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Author : Stephen F. Arterburn
Jerry Arterburn
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release : 2001-10
Page : 200
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1931232377
Description :

Jerry Arterburn s story parallels that of thousands of men who are troubled by homosexual desires, but want to change. Rejected, alienated, and seduced into the world of homosexuality, Jerry suffered the devastating effects of AIDS before finding hope, acceptance, and an escape. Jerry s story, told with his brother, Steve Arterburn, gives readers hope. They give a way out of homosexuality for those who want to escape. It s a frank story that tells the truth about homosexuality and about how to find freedom and a new life. Why do men become homosexuals? Is there a Way out? What should parents do when early signs of homosexuality develop? How should family and friends respond to gay loved ones? What about gays who have AIDS? Stephen Arterburn founded New Life Clinics, created the Women of Faith conferences attended by more than 1,000,000 women, and hosts the daily radio program, New Life Live. He is the author of more than 40 books, and has been featured in the New York Times and USA Today. Stephen lives with his family in Laguna Beach, California. He wrote this book with his brother, Jerry, who passed away from the effects of AIDS in 1988.

Author : Paul Avallone
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2014-03
Page : 560
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1491725001
Description :

A novel of the Afghan War, authentic, boots-on-the-ground, TATTOO ZOO comes from a veteran of three-plus years in the war--first as a Green Beret, then later years as a freelance writer/photographer embedded with US Army infantry units. This is the story of the courage, camaraderie and sacrifice of the men of the fictional platoon of the title, as these GIs fight a fierce Taliban in a nowhere piece of picturesque real estate called Wajma Valley, while battling a politically correct four-star command determined to prosecute the Zoosters for war crimes or simply leave them in the valley to die.

Author : Regina Oli Igbo
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2011-07-16
Page : 120
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781462034598
Description :

A preacher once asked, “What makes you believe that you are your mother’s child? What proof have you”? The same preacher answered the question: “The only proof you have is because your mother told you so. And you believe her.” The Q&A set me thinking and I arrived at the idea that there could be a possibility where even the mother could not prove that the ‘baby’ she is holding in her arms is hers. This is the case with Tiena’s mother who was ranting and raving, “How can anybody prove that I am not the mother of the baby I carried in my womb for nine months and had her delivered in a recognized ‘maternity hospital’ by a qualified midwife, and there are records to show for that? Read all about the story behind Tiena’s mother’s ranting and raving in the book TIENA.

Author : Mark Sevillano Jr.
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2014-03-05
Page : 116
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1493147005
Description :

The choice I made when I was twenty-three is about a young man's becoming of age story. It's about overcoming battles with identity, sexuality and spirituality. At age twenty-three Mark faces his secrets, pain and anger from the past and announces to his parents that he is gay. After his announcement he begins feeling empty and desperate once again searching for help and answers. One day in his room he receives help in a way he least expected. Mark perseveres through some of his hardest moments in life eventually marrying his true love. Through it all he realizes that everything people do, become, and achieve all starts with the power of a choice. Here is Mark's story of hope to those who have ever wondered who am I? What am I here for? And how one choice can put you in a brand new direction that will change your life forever.

Author : Linda Clay Anderson
Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Release : 2020-03-02
Page : 118
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 164515985X
Description :

