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Author : Derek Cooper
Publisher : Zondervan Academic
Release : 2020-09-08
Page : 320
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 0310539005
Description :

Basics of Latin: A Grammar with Readings and Exercises from the Christian Tradition by Derek Cooper introduces students, independent learners, and homeschoolers to the basics of Latin grammar with all readings and exercises taken from texts in the Christian tradition. As part of the widely-used Zondervan Language Basics series of resources, Cooper's Latin grammar is a student-friendly introduction. It helps students learn by: Minimizing technical jargon Providing only the information needed to learn the basics Breaking the grammar of language down into manageable and intuitive chunks Illustrating the grammar in question by its use in rich selections from ancient Christian authors. Providing grammar, readings, exercises, and a lexicon all in one convenient volume. Basics of Latin provides an ideal first step into this important language and focuses on getting the student into texts and translation as quickly as possible.

Author : Richard E. Prior
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-01-08
Page : 288
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 1440574219
Description :

Presents an introduction to the basic grammar of the language, covering the Roman alphabet, syntax, nouns, adjectives, the tense, mood, and voice of verbs, comparisons,, and tips for building vocabular.

Author : Benjamin L. D'Ooge
Publisher : e-artnow
Release : 2013-02-20
Page : 348
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 8074840344
Description :

D’Ooge designed this beginners grammar to prepare the student for reading Caesar. The grammar consists of seventy-nine lessons divided into three parts. The lessons are very well structured, gradually introducing new vocabulary and grammar. There is plenty of acummulative knowledge, meaning that you don´t forget what you learnt in previous lessons. Things keep popping back to refresh your memory.

Author : Robert J. Henle
Publisher : Loyola Press
Release : 2012-12-31
Page : 656
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9780829430110
Description :

The backbone of Henle Latin Second Year is intensive language study, including review of the first year plus new materials. Separated into four parts, Henle Latin Second Year includes readings from Caesar's Commentaries, extensive exercises, and Latin-English vocabularies. Humanistic insight and linguistic training are the goals of the Henle Latin Series from Loyola Press, an integrated four-year Latin course. Time-tested and teacher endorsed, this comprehensive program is designed to lead the student systematcially through the fundamentals of the language itself and on to an appreciation of selected classic texts.

Author : Jenna Swan
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-01-27
Page : 118
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781523722372
Description :

This book contains 24 chapters on the essentials of the Latin language, the base tongue of the Romance languages. It is designed to provide a compact and modern learning material for travellers, professionals, students, and language enthusiasts who want to understand and speak the language in a short time. The book provides self-learners with a comprehensive yet straightforward grammar resource for learning Latin. It provides thousands of important Latin phrases and terms that can be used for everyday conversations, a pronunciation guide, and a listing of abbreviations and important words in Latin. Is it still possible to master at least the basics of the Latin language if you're given only a few days to do so? Fortunately, it is possible, and this book will help you do just that. This book features not only basic Latin grammar rules but also easy-to-understand guides on how the language can best be used in various situations.

Author : W. Michael Wilson
Publisher : Verbs and Essentials of Gramma
Release : 1990-02
Page : 128
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 :
Description :

For all students This is a convenient reference covering essential points of Latin grammar. Explanations are concise yet thorough and are accompanied by a wealth of examples to aid in reading and writing Latin. The language of the examples reflects the structures most frequently encountered in literature. For ease of use, concepts are discusses according to accidence (inflections) and syntax.

Author : Maurice Balme
James Morwood
Publisher :
Release : 1997
Page : 224
Category : Latin language
ISBN 13 : 9780199122288
Description :

Provides teachers and students alike with a modern, inviting and structured way to sustain interest and excellence in Latin. Based on the reading of original texts, the course is structured around a narrative detailing the life of the poet Horace, which helps students to develop an understanding of the times of Cicero and Augustus.

