dictionary containing 10,000 word and phrase entries, with additional sections on numerals, abbreviations, geographic names, and a concise grammar guide.

Author : Roberta Martignon-Burgholte
Andreas Cyffka
Publisher : Barrons Educational Series
Release : 2015-09-01
Page : 992
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9781438006093
Description :

This updated and revised bilingual dictionary is pocket-sized and easy to use. Students can slip it into backpacks and travelers can fit it in carry-on bags for air travel or satchels for use at their destinations. Abridged from Barron's comprehensive, full-size Bilingual Dictionary, this book contains approximately 70,000 words presented in two separate sections. Readers will find: American-style English to Italian and translations from Italian to American-style English Each headword is listed with its translation, part of speech, and pronunciation Phrases follow each definition using headwords in standard contexts Separate bilingual lists present numerals, abbreviations, and more. The addition of new words for computers, the Internet, and information technology Free downloadable bilingual electronic dictionary available for your PC or Mac Compiled and edited by a team of native bilingual speakers, these books are an up-to-date and virtually indispensable linguistic tool.

Author : Ursula Martini
Publisher : Barrons Educational Series
Release : 2016-02-15
Page : 1328
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9781438007113
Description :

This comprehensive foreign-language reference volumes features 100,000 entries with translations, making it an ideal reference book for schools, libraries, businesses, and the home bookshelf. Its manageable size and reasonable price also makes it a practical learning tool for students taking a foreign-language course.

Author : Edwin Bucher Williams
Publisher : Book Sales
Release : 1980
Page : 723
Category : Reference
ISBN 13 : 9780890093283
Description :

Pronunciations indicated using a new adaptation of the International Phonetic Alphabet are featured in this bilingual dictionary containing more than seventy thousand entries

Author : Judith Nemethy
Publisher : Crown
Release : 2010-04-28
Page : 272
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 0307434591
Description :

With more than 2.5 million copies in print, Spanish Made Simple is the bestselling title in the Made Simple series. For years, this trusted guide has led students, tourists, and business travelers step-by-step through the basic vocabulary and grammar of this most-studied foreign language. Thoroughly revised and updated for our increasingly bilingual world, this new edition features verb conjugation and pronunciation charts, modern vocabulary including new idioms, review chapters, reading exercises, a complete answer section, and English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionaries—tools that make mastering the language fun. With Spanish Made Simple, learning a language is as easy as uno, dos, tres.

Author : Heywood Wald
Publisher : Barron's Educational Series
Release : 1992
Page : 290
Category : Audiocassettes
ISBN 13 : 9780812013986
Description :

Two books in one! Phrase book: over 1,500 expressions for every travel situation. Dictionary: bilingual guide to over 2,000 key words. Includes: emergency phrases, dialogues, pronunciations, color maps, travel tips, food and shopping guides.

Author : Langenscheidt
Publisher : Langenscheidt Pub Incorporated
Release : 1985
Page : 672
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13 :
Description :

A convenient reference for writers, students, and businesspeople ; anyone who needs the right word at the right time. Poetry, prose, and a nine-letter pizza topping ... When you're looking for a word, pull it out of one of our Pockets.

Author : Merriam-Webster, Inc
Publisher :
Release : 2003
Page : 364
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 9781892859570
Description :

A Spanish-English dictionary for students.

Author : Ruth J. Silverstein
Publisher : Barrons Educational Series
Release : 2015-08-01
Page : 624
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 1438075235
Description :

This updated edition of the combination textbook and workbook is designed as an introduction to Spanish for classroom use. The emphasis is on oral proficiency--conversational speaking and listening comprehension--but the authors also present detailed instruction in the fundamentals of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing in Spanish. The book is filled with exercises and answers, true-to-life dialogues, illustrations of Hispanic art, and photos that capture the flavor of Spanish culture in Spain and Latin America. In this new edition, the vocabulary sections and readings have been updated to include the latest technology, while the cultural sections now include information about the Hispanic individuals currently making a splash on the world scene.

Author : Pedro Vázquez Bermejo
Susana Wald
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2011-03-23
Page : 392
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 1119976065
Description :

Whether you want to take up Spanish from scratch or brush up on your existing skills, this practical, easy-to-follow guide is for you! Inside you'll find helpful lessons, cultural facts, handy references and much more, including a Spanish-English mini-dictionary and common verb lists. Learn how to use your skills in a variety of everyday contexts, and discover common expressions, important holidays and phrases that'll make you sound fluent. Complete with an audio CD that allows you to hear actual Spanish conversations by native Spanish speakers, Spanish For Dummies is your one-way ticket to speaking mainland Spanish with confidence. Spanish For Dummies includes: Part I: Getting Started Chapter 1: You Already Know a Little Spanish Chapter 2: The Nitty Gritty: Basic Spanish Grammar Part II: Spanish in Action Chapter 3: Hola! Hello! Greetings and Introductions Chapter 4: Getting to Know You: Making Small Talk Chapter 5: Dining Out and Going to Market Chapter 6: Shopping Made Easy Chapter 7: Going Out on the Town Chapter 8: Enjoying Yourself: Recreation Chapter 9: Talking on the Phone Chapter 10: At the Office and Around the House Part III: Spanish on the Go Chapter 11: Money, Money, Money Chapter 12: Dónde Está? (Where Is It?): Asking Directions Chapter 13: Checking into a Hotel Chapter 14: Getting Around: Planes, Trains, Taxis, and More Chapter 15: Planning a Trip Chapter 16: Help! Handling Emergencies Part IV: The Part of Tens Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Speak Spanish Quickly Chapter 18: Ten Favourite Spanish Expressions Chapter 19: Ten Holidays to Remember Chapter 20: Ten Phrases That Make You Sound Fluent in Spanish Part V: Appendixes Appendix A: Spanish-English Mini Dictionary Appendix B: Spanish Verbs Appendix C: On the CD Appendix D: Spanish Facts Note: CD files are available to download after purchasing the e-Book version

