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Author : Anthony ‘A-Class’ Quinones
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Release : 2013-11-20
Page : 434
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1490707255
Description :

Anthony Woodz Diaz has dreams of Hollywood, but his dreams will be more like nightmares as he struggles to overcome adversities living in the slums of New York City. With just his single mom, disconnected siblings, and no positive father figure, Anthony takes matters into his own hands and turns to the streets of Spanish Harlem for guidance and shelter. Just when the troubled teen seems to be getting his turbulent life in order, his dreams of Hollywood are shattered for good, and he is forced to say good-bye to Hollywood.

Author : David Graeber
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Release : 2019-05-07
Page : 368
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1501143336
Description :

From bestselling writer David Graeber—“a master of opening up thought and stimulating debate” (Slate)—a powerful argument against the rise of meaningless, unfulfilling jobs…and their consequences. Does your job make a meaningful contribution to the world? In the spring of 2013, David Graeber asked this question in a playful, provocative essay titled “On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs.” It went viral. After one million online views in seventeen different languages, people all over the world are still debating the answer. There are hordes of people—HR consultants, communication coordinators, telemarketing researchers, corporate lawyers—whose jobs are useless, and, tragically, they know it. These people are caught in bullshit jobs. Graeber explores one of society’s most vexing and deeply felt concerns, indicting among other villains a particular strain of finance capitalism that betrays ideals shared by thinkers ranging from Keynes to Lincoln. “Clever and charismatic” (The New Yorker), Bullshit Jobs gives individuals, corporations, and societies permission to undergo a shift in values, placing creative and caring work at the center of our culture. This book is for everyone who wants to turn their vocation back into an avocation and “a thought-provoking examination of our working lives” (Financial Times).

Author : Laura Jane Williams
Publisher : Hodder Paperbacks
Release : 2018-06-12
Page : 224
Category : Inner child
ISBN 13 : 9781473659988
Description :

'Read this for life lessons you know but have neglected.' Stylist 'Rediscover and embrace your inner silliness and watch your busy, stress-filled actual life become, well, simpler.' Red Discover the surprising art of reconnecting with your inner child in order to make your adult life that little bit simpler. You can own your own home and want to build a blanket fort on a bad day. Hell! On a good day, too. Give yourself permission to seek praise, ask for help, and have something soft snuggled against your face because you're sad. You can pay your bills on time and still exclaim out loud when something is really f*cking cool, run a business and wear cat-covered thermals under your suit. You can take time to play, just because. Full of spirit and un-self-conscious enthusiasm, Ice Cream for Breakfast: Child-Like Solutions to Bullsh*t Adult Problems is the permission slip all too-grown-up-for-their-own-good-but-secretly-scared-of-adulting adults need to locate their inner-child nestled deep within, so that we might all relax enough to laugh harder, wonder more, and marvel at magic on the daily.

Author : J.B. Galui
Publisher : BookRix
Release : 2014-02-07
Page : 45
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 3730976028
Description :

This is the forth & final story in the WAF Journey series. This story is the continuing journey of a man caught in a hell he calls life. The same dead end job and a friend who he works with that he loves and hates all at the same time but now things are changing. Making things work with the older woman who is more like him than he ever expected, he will now be asked to do something that he never would have ever considered. But what can he do if his friend needs his help. Still he finds himself drinking too much, taking too many pills to function, and all he has to do to make this only life he has as bearable as possible. Drinking, drugs, sex, and now this request from a dying friend. Through it all, still he keeps his course sense of humor.

Author : Grant Petersen
Publisher : Workman Publishing
Release : 2014-11-18
Page : 240
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN 13 : 0761183094
Description :

This is your brain on Grant Petersen: Every comfortable assumption you have about a subject is turned upside down, and by the time you finish reading you feel challenged, energized, and smarter. In Just Ride—“the bible for bicycle riders” (Dave Eggers, New York Times Book Review)—Petersen debunked the bicycle racing– industrial complex and led readers back to the simple joys of getting on a bike. In Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog, Petersen upends the last 30 years of conventional health wisdom to offer a clear path to weight loss and fitness. In more than 100 short, compelling directives, Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog shows why we should drop the carbs, embrace fat, and hang up our running shoes, with the latest science to back up its claims. Diet and Exercise make up the bulk of the book, with food addressed in essays such as “Carbohydrate Primer”—and why it’s okay to eat less kale—and “You’ll Eat Less Often If You Eat More Fat.” The exercise chapters begin with “Don’t Jog” (it just makes you hungry and trains muscle to tolerate more jogging while raising stressors like cortisol) and lead to a series of interval-training exercises and a suite of kettlebell lifts that greatly enhance strength and endurance. The balance of the book explains the science of nutrition and includes more than a dozen simple and delicious carb-free recipes. Thirty years ago Grant Petersen was an oat-bran-, egg-white-, lean-meat-eating exercise fanatic who wasn’t in great shape despite all that. Today, at sixty, he is in the best shape of his life with the blood panel to prove it.

