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Author : Samantha Fowler
Rebecca Roush
Publisher :
Release : 2018-01-07
Page : 618
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9789888407453
Description :

Concepts of Biology is designed for the single-semester introduction to biology course for non-science majors, which for many students is their only college-level science course. As such, this course represents an important opportunity for students to develop the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to make informed decisions as they continue with their lives. Rather than being mired down with facts and vocabulary, the typical non-science major student needs information presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. Even more importantly, the content should be meaningful. Students do much better when they understand why biology is relevant to their everyday lives. For these reasons, Concepts of Biology is grounded on an evolutionary basis and includes exciting features that highlight careers in the biological sciences and everyday applications of the concepts at hand.We also strive to show the interconnectedness of topics within this extremely broad discipline. In order to meet the needs of today's instructors and students, we maintain the overall organization and coverage found in most syllabi for this course. A strength of Concepts of Biology is that instructors can customize the book, adapting it to the approach that works best in their classroom. Concepts of Biology also includes an innovative art program that incorporates critical thinking and clicker questions to help students understand--and apply--key concepts.

Author : Julianne Zedalis
John Eggebrecht
Publisher :
Release : 2017-10-16
Page : 1923
Category : Biology
ISBN 13 : 9781947172401
Description :

Biology for AP® courses covers the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester Advanced Placement® biology course. The text provides comprehensive coverage of foundational research and core biology concepts through an evolutionary lens. Biology for AP® Courses was designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the College Board’s AP® Biology framework while allowing significant flexibility for instructors. Each section of the book includes an introduction based on the AP® curriculum and includes rich features that engage students in scientific practice and AP® test preparation; it also highlights careers and research opportunities in biological sciences.

Author : Steven Vogel
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release : 1996-04-21
Page : 467
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0691026165
Description :

This text discusses the applications of fluid mechanics to biology. It provides coverage of the field since the 1980s, with details of literature. It includes sections on jet propulsion, biological pumps, swimming, blood flow, and accelerations reaction and Murray's law.

Author : Rebecca W. Keller
Publisher : Real Science-4-Kids
Release : 2012-08-01
Page : 86
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781936114733
Description :

The Focus On Elementary Biology Student Textbook introduces young students to the scientific discipline of biology. Students will learn about the characteristics of living things; how scientists sort living things into groups (taxonomy); cells and their makeup and functions; how plants make food; parts of a plant and their functions; life cycles of plants, butterflies, and frogs; microscopic organisms and how they move and eat; and more. The Focus On Elementary Biology Student Textbook has ten full-color chapters. Grades K-4.

Author : Corrado Priami
Falko Dressler
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2008-12-18
Page : 197
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 3540922725
Description :

Technology is taking us to a world where myriads of heavily networked devices interact with the physical world in multiple ways, and at many levels, from the globalInternetdowntomicroandnanodevices. Manyofthesedevicesarehighly mobile and autonomous and must adapt to the surrounding environment in a totally unsupervised way. A fundamental research challenge is the design of robust decentralized c- puting systemsthat arecapableofoperating in changing environmentsandwith noisy input, and yet exhibit the desired behavior and response time, under c- straints such as energy consumption, size, and processing power. These systems should be able to adapt and learn how to react to unforeseen scenarios as well as to display properties comparable to social entities. The observation of nature has brought us many great and unforeseen concepts. Biological systems are able to handle many of these challenges with an elegance and e?ciency far beyond currenthumanartifacts. Basedonthisobservation,bio-inspiredapproacheshave been proposed as a means of handling the complexity of such systems. The goal is to obtain methods to engineer technical systems, which are of a stability and e?ciency comparable to those found in biological entities. This Special Issue on Biological and Biologically-inspired Communication contains the best papers from the Second International Conference on Bio- Inspired Models of Network, Information, and Computing Systems (BIONET- ICS 2007). The BIONETICS conference aims to bring together researchers and scientistsfromseveraldisciplines incomputerscienceandengineeringwhereb- inspired methods are investigated, as well as from bioinformatics, to deepen the information exchange and collaboration among the di?erent communities.

