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Author : Chris Frame
Rachelle Cross
Publisher : History Press
Release : 2020-08-03
Page : 120
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780750989411
Description :

A full-colour photographic journey around the newest of the Cunard queens

Author : Brett C. Millier
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 1995-09
Page : 602
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0520203453
Description :

Traces the life of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, discusses her major poems, and looks at how events in her life influenced her writing

Author : Carolyn Meyer
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2002
Page : 214
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9780152045562
Description :

Written in the first-person, this tale addresses the years before this princess's coronation and the struggles she faced in order to stay alive under the reign of her sister Mary. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

Author : Elizabeth I
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2009-09-15
Page : 504
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN 13 : 0226201333
Description :

England’s Virgin Queen, Elizabeth Tudor, had a reputation for proficiency in foreign languages, repeatedly demonstrated in multilingual exchanges with foreign emissaries at court and in the extemporized Latin she spoke on formal visits to Cambridge and Oxford. But the supreme proof of her mastery of other tongues is the sizable body of translations she made over the course of her lifetime. This two-volume set is the first complete collection of Elizabeth’s translations from and into Latin, French, and Italian. Presenting original and modernized spellings in a facing-page format, these two volumes will answer the call to make all of Elizabeth’s writings available. They include her renderings of epistles of Cicero and Seneca, religious writings of John Calvin and Marguerite de Navarre, and Horace’s Ars poetica, as well as Elizabeth’s Latin Sententiae drawn from diverse sources, on the responsibilities of sovereign rule and her own perspectives on the monarchy. Editors Janel Mueller and Joshua Scodel offer introduction to each of the translated selections, describing the source text, its cultural significance, and the historical context in which Elizabeth translated it. Their annotations identify obscure meanings, biblical and classical references, and Elizabeth’s actual or apparent deviations from her sources. The translations collected here trace Elizabeth’s steady progression from youthful evangelical piety to more mature reflections on morality, royal responsibility, public and private forms of grief, and the right way to rule. Elizabeth I: Translations is the queen’s personal legacy, an example of the very best that a humanist education can bring to the conduct of sovereign rule.

Author : Adele Whitby
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-08-26
Page : 160
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1481418424
Description :

Discover the chilling secrets surrounding Maggie O’Brien’s disappearance from Chatswood Manor in the third book of an irresistibly entertaining historical fiction mystery series. Elizabeth and Katherine Chatswood are on the verge of turning twelve years old, which means that the grandest birthday ball in all of England is just a few weeks away! Chatswood Manor is bustling with activity, but in the midst of all the excitement, an Irish refugee named Sean O’Brien shows up in search of his long lost wife Maggie, who was employed at Chatswood Manor many years ago. Mr. O’Brien is turned away by Chatswood’s stern butler, but not before Elizabeth and Katherine hear his story. Through Mr. O’Brien they also find out about the potato famine in Ireland, and are shocked and saddened to hear that so many people are suffering in a place that’s not that far away. The twins vow to not only help Mr. O’Brien find Maggie, but also to somehow help the people of Ireland. But how are two young girls in a manor home in England going to help starving people in Ireland? After their papa tells them it’s not their problem to worry about fixing, they have no choice but to come up with a very ambitious—and very top secret—plan. Meanwhile, as they investigate Maggie’s disappearance, they uncover some startling clues, which lead them to discover even deeper mysteries hidden within Chatswood Manor.

Author : Bethany Latham
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2014-01-10
Page : 298
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 0786485140
Description :

This analysis of how filmmakers have portrayed England’s Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603), and the audience’s perception of Elizabeth based upon these portrayals, examines key representations of the Tudor monarch in various motion pictures from the Silent era on and in television miniseries. Actresses who have portrayed Elizabeth include Bette Davis, Glenda Jackson, Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren; Quentin Crisp appeared as the Queen in Orlando (1992). The text focuses on the historical context of the period in which each film or miniseries was made and1the extent of the portrayals of Elizabeth. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Author : Barbara Taylor Bradford
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Release : 2009-03-01
Page : 464
Category : Adultery
ISBN 13 : 0007197667
Description :

Elizabeth Turner, aged just 25, stands in the position she has dreamed of - inheriting the family business, Deravenels. Over 800 years old, the company is a bastion of male chauvinism and the challenge that lies ahead of Elizabeth is immense.