Author : Javin Strome
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2018-01-26
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1387546848
Description :

Tiffany needs to cheer up, but her best friend actually thinks she needs to get laid. So they plan a wild night. At least Lilian does all the planning. She even goes further to bring the woman some outfit to put on. When Tiffany goes to the club, she meets the one man she has been avoiding all along and they make some magic. Mature Adults Only (18+)

Author : Alida Nugent
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2015-10-20
Page : 240
Category : Humor
ISBN 13 : 0698176030
Description :

“Hilarious...[Nugent] documents her journey to feminism while skewering misogynist tropes and delivering some painful truths.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “Feminist” is not a four-letter word, but Alida Nugent resisted it for a long time. She feared the “scarlet F” being thrust upon her for refusing to laugh at misogynistic jokes at parties; she withered under the judgmental gaze of store clerks when buying Plan B, and she swore that she was “not like other girls.” But eventually, like so many of us, she discovered that feminism is an empowering identity to take on. It’s okay to criticize beauty standards but still love dark lipstick, investing in female friendships is the most rewarding thing ever, and no woman should feel pressured to eat an “unseasoned chicken breast the size of a deck of playing cards” as every sad dinner for the rest of eternity. With sincerity, intelligence, and wit, Nugent invites readers in to her most private moments of personal growth. From struggling with an eating disorder for most of her teen years to embracing all aspects of her biracial identity, she tackles tough topics with honest vulnerability making it a perfect gift for teens and young adults. Smartly-written, unapologetic, and laugh-out-loud funny, You Don’t Have to Like Me is perfect for readers of Roxane Gay, Rebecca Solnit, and Sloane Crosley.

Publisher : BookRix
Release : 2017-10-20
Page : 10
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 3743836807
Description :

Sometimes I wonder if I am off with the fairies. I always listen to what people have to say very carefully especially if it involves my family and our future.

Author : Gary Taubes
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2009-01-01
Page : 601
Category : Low-carbohydrate diet
ISBN 13 : 0091924286
Description :

Where mainstream nutritional science has demonised dietary fat for 50 years, hundreds of millions of dollars of research have failed to prove that eating a low-fat diet will help you live longer. Nutrition and obesity scientists have struggled to make sense of the paradox that obesity has become an epidemic, that diabetes rates have soared and the incidence of heart disease has not declined despite the fact that society is more diet and health aware today than generations ago. The Diet Delusion is an in-depth, scientific, groundbreaking examination of what actually happens in your body as a result of what you eat, rather than what the diet industry might have you believe happens and is essential reading for anyone trying to decide which diet - low-fat or low-carbohydrate - is truly the healthy diet. For years we have been deluded by the dieting industry. Now it's time to find out the truth.

Author : Art Boudreau
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Release : 2005
Page : 150
Category : Frontier and pioneer life
ISBN 13 : 1412062241
Description :

ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN is the story of a young Irishman who came to British Columbia, Canada in the 1890s. Paddy aimed to get rich looking for gold. He made friends with people who shared his dream – an Irish blacksmith called O'Donald, a young woman called Lizzie, a prospector called Old Jim, and many more. Paddy the mule was his constant companion, keeping him from harm while he searched for gold and dreamed of reaching the top of Elephant Mountain and the gold he might find there.

Author : Carla Fowler
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2012-10-01
Page : 66
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1479717959
Description :

The search for intimacy and love always comes with the risk of broken hearts and bitter partings. The pain that comes from ruined relationships can leave one jaded and cynical towards the prospect of romance. Madison’s Avenue tells the tale of a young woman’s struggle to find the love and affection she craves in a world full of disappointment and betrayal. Madison Davis has become fed up by the drama and sorrows of failed relationships. Her frustrations have made her take up celibacy, until she meets a woman named Terry, whose sensual passion sweeps Madison off her feet. Her unexpected lover tenderly romances her and makes her feel pleasures she has never experienced before. But despite the intimate moments they share, deep in her heart, Madison knows that this is not the life for her. After they harshly part ways, Madison encounters Joseph, and falls for him. This time, their love is sincere, and their relationship blossoms, though unbeknownst to Madison, Joseph has secrets he keeps only to himself, and Terry has not given up on her just yet, and intends to continue pursuing her. This love triangle of unbridled emotions and desires sets the stage for a collision course of feelings and desires that will change Madison’s life forever.