Author : Alexander Rosenberg
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 1994-11
Page : 193
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9780226727257
Description :

Do the sciences aim to uncover the structure of nature, or are they ultimately a practical means of controlling our environment? In Instrumental Biology, or the Disunity of Science, Alexander Rosenberg argues that while physics and chemistry can develop laws that reveal the structure of natural phenomena, biology is fated to be a practical, instrumental discipline. Because of the complexity produced by natural selection, and because of the limits on human cognition, scientists are prevented from uncovering the basic structure of biological phenomena. Consequently, biology and all of the disciplines that rest upon it—psychology and the other human sciences—must aim at most to provide practical tools for coping with the natural world rather than a complete theoretical understanding of it.

Author : Scott F. Gilbert
Michael J. F. Barresi
Publisher :
Release : 2017-10-05
Page : 500
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781605357386
Description :

Published by Sinauer Associates, an imprint of Oxford University Press. A classic gets a new coauthor and a new approach: Developmental Biology, Eleventh Edition, keeps the excellent writing, accuracy, and enthusiasm of the Gilbert Developmental Biology book, streamlines it, adds innovative electronic supplements, and creates a new textbook for those teaching Developmental Biology to a new generation. Several new modes of teaching are employed in the new Gilbert and Barresi textbook.

Author : Stephen L. Doggett
Dini M. Miller
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2018-04-02
Page : 472
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 1119171520
Description :

List of Contributors xix Foreword xxiii Acknowledgments xxv Introduction 1 Stephen L. DOggett, Dini M. MIller and Chow-Yang Lee Part I Bed Bugs in Society 7 1 Bed Bugs Through History 9 Michael F. POtter 2 Bed Bugs in Popular Culture 27 Stephen L. DOggett and David Cain Part II The Global Bed Bug Resurgence 43 3 The Bed Bug Resurgence in North America 45 Dini M. MIller 4 The Bed Bug Resurgence in Latin America 51 Roberto M. PEreira, Ana Eugenia de Carvalho Campos, Joao Justi (Jr.) and Márcio R. LAge 5 The Bed Bug Resurgence in Europe and Russia 59 Richard Naylor, OndYej Balvín, Pascal Delaunay, and Mohammad Akhoundi References 66 6 The Bed Bug Resurgence in Asia 69 Chow-Yang Lee, Motokazu Hirao, Changlu Wang, and Yijuan Xu 7 The Bed Bug Resurgence in Australia 81 Stephen L. DOggett and Toni Cains 8 The Bed Bug Resurgence in Africa 87 Josephus Fourie and Dionne Crafford 9 The Bed Bug Resurgence in the Indian Subcontinent 95 Anil S. RAo and Joshua A. RAo 10 The Bed Bug Resurgence in the Middle East 101 Odelon Del Mundo Reyes Part III Bed Bug Impacts 107 11 Dermatology and Immunology 109 Shelley Ji Eun Hwang, Stephen L. DOggett and Pablo Fernandez-Penas 12 Bed Bugs and Infectious Diseases 117 Stephen L. DOggett 13 Mental Health Impacts 127 Stéphane Perron, Geneviève Hamelin and David Kaiser 14 Miscellaneous Health Impacts 133 Stephen L. DOggett 15 Fiscal Impacts 139 Stephen L. DOggett, Dini M. MIller, Karen Vail and Molly S. WIlson Part IV Bed Bug Biology 149 16 Bed Bug Biology 151 Sophie E.F. EVison, William T. HEntley, Rebecca Wilson, and Michael T. SIva-Jothy 17 Chemical Ecology 163 Gerhard Gries 18 Population Genetics 173 Warren Booth, Coby Schal and Edward L. VArgo 19 Physiology 183 Joshua B. BEnoit 20 Symbionts 193 Mark Goodman 21 Bed Bug Laboratory Maintenance 199 Mark F. FEldlaufer, Linda-Lou O'Connor and Kevin R. ULrich Part V Bed Bug Management 209 22 Bed Bug Industry Standards: Australia 211 Stephen L. DOggett 23 Bed Bug Industry Standards: Europe 217 Richard Naylor 24 Bed Bug Industry Standards: USA 221 Jim Fredericks 25 A Pest Control Company Perspective 225 Joelle F. OLson, Mark W. WIlliams and David G. LIlly 26 Prevention 233 Molly S. WIlson 27 Detection and Monitoring 241 Richard Cooper and Changlu Wang 28 Non-chemical Control 257 Stephen A. KElls 29 Insecticide Resistance 273 Alvaro Romero 30 Chemical Control 285 Chow-Yang Lee, Dini M. MIller and Stephen L. DOggett 31 Limitations of Bed Bug Management Technologies 311 Stephen L. DOggett and Mark F. FEldlaufer 32 Bed Bug Education 323 Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, Allison Taisey Allen and Dini M. MIller Part VI Bed Bug Control in Specific Situations 331 33 Low-income Housing 333 Richard Cooper and Changlu Wang 34 Multi-Unit Housing 341 Dini M. MIller 35 Shelters 347 Molly S. WIlson 36 Hotels 351 David Cain 37 Healthcare Facilities 357 Stephen L. DOggett 38 Aircraft 363 Adam Juson and Catherine Juson 39 Cruise Ships and Trains 369 David G. LIlly and Garry Jones 40 Poultry Industry 375 Allen Szalanski Part VII Legal Issues 383 41 Bed Bugs and the Law in the USA 385 Jeffrey Lipman and Dini M. MIller 42 Bed Bugs and the Law in the United Kingdom 397 Clive Boase 43 Bed Bugs and the Law in Australia 403 Toni Cains, David G. LIlly and Stephen L. DOggett 44 Bed Bugs and the Law in Asia 409 Andrew Ho-Ohara and Chow-Yang Lee 45 On Being an Expert Witness 413 Paul J. BEllo and Dini M. MIller Part VIII Bed Bugs: the Future 419 46 Bed Bugs: the Future 421 Chow-Yang Lee, Dini M. MIller and Stephen L. DOggett Index 429

