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Author : Maria Teresa Menezes
Publisher : Penguin Books India
Release : 2000
Page : 371
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN 13 : 9780141000879
Description :

The spicy, succulent seafood of Goa is as famous as the golden beaches and lush landscape of this premier tourist destination of India. Traditionally, the Goan staple was fish curry and rice, but under Portuguese influence there developed a distinctive cuisine that combined the flavours of Indian and European cooking with local ingredients being used to approximate the authentic Portuguese taste. So fish and meat pies were baked with slit green chillies, assado or roast was cooked with cinnamon and peppercorns, pao or bread was fermented with toddy, and the famous baked bol was made with coconut and semolina. This innovated, largely non-vegetarian cuisine, was offset by the traditional and no less sumptuous vegetarian creations from the Konkan coastland, rich with coconut and spice. This cookbook showcases an entire range of Goan food, with special attention to fish, prawn, pork and chicken.

Author : Alistair Dabbs
Anne-Marie Concepcion
Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Release : 2005
Page : 192
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 9780596100483
Description :

Presents step-by-step instructions and advice on using Adobe InDesign CS2, covering such topics as formatting tables, building multi-page documents, creating indexes and table of contents, and working with photographs.

Author : Angela Liddon
Publisher : Penguin Canada
Release : 2014-03-04
Page : 336
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 0143191837
Description :

The long-awaited debut cookbook from one of the most popular vegan food bloggers on the web After a decade of struggling with an eating disorder and subsisting on diet, low-calorie processed foods, Angela Liddon vowed to get healthy once and for all. Done with feeling sick and tired, she threw out her fat-free butter spray and frozen dinners. Instead, Angela embraced whole foods that made her glow from the inside out. But first, she had to learn to cook—and eat—right. Five years ago, Angela started a blog,, to spread the word about her journey to health and the powerful transformation that food can make in our lives. Almost overnight, her energy and authenticity attracted readers eager to create their own positive life changes. Today, Oh She Glows attracts millions of visitors every month, making it one of the most popular vegan recipe blogs on the Internet. The Oh She Glows Cookbook is packed with more than 100 delicious recipes such as go-to breakfasts, protein-packed snacks, hearty entrées, and decadent desserts. From entrées like the Crowd-Pleasing Tex Mex Casserole and Empowered Noodle Bowl to sweet treats like the Chilled Chocolate Espresso Torte with Hazelnut Crust and Angela’s famous Glo Bakery Glo Bars, there is something for everyone. The Oh She Glows Cookbook is also allergy-friendly, with many gluten-free and soy-free options. Whether you are a vegan or you simply want to incorporate a few vegan meals into your week, Angela's recipes are a must-have for anyone who longs to eat well, feel great, and simply glow!

Author :
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2015-04-01
Page : 920
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 019931361X
Description :

A sweet tooth is a powerful thing. Babies everywhere seem to smile when tasting sweetness for the first time, a trait inherited, perhaps, from our ancestors who foraged for sweet foods that were generally safer to eat than their bitter counterparts. But the "science of sweet" is only the beginning of a fascinating story, because it is not basic human need or simple biological impulse that prompts us to decorate elaborate wedding cakes, scoop ice cream into a cone, or drop sugar cubes into coffee. These are matters of culture and aesthetics, of history and society, and we might ask many other questions. Why do sweets feature so prominently in children's literature? When was sugar called a spice? And how did chocolate evolve from an ancient drink to a modern candy bar? The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets explores these questions and more through the collective knowledge of 265 expert contributors, from food historians to chemists, restaurateurs to cookbook writers, neuroscientists to pastry chefs. The Companion takes readers around the globe and throughout time, affording glimpses deep into the brain as well as stratospheric flights into the world of sugar-crafted fantasies. More than just a compendium of pastries, candies, ices, preserves, and confections, this reference work reveals how the human proclivity for sweet has brought richness to our language, our art, and, of course, our gastronomy. In nearly 600 entries, beginning with "à la mode" and ending with the Italian trifle known as "zuppa inglese," the Companion traces sugar's journey from a rare luxury to a ubiquitous commodity. In between, readers will learn about numerous sweeteners (as well-known as agave nectar and as obscure as castoreum, or beaver extract), the evolution of the dessert course, the production of chocolate, and the neurological, psychological, and cultural responses to sweetness. The Companion also delves into the darker side of sugar, from its ties to colonialism and slavery to its addictive qualities. Celebrating sugar while acknowledging its complex history, The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets is the definitive guide to one of humankind's greatest sources of pleasure. Like kids in a candy shop, fans of sugar (and aren't we all?) will enjoy perusing the wondrous variety to be found in this volume.

