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Author : Becca Fitzpatrick
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2015-11-10
Page : 416
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1442474270
Description :

Britt goes hiking in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming with her ex-boyfriend Calvin, but trouble arises when she is caught in a blizzard, taken hostage by fugitives, finds evidence of murders, and learns whom to trust and whom to love.

Author : Brad Thor
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2021-07-20
Page : 336
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1982104147
Description :

INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “[A]nother instant classic.” —The Real Book Spy “The undisputed master of blending geopolitics with spycraft…a thriller aficionado’s dream.” —The Providence Journal The new Cold War is about to go hot. #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brad Thor is back with his most intense thriller yet. Scot Harvath is having his best summer ever. With a cottage on the fjord, a boat, and his beautiful girlfriend Sølvi, he’s got everything he could possibly want. But out of vacation days and long overdue back home, America’s top spy has a decision to make—return, or submit his resignation. When his deadly past comes calling, though, he’ll be left with no choice at all. Leaving his favorite Oslo café, Harvath watches as a ghost climbs out of a taxi—a man he killed years ago, halfway around the world. How is he still alive? And what is he doing in Norway? In a race against time that will take him high above the Arctic Circle, Harvath is tested in ways he has never imagined and pushed to a limit few human beings could ever endure. If he succeeds, he’ll walk away with everything. If he fails, the United States and its allies will be at the mercy of one of the world’s most dangerous actors.

Author : Michael Connelly
Publisher : Little, Brown
Release : 2002-01-01
Page : 336
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0759525781
Description :

When an LAPD narcotics officer is found with a fatal bullet wound and a suicide note, Detective Harry Bosch follows a bloody trail of drug murders across the Mexico border. ​Working the case, LAPD detective Harry Bosch is reminded of the primal police rule he learned long ago: Don't look for the facts, but the glue that holds them together. Soon Harry's making some very dangerous connections, starting with a dead cop and leading to a bloody string of murders that wind from Hollywood Boulevard to the back alleys south of the border. Now this battle-scarred veteran will find himself in the center of a complex and deadly game—one in which he may be the next and likeliest victim.

Author : Valmore James
John Gallagher
Publisher : ECW Press
Release : 2015-02-01
Page : 232
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN 13 : 1770906576
Description :

The first black American in the NHL tells his story Val James became the first African American player in the NHL when he took to the ice with the Buffalo Sabres in 1982, and in 1987 he became the first black player of any nationality to skate for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Born in central Florida, James grew up on Long Island and received his first pair of skates for his 13th birthday. At 16, James left home to play in Canada, where he was the only black person in junior and, often, in the whole town. While popular for his tough play and winning personality, the teenager faced racist taunts at opposing arenas, and the prejudice continued at all levels of the game. In his two NHL stints, James defined himself as a smart team player and opponent, known for his pugilistic skills. Black Ice is the untold story of a trail-blazing athlete who endured and overcame discrimination to realize his dreams and become an inspiration for future generations.

Author : Anne Stuart
Publisher : MIRA
Release : 2018-12-01
Page : 400
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1488050805
Description :

Dive back into RITA Award-winner Anne Stuart’s dark tale of unlikely love with Black Ice. BLACK ICE Living paycheck to paycheck in Paris, American book translator Chloe Underwood would give anything for some excitement and passion -- even a little danger. But when she’s offered a lucrative weekend gig translating at a business conference in a remote chateau, she jumps at the chance to shake things up. Then by chance Chloe discovers her employers are anything but the entrepreneurs they appear, and suddenly she knows far too much. Her clients are illegal arms dealers, and one of them is ordered to kill her. But instead, Bastien Toussaint drags Chloe away, and the next thing she knows she’s on the run with the most terrifying and seductive man she’s ever met. Titles originally published in 2005.

Author : J. V. Jones
Publisher : Macmillan
Release : 2005-03-01
Page : 792
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781429975971
Description :

HIGH ADVENTURE ON THE SWORD EDGE OF DESTINY A Cavern of Black Ice is the first book in J.V. Jones's Sword of Shadow series As a newborn Ash March was abandoned--left for dead at the foot of a frozen mountain. Found and raised by the Penthero Iss, the mighty Surlord of Spire Vanis, she has always known she is different. Terrible dreams plague her and sometimes in the darkness she hears dread voices from another world. Iss watches her as she grows to womanhood, eager to discover what powers his ward might possess. As his interest quickens, he sends his living blade, Marafice Eye, to guard her night and day. Raif Sevrance, a young man of Clan Blackhail, also knows he is different, with uncanny abilities that distance him from the clan. But when he and his brother survive an ambush that plunges the entire Northern Territories into war, he yet seeks justice for his own . . . even if means he must forsake clan and kin. Ash and Raif must learn to master their powers and accept their joint fate if they are to defeat an ancient prophecy and prevent the release of the pure evil known as the End Lords. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Author : Lorene Cary
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2010-12-29
Page : 256
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0307778479
Description :

In 1972 Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was transplanted into the formerly all-white, all-male environs of the elite St. Paul's School in New Hampshire, where she became a scholarship student in a "boot camp" for future American leaders. Like any good student, she was determined to succeed. But Cary was also determined to succeed without selling out. This wonderfully frank and perceptive memoir describes the perils and ambiguities of that double role, in which failing calculus and winning a student election could both be interpreted as betrayals of one's skin. Black Ice is also a universally recognizable document of a woman's adolescence; it is, as Houston Baker says, "a journey into selfhood that resonates with sober reflection, intellignet passion, and joyous love."