Author : Chaim Putterman
David Cowburn
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2018-05-14
Page : 186
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 0128033703
Description :

Structural Biology in Immunology, Structure/Function of Novel Molecules of Immunologic Importance delivers important information on the structure and functional relationships in novel molecules of immunologic interest. Due to an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the immune system, the approach to the treatment of many immune-mediated diseases, including multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease has been dramatically altered. Furthermore, there is an increasing awareness of the critical role of the immune system in cancer biology. The improved central structure function relationships presented in this book will further enhance our ability to understand what defects in normal individuals can lead to disease. Describes novel/recently discovered immunomodulatory proteins, including antibodies and co-stimulatory or co-inhibitory molecules Emphasizes new biologic and small molecule drug design through the exploration of structure-function relationship Features a collaborative editorial effort, involving clinical immunologists and structural biologists Provides useful and practical insights on developing the necessary links between basic science and clinical therapy in immunology Gives interested parties a bridge to learn about computer modeling and structure based design principles

Author : Lauren Pecorino
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2012-04-26
Page : 342
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 019957717X
Description :

The third edition of The Molecular Biology of Cancer: Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics offers a fresh approach to the study of the molecular basis of cancer, by showing how our understanding of the defective mechanisms which drive cancer is leading to the development of new targeted therapeutic agents.

Author : Mary Ann Clark
Jung Ho Choi
Publisher :
Release : 2018
Page : 1567
Category : Biology
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Biology 2e (2nd edition) is designed to cover the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester biology course for science majors. The text provides comprehensive coverage of foundational research and core biology concepts through an evolutionary lens. Biology includes rich features that engage students in scientific inquiry, highlight careers in the biological sciences, and offer everyday applications. The book also includes various types of practice and homework questions that help students understand -- and apply -- key concepts. The 2nd edition has been revised to incorporate clearer, more current, and more dynamic explanations, while maintaining the same organization as the first edition. Art and illustrations have been substantially improved, and the textbook features additional assessments and related resources.

Author : M. Anwar Maun
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2009-03-05
Page : 265
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 0198570368
Description :

A concise but comprehensive introduction to the biology of coastal sand dunes. The emphasis in this book is on the organisms that dominate this predominantly marine environment, although pollution, conservation, management and experimental aspects are considered.