A family's love is the best kind of love. It is the first love we learn through our parents and siblings. God express his love for us when he gave his only son to save us. Life is a challenge; sometimes the choices and chances we take are wrong, and then there are the ones we learn from that makes us strong. Don't be so quick to give up on one another. You never know when the road will curve in your life. Family or not, be kind and respectful to one another, 'cause in the blink of an eye, things can change. Stop holding on to hate and letting hate take over. Jeanette made the choice to leave and get help for her addiction. She took the chance on putting it off until later. We aren't the judge of one another, so we cannot say or assume she was too late to turn around. What took place between her and God is unknown. Losing Jeanette was a very hard chapter in our lives. Raising her four daughters with so much sadness, hurt, and anger wasn't easy for us. We managed to keep all four girls within the family; holding on to God's grace, we gave plenty of love and patience to raise these four beautiful girls. No one can predict what will happen in our lifetime. We will lose loved ones and friends along the way. Whether it's by a violent crime, accident, sickness, or old age, it will cause deep pain. These four girls lost their mother at a very young age and with no father to lean on. Now they are grown and raising families of their own. A couple's love is a special bond between two people, but to find a special person is to have a bond with God. You can pray to God day and night, but if you aren't living right, he won't hear you. No one is perfect, but to do your best by living by his word, and he will overlook the rest. He loves us unconditionally that is why he laid down on the cross for us. I myself had given up on love because of so many broken promises and failed relationships. I felt this late in life, love wasn't in the stars for me, so I turned it over to God and left it there. And just when I thought all was lost, there he was, an old friend whom I once had the sparkles of a thousand stars for but never expressed it. To me, the time we lost touch had never happened, about four years or so. He was still that tall, handsome, warm-spirited gentleman I met years ago. We continue being friends like no time had passed until he said six words that will be forever imbedded in my heart, "You know I like you, right?" From there, a beautiful relationship was started.

Author : Jane Igharo
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2020-09-29
Page : 320
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0593101952
Description :

One of Betches' 7 Books by Black Authors You Need to Read This Summer One of Elite Daily’s Books Featuring Interracial Relationships You Should Read In 2020 One of Marie Claire’s 2020 Books You Should Add to Your Reading List When a Nigerian woman falls for a man she knows will break her mother’s heart, she must choose between love and her family. At twelve years old, Azere promised her dying father she would marry a Nigerian man and preserve her culture, even after immigrating to Canada. Her mother has been vigilant about helping—well forcing—her to stay within the Nigerian dating pool ever since. But when another match-made-by-mom goes wrong, Azere ends up at a bar, enjoying the company and later sharing the bed of Rafael Castellano, a man who is tall, handsome, and…white. When their one-night stand unexpectedly evolves into something serious, Azere is caught between her feelings for Rafael and the compulsive need to please her mother. Soon, Azere can't help wondering if loving Rafael makes her any less of a Nigerian. Can she be with him without compromising her identity? The answer will either cause Azere to be audacious and fight for her happiness or continue as the compliant daughter.

Author : Lesley J. Clay
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2017-06-09
Page : 174
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1524696110
Description :

A woman by the name of Latrice Baldwin who goes to a psychic reader and gets her cards read. She makes a wish. Now to make her wish come true, she will do a voodoo ritual with a very powerful spirit that she will awaken inside a coconut. Once awakened, the spirit finds her unworthy. And begins to do evil things to her.

Author : A. S. Thornton
Publisher : CamCat Publishing
Release : 2021-02-02
Page : 448
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0744300509
Description :

A girl of the desert and a jinni born long ago by the sea, both enslaved to the Salt King—but with this capricious magic, only one can be set free. As a daughter of the Salt King, Emel ought to be among the most powerful women in the desert. Instead, she and her sisters have less freedom than even her father's slaves ... for the Salt King uses his own daughters to seduce visiting noblemen into becoming powerful allies by marriage. Escape from her father’s court seems impossible, and Emel dreams of a life where she can choose her fate. When members of a secret rebellion attack, Emel stumbles upon an alluring escape route: her father’s best-kept secret—a wish-granting jinni, Saalim. But in the land of the Salt King, wishes are never what they seem. Saalim’s magic is volatile. Emel could lose everything with a wish for her freedom as the rebellion intensifies around her. She soon finds herself playing a dangerous game that pits dreams against responsibility and love against the promise of freedom. As she finds herself drawn to the jinni for more than his magic, captivated by both him and the world he shows her outside her desert village, she has to decide if freedom is worth the loss of her family, her home and Saalim, the only man she’s ever loved.

Author : James P. L. Wilson
Publisher :
Release : 2005-10
Page : 591
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1411647106
Description :

The Denied Children of God is indeed a one of a kind, absolutley groundbreaking literary offering revealing the true meaning of what it means to be Gay. It is an absolute read for anyone wishing to wake up from a fifteen hundred year old spiritual coma. Whether "straight" or "gay" you cannot read The Denied Children of God and come away unchanged. It is indeed a divinely inspired offering representing the author's life work.Sorry about the cost. On a POD this is merely the cost of production.

