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Author : Elinoar Keller
Naama Peleg Segal
Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Release : 2015-08-24
Page : 26
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0802854532
Description :

As she tries to create a perfect picture, a girl keeps drawing outside the lines but rather than give up, she simply transforms the picture into something new.

Author : Rebecca Schlossberg
Publisher :
Release : 2008
Page : 45
Category : Suicide
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Daaimah S. Poole
Publisher : Kensington Publishing Corp.
Release : 2009-08-01
Page : 320
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0758242328
Description :

Essence® bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole introduces readers to a young woman with a hot voice and superstar dreams. . . Talented Kendra Michelle Thomas always dreamed of becoming a singing sensation. But when a broken childhood lands her and her siblings in foster care, there's not much opportunity for making dreams come true. Before she knows it, Kendra's twenty-five years old, a bartender, and trapped in a relationship going nowhere. . . Determined to finally give her dreams a chance, Kendra spends her small savings on a demo. She soon gets a series of gigs. . .and finally a recording contract. But when a turn of events lands her right back where she started, she'll have to make a choice: sink back into obscurity--or discover if she's really got what it takes. . . "The voice of a new generation." --Karen Quinones Miller

Author : Victoria Pade
Publisher : Silhouette
Release : 2011-10-17
Page : 224
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1459218450
Description :

FAMILY MATTERS Small-town cop Luke Walker smelled trouble the moment Karis Pratt arrived on his doorstep, claiming the baby she held in her arms was his. Luke had been devastated once before when Karis's sister left town with the daughter she confessed his. And though his mind and his heart had every reason to be skeptical, Luke soon realized that Karis was nothing like her impetuous sister. From birth, the little girl who could be his daughter had gripped his heart in her tiny fist and wouldn't let go. Was it possible that these two females could ultimately be his…to have and to hold?

Author : Lea Coll
Publisher : Lea Coll
Release :
Page : 600
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1955586012
Description :

For the first time ever, grab the first two books from the All I Want series in one box set. Choose Me: As soon as I moved from the city to a small town, I attracted the attention of the town's hottest cop. The only problem is...we work on opposite sides of the law and he's running for sheriff. When the election heats up, will he choose me? Be with Me: When Jack comes back to save his father's business, I noticed he's filled out since high school. When he stops by my bakery each morning with a boyish smile and wink, I don't want to be friends anymore. It's time to show him, I'm all grown up. All I want is for him to be with me.

Author : Simon Chapple
Publisher : Sheldon Press
Release : 2020-12-24
Page : 288
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1529357594
Description :

'AN INSPIRATIONAL MANIFESTO' - Annie Grace 'SIMON IS FABULOUS - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!' - Clare Pooley Do you feel trapped by alcohol? Do you find yourself thinking about drinking too often? Do you put alcohol ahead of the most important things in your life? If so - here's some good news. You can quit drinking, and it's not as difficult as you think. Simon Chapple is a Certified Alcohol Coach who has helped thousands of people change the way that alcohol features in their lives. In How to Quit Drinking in 50 Days he'll give you a structured way to find complete freedom from alcohol - for now, or forever. This 50-day journey to freedom is split into two parts. Days 1-25 will ask you to take an honest look at the impact alcohol has had on your life, to examine the reasons for your drinking, and will arm you with the best strategy for quitting alcohol successfully. Days 26-50 will ask you to make the commitment to taking a break from alcohol - taking each step with one chapter a day, and answering the questions that come up. There are strategies for dealing with challenges and setbacks, and a wealth of resources for finding support and inspiration. Above all, there is a genuine passion for the sober adventure, and the huge rewards of an alcohol-free life - a life of freedom that's waiting for you. *Includes free downloadable workbook and journal* Download the workbook from the John Murray Learning Library website, or the free John Murray Learning app. PREORDERED? VISIT SIMON'S 'BE SOBER' WEBSITE TO CLAIM YOUR PLACE ON AN EXCLUSIVE WORKSHOP