Author : L. K. B. Publishing
Publisher :
Release : 2020-01-29
Page : 122
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

No More BS food and fitness journal is perfect for you! Getting FIT is as simple as writing it down. No More BS food and fitness journal will be your daily companion to keep track of your food consumption and activity levels. It is perfectly designed, easy to use, and organized. No More BS food and fitness journal is your convenient diary and inspirational planner during the next three months or 90 days. It also includes weekly meal planners, so you can efficiently plan your meals. Features: No More BS allows you to: Plan your meals in advance with weekly meal planner. Record eating habits: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Record your daily water intake. Track your mood/feelings. Track your exercises and daily activities. Think positive thoughts with the positive statement checklist. Monitor your weight change each week. 7 x 10 in Bonus extra day (91st day) to complete the entire week. Get FIT now and become one step closer to your health, weight loss and fitness needs. Makes a great gift!!! Grab more than one for your friends, family and co-workers.

Author : Martin Meadows
Publisher : Meadows Publishing
Release : 2015-06-05
Page : 107
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 :
Description :

How to Develop Self-Discipline, Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Terms Goals If you want to make positive changes in your life and achieve your long-term goals, I can’t think of a better way to do it than to learn how to become more self-disciplined. Science has figured out a lot of interesting aspects of self-discipline and willpower, but most of this knowledge is buried deep inside long and boring scientific papers. If you’d like to benefit from these studies without actually reading them, this book is for you. I’ve done the job for you and researched the most useful and viable scientific findings that will help you improve your self-discipline. Here are just a couple things you will learn from the book: - what a bank robber with lemon juice on his face can teach you about self-control. The story will make you laugh out loud, but its implications will make you think twice about your ability to control your urges. - how $50 chocolate bars can motivate you to keep going when faced with an overwhelming temptation to give in. - why President Obama wears only gray and blue suits and what it has to do with self-control (it’s also a possible reason why the poor stay poor). - why the popular way of visualization can actually prevent you from reaching your goals and destroy your self-control (and what to do instead). - what dopamine is and why it’s crucial to understand its role to break your bad habits and form good ones. - 5 practical ways to train your self-discipline. Discover some of the most important techniques to increase your self-control and become better at resisting instant gratification. - why the status quo bias will threaten your goals and what to do to reduce its effect on your resolutions. - why extreme diets help people achieve long-term results, and how to apply these findings in your own life. - why and when indulging yourself can actually help you build your self-discipline. Yes, you can stuff yourself (from time to time) and still lose weight. Instead of sharing with you the detailed "why" (with confusing and boring descriptions of studies), I will share with you the "how" – advice that will change your life if you decide to follow it. You too can master the art of self-discipline and learn how to resist temptations. Your long term goals are worth it. Scroll up and buy the book now. As a gift for buying my book, you'll get my another book, "Grit: How to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up." Keywords: Develop self discipline, willpower and self discipline, self-discipline, self control books, stress, reach your goals, self-control, achieve your goals, instant gratification, long term goals, goal setting success, goal setting books, how to reach your goals, how to achieve your goals, persistence, how not to give up, stick to a diet, stay motivated, build habits, delayed gratification, personal development

Author : James Meier
Publisher :
Release : 2019-11-30
Page : 112
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781670020277
Description :

Note your daily meals with this journal and rate your weekly overall feeling. Light and small, so easy to carry with you! Use the extra space for notes, meals, carbs, fat, etc. A funny and interactive way to keep track of what you eat, prepare diet plans, monitor your fast, develop new habits and achieve your fitness goals with this beautifully illustrated Food & Fitness Journal Today!Collectables: Funny Gifts for Mom, Gag Gifts for WomenWHAT YOU GET: ►Complete Measurement and Weight Loss Tracker►Guided Goal Setting►Fasting Logs►Dedicated Recipes Logs►Interesting Journal Prompt to Kick Start your Journey► Don't Break your Heart - Progress Tracker►Results and Reflection Page►Treatment Record►Current Medication and Supplements Record►Daily Journal Pages - Which Include: ✔Fitness Log✔Complete Meal Planner✔Water Intake Tracker✔Sleep Log✔Feelings and Emotions Tracker✔Plenty of Space For Daily Affirmations, Reflection and NotesGive It a try, you will love it!Record your levels from Monday till Sunday for up to 53 weeks.Makes an useful Christmas or birthday gift. Click on "look inside" to get familiar with the interior: ⦁ Breakfast (before and after)⦁ Lunch (before and after)⦁ Dinner (before and after)⦁ Snacks (before and after)Food & Fitness Journal - Food Journal - Gift for Women - Fitness Planner: Funny Swearing Meal Planner + Exercise Journal for Weight Loss & Diet Plans

Author : Adam Von Rothfelder
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2018-11
Page : 54
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781792103162
Description :

Adam Von Rothfelder takes a deep dive into the history on "Breakfast" to help reframe the dynamic narrative of nutrition in today's present culture. Cutting through the bullshit of DIETS is the key to ultimate health, and it begins with a true understanding of the impact nutrition has on our lives.

