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Author : Terence K. McKenna
Publisher : Bantam
Release : 1993
Page : 311
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 9780553371307
Description :

"Terrence McKenna's research on man's ancient relationship with chemicals opens a doorway to the devine, and perhaps a solution for saving our troubled world"--Back cover.

Author : H. G. Wells
Publisher : Hesperus Press
Release : 2013-07-26
Page : 256
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1780941978
Description :

Published in 1904 The Food of the Gods is a forgotten H.G. Wells classic; it is sci-fi and dystopia at its best written by the creator and master of the genre. Following extensive research in the field of ?growthOCO, Mr Bensington and Professor Redwood light upon a new mysterious element, a food that causes greatly accelerated development. Initially christening their discovery ?The Food of the GodsOCO, the two scientists are overwhelmed by the possible ramifications of their creation. With Aunt Jane refusing to give house room to their experiments, Mr Besington is forced to take his laboratory out into the wide world, and chooses a farm at Hickleybrow in Kent that offers him the chance to test his new substance on chickens, which duly grow monstrous, six or seven times their usual size. With the farmer, Mr Skinner, failing to contain the spread of the Food, chaos soon reigns as reports come in of the local populationOCOs encounter with monstrous wasps, earwigs and rats. When the chickens escape, they leave carnage in their wake. Keen not to be outdone, the Skinners and Redwoods have both been feeding their children the compound illicitly ? their eventual offspring will constitute a new age of giants. Public opinion rapidly turns against the scientists and society as a whole rebels against the worldOCOs new flora and fauna. Daily life has changed shockingly and now politicians are involved, trying to stamp out the Food of the Gods and the giant race. Comic and at times surprisingly touching and tragic, WellsOCO story is a cautionary tale warning against the rampant advances of science but also of the dangers of greed and political infighting and shameless vote-seeking."

Author : Cassandra Khaw
Publisher : Abaddon Books
Release : 2017-05-04
Page : 240
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1786180669
Description :

GODS. GORE. GOOD FOOD. By day, Rupert Wong—sorcerer, chef, former triad—prepares delicious meals of human flesh for a dynasty of ghouls in Kuala Lumpur; by night, he’s an administrator for the Ten Chinese Hells. It’s a living, of sorts. When the Dragon of the South demands that Rupert investigate the murders of his daughter and her mortal husband, Rupert is caught in a war between gods that’s as bewildering as it is bloody. If he’s going to survive, he’ll need to stay sharp, stay lucky, and always read the fine print… This volume collects the novellas Rupert Wong, Cannibal Chef and Rupert Wong and the Ends of the Earth.

Author : H. G. Wells
Publisher : Courier Corporation
Release : 2013-03-21
Page : 208
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0486163598
Description :

First published in 1904, this gripping, newly relevant tale of science fiction combines fast-paced entertainment with social commentary as it considers the ethics involved in genetic engineering.

Author : Karen Dudley
Publisher : Ravenstone Books
Release : 2012
Page : 344
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9780888014016
Description :

Pelops’ troubles began when his father chopped him into stewing meat and served him to the gods for tea. Although he’s been remade, and gifted with a talent for the culinary arts, there are downsides--namely a missing shoulder and sea god with an infatuation. Poseidon’s nice enough, but he just doesn’t take no for an answer. Not only that, a wealthy, but mysterious patron has been causing Pelops’clients to cancel their engagements. Meanwhile, a rival chef is doing his best to destroy Pelops’ reputation, the woman Pelops loves appears oblivious to his feelings, and just before Athens’ most important festival begins, Pelops finds himself suddenly without olive oil--a serious concern for a chef. But things get worse when a courtesan is murdered at a dinner Pelops prepares--drowned in his newly-acquired olive oil. Seeking vengeance, the Furies arrive in Athens, and the rival chef blames their attacks on Pelops. Clients cancel in droves, and even Pelops’ friends are affected by his rival’s machinations. Pelops asks the gods for help, but when they turn him down, he realizes he alone must find the woman’s killer to salvage his reputation.

Author : Chantal Coady
Publisher : Chronicle Books Llc
Release : 1993
Page : 120
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 9780811804516
Description :

Traces the history of chocolate, explains how chocolate is made, and shares recipes that feature it

Author : D. P. S. Peacock
A. C. S. Peacock
Publisher : Oxbow Books
Release : 2006-12-21
Page : 192
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1782974458
Description :

The story of incense is one of the most intriguing in both eastern and western culture. From the first millennium BC to the present day it has been sought after and valued on a par with precious metals or gems. Although incense was a luxury, it was consumed in prodigious quantities by the ancient world, in temples and at funerals, but also in private homes. The papers in this volume look at the role of incense, primarily - though not exclusively - during the Roman period. It is hoped that they will provide a starting point for further research into this important, but neglected, area of social and economic archaeology.