Author : Garry L. Landreth
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Release : 2012-04-27
Page : 442
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 1136854479
Description :

Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship is the newest incarnation of Garry Landreth’s comprehensive text on creating therapeutic relationships with children through play. It details the Child-Centered Play Therapy model, which stresses the importance of understanding the child’s world and perspective. This approach facilitates the play therapy process while allowing therapist and client to fully connect. Professors who have taught a course based on the previous edition will be pleased to find the core message intact, but updated with a significant body of recent research. Expanded to cover additional topics of interest, the new edition includes: a full chapter on current research in play therapy new sections on supervising play therapists, legal and ethical issues and multicultural concerns 30 new photographs that show the author demonstrating techniques in-session practical tips for working with parents instructions on play room set-up and materials online instructor resources. The Third Edition will feel both familiar and fresh to educators and trainers who have relied on Landreth’s text for years. The guidelines, transcripts, and case examples offered help therapists govern sensitive issues at every stage of the therapeutic process, from the first meeting to the end of the relationship.

Author : Kathleen O'Hara
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2014-12-21
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1312652896
Description :

They've been in love all the years they've worked together, making musical pictures at Hollywood's grandest studio, but will they ever be able to merge their lives without scandal? Follow America's Singing Sweethearts into an impassioned wartime what-might-have-been, as they handle separations, collaborations and accusations on their way to their own happy ending.

Author : Perry Brass
Publisher : Perry Brass
Release : 2019-08-06
Page : 378
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1892149141
Description :

1963. John F. Kennedy is president. Civl rights is catching fire, as another community -- of bachelor men -- is emerging as one to be despised or acknowelged. Ann twevl-year-old Benjamin Rotheberg who lives in a marshy suburb of Savannah, Georgia, with "the most ravishing name in the world," the Isle of Hope, with his mother Caroline, a classically beautiful Southern WASP and his magnetic father Robby, a smark dark Sephardic-Jewish salemsan, is trying to figure out who he is ... Benjamin must change idetities from beign a smart, precocious self-aware kid to masquerading and passing as a regular guy from growing into a sexually curious (and possibly gay) young man to expereince a fragile adolescent innocence and attraction to a pretty girl. King of Angels is about many communties coming together in an explosive time -- Southern Jews, African-Americans, Southern Catholics, an emerging gay one, and the secret underground world of boys, their crushes and conflicts, their attachments and hates. It is also about the seductive attractions of self knowledge and the men and women who open our hearts to it, amidst the struggles of the soul itself to bloom in life and even after death. This is Perry Brass's most stirring and emotionally charged novel, set in the hunting coastal South. -- Publisher's description.

Author : Nancy Callahan
Publisher : University of Alabama Press
Release : 2005-04-17
Page : 275
Category : Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN 13 : 0817352473
Description :

The original book on the renowned Freedom quilters of Gee's Bend. In December of 1965, the year of the Selma-to-Montgomery march, a white Episcopal priest driving through a desperately poor, primarily black section of Wilcox County found himself at a great bend of the Alabama River. He noticed a cabin clothesline from which were hanging three magnificent quilts unlike any he had ever seen. They were of strong, bold colors in original, op-art patterns—the same art style then fashionable in New York City and other cultural centers. An idea was born and within weeks took on life, in the form of the Freedom Quilting Bee, a handcraft cooperative of black women artisans who would become acclaimed throughout the nation. "The author expertly weaves the history, the hardships of poor blacks in a downtrodden racist society and the economics of the long struggle to become self-sufficient. Callahan proves she can handle a complex, multi-charactered, significant piece of Southern history." —Atlanta Constitution

Author : Tom Joyner
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Release : 2005-09-01
Page : 224
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 0759514496
Description :

Hall of Fame disc jockey Tom Joyner uses his signature brand of humor to discuss everything from business to careers to relationships as he shares the insights and lessons he's learned along the way.Now the host of a radio show that is the most popular media outlet ever among African Americans, Joyner started his career at a small AM radio station in his home state of Alabama, working his way across the midwest, and eventually landing in Chicago.In 1985, he made headlines as "The Hardest Working Man in Radio" when he worked a morning show in Dallas in addition to his afternoon show in Chicago. His daily commute earned him the nickname "The Fly Jock." In 1994, he convinced ABC Radio to syndicate his program, and The Tom Joyner Show?a mix of comedy music, and guests who range from Stevie Wonder to Tipper Gore?was born.