Author : Julie Gutin
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2013-08-18
Page : 256
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 1440566216
Description :

Presents an introduction to the Spanish language that covers greetings, basic grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

Author : West Hartford Publishing
Publisher :
Release : 2019-12-21
Page : 72
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781678873783
Description :

A dictionary contains about 3000 most important Spanish words organized by topics.The book is published in a convenient pocket(5 x 8) format.

Author : Vox
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
Release : 2005-01-20
Page : 752
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9780071452779
Description :

Clear, instant access to everyday Spanish from the leading brand in bilingual dictionaries worldwide Whether it's for travel, work, or study, you want an everyday Spanish/English dictionary that gives you instant access to the meanings of all essential terms you're likely to encounter in the media or on the street. You want guidance on pronunciation, usage, and verb conjugations, supplemented with real-world examples. And you don't want to sacrifice legibility for portability. Look no further: Vox Everyday Spanish and English Dictionary gives you all that and much more. Revised and updated to reflect Spanish as it is spoken today, this new edition of the Vox classic contains three times as many headwords as the first edition and thorough coverage of the latest trends and technologies. It also features a new layout designed for maximum legibility and ease of use. As at home in your suitcase, book bag, or briefcase as it is in your personal reference library, this little powerhouse gives you: More than 38,000 high-frequency headwords, phrases, and expressions and 60,000 translations Numerous example sentences showing correct usage Comprehensive coverage of both European and Latin-American Spanish All irregular Spanish verbs cross-referenced to model conjugation tables

Author : Harrap's
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Release : 2005-06-24
Page : 720
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9780071456692
Description :

The ideal portable reference for beginners or intermediate learners of Spanish Harrap’s Spanish and English Pocket Dictionary is the most comprehensive portable dictionary available today. Fully revised and up-to-date, this authoritative reference features more than 57,000 references, 90,000 translations, and thorough coverage of Latin American Spanish. Concise and exceptionally easy to use, it’s the perfect dictionary for use at home or in school. In addition, this highly accessible guide: Covers hundreds of new words and expressions, including slang, colloquial usage, technical language, and Internet terms Provides numerous usage notes to help users avoid translation pitfalls Includes a handy guide to Spanish verbs Uses Harrap’s extensive language databases and large-scale reading programs to guarantee thorough coverage of all areas of vocabulary and monitor new words

Author : William C. Harvey
Publisher : Barrons Educational Series
Release : 2009-10-01
Page : 288
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9780764196119
Description :

Spanish words, phrases, and instructive exercises are presented to help English-speaking attorneys and paralegals communicate effectively with Hispanic clients who have little or no English. Every Spanish word and expression in the book is followed by its phonetic pronunciation and easy-to-follow tips to help its readers understand colloquial spoken Spanish. Author William Harvey concentrates on words and phrases likely to be used in law offices, courtrooms and similar settings, and which pertain to contracts, wills, real estate transactions, law suits, legal rights issues, misdemeanors, and felonies. Presented in these pages and on the enclosed audio CDs are true-to-life dialogues that dramatize typical encounters. This book's approach to teaching practical Spanish bypasses grammar rules and concentrates on practical conversational situations. Vocabulary and sentences presented on the compact discs relate to the book's text and provide practice in listening comprehension.

Author : Catherine Curtiss
Publisher : Outskirts Press
Release : 2017-12-07
Page : 104
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9781478766780
Description :

Maria is always finding herself in trouble. Whether it is showing up late for work or disobeying her older cousin, it seems impossible to gain her superstitious coworkers' respect. Working in a mansion is hard work, and she just can't get it right! But when she is given a mysterious errand that takes her into the forest, her whole life changes. Making new friends and meeting the master's son along the way, she will begin an adventure that will untangle the strange stories and secrets that have long been told around the house. Maria siempre esta en problemas. Siempre viene tarde a trabajo y nunca obedece su prima mayor. Parece imposible ganar la respeta de los companeros de trabajo. Trabajando en una mansion es muy dificil para Maria. Pero cuando ella necesita completar un trabajo en el bosque, su vida completa se cambia. En la aventura de Maria descubre nuevos amigos y secretas que todos estaban especulando sobre.

Author : Julianne Dueber
Publisher : Barrons Educational Series
Release : 2013-07-01
Page : 296
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9781438002569
Description :

Small in format but packed with helpful information, this little book presents more than 5,000 words and expressions with their translation into Spanish and correct pronunciation. Words are divided according to practical subject themes, including numbers, travel situations, ways of greeting, and many other categories. Words are then listed alphabetically within each category. Spanish language students, international travelers, and general readers of Spanish language books and periodicals will find quick, easy-to-locate vocabulary guidance in this book.

Author : Mostusedwords
Publisher :
Release : 2018-09-28
Page : 240
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9789492637208
Description :

Core Spanish vocabulary Learn Spanish fast: this book contains practical vocabulary for both spoken and written Spanish. Made for beginners and intermediate students, each entry in this book contains: - English translation(s) - Spanish to English example sentences - IPA phonetic spelling - detailed Part of Speech information