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Author : Bruce R. Barringer
R. Duane Ireland
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Release : 2015-02-04
Page : 592
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780133797190
Description :

For courses in entrepreneurship. A Comprehensive Guide to Business Ventures Successfully Launching New Ventures explores the allure of entrepreneurship, teaching readers how to successfully start their own businesses. With real business profiles of inspiring young entrepreneurs, the text engages readers through relevant examples they can easily relate to. The Fifth Edition examines entrepreneurship through an easy, four-step process that clearly outlines both the excitement and the difficulty of launching one's own business. Careful to identify failures as well as successes, Successfully Launching New Ventures is a straightforward guide to starting one's own business.

Author : Kathleen Allen
Publisher : For Dummies
Release : 2000-10-30
Page : 384
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Explains how to develop a concept, draft a business plan, research the market, design products, develop a marketing and distribution system, manage growth, and locate financing and legal advice.

Author : John R. Bessant
Joe Tidd
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2018-05-29
Page : 208
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1119221862
Description :

TRY (FREE for 14 days), OR RENT this title: www.wileystudentchoice.com Successful entrepreneurship requires a specialized mix of innovation, drive, business acumen, and communication; an entrepreneur sees the potential and pitfalls in any idea, and understands the product, the market, and the business climate well enough to make smart decisions for the venture. This book is designed to go beyond the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and help students develop the critical foundation referred to as “entrepreneurial thinking.” Organized to align with the typical flow of development, the text allows students to develop their own ideas alongside each lesson. Coverage of goals, opportunities, and resources includes detailed discussion of venture funding, financial resources, and the relationships needed to get an idea off of the ground; subsequent chapters include clear guidance on keeping the momentum going through product development, enterprise growth, value creation, and the evolution of the business model. Based on the latest research and providing a truly global perspective, this book gives students a comprehensive, real-world foundation in entrepreneurship today.

Author : Stephen Roper
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2012
Page : 153
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0415695538
Description :

Entrepreneurs exist in every country but the nature and level of entrepreneurial activity differs remarkably. Why is this? What shapes the level of entrepreneurial activity in each country? What defines entrepreneurial activity? As more and more teaching and research into entrepreneurship reflects its often international nature, the need for literature reflecting this grows. This concise new textbook provides an introduction to topics in entrepreneurship in a global context; focusing on how enterprise works across the world. Important topics such as financing, innovation and (anti) social enterprise are discussed in detail throughout the text and examples and case studies are used to illustrate the application of different theoretical and conceptual approaches to entrepreneurship and the role it plays in developed, emerging and transitional economies. Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective is suitable for both final year undergraduate and postgraduate courses in enterprise and is likely to appeal particularly to student groups with a strong international element.

Author : Maura McAdam
Publisher :
Release : 2013
Page : 146
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780415678209
Description :

Female entrepreneurship, and, in particular, the contribution of their ventures to aggregate economic activity has gained increasing attention over recent years in terms of theory, practice and policy. This concise book explores how women fit into the contemporary entrepreneurial discourse by recognizing that gender intersects with, and influences, women's experience of entrepreneurship. The book is novel in that it considers women to be a heterogeneous group and as such acknowledges that ethnicity, culture, class and education will all influence and intersect with female entrepreneurship. As a consequence, it explores issues ranging from theoretical relationships between the constructs of gender and entrepreneurship to more empirical work on how entrepreneurship might act as an empowering change agent for women. In order to address the Euro-US centric assumptions underpinning the influence of gender upon entrepreneurship, a chapter is dedicated to the role of entrepreneurship in empowering Palestine women. This book will be important supplementary reading on entrepreneurship, small business management and women's/gender studies courses - it will prove particularly useful to women moving towards starting their own business as well as postgraduate students researching the topic for the first time.

Author : J. R. Bessant
John Bessant
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2011-05-16
Page : 589
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0470711442
Description :

Developed for courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an accessible introductory text written primarily for students of business and management studies. The book is also suitable for engineering students studying courses in business and management. Contemporary issues in both innovation and entrepreneurship are used to engage and excite students, and lead them to the relevant theory, models and lessons. The authors have created a new text which includes: Fully integrated contemporary themes in innovation, such as sustainability, social entrepreneurship and creating new ventures. A focus on the role of individual entrepreneurship and organizational innovation, in private and public services. Contemporary cases from areas including new media, computer gaming, internet services, and public and social innovation cases.