Author : Deepa Suhas Awchat
Publisher : Popular Prakashan
Release : 2009
Page : 129
Category : Cookery
ISBN 13 : 9788179914823
Description :

Your search for the definitive book on vegetarian and non-vegetarian Goan cuisine ends with The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook.Simple recipes which are easy to follow are its hallmark - making it the ideal purchase or gift for the novice or expert. The recipes are tried and tested and authentic. They are, after all, the same recipes used in 'Goa Portuguesa' - the renowned restobar that completes 20 years of its gastronomic journey on December 3, 2008, winning a stream of global accolades, awards and excellent reviews enroute. There is, expectedly, an abundance of seafood recipes for which the restaurant is justifiably famous. You will be delighted to find all of Goa's sought-after dishes in this book - Stuffed Crab, Goenche Wagh (Stuffed Jumbo Prawns), Stuffed Lobster, Fried Bombay Duck and of course Fish Curry -Rice, which alone is believed to be responsible for the 'sossegado' attitude of Goans! Vindalho, Cafreal, Sorpotel, Caldinho, Assado, Baffado, Guisado and Bebinca among other delights, represent the Portuguese contribution to the rich culinary heritage of the Land of the Gods. However, the traditional cuisine of Goa has been equally celebrated with the inclusion of a number of vegetarian dishes such as Bhaji, Shaak, Udithmethi, Khatkhatem, Sasav, Tondaks, Ross, Hooman, Manganem and the signature dish of the restaurant - Tender Coconut Cashew Sukke. And of course, there is that quintessential Goan dish - Chicken Shagoti to be mopped up with Pole or Wadde. Years of research and dedication to Goan and Portuguese cuisine are reflected in this book which will be evident from the first recipe you try. Welcome to a truly Goan experience!

Author : William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
Publisher : Soyinfo Center
Release : 2020-03-22
Page : 1416
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1948436140
Description :

The world's most comprehensive, well documented and well illustrated book on this subject. With extensive subject and geographical index. 234 photographs and illustrations - mostly color. Free of charge in digital PDF format on Google Books

Author : Colleen Taylor Sen
Publisher : Reaktion Books
Release : 2014-11-15
Page : 336
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 1780233914
Description :

From dal to samosas, paneer to vindaloo, dosa to naan, Indian food is diverse and wide-ranging—unsurprising when you consider India’s incredible range of climates, languages, religions, tribes, and customs. Its cuisine differs from north to south, yet what is it that makes Indian food recognizably Indian, and how did it get that way? To answer those questions, Colleen Taylor Sen examines the diet of the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years, describing the country’s cuisine in the context of its religious, moral, social, and philosophical development. Exploring the ancient indigenous plants such as lentils, eggplants, and peppers that are central to the Indian diet, Sen depicts the country’s agricultural bounty and the fascination it has long held for foreign visitors. She illuminates how India’s place at the center of a vast network of land and sea trade routes led it to become a conduit for plants, dishes, and cooking techniques to and from the rest of the world. She shows the influence of the British and Portuguese during the colonial period, and she addresses India’s dietary prescriptions and proscriptions, the origins of vegetarianism, its culinary borrowings and innovations, and the links between diet, health, and medicine. She also offers a taste of Indian cooking itself—especially its use of spices, from chili pepper, cardamom, and cumin to turmeric, ginger, and coriander—and outlines how the country’s cuisine varies throughout its many regions. Lavishly illustrated with one hundred images, Feasts and Fasts is a mouthwatering tour of Indian food full of fascinating anecdotes and delicious recipes that will have readers devouring its pages.

Author : Maneet Chauhan
Jody Eddy
Publisher : Clarkson Potter
Release : 2020-09-29
Page : 272
Category : Cooking, Indic
ISBN 13 : 1984823884
Description :

Explore the bold flavors, regional dishes, and stunning scenery of India with Chopped judge and James Beard Award-winning chef Maneet Chauhan. "A sumptuous whistle-stop tour of India's diverse food ways. Maneet has penned a love letter to the best of Indian food."--Padma Lakshmi, host and executive producer of Top Chef and Taste the Nation In Chaat, Maneet Chauhan explores India's most iconic, delicious, and fun-to-eat foods coming from and inspired by her discoveries during an epic cross-country railway journey that brought her to local markets, street vendors, and the homes of family and friends. From simple roasted sweet potatoes with star fruit, lemon, and spices to a fragrant layered chicken biryani rice casserole, and the flakiest onion and egg stuffed flatbreads, these recipes are varied, colorful, and expressive. Maneet weaves in personal stories and remembrances as well as historical and cultural notes as she winds her way from North to South and East to West, sharing recipes like Goan Fried Shrimp Turnovers, Chicken Momo Dumplings from Guwahati in Assam, Hyderabad's Spicy Pineapple Chaat, and Warm-Spiced Carrot and Semolina Pudding from Amristar. With breathtaking photography and delectable recipes, Chaat is a celebration of the diversity of India's food and people.