Author : Elizabeth Arnim
Elizabeth Von Arnim
Publisher : Cosimo, Inc.
Release : 2005-12-01
Page : 232
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1596056770
Description :

May 16th.-The garden is the place I go to for refuge and shelter, not the house. In the house are duties and annoyances, servants to exhort and admonish, furniture, and meals; but out there blessings crowd round me at every step-it is there that I am sorry for the unkindness in me, for those selfish thoughts that are so much worse than they feel; it is there that all my sins and silliness are forgiven, there that I feel protected and at home, and every flower and weed is a friend and every tree a lover. -from Elizabeth and Her German Garden First published anonymously in 1898, this beautiful chronicle of languid days spent in a rejuvenating Italian garden was a tremendous bestseller at the turn of the century, its cheerful satire and fresh charm endearing it to millions of readers. The first work of its author, the Countess Elizabeth von Arnim, it would form the basis of her extraordinary popularity as one of the most admired literary figures in Europe and "one of the three finest wits of her day." British novelist ELIZABETH VON ARNIM (1866-1941) wrote numerous books, including The Solitary Summer (the sequel to Elizabeth and Her German Garden) and the work she is best known for, Enchanted April.

Author : J. M. Coetzee
Publisher :
Release : 2004
Page : 233
Category : Australia
ISBN 13 : 9781740512756
Description :

"Elizabeth Costello is an Australian writer of international renown; she is f'ted, studied, honoured. Famous principally for an early novel that established her reputation and from which, it seems, she will never escape, she has, late in life, reached the stage where her remaining function is to be venerated and applauded. Elizabeth has made her life's work the study of other people, yet now it is she who is the object of scrutiny. But, for her, what matters is the continuing search for a means of articulating her vision and the verdict of future generations. ELIZABETH COSTELLO is a humane, moral, and uncompromising creation. Double Booker Prize winning writer J.M. Coetzee's latest work of fiction offers us a profound and delicate vision of literary celebrity, artistry and the private life of the mind."

Author : Rebecca Stott
Simon Avery
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2017-01-13
Page : 264
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781138165250
Description :

This volume will provide students with an introduction to the poetry and life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, one of the most popular poets of her day in Britain and America and who has become one of the great icons of Victorianism for the modern age. The authors present a biographical survey, study of her poetry, its critical reception and an assessment of her influence on later poets. This book also examines the complex 'myths' which are associated with Elizabeth Barrett Browning and offers re-readings of her life and work, particularly in dispelling the myth of the ailing invalid poet-recluse and instead showing her to be one of the great intellectuals of her day, immersed in European history and politics from a very early age. The book situates Browning within broader historical, political and cultural contexts than have yet been examined enabling a better understanding of her poetry and paints the portrait of a fine and innovative poet, an intellectual and an astute political thinker.

Author : Elizabeth Anderson
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 1995-08-11
Page : 261
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 0674931904
Description :