Author : Gary Westfahl
George Edgar Slusser
Publisher : University of Georgia Press
Release : 1996
Page : 253
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN 13 : 9780820317472
Description :

Gluttony and starvation, pleasure and pain, growth and decay. These and other extremes of our condition related to food, though all but banned from the "civilized" tables of mainstream fiction, are ideal topics for the "undomesticated," free-roaming modes of fantasy. As acts and ideas, food and eating are fundamental to all that makes us human and dominate our symbolic realms of art, literature, and cuisine. These essays show us the power of speculative modes of fiction to help us look anew at prehistorical and psychomythical attitudes toward food and eating; historical Western-cultural attitudes toward the material fact of food and the necessity of eating; and the relationship between attitudes toward food and how, how much, when, and where we eat. The contributors come from a variety of backgrounds, including anthropology, film, and French, Russian, English, and medieval literature. Ranging in their focus from shamans to cannibals, utopias to social Darwinism, muscle magazines to supermarket tabloids, the contributors discuss the theory and practice of science fictional eating; the dialectic, at the level of eating, between individual needs and collective norms; and the ways that eating habits and the availability and choice of food serve to contextualize and demarcate modern fictional genres. In addition to discussing such writers as C. S. Lewis, Stephen King, Octavia Butler, Jonathan Swift, and Anne Rice, the contributors also consider such films as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast.

Author : Andrew Dalby
Rachel Dalby
Publisher : Reaktion Books
Release : 2017-11-15
Page : 384
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 1780238630
Description :

What do we think about when we think about Greek food? For many, it is the meze and the traditional plates of a Greek island taverna at the height of summer. In Gifts of the Gods, Andrew and Rachel Dalby take us into and beyond the taverna in our minds to offer us a unique and comprehensive history of the foods of Greece. Greek food is brimming with thousands of years of history, lore, and culture. The country has one of the most varied landscapes of Europe, where steep mountains, low-lying plains, rocky islands, and crystal-blue seas jostle one another and produce food and wine of immense quality and distinctive taste. The book discusses how the land was settled, what was grown in different regions, and how certain fruits, herbs, and vegetables became a part of local cuisines. Moving through history—from classical to modern—the book explores the country’s regional food identities as well as the export of Greek food to communities all over the world. The book culminates with a look at one of the most distinctive features of Greece’s food tradition—the country’s world renown hospitality. Illustrated throughout and featuring traditional recipes that blend historical and modern flavors, Gifts of the Gods is a mouth-watering account of a rich and ancient cuisine.

Author : , Jasmuheen
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2011-10-01
Page : 206
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1326253875
Description :

The Food of Gods is Jasmuheen’s 18th book on metaphysical matters and her third book in the Divine Nutrition series. It is not necessary to have read the previous books on this subject which cover her personal journey and the solution for world health and world hunger issues as “The Foods of Gods” takes the pranic nourishment discussion to another level and offers simple yet powerful tools to satiate all of our hungers. Jasmuheen writes: The most important difference with our focus with Divine Nutrition is that It has the ability to feed us on all levels and that we can still benefit from increasing Its flow through our bio-system even if we continue to choose to enjoy eating. Allowing this Divinely Nutritional stream to be increased in our system means that we can be fed emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as such the techniques and guidelines shared in this book, will benefit us all by freeing us from our current personal and global emotional, mental and spiritual states of anorexia.

Author : Rynn Berry
Publisher : Ethical Living
Release : 1998
Page : 374
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9780962616921
Description :

Ten essays explore the meaning of vegetarianism in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, and Catholic and Protestant Christianity

Author : H. G. Wells
Publisher : Open Road Media
Release : 2017-05-02
Page : 368
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1504045300
Description :

There’s a heavy price to pay for the manipulation of nature in this novel from the revered author of The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine. It begins as a boon for mankind—the creation of the substance Herakleophorbia IV. When fed to farm animals, it causes them to grow to enormous size. But when it is accidentally allowed to enter the local food chain, the consequences prove monstrous: Human children exposed to it grow into giants, reaching forty feet in height. At first, these giants are tolerated. Then, as they mature, they are scorned. And as they slowly begin to realize their own power and right to exist, they are feared. Humanity must face the dawn of a new era of manmade evolution—while grappling to comprehend the possibility of its own ultimate demise. The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth is a thought-provoking and thrilling novel from a four-time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, the author of such all-time classics as TheIsland of Doctor Moreau and The Invisible Man. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Author : Acharya Ramana Dikshitulu
Kota Neelima
Publisher :
Release : 2017-03-31
Page : 176
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 9789351941095
Description :

The ritual of offering food or Naivedyam to Lord Venkateshwara - a manifestation of Lord Vishnu - at the Tirumala Temple has existed since time immemorial, when Lord Vishnu decided to descend on Earth in the 'archa' form, or as an idol that can be worshipped. He commissioned Sage Vaikhanasa to prepare the ancient religious text Agama Shastra, which gives an elaborate description of the rituals to be conducted at the Tirumala Temple, the ingredients to be used to prepare prasadams, procedures for a priest to follow, precautions to be taken, and the Veda mantras to be recited at each step.With rare photographs and detailed step-by-step recipes, the book describes the various kinds of food offerings made, with specifications about the quantity, ingredients, preparation, variety of food, and particular times when they should be served. This sacred volume is a must-have for every Lord Venkateshwara devotee.

