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Author :
Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release : 2014-11-11
Page : 96
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 1466885025
Description :

A new verse rendering of the great epic of ancient Mesopotamia, one of the oldest works in Western Literature. Ferry makes Gilgamesh available in the kind of energetic and readable translation that Robert Fitzgerald and Richard Lattimore have provided for readers in their translations of Homer and Virgil.

Author : Herbert Mason
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2003
Page : 129
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 9780618275649
Description :

Presents a verse narrative of the ancient Babylonian epic about love, death, loss, heroes, and friendship, including an historical essay on the original poem.

Author : Maureen Gallery Kovacs
Publisher : Stanford University Press
Release : 1989
Page : 122
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN 13 : 9780804717113
Description :

Since the discovery over one hundred years ago of a body of Mesopotamian poetry preserved on clay tablets, what has come to be known as the Epic of Gilgamesh has been considered a masterpiece of ancient literature. It recounts the deeds of a hero-king of ancient Mesopotamia, following him through adventures and encounters with men and gods alike. Yet the central concerns of the Epic lie deeper than the lively and exotic story line: they revolve around a man’s eternal struggle with the limitations of human nature, and encompass the basic human feelings of lonliness, friendship, love, loss, revenge, and the fear of oblivion of death. These themes are developed in a distinctly Mesopotamian idiom, to be sure, but with a sensitivity and intensity that touch the modern reader across the chasm of three thousand years. This translation presents the Epic to the general reader in a clear narrative.

Author : Jeffrey H. Tigay
Publisher : Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Release : 2002
Page : 384
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN 13 : 9780865165465
Description :

Special Features- Aims to show how The Gilgamesh Epic developed from its earliest to its latest form- Systematic, step-by-step tracking of the stylistic, thematic, structural, and theological changes in The Gilgamesh Epic- Relation of changes to factors (geographical, political, religious, literary) that may have prompted them- Attempts to identify the sources (biographical, historical, literary, folkloric) of the epic's themes, and to suggest what may have been intended by use of these themes- Extensive bibliography- Indices

Author : Stephen Mitchell
Publisher : Profile Books
Release : 2014-02-27
Page : 285
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 1847653839
Description :

Vivid, enjoyable and comprehensible, the poet and pre-eminent translator Stephen Mitchell makes the oldest epic poem in the world accessible for the first time. Gilgamesh is a born leader, but in an attempt to control his growing arrogance, the Gods create Enkidu, a wild man, his equal in strength and courage. Enkidu is trapped by a temple prostitute, civilised through sexual experience and brought to Gilgamesh. They become best friends and battle evil together. After Enkidu's death the distraught Gilgamesh sets out on a journey to find Utnapishtim, the survivor of the Great Flood, made immortal by the Gods to ask him the secret of life and death. Gilgamesh is the first and remains one of the most important works of world literature. Written in ancient Mesopotamia in the second millennium B.C., it predates the Iliad by roughly 1,000 years. Gilgamesh is extraordinarily modern in its emotional power but also provides an insight into the values of an ancient culture and civilisation.

Author : Derrek Hines
Publisher : Anchor
Release : 2009-03-25
Page : 80
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 0307527972
Description :

In his thrillingly contemporary retelling of the world’s oldest epic, award-winning poet Derrek Hines brings us as close as we may ever come to re-creating the power it had over its original listeners more than four thousand years ago in the ancient Near East. Gilgamesh, the semi-divine ruler of Uruk, is a larger-than-life bully and abuser of his people. In order to tame the arrogant king, the gods create the wild and handsome Enkidu. But after Enkidu and Gilgamesh become fast friends, they defy the gods in a series of outsized adventures that brings Gilgamesh face to face with both loss and death itself. Hines energizes this timeless tale with vivid and electrifyingly modern images, from the goddess Ishtar cracking the sound barrier, to a battlefield nightmare of spectral snipers and exploding hand grenades, to the CAT-scan image of a dying friend. The themes of love and friendship, grief, despair, and hope had their first great expression in this story, and this dazzling new interpretation brings us into its thrall again.

