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Author : JONES
Publisher : McGraw Hill
Release : 2017-08-02
Page :
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0077166558
Description :

The Second Middle East Edition blends theory with contemporary management practice. Dr. Marina Apaydin (American University of Beirut) joins the authoring team in this edition for significant enhancements to content and presentation of topics. New chapter-opening cases have been added to feature companies and management personalities from the Middle East. Management Insights vignettes offer balanced representation of international as well as local, small-to-medium sized companies and start-ups, to ensure applicability of theory in a variety of contexts. Updated content and improved topics coverage ensure closer alignment with introductory management courses: • Two new topics have been added on the history of management in the Arab world in Chapter 2, and Islamic ethics in Chapter 5. • Improved content coverage includes a new Chapter 3 focusing on the Manager as a Person. • Improved and streamlined coverage of managerial processes relating to organizational culture in Chapter 4. • Managing in the Global Environment includes revised terminology consistent with International Business courses. • Chapters 8 through 11 have gone through substantial revision to focus on control as part of managing the organizational structure, and organizational learning as part of change and innovation. • Chapter 16 includes contemporary topics on communication including social media, influencers, and a guide to networking. Dr. Marina Apaydin is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the Olayan School Business at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Dr. Omar Belkohodja is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management and International Business at the School of Business Administration at the American University of Sharjah, UAE.

Author : Sonny Nwankwo
Tunji Gbadamosi
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2010-12-02
Page : 480
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1136879072
Description :

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) dominate the market in terms of sheer number of organizations. Their role in the business world is difficult to overstate. Despite this, there is a high failure rate among smaller organizations, which can be explained to a significant degree by a lack of marketing understanding in this sector. Introducing the importance of marketing to entrepreneurial firms this book guides the student through the fundamentals of marketing within the SME context, providing a more value-added learning experience than your standard marketing run-through. The authors deal directly with "people issues" (i.e. everyday entrepreneurial marketing interactions) to prepare students for the "dragon’s den" of entrepreneurialism. This new and lively textbook provides a fresh and unfettered approach for marketing students who require a more real-world understanding of the impact of their discipline on entrepreneurial firms. The growing student body involved with studying entrepreneurship will also benefit from the customer insight offered by this approach.

Author : Steven A. Greenlaw
David Shapiro
Publisher :
Release : 2017-10-11
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ISBN 13 : 9781947172364
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Author : David T. Bourgeois
Publisher :
Release : 2014
Page : 167
Category : Economics
ISBN 13 :
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"Information Systems for Business and Beyond introduces the concept of information systems, their use in business, and the larger impact they are having on our world."--BC Campus website.

Author : William B. Joiner
Stephen A. Josephs
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2006-10-20
Page : 336
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780787979133
Description :

Leadership Agility is the master competency needed for sustained success in today’s complex, fast-paced business environment. Richly illustrated with stories based on original research and decades of work with clients, this groundbreaking book identifies five levels that leaders move through in developing their agility. Significantly, only 10% have mastered the level of agility needed for consistent effectiveness in our turbulent era of global competition. Written in an engaging, down-to-earth style, this book not only provides a map that guides readers in identifying their current level of agility. It also provides practical advice and concrete examples that show managers and leadership development professionals how they can bring greater agility to the initiatives they take every day.

Author : Timothy Taylor
Eric R. Dodge
Publisher :
Release : 2014-03-15
Page : 832
Category : Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781938168239
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"Principles of Economics is designed for a two-semester principles of economics sequence."--Page 6.

Author : Douglas M. Lambert
Publisher : Supply Chain Management Inst
Release : 2008
Page : 431
Category : Business logistics
ISBN 13 : 9780975994931
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Author : Laura Weiss Roberts
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2009-06-03
Page : 192
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1592857892
Description :

The definitive book on ethics for chemical dependency treatment professionals. The treatment of addiction as a biological, psychological, social, and spiritual disease requires a high standard of ethical knowledge and professional skill. This groundbreaking, reader-friendly guide to contemporary ethical issues informs and challenges health care professionals, students, and faculty with a thorough and compassionate examination of the dilemmas faced when providing care for individuals suffering from substance use problems or addiction.Renowned psychiatric ethicists Cynthia Geppert and Laura Weiss Roberts tackle issues of autonomy, respect for persons, confidentiality, truth telling and non-maleficence--setting the standard for contemporary ethical practices. These challenges are illuminated with real-world case examples that show potential effects on diverse patient populations.