Author : Philippa Dowding
Publisher : Dundurn
Release : 2014-01-13
Page : 200
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1459707362
Description :

Gwendolyn Golden has a bad temper and hates to read. She's a pretty normal teenager until ... one morning she wakes up on the ceiling. Along with her many average teenage qualities, Gwendolyn Golden can also fly. What’s happening to her?

Author : Roxie Odell
Publisher : Dark Shadow Publishing
Release : 2021-05-11
Page : 165
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

My life didn't give me what I wanted. It gave me what I worked for. Amanda Taylor, after besting the board at their own games and finishing a project that saved the boss and won her accolades, should be jumping for joy, but she isn't. Between being a single mom and supporting her mother on life support, the money is running low and she knows she must make a choice. She just isn't sure what is the right one. Elon Truitt, owner of Truitt Marketing, and billion-dollar playboy, was on cloud nine when he finished the project. It was an impossible situation, but he knew he had to make it work. He could do anything he put his mind to, right? There are just a few issues with his plan. Amanda's not taking his crap anymore, and as far as a job, she's struggling to keep her home together, much less turn down offers at other companies. Something else has snuck up on him, and he's not sure what to do. He's now lusting over the fiery woman that fought him at every turn. Is there even a remote chance she's interested? In the end they are all left with a choice, and those choices will change their lives forever. Never Give Up Series Book 1 – Required of Me Book 2 – Immune to Me Book 3 – Desired of Me Search Terms: billionaire romance, workplace romance, romance billionaire series, romantic suspense, dark romance, sexy hero, hot and steamy, romance, ageless romance, sexy, sport romance, hired wife, fake girlfriend, happily ever after, sweet love story, new adult romance, contemporary romance, contemporary romance and sex, romance love, billionaire obsession, romance love triangle, holiday romance, love and life, bilionaire romance, romantic comedy, saga, women's saga, BBW, hot romance, bad boy, Alpha Bad Boy, Alpha male romance, new adult, big beautiful women

Author : Gareth Dylan Smith
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-05-13
Page : 228
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 1317119231
Description :

Despite their central role in many forms of music-making, drummers have been largely neglected in the scholarly literature on music and education. But kit drummers are increasingly difficult to ignore. While exponents of the drum kit are frequently mocked in popular culture, they are also widely acknowledged to be central to the musical success and aesthetic appeal of any musical ensemble in which they are found. Drummers are also making their presence felt in music education, with increasing opportunities to learn their craft in formal contexts. Drawing on data collected from in-depth interviews and questionnaires, Gareth Dylan Smith explores the identities, practices and learning of teenage and adult kit drummers in and around London. As a London-based drummer and teacher of drummers, Smith uses his own identity as participant-researcher to inform and interpret other drummers' accounts of their experiences. Drummers learn in multi-modal ways, usually with a keen awareness of exemplars of their art and craft. The world of kit drumming is highly masculine, which presents opportunities and challenges to drummers of both sexes. Smith proposes a new model of the 'Snowball Self', which incorporates the constructs of identity realization, learning realization, meta-identities and contextual identities. Kit drummers' identities, practices and learning are found to be intertwined, as drummers exist in a web of interdependence. Drummers drum; therefore they are, they do, and they learn - in a rich tapestry of means and contexts.

