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Author : Julia Cook
Publisher : Boys Town Press
Release : 2018-01-23
Page : 32
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1545721491
Description :

RJ is struggling in math class and many of his assignments are missing or incomplet. With help he discovers how to stay organized so he doesn't have to do things over and over again.

Author : WL Knightly
Publisher : BrixBaxter Publishing
Release : 2020-10-23
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Now that Connor Cohen is dead, Silas Cohen is free to live the life he wants. But there are still two men in the way. When Enzo Juarez tries to make a new deal with Fiona, her good intentions get the best of her and she unexpectedly puts Silas in danger. Can Alex’s connections save them this time? All bets are off when it’s every man for themselves in this series’ finale.

Author : Elle Middaugh
Publisher :
Release : 2017-01-18
Page : 350
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1508050759
Description :

Valerie Moore is an Elemental, a person who commands one of the classical elements of wind, water, fire, or earth. She’s special, though. She controls two—fire and water—though sometimes it seems like they control her. After the accidental exposure of Elementals to humanity, Valerie finds herself—and all of her kind—struggling to attain equality. Three different groups fight to secure leadership, and with all of their hidden agendas, she doesn’t know which side to choose. The balance between peaceful cohabitation and all-out war is precarious, at best. When a chance meeting brings Val and earth Elemental Cade Landston back together, everything changes. She realizes what she knew in the beginning—that he’s the one she wants. Her desire to win him over draws her closer to him, and his vengeful mission to hunt down her murderous grandfather brings them both closer to trouble. From mysterious doppelgangers to reckless rescue missions, scapegoat bombings, and evolving Elemental powers, Valerie strains to keep up. All she knows is she must stop her grandfather at all costs. To do so, she has to figure out the truth. But how can she, when almost everyone she knows has been telling lies?

Author : Megan Hall
Publisher : TouchPoint Press via PublishDrive
Release : 2017-04-07
Page : 198
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Kinsley Johnson seems to have everything going well in her world. She’s starting her junior year, her best friend is by her side, and the new boy happens to be really cute and is paying attention to her. So why isn’t Kinsley happy? With an English teacher who knows more than just literature, a youth leader who won’t give up on her, and a brush against a dangerous addiction, Kinsley has to decide if there is anything out there that can anchor her. If she could just find it, maybe her soul could catch somewhere and rest.

Author : Greta Rose West
Publisher : Punk Rose Press
Release : 2021-06-03
Page : 279
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1955633010
Description :

IT’S BEEN SEVEN YEARS Dean Cade has come home to Cade Ranch from his time as a sniper with the US Military, seven years after he lied and pushed Carolyn Masterson away. But when she returns from veterinary school in England to work at their local clinic, he can’t make himself stay away from her. He needs her. But Oly’s a different woman now, and Dean came back broken, harboring a secret that could destroy his brothers. What can he offer her? HOME AGAIN Oly’s back in Wisper, and all she wants to do is live her life, take care of horses, and avoid Dean Cade like the freakin’ plague. But she can’t get that brooding, stubborn cowboy out of her head. She knows he’s different—damaged—after his time with the Marines, but she can’t stop thinking about him and about the white-hot night they shared. When Dean is hired to protect her from a mysterious threat in both their lives, she knows she can’t walk away, but if Dean doesn’t open up and let her in, that’s exactly what she’ll have to do… And it would break her. The second book in The Cade Ranch series, BROKEN, is a steamy, second-chance romance about coming home again and learning to forgive.

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities
Publisher :
Release : 1973
Page :
Category : Presidents
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Raelene Dundon
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Release : 2019-02-21
Page : 224
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 1784508381
Description :

This comprehensive and accessible guide contains everything that needs to be known in order to set up and run a Minecraft® Social Group for children with autism spectrum disorders. Minecraft®, often described as 'digital Lego', provides an ideal forum to help children with autism and related conditions to develop social and communication skills. This book offers guidance on how to use the game to support the learning of social and emotional concepts such as having a conversation, showing interest in others and understanding another person's point of view. With over 150 pages of photocopiable and downloadable session plans, visuals and handouts, this manual is essential reading for professionals working with autism who are interested in introducing Minecraft® to support social skill development in their students.