Author : Jenny Lewis
Publisher : Carcanet Press Ltd
Release : 2018-10-25
Page : 136
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 1784106151
Description :

Jenny Lewis relocates Gilgamesh to its earlier, oral roots in a Sumerian society where men and women were more equal, the reigning deity of Gilgamesh’s city, Uruk, was female (Inanna), only women were allowed to brew beer and keep taverns and women had their own language – emesal. With this shift of emphasis, Lewis captures the powerful allure of the world’s oldest poem and gives it a fresh dynamic while creating a fastpaced narrative for a new generation of readers.

Author : Andrew Winegarner
April Rasmussen
Publisher : Soft Skull Press
Release : 2011
Page : 170
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 13 : 9781593764227
Description :

"As the king of Uruk, a city in ancient Mesopotamia, Gilgamesh protected his people from harm, battling a multitude of fierce demons with the steadfast help of his brother, Enkidu. But Gilgamesh's reign faced the ultimate challenge from the power-hungry goddess Ishtar, who proposed marriage only to be unceremoniously spurned by Gilgamesh. Ishtar's rage led Gilgamesh to his greatest battle, a battle that shook Gilgamesh to his core and led him to travel further than any other man--to the land of the gods on a quest to find immortality"--Page 4 of cover.

Author : Robert Silverberg
Publisher : William Morrow & Company
Release : 1984
Page : 320
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Recreates the legend of the demi-god Sumerian king Gilgamesh, slayer of monsters and master of unsurpassed treasures, who searches for the key to immortality.

Author : Alexander Heidel
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 1949
Page : 269
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9780226323985
Description :

Cuneiform records made some three thousand years ago are the basis for this essay on the ideas of death and the afterlife and the story of the flood which were current among the ancient peoples of the Tigro-Euphrates Valley. With the same careful scholarship shown in his previous volume, The Babylonian Genesis, Heidel interprets the famous Gilgamesh Epic and other related Babylonian and Assyrian documents. He compares them with corresponding portions of the Old Testament in order to determine the inherent historical relationship of Hebrew and Mesopotamian ideas.

Author : Rivkah Schärf Kluger
H. Yehezkel Kluger
Publisher : Daimon
Release : 1991-01-01
Page : 238
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 3856305238
Description :

A Jungian psychoanalytical interpretation of the Gilgamesh Epic.

Author :
Publisher :
Release : 1967
Page : 112
Category : Erech (Extinct city)
ISBN 13 :
Description :

A retelling of the ancient legend od Gilgamesh, part god part man, whose wanderings and adventures in search of his faithful companion Enkidu provide the source for later mythological and religious epics.

Author : Stephanie Dalley
Publisher : Oxford Paperbacks
Release : 2000
Page : 339
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0199538360
Description :

The stories translated here all of ancient Mesopotamia, and include not only myths about the Creation and stories of the Flood, but also the longest and greatest literary composition, the Epic of Gilgamesh. This is the story of a heroic quest for fame and immortality, pursued by a man of great strength who loses a unique opportunity through a moment's weakness. So much has been discovered in recent years both by way of new tablets and points of grammar and lexicography that these new translations by Stephanie Dalley supersede all previous versions. -- from back cover.

Author :
Publisher : Hackett Publishing
Release : 2019-02-19
Page : 128
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 1624667740
Description :

This stirring new version of the great Babylonian epic includes material from the recently discovered "monkey tablet" as well as an Introduction, timeline, glossary, and correspondences between lines of the translation and those of the original texts. "A comprehensive Introduction with a light touch (Beckman), a poetic rendering with verve and moxie (Lombardo): This edition of the colossal Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic should satisfy all readers who seek to plumb its wealth and depth without stumbling over its many inconvenient gaps and cruxes. A fine gift to all lovers of great literature." —Jack M. Sasson, Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Author : Andrew George
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2002-12-31
Page : 228
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0140449191
Description :

Translated with an Introduction by Andrew George.

Author : Geraldine McCaughrean
Publisher : Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Release : 2003-06-20
Page : 96
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9780802852625
Description :

This is one of the oldest stories in the world, and it's about things that still matter to us today: friendship, fame, courage, happiness. Gilgamesh and Enkidu are friends -- best friends. Together they can work wonders, fight monsters, brave earthquakes, travel the world! But waiting in the dark is the one enemy they can never overcome. Retold by award-winning author Geraldine McCaughrean, and illustrated with great power by David Parkins, Gilgamesh the Hero is a story that will linger in the imagination long after the book has been put down.