Author : Leah Giarratano
Publisher : Random House Australia
Release : 2010-05-01
Page : 338
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 186471428X
Description :

Beautiful people can do terrible things . . . A mother out of gaol, hell bent on vengeance, desperate to be reunited wiht her son. An ambitious cop trying to bust a Sydney drug cartel. A glamorous society couple living the high life - he's a successful lawyer, she's a model. He's also feeding her growing cocaine and ice habit. When Detective Sergeant Jill Jackson goes undercover to investigate Sydney's drug lords, these worlds collide. Soon people are going to get hurt.

Author : George Robert Fosty
Darril Fosty
Publisher : Stryker-Indigo Publishing Company, Inc. New York
Release : 2007
Page : 263
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN 13 : 0965116875
Description :

The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes was formed in 1895 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Comprised of the sons and the grandsons of runaway American slaves, the league helped pioneer the sport of ice hockey, changing this winter game from the primitive "gentleman's past-time" of the Nineteenth Century to the to the modern fast moving game of today. In an era when many believed Blacks could not endure cold, possessed ankles too weak to effectively skate, and lacked the intelligence for organized sport, these men defied the established myths. The Colored League was one of the most complex sports organizations ever created and was lead by Baptist ministers and church laymen. Natural leaders and proponents of Black Pride, these men represented a concept in spots never before seen. Their rule book was The Bible. Their game book, the coded words and oral history derived from the experiences of American slavery and the Underground Railroad. Their strategy, the principles and teachings of American Black leader Booker T. Washington (the founder of the Tuskegee Institute) and a believer in the concept of racial equality through racial separation. Twenty-five years before the Negro Baseball Leagues in the United States, and twenty-two years before the birth of the National Hockey League, the Colored League would emerge as a premier force in Canadian hockey and supply the resilience necessary to preserve a unique culture which exists to this day. Unfortunately their contributions were conveniently ignored, or simply stolen, as White teams and hockey officials, influenced by the Black league, copied elements of the Black style or sought to take self-credit for Black hockey innovations. Seven years of research has gone into this book. This is the first book ever written on the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes.

Author : Terry Goodkind
Publisher : Tor Books
Release : 2020-01-21
Page : 512
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1250194814
Description :

Heart of Black Ice is the climactic conclusion to Terry Goodkind's New York Times bestselling Nicci Chronicles. In the wake of the brutal war that swept the Old World in Siege of Stone, a new danger is forming along the coast. Taken captive by their enemies, King Grieve, along with Lila and Bannon are about to discover the terrifying force that threatens to bring destruction to the Old World. The Norukai, barbarian raiders and slavers, have been gathering an immense fleet among the inhospitably rocky islands that make up their home. With numbers greater than anyone could have imagined, the Norukai are poised to launch their final and most deadly war. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Author : Carin Gerhardsen
Publisher : Scarlet
Release : 2022-05-03
Page : 384
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781613163085
Description :

ONE OF PUBLISHERS WEEKLY'S BEST BOOKS OF 2021 A twisty thriller by a very exciting new voice from the North (Ragnar Jónasson, bestselling author of the Dark Iceland series)

Author : Alex Bell
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2021-11-09
Page : 352
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1534406530
Description :

In the final book of the whimsical Polar Bear Explorers’ Club series, Stella and the gang go on their most perilous adventure yet to find a cure for their cursed friend. Stella Starflake Pearl has been expelled from the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club. But that’s not going to stop her and the rest of the junior explorers from embarking on another exceptionally perilous expedition. It hasn’t been long since Shay was bitten by a witch wolf, but he’s in danger of turning into one himself. Only an ice queen’s long-lost spell book and Stella’s ice princess magic has the power to break the curse. The one thing standing in their way is a treacherous monolith no explorer has ever returned from…the Black Ice Bridge. Can Stella and the rest of the gang overcome their most fearsome quest yet? Or will distrustful mermaids, screeching red devil squids, irksome trolls, and a centuries-old curse stop them in their tracks?

