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Author : Donald Voet
Judith G. Voet
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2010-12-01
Page : 1520
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0470570954
Description :

The "Gold Standard" in Biochemistry text books, Biochemistry 4e, is a modern classic that has been thoroughly revised. Don and Judy Voet explain biochemical concepts while offering a unified presentation of life and its variation through evolution. Incorporates both classical and current research to illustrate the historical source of much of our biochemical knowledge.

Author : D. J. Candy
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2012-12-06
Page : 316
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 9400958536
Description :

There has been a considerable upsurge in interest in insect bio chemistry and physiology in recent years and this has been reflected in a notable expansion in the number of original papers in this field. Whereas insect physiology has tended to receive ample attention from reviewers, the same has not always been true for the more biochemical aspects of insect research. This book is a venture to help redress the balance. No attempt has been made to cover all aspects of insect biochemistry, but rather a few topics have been selected which seemed to us to merit a review at the present time. One reason for this increased interest in insect biochemistry is perhaps the growing realization that insects can be very useful organisms to act as model systems for the experimental study of general biochemical principles. One remembers, for instance, that Keilin's perceptive observations on the flight muscles of living bees and wax moths led to his discovery of the cytochromes. The fundamental unity of biochemistry has long been accepted as a dogma by the faithful and the insect kingdom provides no exception to it. The main biochemical processes in insects are being revealed as essentially the same as in other life forms but, as so often found in comparative biochemistry, there are interesting variations on the central theme.

Author : Hans-Walter Heldt
Professor Institute of Plant Biochemistry Hans-Walter Heldt
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2005
Page : 630
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0120883910
Description :

1 A Leaf Cell Consists of Several Metabolic Compartments 2 The Use of Energy from Sunlight by Photosynthesis is the Basis of Life on Earth 3 Photosynthesis is an Electron Transport Process 4 ATP is Generated by Photosynthesis 5 Mitochondria are the Power Station of the Cell 6 The Calvin Cycle Catalyzes Photosynthetic CO2 Assimilation 7 In the Photorespiratory Pathway Phosphoglycolate Formed by the Oxygenase Activity of RubisCo is Recycled 8 Photosynthesis Implies the Consumption of Water 9 Polysaccharides are Storage and Transport Forms of Carbohydrates Produced by Photosynthesis 10Nitrate Assimilation is Essential for the Synthesis of Organic Matter 11 Nitrogen Fixation Enables the Nitrogen in the Air to be Used for Plant Growth 12 Sulfate Assimilation Enables the Synthesis of Sulfur Containing Substances 13 Phloem Transport Distributes Photoassimilates to the Various Sites of Consumption and Storage 14 Products of Nitrate Assimilation are Deposited in Plants as Storage Proteins 15 Glycerolipids are Membrane Constituents and Function as Carbon Stores 16 Secondary Metabolites Fulfill Specific Ecological Functions in Plants 17 Large Diversity of Isoprenoids has Multiple Funtions in Plant Metabolism 18 Phenylpropanoids Comprise a Multitude of Plant Secondary Metabolites and Cell Wall Components 19 Multiple Signals Regulate the Growth and Development of Plant Organs and Enable Their Adaptation to Environmental Conditions 20 A Plant Cell has Three Different Genomes 21 Protein Biosynthesis Occurs at Different Sites of a Cell 22 Gene Technology Makes it Possible to Alter Plants to Meet Requirements of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Industry.

Author : Lubert Stryer
Jeremy Berg
Publisher : WH Freeman
Release : 2019-03-12
Page : 1208
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9781319114800
Description :

For four decades, this extraordinary textbook played a pivotal role in the way biochemistry is taught, offering exceptionally clear writing, and innovative graphics, coverage of the latest research techniques and advances, and a signature emphasis on physiological and medical relevance. Those defining features are at the heart of this new edition. Paired for the first time with SaplingPlus the most innovative digital solution for Biochemistry students. Offering the best combination of resources to help students visualise material and develop successful problem-solving skills in an effort to help students master complex concepts in isolation, and draw on that mastery to make connections across concepts.

Author : Vassilis Mougios
Publisher : Human Kinetics Publishers
Release : 2019-02-04
Page : 496
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1492529044
Description :

Exercise Biochemistry, Second Edition, offers a clear explanation of how exercise affects molecular-level functioning in athletes and nonathletes, both healthy and diseased.