Author : Richard Howard
Neil AR Gow
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2010-11-16
Page : 341
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9783642089558
Description :

Mycology, the study of fungi, originated as a subdiscipline of botany and was a descr- tive discipline, largely neglected as an experimental science until the early years of this century. A seminal paper by Blakeslee in 1904 provided evidence for sel?ncompatib- ity, termed “heterothallism”, and stimulated interest in studies related to the control of sexual reproduction in fungi by mating-type speci?cities. Soon to follow was the demonstration that sexually reproducing fungi exhibit Mendelian inheritance and that it was possible to conduct formal genetic analysis with fungi. The names Burgeff, Kniep and Lindegren are all associated with this early period of fungal genetics research. These studies and the discovery of penicillin by Fleming, who shared a Nobel Prize in 1945, provided further impetus for experimental research with fungi. Thus began a period of interest in mutation induction and analysis of mutants for biochemical traits. Such fundamental research, conducted largely with Neurospora crassa,led to theone gene: one enzyme hypothesis and to a second Nobel Prize for fungal research awarded to Beadle and Tatum in 1958. Fundamental research in biochemical genetics was extended to other fungi, especially to Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and by the mid-1960s fungal systems were much favored for studies in eukaryotic molecular biology and were soon able to compete with bacterial systems in the molecular arena.

Author : Gary P. Moberg
Joy A. Mench
Publisher : CABI
Release : 2000
Page : 377
Category : Animal welfare
ISBN 13 : 9780851999302
Description :

The subjects of stress and animal welfare are currently attracting immense interest. This book brings together a range of perspectives from biomedical research (including human health and animal models of human stress) on stress and welfare, and assesses new approaches to conceptualising and alleviating stress.

Author : George Plopper
Diana Bebek Ivankovic
Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning
Release : 2020-01-27
Page : 576
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 1284149846
Description :

Principles of Cell Biology, Third Edition is an educational, eye-opening text with an emphasis on how evolution shapes organisms on the cellular level. Students will learn the material through 14 comprehensible principles, which give context to the underlying theme that make the details fit together.

Author : Mary Ann Clark
Jung Choi
Publisher :
Release : 2018-04
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781947172517
Description :

Author : Chris Ferrie
Cara Florance
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release : 2018-06-05
Page : 26
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 1492673765
Description :

Fans of Chris Ferrie's ABCs of Science, ABCs of Space, and Rocket Science for Babies will love this introduction to biology for babies and toddlers! This alphabetical installment of the Baby University baby board book series is the perfect introduction to science for infants and toddlers. It makes a wonderful science baby gift for even the youngest biologist. Give the gift of learning to your little one at birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and beyond! A is for Anatomy B is for Bacteria C is for Cell From anatomy to zoology, the ABCs of Biology is a colorfully simple introduction to STEM for babies and toddlers to a new biology concept for every letter of the alphabet. Written by two experts, each page in this biology primer features multiple levels of text so the book grows along with your little biologist. If you're looking for the perfect science toys for babies, STEAM books for teachers, or a wonderful baby board book to add to a special baby gift basket, look no further! ABCs of Biology offers fun early learning for your little scientist!

Author : Meredith F. Small
Publisher : Anchor
Release : 1998
Page : 292
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 0385483627
Description :

Contrasts Western child-rearing practices to those of other cultures, discussing the advantages of non-traditional feeding, sleeping, and adult interaction customs.

Author :
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2008
Page :
Category : Bones
ISBN 13 : 9780123738844
Description :

Provides the most comprehensive, authoritative reference on the study of bone biology and related diseases. It is the essential resource for anyone involved in the study of bone biology. It is the most comprehensive, complete, up-to-date source of information on all aspects of bones and bone biology in one convenient source. It takes the reader from the basic elements of fundamental research to the most sophisticated concepts in therapeutics. Bone research in recent years has generated enormous attention, mainly because of the broad public health implications of osteoporosis and related bone disorders. *Provides a "one-stop" shop. There is no need to search through many research journals or books to glean the information one is all in one source written by the experts in the field. *THE essential resource for anyone involved in the study of bones and bone diseases. *Takes the reader from the basic elements of fundamental research to the most sophisticated concepts in therapeutics. *Readers can easily search and locate information quickly as it will be online with this new edition.

Author : Michael C. Gerald
Gloria Gerald
Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
Release : 2015-01-06
Page : 528
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9781454910688
Description :

Fresh, wholesome juices are perfect when you're fasting: they're low calorie, rich in vitamins and minerals, and energy boosting. These 100 recipes are specially designed for either a full or intermittent fast. Each tasty juice comes with a calorie count and nutritional information, and will fill you up so you don't feel deprived. Whether you're looking to detox or spur a sluggish metabolism, these juices will help you drink your way to health!