Author : Latif Bilkees
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2000-10-14
Page : 336
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 8184754337
Description :

Savour the tantalizing flavours of Andhra cuisine While Hyderabadi cuisine with its distinctive Mughlai flavour is famous around the world, food from the other parts of Andhra, one of India’s largest and culturally most diverse states, remains relatively unknown. In this addition to the Penguin series on Indian food and customs, the author brings together for the first time the different tastes of Andhra cooking from the humble idli-sambar to spicy seafood delicacies. Along with the recipes she recounts the traditions and rituals associated with food, such as the right order in which to serve the dishes, a typical menu for an occasion such as Ugadi, and the sweets indigent on certain auspicious days. From the dishes traditionally prescribed for pregnant women, to the festivities surrounding birth and marriage, Bilkees I. Latif describes with knowledge and flair the cuisine and customs of her state. The more than 200 recipes, lucidly written and easy to follow, include: Amrit Phal Badam ki Jaali Gil-e-Behisht Luqmi MeeD Godavari Avakkai Bagharey Baingan Gosht ka Achar Kachi Biryani Zarda-e-Aamba

Author : Jesse Kropelnicki
Publisher : Harmony
Release : 2017-01-17
Page : 224
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 1101904615
Description :

Reach your peak performance with the best training and fueling plan. Achieve your goals in endurance racing with the detailed training advice and perfectly tailored recipes in this new must-have manual and cookbook. Fueling your body is just as important as training it, but different phases of training and racing require different combinations of nutrients. Written by one of the world’s leading triathlon coaches, The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook includes in-depth advice to boost your performance and seventy recipes that will help you reach your personal best. Inside, you’ll find: • the best nutrition information to support your body when exercising at intense levels whether you’re a distance runner, cyclist, or triathloner • guidelines for fueling during preworkout, postworkout, and recovery windows • a game plan for what to eat and drink during workouts and on race day • delicious, nutrient-rich recipes made with fresh, whole foods for every meal of the day The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook has everything you need to help you break through in your racing.

Author : John McLeod
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Release : 2019-12-31
Page : 467
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1440852898
Description :

This one-volume thematic encyclopedia examines life in contemporary India, with topical sections focusing on geography, history, government and politics, economy, social classes and ethnicity, religion, food, etiquette, literature and drama, and more. • Includes "Day in the Life" features that portray specific daily activities of various people in the country, from high school students to working class people to professionals, providing readers with insight into daily life in the country • Defines key terms related to the reading in a glossary • Highlights interesting facts and figures, including information on the military, industry and labor, and finances, in an appendix • Provides at-a-glance information about India's festivals and feast days with a chart of national holidays • Illuminates the text with photos and sidebars, helping to illustrate key topics and allow students to dive more deeply into ideas

Author : Bhicoo J. Manekshaw
Publisher : Penguin Books India
Release : 1996
Page : 430
Category : Cookery
ISBN 13 : 9780140257595
Description :

A Treasure-House Of Recipes And Customs That Define The Parsi Way Of Life Celebrations, Rituals And Food Inevitably Go Together. And So It Is With The Parsis. From Navroz, The Dawn Of The Parsi New Year, To Navjote, The Initiation Ceremony Of A Young Child, Lagan Or Marriage, Jashans And Ghambhars, There Is A Variety Of Food To Suit Every Occasion. In This Unique Book, Bhicoo J. Manekshaw Takes The Reader On A Journey Far Beyond The Traditional Stereotypical Dhan Sakh Recipe. For Those Who Love Fish, There Is A Choice Of Patrani Machchi (Fish In Banana Leaves), Masala Ni Machchi Or The Famed Tarapori Patio Made With Sookha Boomla (Bombay Duck), Amongst Many Others. The Parsi Weakness For Eggs, On The Other Hand, Has Created A Range Of Mouth-Watering Dishes From The Kera Per Eeda (Eggs Cooked On Bananas) To The Humble Scrambled Egg. There Are Also Teatime Snacks, Sweets, And Desserts And A Chapter On Kitchen Medicine Straight From Grandmother&Rsquo;S Recipe Book. Interlaced With The Recipes Is The Author&Rsquo;S Piquant Description Of The Customs, Rituals And Ceremonies That Form The Parsi Way Of Life. &Nbsp;

Author : Archana Mundhe
Publisher : Ten Speed Press
Release : 2018-10-16
Page : 176
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 0399582649
Description :

This authorized collection of 75 simplified Indian classics for the immensely popular electric pressure cooker, the Instant Pot, is a beautifully photographed, easy-to-follow source for flavorful weekday meals. The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook is your source for quick, flavorful Indian favorites and contemporary weekday meals. With 75 well-tested recipes authorized by Instant Pot covering every meal of the day, this is a go-to resource for classic chicken, lamb, and vegetarian curries; daals, soups, and seafood like fennel and saffron spiced mussels; breakfast delights like spicy frittata and ginger almond oatmeal; and sweet treats like rose milk cake and fig and walnut halwa.