Author : Mickey J. Corrigan
Publisher : The Wild Rose Press Inc
Release : 2014-12-17
Page : 67
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1628306521
Description :

Growing up in the fast lane… Sixteen year old Telluride Marshall loves her sex kitten mother, but the woman is a thug magnet. Kittie's love affairs always end the same—packing only what they can carry for a middle of the night escape. On the road once again, Tellie tries to warn her mom about the dangers they'll face in the stolen hot rod with thousands of dollars belonging to Kittie's abusive ex. But while Tellie wants to shape a different kind of life, all Kittie wants is another man. The question becomes, who does the road belong to when you're racing down the interstate in a red hot sports car?

Author : Virgie Tovar
Publisher : Hachette UK
Release : 2012-10-30
Page : 256
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1580054692
Description :

In this fun, fresh, fat-positive anthology, fat activist and sex educator Virgie Tovar brings together voices from an often-marginalized community to talk about and celebrate their lives. Hot & Heavy rejects the idea that being thin is best, instead embracing the many fabulous aspects of being fat—building fat-positive spaces, putting together fat-friendly wardrobes, turning society’s rules into personal politics, and creating supportive, inclusive communities. Writers, activists, performers, and poets—including April Flores, Alysia Angel, Charlotte Cooper, Jessica Judd, Emily Anderson, Genne Murphy, and Tigress Osborn—cover everything from fat go-go dancing to queer dating to urban gardening in their essays, exploring their experiences with the word “fat,” pinpointing particular moments that have impacted the way they think and feel about their bodies, and telling the story of how they each became fat revolutionaries. Ground-breaking and long overdue, Hot & Heavy is a fierce, sassy, thoughtful, authentic, and joyous collection of stories about unapologetically—and unconditionally—loving the body you’re in.

Author : Ivory Joyce
Publisher : Big Pretties Publishing House
Release : 2019-01-05
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1005648166
Description :

Beautiful, free-spirited, foul-mouthed Nirah is mother to Brandon & Sunni. Between practice, recitals and parent teacher conference. There's little time left for her to explore her passions outside of her children and work. Let alone, pursue a relationship. But somehow rugged, sexy Honor finds his way into her heart. A spiritualist & practicing Psychic Healer, Nirah knows that the unlikely twosome will probably end in disaster. Try as she might to stop the relationship from progressing, the Universe uses forces stronger than hers to keep the two together. An old flame whose light still burned lightly in her soul flickered back into her life. Nirah is forced to make a decision and quickly prove her loyalty. Who will withstand the forces of nature to get to Nirah? The one who already knows the words to the song in her heart? Or the one who wants to write a brand new chapter in the book of her life? Joyce’s 2nd Urban Fiction release doesn’t disappoint. Staying true to her writing style, she expands her palette on this effort. Mixing hood love with eroticism, she also adds a touch of spiritism. Her vivid rendition of the tale of events between Honor & Nirah will make you feel like a fly on the wall. Must read.

Author : Dahlia Aspen
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2014-12-30
Page : 138
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1499077262
Description :

Arts & Entertainment, National Geographic, Dateline, 48 Hours, and American Jails TV series have portrayed the inside of our country’s worst jails and prisons. I have always been fascinated during my incarceration I wondered why the jail did not warrant a story. County jail is a city within walls inmates become complacent with the self-contained structure, three meals, a cot, cable TV, and other amenities keep the revolving door spinning inmates to and fro in the penal system. The journey from sally port to cell is an experience you will not have anywhere overwhelming about the women who choose this way of lifestyle, trapped up in an atmosphere providing sense of security and added supplementary basic necessities for daily life. Repeat offenders’ violation of parole/probation and/or new charge(s) go through the booking and classification formalities that can have inmates held for months to years before transfer to an upstate prison. Trapped up will take the reader on a journey through few county and state penal systems in new jersey for women who conform to this separate way of life without day-to-day assumed responsibilities as civilians.

Author : Mia Black
Publisher : Mahogany Publications
Release : 2016-04-13
Page : 89
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

As if Jayla’s life isn’t complicated enough, now Keon has been hurt. With him to care for in spite of their rocky relationship, it’s all Jayla can do to keep her emotions under control. Sleeping with Darius again wasn’t the brightest idea, but she can’t help herself. She loves him, and his story is so convincing. But loving the wrong man can bring a new set of problems for Jayla, more dangerous than she can imagine! Get Part Four Of His Dirty Secret Here: keywords: side chick, side chick romance,african american romance, urban books, urban books free, urban, urban fiction, urban street fiction, urban african american, free book, freebie, free book, free ebook, free, urban books black authors free, african american books free