Author : Derek Horton
Publisher : Elsevier
Release : 2004-12-11
Page : 274
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9780080471792
Description :

Since its inception in 1945, Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry has provided critical and integrating articles written by research specialists that integrate industrial, analytical, and technological aspects of biochemistry, organic chemistry, and instrumentation methodology in the study of carbohydrates. The articles provide a definitive interpretation of the current status and future trends in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry. High quality comprehensive reviews covering all aspects of carbohydrate chemistry

Author : P.J.J. Hooykaas
M.A. Hall
Publisher : Elsevier
Release : 1999-05-13
Page : 538
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9780080860947
Description :

This book provides up-to-date coverage at an advanced level of a range of topics in the biochemistry and molecular biology of plant hormones, with particular emphasis on biosynthesis, metabolism and mechanisms of action. Each contribution is written by acknowledged experts in the field, providing definitive coverage of the field. No other modern book covers this subject matter at such an advanced level so comprehensively. It will be invaluable to university libraries and scientists in the plant biotechnology industries.

Author : Mary K. Campbell
Shawn O. Farrell
Publisher : Cengage Learning
Release : 2014-01-01
Page : 864
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9781285429106
Description :

Introduce your students to the latest developments in biotechnology and genomics with this new edition of Campbell and Farrell's best-selling text for the one-term course. Known for its logical organization, appropriate depth of coverage, and vibrant illustrations, BIOCHEMISTRY, 8th Edition, helps your students synthesize the flood of information that has inundated the field since the decoding of the human genome, while showing them how biochemistry principles connect to their everyday lives. The book incorporates up-to-date developments in stem cell research, cloning, and immunology and offers revised coverage of major topics, such as Molecular Biology. Balancing scientific detail with readability, the book is ideal for students studying biochemistry for the first time. For example, in-text questions and problem sets categorized by problem type help students master chemistry and prepare for exams, and Biochemical Connections demonstrate how biochemistry applies to other fields such as health and sports medicine. In addition, the book's revised state-of-the-art visual program improves learning outcomes and its innovative magazine articles, Hot Topics in Biochemistry now reflect the latest advances in the field. Count on BIOCHEMISTRY, 8th Edition, to lead the way in currency, clarity, and innovation for your one-semester biochemistry course Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Author : J. Stenesh
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2013-05-03
Page : 568
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9781475794298
Description :

This text is intended for an introductory course in bio metabolism concludes with photosynthesis. The last sec chemistry. While such a course draws students from vari tion of the book, Part IV, TRANSFER OF GENETIC INFOR ous curricula, all students are presumed to have had at MATION, also opens with an introductory chapter and then least general chemistry and one semester of organic chem explores the expression of genetic information. Replica istry. tion, transcription, and translation are covered in this or My main goal in writing this book was to provide stu der. To allow for varying student backgrounds and for pos sible needed refreshers, a number of topics are included as dents with a basic body of biochemical knowledge and a thorough exposition of fundamental biochemical con four appendixes. These cover acid-base calculations, principles of cepts, including full definitions of key terms. My aim has of organic chemistry, tools biochemistry, and been to present this material in a reasonably balanced oxidation-reduction reactions. form by neither deluging central topics with excessive de Each chapter includes a summary, a list of selected tail nor slighting secondary topics by extreme brevity. readings, and a comprehensive study section that consists Every author of an introductory text struggles with of three types of review questions and a large number of the problem of what to include in the coverage. My guide problems.

Author : Paul Engel
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2010-02-15
Page : 344
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 047006045X
Description :

If you are an undergraduate nursing or healthcare student about to embark on a short course in biochemistry and feel daunted by the prospect because you’ve done very little chemistry in the past, found it difficult or studied it so long ago you’ve forgotten it all, then this is the book for you. Equally, if clinical practice has brought you back to biochemistry just when you were hoping you could forget it all, this could be your lifeline! Having taught biochemistry to all sorts of students, from nurses to chemical engineers, for more than 30 years, Professor Paul Engel knows how to take the ‘pain’ out of your studies. For those who are a bit wobbly on molecules, bonds, ions, etc. this text also has just enough supporting chemistry slipped in where appropriate to help things make sense. Accessible, enjoyable to read and packed with a wealth of clinical examples from heart disease to cancer and blood clotting to antibiotics, this handy textbook will reveal how biochemistry is fundamental to clinical practice and everyday life. Drugs, diet, disease, DNA – it all comes down to biochemistry. Key Features: Easy to digest: ‘Bite sized’ topics lead you through essential biochemistry without going into intimidating detail. Doesn’t assume you’ve studied chemistry before: Focuses on key concepts and provides all the basic chemistry you might need. Colour coded: Specially designed so you can see, at a glance, which chapters focus on underpinning chemistry, which on basic biochemistry and which on clinical applications. Clinically relevant:Topical examples throughout the text show how getting to grips with biochemistry will help you succeed in healthcare practice. Reinforces your learning: Includes numerous self-test questions with answers throughout. Companion website includes: A complete set of figures from within the book. Extended MCQs with answers and further explanation where relevant.