Author : Madhur Jaffrey
Publisher : Knopf
Release : 2019
Page : 192
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 0525655794
Description :

"This is a Borzoi Book published by Alfred A. Knopf."

Author : Fodor's
Publisher : Fodors Travel Publications
Release : 2006-08-29
Page : 553
Category : Travel
ISBN 13 : 1400016800
Description :

Try New York City's best coal-oven pizza or indulge in steamed dumplings and dim sum. Ponder hundreds of masterpieces under one roof, give your regards to Broadway or sip cocktails inside one of Manhattan's most opulent rooms -Fodor's New York City 2007offers all these experiences and many more! From the Upper West Side to Battery Park, our local writers have explored the Big Apple, to find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities to prepare you for a journey of stunning variety. Before you leave for the city that never sleeps, be sure to pack your Fodor's guide to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Author : Monisha Bharadwaj
Publisher : Hippocrene Books
Release : 2005-06-30
Page : 240
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 9780781811439
Description :

The Indian Spice kitchen is an indispensable guide to Indian cuisine. It takes the reader through key ingredients that are now readily available in the West, with over 200 simple but mouth-watering recipes. From the earthy, creamy lentil dishes and yoghurt-based marinades in North Indian cooking to the rice, coconut and curry leaves that are famous staples of the South, The Indian Spice Kitchen provides a context (cultivation, appearance, taste, culinary uses and health benefits) for nearly every regional classic.

Author : Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Release : 2017-06-28
Page : 192
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 1760638668
Description :

The Little Curry Cookbook has more than 80 recipes that explore the delicious flavours, enticing aromas and exotic colours of curries. It celebrates the best loved Thai and Indian dishes as well as introducing lesser-known but equally delightful variations from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Kenya. There are recipes for all occasions and for all levels of expertise, including techniques for perfecting the basics of curry making - preparing curry pastes, creating spice mixes and of course cooking rice.

Author : Vijayan Kannampilly
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2003-04-28
Page : 291
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 9351180026
Description :

In recent times, the coconut-flavoured cuisine of the Malayalis has gained immense popularity. Appam and Istoo, Avial and Olan, Irachi Biryani and Pathiri, all these and more are now served in restaurants and homes all over India. In this collection, the author hilights recipes that are considered to be specialities of dofferent regions and communities of the state, from the typical vegetarian hindu dishes of Palakkad to the syrian christian delicacies of Tranvancore.

Author : Bilkees I. Latif
Publisher : Penguin Books India
Release : 1999
Page : 336
Category : Cookery
ISBN 13 : 9780140271843
Description :

Savour The Tantalizing Flavours Of Andhra Cuisine While Hyderabadi Cuisine With Its Distinctive Mughlai Flavour Is Famous Around The World, Food From The Other Parts Of Andhra, One Of India S Largest And Culturally Most Diverse States, Remains Relatively Unknown. In This Addition To The Penguin Series On Indian Food And Customs, The Author Brings Together For The First Time The Different Tastes Of Andhra Cooking From The Humble Idli-Sambar To Spicy Seafood Delicacies. Along With The Recipes She Recounts The Traditions And Rituals Associated With Food, Such As The Right Order In Which To Serve The Dishes, A Typical Menu For An Occasion Such As Ugadi, And The Sweets Indigent On Certain Auspicious Days. From The Dishes Traditionally Prescribed For Pregnant Women, To The Festivities Surrounding Birth And Marriage, Bilkees I. Latif Describes With Knowledge And Flair The Cuisine And Customs Of Her State. The More Than 200 Recipes, Lucidly Written And Easy To Follow, Include: Amrit Phal Badam Ki Jaali Gil-E-Behisht Luqmi Meed Godavari Avakkai Bagharey Baingan Gosht Ka Achar Kachi Biryani Zarda-E-Aamba

Author : Kaumudi Marathé
Publisher :
Release : 2009-01-01
Page : 398
Category : Cooking, Indic
ISBN 13 : 9780143068020
Description :

The Essential Marathi Cookbook, a modern, easy-to-use introduction to several Marathi sub-cuisines, travels across the regions and religions of Maharashtra to bring out the most authentic and appetizing recipes from the state.