Author : Kalpana Swaminathan
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2012-03-09
Page : 288
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 8184756194
Description :

Sita, detective Lalli’s niece—and occasional Watson—runs into former classmate Anais at Mumbai airport. Even as the friends catch up, Anais hands over a cardboard box she is carrying to a waiting woman, nonchalantly informing the traumatized lady that the box contains her son’s ashes. Some days later, Anais herself turns up dead in the slimy Mithi River, a pink nylon rope wrapped ritually around her neck. What does the cardboard box with human remains have to do with Anais’s murder? And what significance do the peculiar knots round her neck have? Lalli must find answers, fast, if she is to prevent more deaths

Author : Chuck McIlhenny
Donna McIlhenny
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2000-11-01
Page : 256
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0595154328
Description :

"The house is on fire!"

Author : Sharon Cameron
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2020-03-03
Page : 400
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1338355953
Description :

The extraordinary story of Stefania Podgórska, a Polish teenager who chose bravery and humanity by hiding thirteen Jews in her attic during WWII, from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sharon Cameron - now a Reese's Book Club YA Pick!

Author : Chaudhary Kaushal Kishore Thakur
Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
Release : 2016-01-01
Page : 272
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9351867358
Description :

ÔMassacre at MidnightÕ is a fascinating tale of medieval intrigue and revenge in the best traditions of Ômagic realismÕ with a touch of the divine. Set in the Mughal times, the story opens with the covetous Nawaab of Waariaul locking horns with the principled estate-owner of Singhwaar over the possession of LaaDlii and Pyaare, a famed pair of hunting dogs. The Nawaab enlists the support of Mughal army under false pretences, portraying SinghwaarÕs Thaakur as a seditious renegade. The family is massacred to the last man and Singhwaar is laid waste. The widow gives birth to a male heir in a fugue, abandoning the infant in the wilderness. The child is miraculously saved by the benevolent goddess Vana-Durgaa and becomes her favourite. When he comes of age, Destiny takes him to the imperial court at Delhi for a show-down with his fatherÕs murderer, witnessed by the Great Mughal himself. Based largely on folklore, ÔMassacre at MidnightÕ is replete with enchanting old world belief in miracles, spirits protecting family fortunes and poetic justice for the unjust as well as glimpses of life in medieval Mithilaa.

Author : Brett Stephan Bass
Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
Release : 2015-12-10
Page : 214
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 145754282X
Description :

Pursuit, a tale of impassioned romance written in the shadow of Romeo and Juliet, is woven into a tumultuous era when man's inhumanity to man was consumed by greed and cold-hearted indifference. It was a time that bore witness to the "Atlantic slave trade" when millions of black Africans were kidnapped or sold and then packed like sardines in the hold of a ship to be carried in chains across the "Middle Passage" to become beasts of burden. Set in nineteenth century Guiana, a British colony in South America where sugar and coffee plantations flourished, Pursuit's backdrop is a frozen moment in time when a planter, deprived of a conscience, employed a whip and deprivation to control his human chattels. Rising from the ashes of a slave rebellion was the memory of a man who would grow in stature to become a national and international symbol of the perniciousness of human subjugation-a slave named Quamina. Thus, Pursuit, in part, is a tribute to his unsung legacy. Frederick and Bethel had two differing complexions. He was white and free, while she was black and enslaved. Fate toyed with their lives, although it knew that they were always meant to be together. But providence can be both generous and fickle in its disposition. Would Bethel and Frederick be lovers removed from harm's way? Or, would they be Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers, forbidden to be together until united by death? BRETT STEPHAN BASS is an attorney-at-law who began his professional career specializing in corporate litigation and appellate work. Leaving an active legal practice to become a business entrepreneur, he retired at age 50 to study science, art, literature, religion, and philosophy, to travel the world with his wife, Rosalind, to hone his skills as a photographer, and to write extensively about a variety of life experiences. He and his wife reside just outside of New York City.

Author : Dympna Ugwu-Oju
Publisher : Taylor Trade Publishing
Release : 1995
Page : 414
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 :
Description :

A woman from the Ibo tribe of Eastern Nigeria chronicles her life, recounting her struggles to overcome the restrictions of her culture's traditions, her travels to the United States, and her successful career. 50,000 first printing. National ad/promo. Tour. IP.