Author : John Baynes
Marek H. Dominiczak
Publisher : Saunders
Release : 2014
Page : 636
ISBN 13 : 9781455745807
Description :

Brought to you in a thorough yet accessible manner, the new edition of Medical Biochemistry gives access to all of the latest information on basic and clinically focused genetic and molecular biology. Featuring a team of contributors that includes investigators involved in cutting-edge research as well as experienced clinicians, this updated medical textbook offers a unique combination of both research and practice that's ideal for today's problem-based integrated courses. Relate biochemistry to everyday practice with the help of Clinical Boxes integrated into the text, and access in-depth coverage of important topics - including recent research in biochemistry - through Advanced Concept Boxes. Test your knowledge and improve retention with Active Learning Boxes at the conclusion of each chapter, and quickly review the most common lab tests performed with convenient Clinical Test Boxes. Effectively study the most updated information in biochemistry with the help of a dynamic, full-color design. Better understand the relationship between science and clinical practice with material organized by organ rather than system. Quickly review descriptions of difficult concepts with an online glossary available at Student Consult. Additional online components include clinical images, clinical boxes, case studies, online note-taking capabilities, and 150 multiple-choice and USMLE-style questions. Gain a thorough understanding of biomarkers and their uses with brand-new information on the subject. Access today's most recent research regarding Gene Therapy, Proteomics and Recombinant DNA Techniques, Role of Kidney in Metabolism, and Neurochemistry.

Author : Jeremy M. Berg
John L. Tymoczko
Publisher : W H Freeman & Company
Release : 2002-02-15
Page : 974
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 :
Description :

This book is an outgrowth of my teaching of biochemistry to undergraduates, graduate students, and medical students at Yale and Stanford. My aim is to provide an introduction to the principles of biochemistry that gives the reader a command of its concepts and language. I also seek to give an appreciation of the process of discovery in biochemistry.

Author : John W Baynes
Marek H. Dominiczak
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release : 2018-01-03
Page : 702
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 0702073008
Description :

Now fully revised, this acclaimed textbook efficiently links basic biochemistry with the day-to-day practice of medicine. You will learn basic science concepts and see them illustrated by clinical cases that describe patients you will likely encounter in your clinical training. You will also learn about the use of laboratory tests to diagnose and monitor the most important conditions. Brought to you in a thorough yet accessible manner, this new edition of Medical Biochemistry highlights the latest developments in regulatory and molecular biology, signal transduction, biochemistry and biomarkers of chronic disease, and bioinformatics and the ‘–omics’. It highlights the most important global medical issues: diabetes mellitus, obesity and malnutrition, cancer and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and addresses the role of nutrition and exercise in medicine. Featuring a team of expert contributors that includes investigators involved in cutting-edge research as well as experienced clinicians, this book offers a unique combination of research and clinical practice tailored to today’s integrated courses. Read organ-focused chapters addressing the biochemistry of the bone, kidney, liver, lungs and muscle; and system-focused ones addressing the biochemistry of the immune and endocrine systems, neurochemistry and neurotransmission, and cancer

Author : Eric Newsholme
Anthony Leech
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2011-09-09
Page : 560
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 1119965241
Description :

Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease provides a clear and straightforward account of the biochemistry that is necessary to understand the physiological functions of tissues or organs essential to the life of human beings. Focusing on the dynamic aspects of biochemistry and its application to the basic functions of the body, the book bridges the gap between biochemistry and medical practice. Carefully structured within five sections, each biochemical, physiological or medical subject that is covered in the book is presented in one complete chapter. Consequently, each subject can be read and studied in isolation although cross-sectional links between the subjects are included where necessary. Background material, both biochemical and medical, that is necessary for an understanding of the subject, is included at the start of each chapter and clear, relevant diagrams enhance students' understanding. Focuses on medically relevant aspects of biochemistry written from a physiological rather than a chemical perspective. Clear presentation that minimises the use of jargon. Each chapter contains boxes on related topics, relevant diagrams and a brief glossary. Coverage includes athletic performance, apoptosis and the immune system. Key historical developments are included to show how modern biochemistry has evolved. By linking biochemistry, medical education and clinical practice this book will prove invaluable to students in medical and health sciences, biomedical science and human biology taking an introductory biochemistry course. In addition it will appeal to biochemistry and biology students interested in clinical applications of biochemistry.