Author : Camille Anthony
Publisher : Red Rose
Release : 2009-01-13
Page : 160
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781604359275
Description :

Is Daphne only a sacrifice in the way of life or is there more to it?Former princess Daphne lingers in Croapolis to render what aid she can to the townspeople. Too late, she finds herself a pawn in her evil uncle¿s plan to sacrifice her in place of his wicked daughter. Daphne is a loyal follower of Poseidon and willingly offers her body to the Kraken¿three shape-shifting godlings sent to devour her.But the Kraken, the three sons of Poseidon, have other plans for Daphne. They¿ll devour her, all right, and when they finish, they¿ll do it again and again, until she dies the ¿little death¿.Ambrosia never tasted so rich...

Author : Rosita Arvigo
Publisher :
Release : 2010
Page : 157
Category : Cooking, Belizean
ISBN 13 : 9789768161338
Description :

Author : Nalini Rajan
Publisher : Vakils Feffer & Simons
Release : 2003
Page : 83
Category : Food
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Collection of recipes for festive dishes (South Indian style) and offerings to deities in Hinduism; also covered many legends, myths and tales of mysticism about Hindu deities.

Author : Varud Gupta
Devang Singh
Publisher : Ebury Press
Release : 2019
Page : 176
Category : Cooking, Indic
ISBN 13 : 9780143444626
Description :

The rice beer bellies of a Christian village in Meghalaya; food fed to departed Zoroastrian souls; a Kolkata-based Jewish community in decline; Tibetan monks who first serve Preta, the hungry ghost; and fifty-six-course feasts of the Jagannath temple-these are the stories in Bhagwan Ke Pakwaan (or, food of the gods), a cookbook-cum-travelogue exploring the connection between food and faith through the communities of India. There are legends and lore, angsty perspectives, tangential anecdotes, a couple of life lessons and a whole lot of food.

Author : Christina Mouratoglou
Adrien Carré
Publisher : Mitchell Beazley
Release : 2018-03-08
Page : 304
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 1784723533
Description :

'Probaby the best Greek restaurant in England, Mazi is pure alchemy and poetry' - Alain Ducasse 'You must try it for its artful cooking, that honours the cuisine of Hellas while putting before the happy diner a succession of tastes that are blissfully new.' - Independent MAZI: TOGETHER - [tuh-geth-er] - adverb Gathering, company, mass, combination, mixture Tired of outdated perceptions of typical Greek food, Mazi is on a mission to revolutionize Greek cuisine. With a strong emphasis on sharing a feast of small dishes, Christina Mouratoglou and Adrien Carré bring a trendy tapas vibe to recipes exploding with flavour yet relying only on the finest fresh ingredients and simple techniques to achieve the best results. Introducing authentic flavours with a modern twist, Mazi is innovative Greek food at its best. Whether it's the Spicy tiropita with broken filo pastry, leeks & chillis, Crispy lamb belly with miso aubergine, chickpea & tahini purée or Loukoumades with lavender honey & crushed walnuts (Greek doughnuts soaked in honey), Mazi's food is intrisically edgy, cool and completely delicious.

Author : Emily E. Stelzer
Publisher : Penn State Press
Release : 2020-08-04
Page : 376
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN 13 : 0271089814
Description :

Despite the persistence and popularity of addressing the theme of eating in Paradise Lost, the tradition of Adam and Eve’s sin as one of gluttony—and the evidence for Milton’s adaptation of this tradition—has been either unnoticed or suppressed. Emily Stelzer provides the first book-length work on the philosophical significance of gluttony in this poem, arguing that a complex understanding of gluttony and of ideal, grateful, and gracious eating informs the content of Milton’s writing. Working with contextual material in the fields of physiology, philosophy, theology, and literature and building on recent scholarship on Milton’s experience of and knowledge about matter and the body, Stelzer draws connections between Milton’s work and both underexamined textual influences (including, for example, Gower’s Confessio Amantis) and well-recognized ones (such as Augustine’s City of God and Galen’s On the Natural Faculties).

Author : Meredith L. Dreiss
Sharon Greenhill
Publisher : University of Arizona Press
Release : 2008
Page : 195
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 9780816524648
Description :

The story of chocolate, from its discovery as a food source to today's gourmet chocolate recipes and European chocolatiers.