Author : John R. Maier
Publisher : Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Release : 1997
Page : 491
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9780865163393
Description :

The evolution of the Gilgamesh epic" (1982) / Jeffrey H. Tigay -- From "Gilgamesh in literature and art: the second and first millennia" (1987) / Wilfred G. Lambert -- From "Gilgamesh: sex, love and the ascent of knowledge" (1987) / Benjamin Foster -- "Images of women in the Gilgamesh epic" (1990) / Rivkah Harris -- "The marginalization of the goddesses" (1992) / Tikva Frymer-Kensky -- "Mourning the death of a friend: some assyriological notes" (1993) / Tzvi Abusch -- "Liminality, altered states, and the Gilgamesh epic" (1996) / Sara Mandell -- "Origins: new light on eschatology in Gilgamesh's mortuary journey" (1996) / Raymond J. Clark -- From "a Babylonian in Batavia: Mesopotamian literature and lore in The sunlight dialogues" (1982) / Greg Morris -- "Charles Olson and the poetic uses of Mesopotamian scholarship" / John Maier -- From "'Or also a godly singer, ' Akkadian and early Greek literature" (1984) / Walter Burkert -- From "Gilgamesh and Genesis" (1987) / David Damrosch -- "Praise for death" (1990) / Donald Hall -- From "Gilgamesh in the Arabian nights" (1991) / Stephanie Dalley -- "Ovid's Blanda voluptas and the humanization of Enkidu" (1991) / William L. Moran -- From "the Yahwist's primeval myth" (1992) / Bernard F. Batto -- "Gilgamesh and Philip Roth's Gil Gamesh" (1996) / Marianthe Colakis -- From "The epic of Gilgamesh" (1982) / J. Tracy Luke and Paul W. Pruyser -- From "Gilgamesh and the Sundance Kid: the myth of male friendship" (1987) / Dorothy Hammond and Alta Jablow -- "Gilgamesh and other epics" (1990) / Albert B. Lord -- From "Reaching for abroad: departures" (1991) / Eric J. Leed -- From "Introduction" to he who saw everything (1991) / Robert Temple -- "The oral aesthetic and the bicameral mind" (1991) / Carl Lindahl -- From "Point of view in anthropological discourse: the ethnographer as Gilgamesh" (1991) / Miles Richardson -- From "The wild man: the epic of Gilgamesh" (1992) / Thomas Van Nortwick.

Author : Louise M. Pryke
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2019-03-15
Page : 242
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13 : 1317506707
Description :

Gilgamesh focuses on the eponymous hero of the world’s oldest epic and his legendary adventures. However, it also goes further and examines the significance of the story’s Ancient Near Eastern context, and what it tells us about notions of kingship, animality, and the natures of mortality and immortality. In this volume, Louise M. Pryke provides a unique perspective to consider many foundational aspects of Mesopotamian life, such as the significance of love and family, the conceptualisation of life and death, and the role of religious observance. The final chapter assesses the powerful influence of Gilgamesh on later works of ancient literature, from the Hebrew Bible, to the Odyssey, to The Tales of the Arabian Nights, and his reception through to the modern era. Gilgamesh is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to understand this fascinating figure, and more broadly, the relevance of Near Eastern myth in the classical world and beyond.

Author : Dina Katz
Publisher : BRILL
Release : 1993-01-01
Page : 55
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 9789072371676
Description :

'Gilgamesh and Akka' is a short narative poem in standard literary Sumerian. The protagonist of the tale is Gilgamesh, lord of Uruk. It is the story of Uruk's war of liberation from the hegemony of Kish. Katz's analysis of the literary structure and historical value of the texts sheds new light on the compsition. This volume is meant for specialists and non-specialists alike.

Author : Danny P. Jackson
Publisher : Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Release : 1997
Page : 100
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 9780865163522
Description :

-- 15 original woodcut illustrations -- 18 photographs of ancient artifacts This edition aims to reanimate the story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu for modern readers. The poetic rendition brings words to life through indelible images. A learned and lucid historical and cultural introduction fills in background for the narrative. An interpretative essay reviews the themes of Gilgamesh and their echoes in other literature. The total is a new edition that delights, informs, and stimulates readers to a new appreciation of this age-old tale.