Author : Trevor Robinson
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2011-10-14
Page : 228
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9783642618321
Description :

The alkaloids were of great importance to mankind for centuries, long before they were recognized . as a chemical class. The influence they have had on literature is hinted at by some of the quotations I have used as chapter headings. Their influence on folklore and on medicine has been even greater. The scientific study of alkaloids may be said to have begun with the isolation of morphine by Sertiirner in 1804. Since that time they have remained of great interest to chemists, and now in any month there appear dozens of publications dealing with the isolation of new alkaloids or the determination of the structures of previously known ones. The area of alkaloid biochemistry, in comparison, has received little attention and today is much less developed. There is a certain amount of personal arbitrariness in defining "bio chemistry", as there is in defining "alkaloid", and this arbitrariness is doubtless compounded by the combination. Nevertheless, it seems to me that in any consideration of the biochemistry of a group of compounds three aspects are always worthy of attention-pathways of biosynthesis, function or activity, and pathways of degradation. For the alkaloids, treatment of these three aspects is necessarily lopsided. Much has been learned about routes of biosynthesis, but information on the other aspects is very scanty. It would be possible to enter into some speculation regarding the biosynthesis of all the more than 4,000 known alkaloids.

Author : Geoffrey L. Zubay
Professor Geoffrey Zubay
Publisher : Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Release : 1983
Page : 1268
Category : Biochemistry
ISBN 13 : 9780201090918
Description :

Author : J. Robin Harris
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2011-09-30
Page : 464
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9781461379980
Description :

In Volume 25, leading experts present studies on the value of increased ascorbic acid intake and explore its specific contributions to human and animal health.

Author : H. E. Nursten
Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Release : 2005-01-01
Page : 214
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 0854049649
Description :

This single-author volume covers all aspects of the Maillard reaction in a uniform, co-ordinated, and up-to-date manner.

Author : Denise R. Ferrier
Publisher : LWW
Release : 2017
Page : 560
Category : Biochemistry
ISBN 13 : 9781496363541
Description :

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry is the long-established, first-and-best resource for the essentials of biochemistry. Students rely on this text to help them quickly review, assimilate, and integrate large amounts of critical and complex information. For more than two decades, faculty and students have praised this best-selling biochemistry textbook for its matchless illustrations that make concepts come to life. Master all the latest biochemistry knowledge, thanks to extensive revisions and updated content throughout, including an expanded chapter on macronutrients, a completely new chapter on micronutrients, and much more. A bonus chapter on blood clotting with new, additional questions is included online. See how biochemistry applies to everyday healthcare through integrative, chapter-based cases as well as "Clinical" boxes throughout. Learn and study effortlessly with a concise outline format, abundant full-color artwork, and chapter overviews and summaries. Look for icons that signal an animation at thePoint or an integrative clinical case in the Appendix. Assess and reinforce your learning with more than 200 new review questions available online.

Author : Michael Lieberman
Alisa Peet
Publisher : LWW
Release : 2017-07-25
Page : 1008
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 9781496324818
Description :

Connect biochemistry to clinical practice! Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry links biochemistry to physiology and pathophysiology, allowing students to apply fundamental concepts to the practice of medicine - from diagnosing patients to recommending effective treatments. Intuitively organized chapters center on hypothetical patient vignettes, highlighting the material's clinical applications; helpful icons allow for smooth navigation, making complex concepts easier to grasp. Full-color illustrations make chemical structures and biochemical pathways easy to visualize. Patient vignettes connect biochemistry to human health and disease. Clinical Notes explain patient signs or symptoms, and Method Notes relate biochemistry to the laboratory tests ordered during diagnosis. Clinical Comments link biochemical dynamics to treatment options and patient outcomes. Biochemical Comments explore directions for new research. Key Concepts and Summary Disease tables highlight the take-home messages in each chapter. Questions and answers at the end of each chapter - 470 total inside the book, with 560 more online - probe students' mastery of key concepts. Additional handy resources available online make it easy to review all diseases and all methods covered throughout the book and to find references for further information and study