Author : James Wilsdon
Publisher : SAGE
Release : 2016-01-20
Page : 192
Category : Reference
ISBN 13 : 1473978750
Description :

‘Represents the culmination of an 18-month-long project that aims to be the definitive review of this important topic. Accompanied by a scholarly literature review, some new analysis, and a wealth of evidence and insight... the report is a tour de force; a once-in-a-generation opportunity to take stock.’ – Dr Steven Hill, Head of Policy, HEFCE, LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog ‘A must-read if you are interested in having a deeper understanding of research culture, management issues and the range of information we have on this field. It should be disseminated and discussed within institutions, disciplines and other sites of research collaboration.’ – Dr Meera Sabaratnam, Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog Metrics evoke a mixed reaction from the research community. A commitment to using data and evidence to inform decisions makes many of us sympathetic, even enthusiastic, about the prospect of granular, real-time analysis of our own activities. Yet we only have to look around us at the blunt use of metrics to be reminded of the pitfalls. Metrics hold real power: they are constitutive of values, identities and livelihoods. How to exercise that power to positive ends is the focus of this book. Using extensive evidence-gathering, analysis and consultation, the authors take a thorough look at potential uses and limitations of research metrics and indicators. They explore the use of metrics across different disciplines, assess their potential contribution to the development of research excellence and impact and consider the changing ways in which universities are using quantitative indicators in their management systems. Finally, they consider the negative or unintended effects of metrics on various aspects of research culture. Including an updated introduction from James Wilsdon, the book proposes a framework for responsible metrics and makes a series of targeted recommendations to show how responsible metrics can be applied in research management, by funders, and in the next cycle of the Research Excellence Framework. The metric tide is certainly rising. Unlike King Canute, we have the agency and opportunity – and in this book, a serious body of evidence – to influence how it washes through higher education and research.

Author : Lawrence Lessig
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2016-07-30
Page :
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1365294617
Description :

Lawrence Lessig, “the most important thinker on intellectual property in the Internet era”, masterfully argues that never before in human history has the power to control creative progress been so concentrated in the hands of the powerful few, the so-called Big Media. Never before have the cultural powers- that-be been able to exert such control over what we can and can’t do with the culture around us. Our society defends free markets and free speech; why then does it permit such top-down control? To lose our long tradition of free culture, Lawrence Lessig shows us, is to lose our freedom to create, our freedom to build, and, ultimately, our freedom to imagine.

Author : National Restaurant Association (U.S.)
Publisher : Pearson College Division
Release : 2010-04-23
Page : 874
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780138019389
Description :

Industry-driven curriculum that launches students into their restaurant and foodservice career! Curriculum of the ProStart(R) program offered by the National Restaurant Association. The National Restaurant Association and Pearson have partnered to bring educators the most comprehensive curriculum developed by industry and academic experts.

Author : Mark Atkinson
Publisher : GRIN Verlag
Release : 2013-07-03
Page : 48
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 365645518X
Description :

Research paper from the year 2013 in the subject Instructor Plans: Pedagogy / Education / Consultation, grade: 1st class, University of Derby, language: English, abstract: It is evident that schools require effective leaders and managers if they are to achieve success and provide a world class education for their learners. As addressed by The Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam (MOET, 2012) ‘the system of education and finance management is still weak. There is a shortage of primary education managers and they lack high qualification...' This study aims to provide empirical evidence by critically analysing leadership models and styles that are most likely to achieve the best outcomes and to which leadership can be understood in an international school context. Senior and Middle leadership members were interviewed and observed; qualitative data was then triangulated to ensure validity and reliability. Data suggests that the institution operates most successfully under a transformational vision built on values and beliefs, supported by a strong participative and collaborative leadership style.

Author : Peter Boxall
John Purcell
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2008-06-05
Page :
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0192549200
Description :

HRM is central to management teaching and research, and has emerged in the last decade as a significant field from its earlier roots in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, and Industrial Psychology. People Management and High Performance teams have become key functions and goals for manager at all levels in organizations. The Oxford Handbook brings together leading scholars from around the world - and from a range of disciplines - to provide an authoritative account of current trends and developments. The Handbook is divided into four parts: * Foundations and Frameworks, * Core Processes and Functions, * Patterns and Dynamics, * Measurement and Outcomes. Overall it will provide an essential resource for anybody who wants to get to grips with current thinking, research, and development on HRM.