Author : Peter Drucker
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2012-08-06
Page : 272
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1136017615
Description :

Innovation and Entrepreneurship deals with 'what, when and why'; with policies and decisions; opportunities and risks,structures and strategies; staffing, compensation and rewards. In addition to managers in all types of business, lecturers and students of management and business studies will this a revealing and exciting work. Highly critical in approach, it is nevertheless a practical and illuminating study of a area crucial for today's world.

Author : Michele Marcolongo
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2017-09-25
Page : 230
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1118859081
Description :

The pathway to bringing laboratory discoveries to market is poorly understood and generally new to many academics. This book serves as an easy-to-read roadmap for translating technology to a product launch – guiding university faculty and graduate students on launching a start-up company. • Addresses a growing trend of academic faculty commercializing their discoveries, especially those supported by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health • Offers faculty a pathway and easy-to-follow steps towards determining whether their discovery / idea / technology is viable from a business perspective, as well as how to execute the necessary steps to create and launch a start-up company • Has a light-hearted and accessible style of a step-by-step guide to help graduate students, post-docs, and faculty learn how to go about spinning out their research from the lab • Includes interviews by faculty in the disciplines of materials science, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, information technology, energy, and mechanical devices – offering tips and discussing potential pitfalls to be avoided

Author : Constant D. Beugré
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-09-21
Page : 256
Category : Social entrepreneurship
ISBN 13 : 9780415817370
Description :

Social entrepreneurship differs from traditional forms of entrepreneurship in that the primary goal of the social venture is to address social problems and needs that are as yet unmet. The driving force of such ventures is social value creation. This new textbook aims to provide a comprehensive, cutting edge resource for students, introducing them to the unique concerns and challenges that face social ventures through a comparison with the principles of traditional entrepreneurship. The book consists of fourteen chapters covering all aspects of venture creation and management from writing a business plan, to financing, people management, marketing and even exiting the venture." Social Entrepreneurship "uses real life examples and sources to expose students to contemproary developments in the field, encouraging them to think critically about the issues faced by social ventures across the globe, and experiential exercises and assignments are included to provide students with hands-on experience in creating and managing their own social venture. Also containing discussion, review and application questions, illustrative cases, definitions of key terms and a comprehesive companion website, "Social Entrepreneurship "is" "the essential guide to this rapidly emerging field. Visit the companion website at www.routledge.com/cw/beugre to find: For instructors Powerpoint slides Instructors Manual Multiple choice questions For students Extra illustrative cases Web links Links to video"

Author : Chris Steyaert
Daniel Hjorth
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release : 2008-01-01
Page : 352
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1847204422
Description :

. . . a reflective and scholarly work that presents exciting and challenging views to mainstream entrepreneurship. . . The four books comprising the series would certainly be a valuable addition to any entrepreneurship library. However, each book also stands alone as an individual purchase. Lorraine Warren, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research The narrative and flow of the book is superb and very interesting to read. The book is well edited and thought provoking which makes it an interesting read. Vanessa Ratten, Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy This book the third in the Movements in Entrepreneurship series examines entrepreneurship as a societal phenomenon. It provides an in-depth study of the social aspects of entrepreneurship, illustrating how entrepreneurship affects society. The need to move beyond economy to disclose entrepreneurship in its societal forms is demonstrated, as is the relevance of our understanding of entrepreneurship as a societal phenomenon. The contributors show that entrepreneurship is a society-creating force and as such, it evokes new questions for entrepreneurship research and attempts to engage with new theoretical formulations. They begin with discussions on early Schumpeter and a rhetorical analysis of the current academic literature on social entrepreneurship. They go on to present myriad contextual examples of how entrepreneurship can shape social change, and indicate how this is initiated through various social settings, relationships and communities. Through rich empirical work this book explores the social of social entrepreneurship and in doing so shows us how entrepreneurship is at home where society is created. As such, it will prove a fascinating read for academics, researchers and students with an interest in entrepreneurship, sociology and economic sociology.