Author : William Coe Collar
Publisher :
Release : 1888
Page : 283
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Virgil
Publisher :
Release : 1873
Page : 455
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Charles E. Bennett
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release : 2019-09-25
Page : 456
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 3734096413
Description :

Reproduction of the original: New Latin Grammar by Charles E. Bennett

Author : Emilia S.
Publisher :
Release : 2019-09-09
Page : 26
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 9780369601001
Description :

Did you ever want to teach your kids the basics of Latin ? Learning Latin can be fun with this picture book. In this book you will find the following features: Latin Alphabets. Latin Words. English Translations.

Author : Frederic M. Wheelock
Richard A. LaFleur
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2010-10-12
Page : 560
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 0062016563
Description :

The classic, single–volume introductory Latin textbook, introduced in 1956 and still the bestselling and most highly regarded textbook of its kind. Wheelock's Latin, sixth edition, revised, has all the features that have made it the best–selling single–volume beginning Latin textbook, many of them revised and expanded: o 40 chapters with grammatical explanations and readings based on ancient Roman authors o Self–tutorial exercises with an answer key for independent study o An extensive English–Latin/ Latin–English vocabulary section o A rich selection of original Latin readings –– unlike other textbooks which contain primarily made–up Latin texts o Etymological aids Also includes maps of the Mediterranean, Italy and the Aegean area, as well as numerous photographs illustrating aspects of classical culture, mythology, and historical and literary figures presented in the chapter readings. o The leading self–tutorial Latin program. Also great for college and accelerated high school courses. o Wheelock's Latin is the top–selling Latin reference in the US. o Interest and enrolments in Latin have been steadily rising in the U.S. for the past 20 years. One–half million people are currently enrolled in Latin classes, and at least 10,000 teachers, professors and graduate assistants are teaching the language in America.

Author : Barbara Bell
Helen Forte
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1999-09-02
Page : 76
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0521659604
Description :

Teaches children the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary, as well as Roman British history and culture, through vocabulary lists, mythical tales, and illustrations.

Author : Norma Goldman
Ladislas Szymanski
Publisher : Hodder Arnold
Release : 2000
Page : 178
Category : English language
ISBN 13 : 9780340761076
Description :

Thousands of students have found these books the ideal way to master the grammar of their chosen language. They offer a step-by-step explanation of a concept as it applies to English, a presentation of the same concept as it appplies to the target language, the similarities and differences between the two languages, stressing common pitfalls for English speakers and including review exercises with an answer key.

Author : Clive Parsons
John Wilson
Publisher : Bristol Classical Press
Release : 1998-01-01
Page : 56
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9781853995057
Description :

This selected Latin vocabulary includes a thousand of the most common Latin words and words-groups faced by those tackling Latin at an early stage.

Author : Doug Julius
Publisher : Crown
Release : 2010-08-18
Page : 400
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 0307434354
Description :

Latin Made Simple makes it easy to increase your understanding of the language and the many ways it has enriched our culture. The perfect primer for anyone who wants to be able to read classical Latin or learn the basics to enhance their vocabulary, this complete course presents Latin grammar clearly and plainly. Void of all nonessentials and refreshingly easy to understand, Latin Made Simple includes: Complete Latin grammar Extensive vocabulary Review quizzes Complete answer key Practice readings Examination of Latin words in the English language Timeline of Roman History and Literature A helpful verb chart English/Latin Dictionary Look for these Made Simple titles: Accounting Made Simple Arithmetic Made Simple Astronomy Made Simple Biology Made Simple Bookkeeping Made Simple Business Letters Made Simple Chemistry Made Simple Computer Science Made Simple Earth Science Made Simple English Made Simple French Made Simple German Made Simple Ingles Hecho Facil Investing Made Simple Italian Made Simple Keyboarding Made Simple Learning English Made Simple Mathematics Made Simple The Perfect Business Plan Made Simple Philosophy Made Simple Physics Made Simple Psychology Made Simple Sign Language Made Simple Spanish Made Simple Spelling Made Simple Statistics Made Simple Your Small Business Made Simple