Elizabeth Anderson offers a new theory of value and rationality that rejects cost-benefit analysis in our social lives and in our ethical theories. This account of the plurality of values thus offers a new approach, beyond welfare economics and traditional theories of justice, for assessing the ethical limitations of the market. In this light, Anderson discusses several contemporary controversies involving the proper scope of the market, including commercial surrogate motherhood, privatization of public services, and the application of cost-benefit analysis to issues of environmental protection. Table of Contents: Preface 1. A Pluralist Theory of Value A Rational Attitude Theory of Value Ideals and Self-Assessment How Goods Differ in Kind (I): Different Modes of Valuation How Goods Differ in Kind (II): Social Relations of Realization 2. An Expressive Theory of Rational Action Value and Rational Action The Framing of Decisions The Extrinsic Value of States of Affairs Consequentialism Practical Reason and the Unity of the Self 3. Pluralism and Incommensurable Goods The Advantages of Consequentialism A Pragmatic Theory of Comparative Value Judgments Incommensurable Goods Rational Choice among Incommensurable Goods 4. Self-Understanding, the Hierarchy of Values, and Moral Constraints The Test of Self-Understanding The Hierarchy of Values Agent-Centered Restrictions Hybrid Consequentialism A Self-Effacing Theory of Practical Reason? 5. Criticism, Justification, and Common Sense A Pragmatic Account of Objectivity The Thick Conceptual Structure of the Space of Reasons How Common Sense Can Be Self-Critical Why We Should Ignore Skeptical Challenges to Common Sense 6. Monistic Theories of Value Monism Moore's Aesthetic Monism Hedonism Rational Desire Theory 7. The Ethical Limitations of the Market Pluralism, Freedom, and Liberal Politics The Ideals and Social Relations of the Modern Market Civil Society and the Market Personal Relations and the Market Political Goods and the Market The Limitations of Market Ideologies 8. Is Women's Labor a Commodity? The Case of Commercial Surrogate Motherhood Children as Commodities Women's Labor as a Commodity Contract Pregnancy and the Status of Women Contract Pregnancy, Freedom, and the Law 9. Cost-Benefit Analysis, Safety, and Environmental Quality Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Form of Commodification Autonomy, Labor Markets, and the Value of Life Citizens, Consumers, and the Value of the Environment Toward Democratic Alternatives to Cost-Benefit Analysis Conclusion Notes References Index Reviews of this book: Anderson/auhtor is anxious to combat what she sees as a tendency for commercial values to invade areas of human life where they do not belong...A useful contribution to debate about the proper scope of the market. "Not everything is a commodity, insists Anderson, and her brief should shake up social science technocrats." DD--Philadelphia Inquirer "The book is rich in both argument and application." DD--Alan Hamlin, Times Higher Education Supplement "In this rich and insightful book Elizabeth Anderson develops an original account of value and rational action and then employs this account to address the pragmatic political question of what the proper range of the market should be. Anderson's principal targets are consequentialism, monism and the crude 'economistic' reasoning which underpins much contemporary social policy...This is an important book...For anyone interested in political philosophy this is essential reading." DD--A. J. Walsh, Australasian Journal of Philosophy --Hugo Dixon, Financial Times [UK] Reviews of this book: Not everything is a commodity, insists Anderson, and her brief should shake up social science technocrats. --Philadelphia Inquirer Reviews of this book: The book is rich in both argument and application. --Alan Hamlin, Times Higher Education Supplement Reviews of this book: In this rich and insightful book Elizabeth Anderson develops an original account of value and rational action and then employs this account to address the pragmatic political question of what the proper range of the market should be. Anderson's principal targets are consequentialism, monism and the crude 'economistic' reasoning which underpins much contemporary social policy...This is an important book...For anyone interested in political philosophy this is essential reading. --A. J. Walsh, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

Author : Ava Mason
Publisher : Beast Press, LTD
Release : 2018-06-19
Page : 200
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1393522211
Description :

An old enemy. A chance for revenge. A Paranormal Romance. It’s time for Elizabeth to reclaim her pack, but returning home without a plan would be…unwise. Every minute it takes to plan makes Elizabeth more and more anxious. Returning to the place your parents were murdered makes for unpredictable emotional reactions…the kind that ends up with deadly consequences. Finally, when Elizabeth and her dragons near her home, they realize everything is worse than they could have imagined. With her homeland in tatters and her heart feeling the weight of every loss and every hope, Elizabeth marches ever closer to a climactic fight with the man who killed her parents and stole her pack. She is determined to defeat Garrett and become Alpha of her pack. Will she win? Will it be worth the pain? Will she even survive? Will everyone she loves?

Author : Annika Dunklee
Publisher : Kids Can Press Ltd
Release : 2021-05-04
Page : 24
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1554537940
Description :

Kids will relate to Elizabeth’s fervent wish to be called by her proper name.

