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Author : Shaun Tyson
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2012-06-14
Page : 480
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1136405283
Description :

Essentials of HRM combines a commentary on organizational behaviour with an explanation of human resource management techniques, and also acts as an introduction to industrial relations. It will prove an invaluable aid to those studying for professional qualifications, such as Membership of the Institute of Personnel Management or the Diploma in Management Studies, and for students on general business or social service courses. Equally, the practising manager will find this book a useful and practical guide.

Author : Gary Dessler
Nina D. Cole
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Release : 1998-04
Page : 736
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780139075285
Description :

Appropriate for Human Resource Management and Personnel courses. This comprehensive review of essential HRM concepts and techniques is complemented by the authors' highly readable style. The text provides extensive coverage of all essential HRM topics such as job analysis, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, health and safety, and union-management relations.

Author : Stephen Bach
Martin Edwards
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2013-01-22
Page : 436
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1119991536
Description :

This revised edition is a comprehensive, authoritative set of essays. It is more detailed and analytical than the mainstream treatments of HRM. As in previous editions, Managing Human Resources analyses HRM, the study of work and employment, using an integrated multi-disciplinary approach. The starting point is a recognition that HRM practice and firm performance are influenced by a variety of institutional arrangements that extend beyond the firm. The consequences of HRM need to incorporate analysis of employees and other stakeholders as well as the implications for organizational performance.

Author : Robert Konopaske
John Ivancevich
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
Release : 2012-02-16
Page : 672
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780078029127
Description :

Human Resource Management, 12e by Ivancevich and Konopaske takes a managerial orientation; that is it takes the position that HRM is relevant to managers in every unit, project, or team. Managers are constantly faced with HRM issues, problems, and decision-making and the text's primary goal is to show how each manager must be a human resource problem solver and diagnostician. This book pays attention to the application of HRM approaches in "real" organizational settings and situations. Realism, understanding, and critical thinking were important in the revision. Students and faculty alike have identified readability and relevance as key strengths of the text. The Twelfth Edition provides a book that stimulates ideas and keeps all users up-to-date on HRM thinking and practice.

Author : Randy Paul Battaglio
Publisher : SAGE
Release : 2014-09-17
Page : 440
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 1452218234
Description :

This book offers a novel take on public human resource management (PHRM) by providing practical guidance for practitioners operating in a drastically reformed HR environment. Reviewing foundational topics like recruitment and retention, pay and benefits, equal employment opportunity, and performance appraisal in light of five key reforms (decentralization, deregulation, declassification, privatization, and performance-based pay), author R. Paul Battaglio assesses how the traditional practice of public HR has changed--and not necessarily for the better. New material on human resource information systems, managing motivation in the public sector, and public HR management education is included -- a topic rarely found in contemporary PHRM texts. Public Human Resource Management is an essential guide to public HR management and navigating the challenges and opportunities posed in the changing landscape of HR reform.

Author : Hermann F. Schwind
Krista Uggerslev
Publisher :
Release : 2019
Page :
Category : Personnel management
ISBN 13 : 9781259654923
Description :

Author : Catherine Bailey
David Mankin
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2018
Page : 416
Category : Human capital
ISBN 13 : 0198705409
Description :

What is strategic HRM, and how do you apply it in business? What makes good HR strategy and how do you develop it? What are the key issues that need to be considered when creating, developing, and embedding a strategic approach to managing people? These are the fundamental questions asked byHR professionals and tackled in this innovative and comprehensive textbook.Drawing on the latest academic research, the well-respected author team take a reliably thematic approach to SHRM. Broken into four distinct parts, the book addresses the context, theories, themes, and future of managing people strategically. Tata Motors, Samsung, Pizza Express, and Deliveroo makeup some of the case studies and examples that feature across the book, ensuring that theoretical discussion is always linked to practical application. New "Strategic HRM in Action" boxes take this one step further by presenting students with a scenario in which they themselves can make strategicdecisions and reflect on their own evaluation of real-life business practices.Critical thinking is essential in SHRM, so frequent Critical Reflection boxes, Review Questions, and questions or activities to accompany every case study ensure students are challenged to engage with the subject critically and reflectively, and consider their own evaluations of the essentialtheories and the strategic practices adopted by different organizations. Global case studies and an opening chapter dedicated to the global context of SHRM challenge the dominant Western perspective and provide a rounded and adaptable view of SHRM.A user-friendly structure and wide range of learning features, including learning objectives, key concept boxes, and summaries, ensure the text remains accessible, even for those completely new to SHRM, allowing all students to benefit from the book's ideal balance between the latest academic theoryand contemporary, real-world practice.The book is accompanied by a selection of online resources:For students:* Glossary* Web linksFor registered lecturers:* Additional case studies* PowerPoint slides* Seminar activities* Suggested case study answers* Figures from the book