Author : David Blackwood
Derek Wilton
Publisher : Goose Lane Editions
Release : 2014-09-16
Page : 208
Category : Newfoundland and Labrador
ISBN 13 : 9780864928542
Description :

Originally published by Douglas & McIntyre and the Art Gallery of Ontario to accompany a major exhibition of Blackwood's work in 2012, Black Ice is now being made available once again, after having sold out less than a year following its first publication.Canadian artist David Blackwood has been telling stories about Newfoundland in the form of epic visual narratives for the past 30 years. His stories draw on childhood memories, dreams, superstitions, the oral tradition, and the political realities of the community on Bonavista Bay, where he was born and raised. His collection of works has created an iconography of Newfoudnland that is as universal as it is personal, as mythic as it is rooted in reality, and as timeless as it is linked to specific events.This comprehensive and sumptuously illustrated retrospective features over 70 prints. The book also features essays by Blackwood himself, Michael Crummey, Sean Cadigan, and Katherarine Lochnan as well as an essay on the environment by Martin Feely and Derek Wilton and another on mumming by Caoimhe Ni Shuilleabhain.This new edition of Black Ice is co-published with the Art Gallery of Ontario and Douglas & McIntyre. Customers should note that Goose Lane's territory includes Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador as well as Chapters/Indigo nationwide. Customers in other parts of Canada may obtain copies from Douglas & McIntyre and its distributor.

Author : Gina Cole
Publisher : Huia Publishers
Release : 2016-11-01
Page : 250
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1775503089
Description :

This collection of short stories explores connections between extremes of heat and cold. Sometimes this is spatial or geographical; sometimes it is metaphorical. Sometimes it involves juxtapositions of time; sometimes heat appears where only ice is expected. In the stories, a woman is caught between traditional Fijian ways and the brutality of the military dictatorship; a glaciology researcher falls into a crevasse and confronts the unexpected; two women lose children in freak shooting accidents; a young child in a Barbie Doll sweatshop dreams of a different life; secondary school girls struggle with secrets about an addicted janitor; and two women take a deathly trip through a glacier melt stream. These are some of the unpredictable stories in this collection that follow themes of ice and glaciers in the heat of the South Pacific and take us into unusual lives and explorations.

Author : Don Brown
Publisher : Zondervan
Release : 2014-02-25
Page : 368
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0310410452
Description :

When British geologists discover the world's largest oil reserves under the desolate, icy tundra of Antarctica, Britain and Chile form a top-secret alliance for control of petroleum resources that will rival the economic power of OPEC. But when their discovery is uncovered by an Argentinean intelligence officer, a surprise-attack against a secret British outpost in Antarctica triggers a war. Britain and Chile are in a military standoff against Venezuela and Argentina, and when the war escalates, Britain asks America for help. For two couples separated by the battle, the outcome will be either love reunited or devastating heartbreak. For a young British boy living with his mother in London, his father’s life is on the line. And for Pete Miranda, an American sub commander detailed on a special military assignment to his father's homeland of Chile, will his fate be a crushing death under the icy-cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean, or a future of life, light, and a second chance for love?

Author : Maria de Andrade
Publisher : FriesenPress
Release : 2017-10-17
Page : 216
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1525512668
Description :

Olivier Lambert is a private detective trying to gather the pieces of his life together after his beloved wife dies in a freak car accident. When he meets Maude, a mysterious woman with a complex case involving a fatal accident, long-lost relatives and dark secrets, his investigation leads him to Stanstead, Quebec, Boston, USA, and Lisbon, Portugal. Along the way, he unravels the painful truth about Maude’s family—and meets a woman who might be the missing piece he’s been waiting for to make him feel whole again. Riveting, thought-provoking and heartwarming, A Patch of Black Ice explores the depths a family will go to stay together even after they’ve lost so much.

Author : Alex Bell
Publisher : Faber & Faber
Release : 2019-11-05
Page : 384
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0571332595
Description :

In the third magical Stella Starflake adventure the explorers meet gargoyles, sea-gremlins, mermaids, red devil squids - even a Gentleman Flamingo! Ice princess Stella Starflake and her father Felix are in trouble: President Fogg has expelled them from the Polar Bear Explorers' Club, and banned them from going on any further expeditions. Stella's not going to be put off by rules and regulations though. She knows her friend Shay is in danger of turning into a witch wolf himself, since receiving a deadly bite on their last adventure. It's vital that Stella and her friends set out to find the spellbook that could save his life, even if it means travelling over the cursed Black Ice Bridge. It's a formidable and dangerous task, and their journey takes them on a breathtaking, page-turning adventure!

Author : Stan Jones
Publisher : Soho Press
Release : 2003-07-01
Page : 248
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1569478155
Description :

In the small Alaskan village of Chukchi, what are the odds of two suicides occurring in a matter of a few days? State trooper Nathan Active discovers that his suspicions concerning the deaths are well-founded; the two men were murdered. But what was the motive and who killed them?

Author : Ali Dean
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-08-03
Page : 270
Category : Boarding schools
ISBN 13 : 9781536898347
Description :

"Roxie's senior year at Stark Springs Academy is not what she envisioned. She never intended to be privy to Stark's biggest secrets, but she's thrown right into the middle of it, whether she wants to carry that burden or not. As Ryker Black's girlfriend, nothing is simple or straightforward." -- Page [4] of cover.

Author : Matt Dickinson
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2012-05-31
Page : 544
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1448149622
Description :

'A ripping good adventure yarn with a thoroughly admirable heroine, a suitably black-hearted villain and such vivid descriptions of the sheer agony and awfulness of Antarctica you'll be reaching for the central heating switch as you read.' Irish Independent