Author : Speedy Publishing Llc
Publisher :
Release : 2014-04
Page : 4
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781632879172
Description :

Latin can be a complicated language to learn. Those trying to learn the basics of Latin grammar might struggle somewhat to truly learn the material effectively. A study guide pamphlet about Latin grammar could prove enormously helpful. As a reference, all the basics of Latin grammar are right on the pages and easy to read and access. Memorizing every Latin lessons is going to be extremely difficult even for the most motivated student. A study guide makes the process of reviewing and learning easier. The study guides also contain quizzes and other helpful components that can help enhance the ability to learn what is in the text.

Author : Derek Cooper
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2016-07-03
Page :
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0830899065
Description :

Christianity is a global faith. Today, people are increasingly aware that Christianity extends far beyond Europe and North America, permeating the Eastern and Southern hemispheres. What we may know less well is that Christianity has always been a global faith. A vast untold story waits to be heard beyond the familiar tale of how the Christian faith spread across Europe. Not only was Jesus born in Asia, but in the early years of the church Christianity found fertile soil in Africa and soon extended to East Asia as well. In this brief introduction to world Christian history, Derek Cooper explores the development of Christianity across time and the continents. Guiding readers to places like Iraq, Ethiopia and India, Scandanavia, Brazil and Oceania, he reveals the fascinating—and often surprising—history of the church.

Author : Frederic M. Wheelock
Publisher : Barnes & Noble Imports
Release : 1965
Page : 457
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13 : 9780064809443
Description :

Lessons emphasizing vocabulary and sentence structure together with self-teaching exercises provide a challenging introduction to Latin

Author : William Most
Publisher :
Release : 2015-11-30
Page : 294
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780692590072
Description :

From the Preface: Most Americans who have studied Latin, with our priests and seminarians included, have employed this method, which they thought was 'traditional'. But as something fully developed, this tradition scarcely goes farther back than 1880; and even in its beginnings it hardly antedates the seventeenth century. In contrast to this method of grammatical analysis, Father Most's textbooks reproduce much of the "natural method" by which children learn their native language. Hence, the significance of Father Most's books is manifestly great for the Latin classes in any Catholic high schools or colleges. So much of our Catholic doctrine and culture have been deposited in Latin that we want many of our educated Catholics to be able to use Latin with ease. But the special significance of Father Most's texts is for the Latin classes in our seminaries. Here the students still have much the same cogent motives to master the art of using Latin with ease as the pupils of the thirteenth or sixteenth century. They need it as an indispensable means of communicating thought in their higher studies, and afterwards throughout life. The objectives (knowledge about Latin and training of mind) and corresponding methods (grammatical analysis and translation) "traditional" since 1880 have taken over in our seminaries; and there too the students have been experiencing an ever growing inability to use Latin. Father Most's textbooks can contribute much towards revolutionizing the teaching of Latin by bringing back, as the chief objective, the art of reading, writing, and (when desired) speaking Latin with ease." Fr. Most's textbooks can be classed in categories of similar texts, such as Hans Ørberg's Lingua Latina, as well as Ecce Romani which is a simplification of Ørberg or others which aim to teach Latin not even so much as a modern language, as to teach it by a method more natural to the philosophy of learning Languages. Fr. Most's text follows the view that Latin of the later period is actually more advanced in communicating ideas and is easier to learn than Latin of the classical period, and thus this Second Volume begins the transition with readings and vocabulary from the Vulgate, continuing with the more ancient collects of the 1962 Missale Romanum, St. Cyprian and culminating with a reading from the Roman Historian Sallust. This is an excellent text applying the "natural method" with English language instruction to help the student read and understand Latin natively, with numerous vehicles for simplifying the necessary memorization as well as aiding in truly understanding Latin without constant need to look in a dictionary for rudimentary sentences. This is reprinted from the 1960 edition, and follows the presentation of the text found in that edition.