Author : Gary Dessler
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Release : 2015-10
Page : 720
Category : Personnel management
ISBN 13 : 9780134235455
Description :

For courses in Management. Modern Human Resources: Technology, Social Media, and Management Human Resource Management provides readers with the daily tools and skills they need to function as successful managers--in both human resources and business in general. With a practical approach, the text explores the evolution of the field, highlighting the introduction of revolutionary new technologies and social media platforms such as LinkedIn and cloud computing. The Fifteenth Edition focuses on the positive impacts technology has had on the HR field. The ability to vet potential employees on the Internet shifts more HR responsibilities to managers, leaving HR departments with more time to carry out strategic, long-term endeavors for boosting employee performance and engagement. With a heavy focus on emerging industry trends, the text prepares readers with everything they need to be successful managers and HR personnel in the 21st century. Also Available with MyManagementLab® This title is available with MyManagementLab–an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts. NOTE: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyManagementLab does not come packaged with this content. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyManagementLab search for: 0134304233 / 9780134304236 Human Resource Management Plus MyManagementLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package Package consists of: 0134235452 / 9780134235455 Human Resource Management 0134237811 / 9780134237817 Access Card Title MyManagementLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Human Resource Management

Author : David Collings
Geoffrey Wood
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2014-11-13
Page : 588
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1317644719
Description :

International human resource management (IHRM) is a key area of research in the sphere of international business and management. Described as a field in its infancy in the 1980s, IHRM has quickly advanced through adolescence and into maturity. Today, it is a vibrant and diverse discipline which boasts a large and active body of researchers across the globe. This volume examines cutting-edge themes, with the input of contributions from both established and emerging scholars. The Routledge Companion to International Human Resource Management gives a state-of-the-art overview of the key themes, topics and debates in the discipline, with valuable insights into directions for future research. Drawing on a large and respected international contributor base and with its focus on mature and emerging markets, this book is an essential resource for researchers, students and IHRM professionals alike.

Author : Eileen Crawley
Stephen Swailes
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2013-03-07
Page : 359
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0199563217
Description :

This text provides students with an introduction to international human resource management. The authors assume no background knowledge of HRM and blend academic theories with numerous practical examples. Case studies from a wide range of geographical regions and cultures are employed, East as well as West.

Author : Lanny Entrekin
Brenda D. Scott-Ladd
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-10-08
Page : 214
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1135926298
Description :

This exciting new book has grown from a need to provide practical advice to managers who deal with contemporary human resource and change issues. A crucial role of a manager is to respond in the best interests of the organisation and at the same time retain talent. Skill shortages and ageing populations in developed economies and the need for emerging economies to develop their workforce coincide to present managers with unique challenges. Human Resource Management and Change: A practising managers guide offers a timely overview of recent environmental and economic changes as depicted by the DELTA forces of change. These include demographic, environmental, legal, technical and attitudinal changes that are in part the product of globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The fundamental strategies for managing change and implementing human resource practices are clearly explained. End of chapter study guides further explain the topics of the chapters by providing case studies and review and discussion questions as well as further reading. The text reflects the everyday challenge managers face in a turbulent environment and focuses on providing practical guidelines to managers who may not have higher academic qualifications to help them manage people and change.

Author : Stella M. Nkomo
Myron D. Fottler
Publisher : PWS Publishing Company
Release : 1988
Page : 234
Category : Personnel management
ISBN 13 : 9780534872106
Description :

Author : Liza Castro Christiansen
Michal Biron
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2017-08-04
Page : 332
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1317362446
Description :

This casebook is a collection of international teaching cases focusing on contemporary human resource management issues. Each case centers primarily on one country and illustrates a significant challenge faced by managers and HR practitioners, helping students to understand how the issues they learn about in class play out in the real world. The cases emphasize the national and cultural contexts of HR management, providing readers with a global understanding of employee motivation, reward systems, recruitment and selection, career development, and more. In this edition, the editors and authors have made significant updates to reflect recent developments in the field and cover a broader range of countries in Eastern Europe and Africa. The authors also delve into new industries like food service, clothing manufacturing, and transportation as well as IT and academia. Recommendations for further reading and relevant videos provide readers with practical insights into the modern HRM field. With more than 30 cases followed by questions and tasks to encourage reflection, this is a valuable companion for any student of human resource management.

Author : Jac Fitz-enz
Barbara Davison
Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Release : 2002-01-16
Page : 351
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780071369985
Description :

Is it cost-effective to add staff in a given area? Does a training program have a positive impacton costs and sales? In this era of increasing cost and budget justification, HR managers are under increasing pressure to measure performance, defend their budgets against outsourcing, and even to justify their own existence. This text provides a quantifiable method for accurately measuring the productivity of all major personnel functions. This allows the HR manager to communicate with senior management in the quantitative business language senior management understands. It also helps HR Managers make tough decisions ranging from how many additional staff people to hire, and how much to spend on a training program.