Author : Paul Burns
Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education
Release : 2010-11-18
Page : 568
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0230208487
Description :

Entrepreneurship& Small Business examines how firms develop from start-up, both tracing growth and exploring failure. It studies entrepreneurs - what motivates them, how they manage and lead, and how certain defining characteristics they possess can help shape the businesses they run. The book outlines good management practice for students and encourages and develops entrepreneurial skills. Clearly structured and accessibly presented, the comprehensive coverage includes accounting control and decision-making, as well as chapters on family businesses, corporate, international and social entrepreneurship. Case insights, long case studies and discussion scenarios are used to practically demonstrate how concepts are implemented in successful small and growing companies. Burns' text is ideal for undergraduates, MBA students, and students taking specialist postgraduate modules on Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, Small Business Management and New Venture Creation within business and management courses.

Author : Fu-Lai Tony Yu
Diana S. Kwan
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2015-07-24
Page : 180
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1317501799
Description :

After more than 30 years of reformations in agriculture, manufacturing and trade and industry, China’s economy has grown to become the second largest in the world. This book examines the contributions of dynamic entrepreneurs to the economic development of mainland China and Hong Kong – an analysis that is largely lacking in existing studies China’s economic stronghold. This book adopts theories of entrepreneurship and market processes as major analytical frameworks to conclude that entrepreneurship is the true engine of growth in mainland China and Hong Kong. Chinese Entrepreneurship focuses on the knowledge drivers and systemic challenges of these businesses to examine how entrepreneurs under uncertainty identify and pursue profit opportunities, and how their efforts have enhanced China’s economic dynamics. This book offers vital insight to students, teachers and researchers of Chinese business and economics, along with Chinese culture and expanding economies.

Author : Scott Andrew Shane
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release : 2003
Page : 327
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781781007990
Description :

'This ambitious book draws upon a wide variety of literature in developing a comprehensive theory of entrepreneurship, ranging from the discovery of entrepreneurial activities, to industry differences in entrepreneurial activity, to the organizing process. It represents a major contribution to the field.' - Arnold C. Cooper, Purdue University, US 'Professor Scott Shane provides a deep and comprehensive discussion of the individual-opportunity nexus in entrepreneurship. Eschewing the usual approaches of either focusing exclusively on the individuals and their motivations and actions or focusing exclusively, almost always ex-post, on the economic potential of opportunities, Scott Shane fixes his gaze squarely on the nexus of the individual and the opportunity. It is this nexus that I believe is the building block for a better understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon.' - From the foreword by Sankaran Venkataraman In the first exhaustive treatment of the field in 20 years, Scott Shane extends the analysis of entrepreneurship by offering an overarching conceptual framework that explains the different parts of the entrepreneurial process - the opportunities, the people who pursue them, the skills and strategies used to organize and exploit opportunities, and the environmental conditions favorable to them - in a coherent way.

Author : Ken Banks
Publisher : Kogan Page
Release : 2016-03-03
Page : 304
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780749475918
Description :

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship look for creative and affordable solutions to specific societal problems. Fuelled by the spread of the internet and the ubiquity of mobile phones, there are more people working to solve pressing social and environmental problems in the world today than ever before in human history. Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation presents the journeys of pioneering - and often accidental - social innovators who, faced with a problem, used their courage, tenacity and creative thinking to find a solution.Using their own words to reflect open their experiences, these cases do not gloss over the setbacks and the dead-ends social entrepreneurs can face. Instead, readers will gain a realistic insight into the challenges and an engaging look at the problem-solving mindset needed to overcome them. From a life-saving project to bring solar-powered lighting to midwives in Nigeria, to a news dissemination service that's grown from small beginnings to have a global impact, each case study draws out the lessons learnt by the innovators, providing guidance and advice for those looking to follow in their footsteps. Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an invaluable resource for social entrepreneurs and innovators looking for new ideas and insight into what really works - and what doesn't. This book is an inspiring read for anyone with a social conscience and a desire to change their world for the better.

Author : Donald F. Kuratko
Michael H. Morris
Publisher : Thomson South-Western
Release : 2011
Page : 483
Category : Business planning
ISBN 13 : 9781111526917
Description :

This innovative book will be a useful and trusted reference throughout your career, no matter which company or industry you work within. CORPORATE INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP, 3E, International Edition is a one-of-a-kind book for the emerging business arena of entrepreneurship and innovation. Built on years of research and experience, the book employs a clear and informative how-to approach and features sections and chapters organized according to a summary model of the corporate entrepreneurship process. This groundbreaking book fulfills a real business need, because many executives consider entrepreneurial behavior a key to sustaining their companies' competitive advantage, but few possess genuine knowledge of the subject or understand how to apply it. The Third Edition of CORPORATE INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP, International Edition provides detailed, actionable answers to the "what," "how," "where," and "who" questions surrounding corporate entrepreneurship, giving you the knowledge and skills to take a leadership role in today's dynamic business environment.