Author : Lori Wick
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Release : 2004-07-15
Page : 368
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0736931430
Description :

New from Lori Wick, this stand-alonestory shows how unexpected changes can set the perfect course for love. 1945, WWII—When Lieutenant Donovan Riggs experiences trouble with his PT boat, the sailors of Every Storm make an unscheduled stop...and a surprising discovery. Lorraine Archer is an American teacher living and working in Australia. While on a flight with her sister, her daydreams are disrupted by the sounds of the plane going down. Lorri ends up alone on a deserted island in the Pacific. And just when she loses all hope of being found...Donovan and his crew arrive. Neither Donovan nor Lorri suspect that their encounter is the beginning of something very certain...a future not left to chance, but to faith.

Author : Lynn C. Miller
Jacqueline Taylor
Publisher : Univ of Wisconsin Press
Release : 2003
Page : 322
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9780299184247
Description :

Fourteen bold, dynamic, and daring women take the stage in this collection of women's lives and stories. Individually and collectively, these writers and performers speak the unspoken and perform the heretofore unperformed. The first section includes scripts and essays about performances of the lives of Gertrude Stein, Georgia O'Keeffe, Mary Church Terrell, Charlotte Cushman, Anaïs Nin, Calamity Jane, and Mary Martin. The essays consider intriguing interpretive issues that arise when a woman performer represents another woman's life. In the second section, seven performers--Tami Spry, Jacqueline Taylor, Linda Park-Fuller, Joni Jones, Terri Galloway, Linda M. Montano, and Laila Farah--tell their own stories. Ranging from narrrative lectures (sometimes aided by slides and props) to theatrical performances, their works wrest comic and dramatic meaning from a world too often chaotic and painful. Their performances engage issues of sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, loss of parent, disability, life and death, and war and peace. The volume as a whole highlights issues of representation, identity, and staging in autobiographical performance. It examines the links among theory and criticism of women's autobiography, feminist performance theory, and performance practice.

Author : Margaret Daley
Lisa Harris
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2015-02-01
Page : 224
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1460380630
Description :

More of the suspense you love — now Love Inspired Suspense brings you six new titles, in two convenient bundles! Enjoy these contemporary heart-pounding tales of suspense, romance, hope and faith. This Love Inspired Suspense bundle includes To Save Her Child by Margaret Daley, Taken by Lisa Harris and Silent Hunter by Maggie K. Black. Look for 6 new inspirational suspense stories every month from Love Inspired Suspense!

Author : Faye Robinson
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Release : 2018-10-18
Page : 334
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1480956023
Description :

An Ordinary Girl By: Faye Robinson Have you ever felt your life spiraling out of control? Or felt as though the trials of ordinary life are too strenuous to handle? You’re not alone. The chaos and insecurities of your life are nothing compared to the power of God, Who has an ultimate plan for you and your journey. In fact, the challenges, obstacles, and hiccups in life are His way of developing you, your soul, and your spirit. An autobiography filled with humor and spiritual force, An Ordinary Girl: My Path to Peace of Mind features honest reflections and real stories from the life of Faye Robinson. She examines her childhood interactions, her own maturation, and her family relationships. Although heartbreaking at times, the reality of Robinson’s life exposes the ways in which the Lord can guide a person through even the darkest of times. As Robinson shares her own experiences, she looks to inspire her readers and help them find their own inner strength and peace.

Author : Rev. Carole M. Lunde
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2009-05-06
Page : 440
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1440137463
Description :

Luke 10:38 Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village, and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. This short story in the Book of Luke indicates that Martha, Mary, Lazarus, and Jesus were dear friends. It is possible they met at her house often. There is a middle eastern tradition of hospitality to strangers. So it is also possible travelers were accorded hospitality at Marthas as well. I chose Marthas house as the place where stories were shared and expanded those stories. It is exciting to flesh these stories out with characters that might have been there, telling their stories as well. These stories are fun and interesting to read and they make great dramas. Read and enjoy them, or create dramas from them. You will receive a perspective on the Bible that is both thrilling and personally enlightening.