Author : Mary Patrice Erdmans
Publisher : Ohio University Press
Release : 2004-08-04
Page : 290
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0821441612
Description :

The Grasinski Girls were working-class Americans of Polish descent, born in the 1920s and 1930s, who created lives typical of women in their day. They went to high school, married, and had children. For the most part, they stayed home to raise their children. And they were happy doing that. They took care of their appearance and their husbands, who took care of them. Like most women of their generation, they did not join the women's movement, and today they either reject or shy away from feminism. Basing her account on interviews with her mother and aunts, Mary Erdmans explores the private lives of these white, Christian women in the post-World War II generation. She compares them, at times, to her own postfeminist generation. Situating these women within the religious routines that shaped their lives, Professor Erdmans explores how gender, class, ethnicity, and religion shaped the choices the Grasinski sisters were given as well as the choices they made. These women are both acted upon and actors; they are privileged and disadvantaged; they resist and surrender; they petition the Lord and accept His will. The Grasinski Girls examines the complexity of ordinary lives, exposing privileges taken for granted as well as nuances of oppression often overlooked. Erdmans brings rigorous scholarship and familial insight to bear on the realities of twentieth-century working-class white women in America.

Author : Simon Kaplan
Publisher : Mira Digital Publishing
Release : 2016-08-06
Page :
Category : Travel
ISBN 13 : 1631102117
Description :

A middle school girl finds out a shocking secret about her deceased mother

Author : Marcia B. Baxter Magolda
Publisher : Stylus Publishing, LLC
Release : 2020-07-18
Page : 356
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1642672963
Description :

WINNER OF AERA’S NARRATIVE & RESEARCH SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP 2003 BOOK AWARD What impact does a college education have on students' careers and personal lives after they graduate? Do they consider themselves well prepared for the demands and ambiguities of contemporary society? What can we learn from their stories to improve the college learning experience? This groundbreaking book extends Marcia Baxter Magolda’s renowned longitudinal study and follows her participants’ lives from their graduation to their early thirties. We follow these students’ journeys to an internally-authored sense of identity and how they make meaning of their lives. From this, the author proposes a new framework for higher education to better foster students' crucial journeys of transformation--through the shaping of curriculum and co-curriculum, advising, leadership opportunities, campus work settings, collaboration, diversity and community building. This is an important book for all faculty, administrators and student affairs professionals.

Author : Chris S. Tabish
Publisher : Balboa Press
Release : 2019-01-18
Page : 174
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1982208910
Description :

Stand-up comedy helped me find myself in business. It enabled me to break free of living outside of my heart and soul. It also helped me find my voice, be present, and stop doing things for reasons other than experiencing joy and fulfillment. The purpose of this book, therefore, is to provide those same lessons to you so you can say what you want, feel what you want, and do what you want to be the person you want to be. And yes, without getting fired. You know when people use sports analogies to describe a business situation—“par for the course,” “here’s the game plan,” or “dude, you just bit my ear off”? Clearly, you don’t need to be good at golf, football, or cannibalism to understand and use them. Likewise, you don’t need to be any kind of comedian, stand-up or otherwise, to get value from this book. These lessons are intended for business people who have never endeavored, and might never try, stand-up comedy. busi·ness A person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade, which, if left unchecked without fun, can lead to your soul being sucked dry and consequently morphing you into the equivalent of a stale Ritz cracker but, you know, without all the “cheddah.” com·e·dy The study of professional entertainment or amusement, consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh, and historically occupied by food service workers and the unemployed. Com·e·di·ol·o·gy Applying successful comedic techniques, traditionally used to amuse, entertain, or make an audience laugh, to your regular occupation, profession, or trade to enhance your daily effectiveness, fulfillment, and joy.

Author : Tia DeNora
Professor Tia DeNora
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2000-06-08
Page : 181
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 9780521627320
Description :

This book shows how music is central to the construction and regulation of everyday life.

Author : Dizzy Gillespie
Publisher : U of Minnesota Press
Release : 2009
Page : 552
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 0816665478
Description :

Originally published: New York: Doubleday, 1979.