Author : Vivian Blue
Publisher : Sullivan Group Publishing
Release : 2015-10-11
Page : 240
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1648403859
Description :

Life with Shade and Kingston is finally coming together. Shade has let her guard down, and decided Kingston is worthy of her loyalty. And, Kingston decides it's time to see if the proof is in the pudding, so he sends Shade out on a mission with Anthony to test her skills. But, the end result opens up a part of Shade’s past she buried while in jail, and conjured up an old mutual friend, that both Kingston and Shade share in common. Now back home in Jamaica, Kingston is faced with his brother Chauncey’s ploys to kill him and their father, in order to gain control of their families Jamaican drug empire with Kingston’s ex-wife Cynthia by his side. Kingston’s hate for her blatant disrespect drives his desire to take his daughters back to America with him. And, when Shade shows up unexpectedly to Jamaica, she is faced with the judgment of Kingston’s mother and his ex-wife. And the lust of Chauncey, the man who wants to destroy her beloved Kingston. But, when an assassination attempt goes wrong, Chauncey sets in motion a kidnapping plan with Jefferson, that could have deadly consequences if Kingston doesn’t play along with the demands.

Author : London Knight
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2009-10
Page : 148
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1438943954
Description :

For most that work with in the strip club industry, help comes far to late. Until now, the stripper code of silence has never been broken and the truth never told. Stiletto Diaries will take you off the stage, out of the bright neon lights, and straight into the truth behind the strip club industry, a world where drug overdoses and murder are a daily occurrence, a world run by the mob themselves. It is solely within the stories of those who have lost their lives due to the industry can the real story be told. So take my hand and come with me on a journey that few ever get to take.

Author : Jonathan Kozol
Publisher : Crown Publishing Group (NY)
Release : 2013-09-03
Page : 354
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1400052475
Description :

The author of the National Book Award-winning Rachel and Her Children and Amazing Grace continues the personal journeys of inner-city youths who have struggled to work through formidable racial and economic inequalities while approaching adulthood. 60,000 first printing.

Author : Gudrun Doll-Tepper
Christoph Dahms
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2012-12-06
Page : 485
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 3642748732
Description :

From 21-24 June 1989 the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IF APA) held its 7th International Symposium "Adapted Physical Activity -An Interdisciplinary Approach" in Berlin (West). This was the first time that this symposium has been held in a German speaking country, and it presented unique challenges to the organizers. For example, neither the term nor the field of adapted physical activity was known in Germany before the symposium. Thus, at the outset, the organizers' task was to define the meaning of adapted physical activity as a concept and to identify areas and professionals associated with it. After lengthy and intense discussions we agreed on the following definition: Adapted physical activity refers to movement, physical activity, and sports in which special emphasis is placed on the interests and capabilities of individuals with limiting conditions, such as the disabled, health impaired or aged. Despite the fact that the use of an English term for a symposium in Germany would not be accepted by all German speaking professionals, it was decided to use this term because no translation appeared to be fully adequate. "Sports for the Disabled", "Modified Movement Activites", "Sport Therapy", or "Psychomotor Exercises" would have represented only single aspects of adapted physical activity and were thus incomplete.

Author : Lama Yeshe
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2004-06-15
Page : 352
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0861713893
Description :

Like Becoming the Compassion Buddha, this is another of Lama Yeshe's examinations of key Tantric deity practices in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Common to all four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of Vajrasattva is used to purify obstacles to spiritual development, negative karma, and illness. Lama Yeshe, the inspirational teacher who strongly influenced the development of Buddhism in the West, found that the practice of Vajrasattva brought dramatic results for his Western students. Becoming Vajrasattva is a complete guide to this purification practice, providing instruction on the method, commentary on the traditional texts, and insight into tantra. Also included is an entire section of complete retreat instructions?required reading for anyone undertaking a meditation retreat in the Tibetan tradition.