Author : Adrian Wilkinson
Nicolas Bacon
Publisher : SAGE
Release : 2019-04-08
Page : 638
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1526457245
Description :

The new edition of this SAGE Handbook builds on the success of the first by providing a fully updated and expanded overview of the field of human resource management. Bringing together contributions from leading international scholars - and with brand new chapters on key emerging topics such as talent management, engagement , e-HRM and big data - the Handbook focuses on familiarising the reader with the fundamentals of applied human resource management, while contextualizing practice within wider theoretical considerations. Internationally minded chapters combine a critical overview with discussion of key debates and research, as well as comprehensively dealing with important emerging interests. The second edition of this Handbook remains an indispensable resource for advanced students and researchers in the field. PART 01: Context of Human Resource Management PART 02: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management PART 03: Contemporary Issues

Author : Geoffrey Wood
Publisher :
Release : 2009
Page : 319
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780415462471
Description :

Effective management of human resources is essential to the success of any organization. In this authoritative, sophisticated and engaging new text on Human Resource Management, an international team of leading analysts guides the advanced student through this fundamental discipline of management in all its complexity. The book explores all the central themes and concepts of HRM theory and practice, and introduces the most important issues influencing contemporary practice in a wide range of organizational contexts. It systematically examines the main functional areas of HRM, and engages with a number of key contemporary issues for both scholars and practitioners. Topics covered include: Strategic HRM Ethics in HRM Knowledge management HRM and performance Outsourcing and implications for HRM HRM in small and medium enterprises Key functional areas of HR practice International HRM Adopting a critical perspective throughout that challenges the student to examine closely the fundamental purpose and practices of HRM, this book is essential reading for all serious students of Human Resource Management and for any HRM professional looking to deepen his understanding of the subject.

Author : Michael Armstrong
Publisher : Kogan Page Publishers
Release : 2006
Page : 982
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780749446314
Description :

Revised in the light of recent developments in HRM policy and practice, this text now includes new chapters on human capital management, the role of the front line manager, HR strategies, and implementing HR strategies and learning and development. It also incorporates the results of surveys and research projects conducted by professionals.

Author : Talya Bauer
Berrin Erdogan
Publisher : SAGE Publications, Incorporated
Release : 2019-01-28
Page : 728
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781506363127
Description :

Human resources is rapidly evolving into a data-rich field but with big data comes big decisions. The best companies understand how to use data to make strategic workforce decisions and gain significant competitive advantage. Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics by Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, David Caughlin, and Donald Truxillo introduces students to the fundamentals of talent management with integrated coverage of data analytics and how they can be used to inform and support decisions about people in an organization. Features tied to SHRM competencies and data exercises give readers hands-on opportunities to practice the analytical and decision-making skills they need to excel in today’s job market. Engaging examples illustrate key HRM concepts and theories, which brings many traditional HRM topics concepts to life. Whether your students are future managers or future HR professionals, they will learn best practices for managing talent across the lifecycle in the changing workplace.

Author : David C. Thomas
Mila B. Lazarova
Publisher : SAGE Publications
Release : 2013-06-28
Page : 376
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1483315878
Description :

Essentials of International Human Resource Management: Managing People Globally, by David C. Thomas and Mila B. Lazarova, provides concise coverage of key HRM concepts, balancing comparative approaches and US and non-US schools of thought. Not limited to the multinational firm, this book reflects the most current knowledge in the field and considers all types of organizations embedded in the global context. Chapter-opening vignettes (short cases) exemplify the chapter’s core topics and show readers how chapter content can be applied. Extensive references make it easy for readers to explore concepts in more depth.

Author : Rae Simons
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2011-04-15
Page : 324
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1926692896
Description :

Human resource management is the strategic approach to management of an organization’s most valuable asset—its people. It covers the recruitment, management, and direction of people who work for the organization and deals with employee compensation and benefits, hiring and training, performance management, organization development, safety and wellness, and organizational communication. Human Resource Management: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities covers a broad array of topics on human resources management, including new emphasis on corporate social commitment, management practices that are essential for retaining effective professionals, financial rewards to stimulate longer workforce participation, entrepreneurial leadership, examination of leadership styles in different countries, dealing with organizational change, teamwork and employee resistance, integrating human resources aspects with corporate goals, and more. This book provides an interesting group of chapters that shed light on a variety of international human resources management styles and practices. The competitive nature of twenty-first-century global commerce requires that businesses be managed strategically by managers who are knowledgeable in the principles of the field. The efficient, nonexploitive use of human resources is essential to building successful businesses around the world.