Author : Per Davidsson
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2004-09-17
Page : 218
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0387228381
Description :

Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon of tremendous societal importance. It is also an elusive phenomenon, and researching entrepreneurship is therefore fun, fascinating—and frustrating at times. In Researching Entrepreneurship, one of the most highly recognized entrepreneurship scholars shares in a personal and readable way his rich experience and ideas on how entrepreneurship can or should be researched. After a comprehensive treatment of entrepreneurship as societal phenomenon and scholarly domain, the core chapters of the book discuss design, sampling, operationalization and analysis issues on several levels of analysis: individual, venture, firm, industry, region and nation. The author provides numerous examples of problems and solutions from real research projects, as well as experienced-based suggestions for further improvements in future work. The book is targeted primarily at doctoral students and other (relative) newcomers to the field of entrepreneurship research. However, taking a fresh, reflective perspective and looking beyond research conventions, it should provide potential for inspiration and food for thought also for experienced entrepreneurship researchers. Moreover, while the examples are taken from entrepreneurship research, the book provides a unique "experienced empirical researcher" (rather than "textbook method expert") treatment of issues that are of equal relevance across the social sciences. This goes for topics such as the role of theory; qualitative vs. quantitative research; validity checking; statistical inference, and replication. Per Davidsson is Professor in Entrepreneurship at Brisbane Graduate School of Management, QUT, Australia, and Jönköping International Business School, Sweden. He is also Chair of the Research Committee of the Entrepreneurship Division of the (American) Academy of Management.

Author :
Publisher : Goodwill Trading Co., Inc.
Release :
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Category :
ISBN 13 : 9789715741248
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Author : Yasheng Huang
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2008-09-01
Page : 366
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 9780521898102
Description :

An Economist Book of the Year, 2008 This book presents a story of two Chinas - an entrepreneurial rural China and a state-controlled urban China. In the 1980s, rural China gained the upper hand, and the result was rapid as well as broad-based growth. In the 1990s, urban China triumphed. In the 1990s, the Chinese state reversed many of its productive rural experiments, with long-lasting damage to the economy and society. A weak financial sector, income disparity, rising illiteracy, productivity slowdowns, and reduced personal income growth are the product of the capitalism with Chinese characteristics of the 1990s and beyond. While GDP grew quickly in both decades, the welfare implications of growth differed substantially. The book uses the emerging Indian miracle to debunk the widespread notion that democracy is automatically anti-growth. The single biggest obstacle to sustainable growth and financial stability in China today is its poor political governance. As the country marks its 30th anniversary of reforms in 2008, China faces some of its toughest economic challenges and substantial vulnerabilities that require fundamental institutional reforms.

Author : Amanobea Boateng
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-10-11
Page : 146
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 3319658468
Description :

Contributing to academic discussions on entrepreneurship and gender in Africa, this book provides coverage of recent trends and an exploration of the evolution of female entrepreneurship over time. This innovative new text, written from an African woman’s perspective, fills a gap in the current literature on this topic and places important focus on the role of female entrepreneurship in Africa’s development as a continent. Focussing on key issues such as social feminism and the capability approach, the author addresses the possibility of a potential overlap between social entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship in Africa. Insightful accounts of women from countries such as South Africa, Namibia and Ghana, along with theoretical research into the further development and advancement of female entrepreneurs, make this book an important must-read for those interested in entrepreneurship and gender in Africa.

Author : Teresa Chahine
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2016-04-02
Page : 302
Category : Social entrepreneurship
ISBN 13 : 9781498717045
Description :

Social entrepreneurialism is the process by which effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions are pioneered to meet social and environmental needs. This book presents essential modules of principle and practice for social entrepreneurs to work their magic. An entrepreneur designs and implements an intervention, product, or service that improves the well-being of target individuals and populations. This entrepreneurialism then forms a sustainable, replicable business model that meets a social or environmental need while maximizing social impact and minimizing resource use.