Author : Bernard Lee Deleo
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2002-09-01
Page : 672
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1403343667
Description :

Author : Patricia MacDonald
Publisher : Severn House Publishers Ltd
Release : 2019-03-01
Page : 320
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1448301815
Description :

A heavily pregnant young woman returns to her small hometown to discover it’s not the safe haven she had first supposed... Following a whirlwind romance with an old acquaintance she bumped into at a high school reunion, heavily pregnant Dena Russell has moved back to her small hometown to start a new life with horse breeder Brian Riley. But something isn’t right. As Brian’s behaviour grows increasingly disturbing, Dena flees her new home, finding refuge with an old schoolfriend. Then the bloodstained, battered body is found, and Dena is forced to think the unthinkable: could the father of her unborn child be a coldblooded killer? And, if so, how can she and her baby escape his clutches...?

Author : Barbara Dunlop
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2014-02-15
Page : 224
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1460371917
Description :

Jordan Adamson is in a jam. His idyllic life in Alaska has never been the same since a chance encounter with a twin brother he hadn't known he had. Jordan has to impersonate Jeffrey in front of his closest colleagues, and in L.A., no less! Good thing Jordan met Ashley Baines—she's offered to steer him clear…right to bed! Ashley's got the biggest promotion of her life standing right in front of her, yet all she can see is tall, hunky, laid-back Jeffrey? He's saying all the right things and making all the right moves, but she's never had the urge to touch him before. Can this be the same uptight guy she once knew, who's now back in town after the same hotshot job she's up for? With the lies closing in on Jordan, can Ashley get past the truth once she knows it? Only one thing's for sure, it's gonna be too close to call!

Author : Great Britain. Commission on the Palestine Disturbances of August 1929
Publisher :
Release : 1930
Page : 1142
Category : Great Britain
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Melanie Colleton
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2020-05-14
Page : 104
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1663200815
Description :

Pumkin, a middle-aged African-American female revisit her traumatic childhood in flashbacks throughout this tale of soul searching. She suffered traumatic family situation as a child that affected her ability to make sound decisions as an adult. Struggling with mental illness and drug dependency, Pumkin devises a plan to change her life, leaving the people behind who caused or allowed her suffering. Her first step is to change her surroundings. She’s soon discovered that new places and faces may help, but they can’t completely cure the devastation that has crippled her mind. To have to continue searching for ways to overcome her demons, for the sake of her children and for any real shot at a normal life.

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Subcommittee on Public Lands and National Parks
Publisher :
Release : 1982
Page :
Category : Wilderness areas
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Kim Scott
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2021-03-16
Page : 320
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 125027074X
Description :

From Kim Scott, author of the revolutionary New York Times bestseller Radical Candor, comes Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair—how we can recognize, attack, and eliminate workplace injustice—and transform our careers and organizations in the process. We—all of us—consistently exclude, underestimate, and underutilize huge numbers of people in the workforce even as we include, overestimate, and promote others, often beyond their level of competence. Not only is this immoral and unjust, it's bad for business. Just Work is the solution. Just Work is Kim Scott's new book, revealing a practical framework for both respecting everyone’s individuality and collaborating effectively. This is the essential guide leaders and their employees need to create more just workplaces and establish new norms of collaboration and respect.

Author : T Warren
Tony Warren MBE
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2011-12-31
Page : 784
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1448134609
Description :

From the creator of Coronation Street comes a classic love story Tony Warren, the man who invented Elsie Tanner and Ena Sharples now introduces a whole new gallery of unforgettable characters in a stunning debut novel. It is a story - spanning forty years - of a woman, and of a city. It is the story of Sorrel Starkey, destined to become one of the greatest television stars, fated to rise to the heights of fame and fortune, and to do battle with sorrow and humiliation. It is a story of joy, of hope and of human fallibility. Above all it is a love story you will never forget.