Author :
Publisher : DK
Release : 2021-06-08
Page : 328
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9780744034745
Description :

Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family is a magnificent tribute to the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II and a celebration of the British royal family, from the first English kings through the birth of the queen's second grandchild to Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. Highly illustrated with photographs and timelines throughout, Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family tells the story of the House of Windsor, and includes events such as the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and profiles on key people such as Princess Diana and Prince Harry. Graphics illuminate details of the queen's personal and private life, vivid photographs highlight important events, special features showcase the royal residences, and timelines untangle the complete history of the kings and queens of England and Scotland, tracing the line of succession to the throne. This gorgeous book is the most complete visual history of Britain's most enduring icon, Queen Elizabeth II, and the royal family.

Author : Mary Sanders Pollock
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-04-28
Page : 250
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN 13 : 1317201485
Description :

First published in 2003, this book examines the creative partnership of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, and provides a critical analysis of the poems written by this famous couple during the 16 year period of their friendship, courtship and marriage. Even quite early in their relationship, the Brownings shared a frame of reference: similar themes, narrative structures, and details of phrasing resonate in their works and suggest dialogue, rather than merely mutual influence. Pollock traces parallels between the Brownings' lives and works even before they met, and then throughout their courtship and married life, suggesting that their creative dialogue continued after Barrett Browning died in 1861, as her presence and themes continued to inform Browning's poetry for at least a decade afterward.

Author : Joanne Landers Henry
Robert Doremus
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 1996-04-01
Page : 192
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 0689806272
Description :

The life of the first woman doctor in the United States, who worked in England and America to open the field of medicine to women.

Author : Elizabeth Brooks
Publisher : Tin House Books
Release : 2021-03-16
Page : 388
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781951142360
Description :

On a warm summer's day by the English seaside, twenty-three-year-old Freya spies a pale, pillared house: Byrne Hall. Before she can think twice, she's stepped inside to an ornate foyer featuring a striking portrait that evokes her late sister, Stella, whose untimely fall from a cliff years before still haunts Freya and her father. When an inexplicable longing leads her back to Byrne Hall several weeks later, she meets Cory, a handsome and enigmatic young artist who remains in the house to care for his ailing mother. Though she plans to stay for just a few days, Freya finds herself extending her stay longer and longer, driven to remain not just by Byrne Hall itself, but this strange mother-and-son pair who inhabit it. Freya's decision to linger in this mysterious, centuries-old house sets off an unexpected chain of events that will lead her to question who she is, and what really happened to Stella. As the days stretch on, a kind of shadow communication with her late sister begins as Freya explores the estate, and the relationships that Stella formed there. In prose as lush and atmospheric as Byrne Hall itself, Elizabeth Brooks weaves a simmering, propulsive tale in The Whispering House of art, sisterhood, and all-consuming love: the ways it can lead us towards tenderness, nostalgia, and longing, as well as shocking acts of violence.

Author : Enid Lowry Duthie
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated
Release : 1980
Page : 217
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Elizabeth George
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2020-04-07
Page : 336
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13 : 1984878328
Description :

As the author of twenty-four novels, Elizabeth George is one of the most successful--and prolific--novelists today. In Mastering the Process, George offers readers a master class in the art and science of crafting a novel. This is a subject she knows well, having taught creative writing both nationally and internationally for over thirty years. "I have never before read a book about writing that is so thorough, thoughtful, and most of all, helpful." --Lisa See, New York Times bestselling author of The Island of Sea Women For many writers, the biggest challenge is figuring out how to take that earliest glimmer of inspiration and shape it into a full-length novel. How do you even begin to transform a single idea into a complete book? In these pages, award-winning, number one New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George takes us behind the scenes through each step of her writing process, revealing exactly what it takes to craft a novel. Drawing from her personal photos, early notes, character analyses, and rough drafts, George shows us every stage of how she wrote her novel Careless in Red, from researching location to imagining plot to creating characters to the actual writing and revision processes themselves. George offers us an intimate look at the procedures she follows, while also providing invaluable advice for writers about what has worked for her--and what hasn't. Mastering the Process gives writers practical, prescriptive, and achievable tools for creating a novel, editing a novel, and problem solving when in the midst of a novel, from a master storyteller writing at the top of her game.

Author : Eileen E. Langley
Publisher :
Release : 1994
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Each volume includes its own index.