Author : Stanley A. Gelfand
Publisher : Thieme
Release : 2001
Page : 585
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 9781588900173
Description :

An expert refresher for the practicing audiologist and speech pathologist, as well as a comprehensive core text in audiology, this book serves several purposes. It provides a broad overview and firm understanding of the concepts that will lead to further training and clinical practice. It also details the information needed to conduct audiological services and make interpretation and referrals.

Author : R. Steve McCallum
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-02-21
Page : 320
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 3319506048
Description :

The second edition of this comprehensive volume presents methods for nonverbal assessment of diverse individuals, such as persons with speech or hearing deficits, limited English skills, or emotional problems. Chapters provide a contemporary context for nonverbal evaluations, accompanied by descriptions of best practices in detecting bias in cognitive tests, multicultural assessment, cross-battery assessment of nonverbal cognitive ability, and psychological and physiological influences on assessment. The book discusses nonverbal assessment of cognition and intelligence as well as related domains, such as academic skills, neurocognitive functioning, personality, and behavior issues. Guidelines for using common nonverbal assessment tools and strategies feature the most up-to-date information on administration and scoring, psychometric properties, and strengths and limitations. Best practices for testing diverse children and adults and using reliable, valid, and fair assessment instruments are emphasized throughout the book. Featured instruments in the Handbook include: The Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test, Second Edition (UNIT2). The newest version of the Leiter International Performance Scale (Leiter-3). The Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability (WNV). The Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, Second Edition (CTONI-2). The Test of Nonverbal Intelligence. The General Ability Measure for Adults (GAMA). The Second Edition of the Handbook of Nonverbal Assessment is a must-have resource for researchers and graduate students in school and clinical child psychology, speech and language pathology, educational technology, social work, and related disciplines as well as clinicians, professionals, and in-service educators of diverse students.

Author : Alan G. Kamhi
Catts, Hugh William Catts
Publisher :
Release : 2013-08-02
Page : 328
Category : Children
ISBN 13 : 9781292021980
Description :

For courses in speech and language intervention, language disorders, reading disorders and special education. Written by leading experts, this third edition maintains a strong clinical focus and thorough coverage of the identification, assessment, and treatment of reading and writing disorders. Fully updated, this edition includes a new chapter on reading comprehension, a new chapter on spelling, and consolidated information on defining and classifying reading disabilities. New sections feature the latest on comprehension development, RTI, auditory processing deficits, literate vocabulary, and cognitive linguistic skills in writing. Offering the varied perspective of well-known contributors, the text successfully keeps pace with the rapid changes in the knowledge of language and reading disabilities and provides readers with the most up-to-date advances in the field.

Author : Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge
Linda Holbeche
Publisher : Kogan Page Publishers
Release : 2015-05-03
Page : 448
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0749470186
Description :

Written by two of the leading experts in the field, Organization Development is a guide to the basic principles of effective organization development. A compendium of theories, practices, diagnostics techniques and figures, it provides practical advice for identifying an organization's needs and determining the most appropriate course of action to maximize organizational capability. It provides an overview of the history and theory of OD and addresses the various phases, the role of the practitioner, aspects of power and politics, and the human resources context. The book also discusses organizational design, culture change, managing transformational change, and developing effective leadership. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this fully updated new edition of Organization Development now includes coverage of complexity and chaos theory, new case studies describing OD practices and attitudes in countries outside of the US and UK, and new chapters on change and culture and on employee engagement and wellbeing. The authors also have added emphasis on the collaborations between OD and HR functions. It provides a wealth of helpful advice for OD practitioners, HR professionals and those with an interest in helping develop their organization.

Author : Alasdair C. MacIntyre
Publisher :
Release : 1984
Page : 286
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 9780268006112
Description :

Discusses the nature of moral disagreement, Nietzsche, Aristotle, heroic societies, and the virtue of of justice.

Author : Besterfield Dale H.
Publisher : Pearson Education India
Release : 2011
Page : 558
Category : Total quality management
ISBN 13 : 9788131732274
Description :

Author : John A.H. Wass
Paul M. Stewart
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2011-07-28
Page : 2126
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 0199235295
Description :

This comprehensive textbook covers adult endocrinology, diabetes mellitus and paediatric endocrinology. It is specifically designed for the endocrinologist and diabetologist in training as well as for general physicians/specialists in other fields.