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Author : James Scott
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2014-01-07
Page : 304
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1443418404
Description :

With shades of Charles Portis, Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Connor, this is a gothic western transferred to the ice-locked wilds of upstate New York at the turn of the 20th century; a brutal and searing debut novel about a mother’s obsession and a son’s search for answers in the wake of a terrible and violent tragedy. In the winter of 1897, midwife Elspeth Howell returns to her isolated farmstead to find her husband and four of her five children murdered. Before she discovers her remaining son, Caleb, alive and hiding in the kitchen pantry, she is shot. Caleb nurses his mother back to health, cleaning her wounds and keeping her fed, before he and Elspeth leave their home to seek retribution from the men who committed this heinous crime. As they travel from country to town to hunt the murderers, the reader learns of Elspeth’s deep secret--that she kidnapped the very children who call her mother--and questions her role in the novel’s initial violence. Meanwhile Caleb is confronted with the ways of a world he’s never known. The line between justice and vengeance is thrown into question as Caleb and Elspeth are forced to reconsider their relationship and what unknown future lies ahead for both of them. The Kept is a portrait of both maternal obsessions and a primal adolescence in a brutal world. Fans of True Grit’s Mattie Ross and All the Pretty Horses’s Jimmy Blevins will love Caleb Howell, the next great old-beyond-his-years protaganist of an unforgettable literary Western--this time set in the icy wilderness of the East Coast.

Author : B. Burt Gerstman
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2003-09-04
Page : 417
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 9780471400288
Description :

Designed specifically for non-epidemiologists, this volume aims to provide accessible information on the classical approach and the modern biostatistical approach to studying disease.

Author : Lawrence D. Gardner
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2006-02-28
Page : 350
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1462839193
Description :

I had a religion professor at Brigham Young University who often asked, What is the best kept secret of The Mormon Church? After declaring all answers amiss he would make this statement; The best kept secret of The Mormon Church is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Over the years of teaching gospel doctrine I have found his statement to be all too true. Despite their best study efforts and the abundance of scriptural resources, many members do not understand some fundamental and extremely important doctrines. I invite you to feast with me upon the meat of more exalted concepts.

Author : Shawntelle Madison
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release : 2012-11-27
Page : 320
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0345536010
Description :

A funny and sexy new paranormal romance, perfect for fans of Charlaine Harris and Patricia Briggs, Kept features the charmingly quirky werewolf, Natalya Stravinsky, as she navigates the minefields of love and war in the Garden State. Fresh from defending her pack in battle, Natalya Stravinsky, a whip-smart werewolf with a lovable neurotic streak, wants a little rest and relaxation. Once an outcast, she’s now eager to rejoin the ranks of her New Jersey pack, and has even gotten a handle on her obsessive urge to hoard holiday ornaments. Yet Nat barely has time to revel in her progress before the next crisis comes howling at her door. Nat’s father has suddenly gone missing, captured by the Russian werewolf mafia. And as Nat steps up to save her dad from a mob boss’s deadly game, two men step in to play another round for her heart: her gorgeous alpha ex-boyfriend, Thorn, and her new flame, the sweetly sensitive wizard Nick. With her life growing more harried by the minute, Nat must stay cool, calm, and collected . . . or else risk losing everything. “If you like your urban fantasy original, quirky, and offbeat, this is the series for you. Natalya is the craziest heroine since Carolyn Crane’s Justine Jones, and you will love her just as much.”—Ann Aguirre, bestselling author of Devil’s Punch “I’m obsessed with Shawntelle Madison’s fantastic urban fantasy debut, featuring hoarding werewolves, magic, and mayhem! More, please!”—Michelle Rowen, bestselling author of That Old Black Magic, on Coveted

Author : Frances Ridley Havergal
Publisher : e-artnow
Release : 2020-04-09
Page : 92
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Kept for the Master's Use is the book of memoirs by Frances Ridley Havergal. Frances Ridley Havergal was an English religious poet and hymnwriter. She wrote hymn melodies, religious tracts, and works for children. Her hymns praised the love of God and His way of salvation. Contents: Our Lives kept for Jesus Our Moments kept for Jesus Our Hands kept for Jesus Our Feet kept for Jesus Our Voices kept for Jesus Our Lips kept for Jesus Our Silver and Gold kept for Jesus Our Intellects kept for Jesus Our Wills kept for Jesus Our Hearts kept for Jesus Our Love kept for Jesus Our Selves kept for Jesus Christ for us …

Author : Sasha Maxwell
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2013-03-18
Page : 180
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1481712128
Description :

“A Kept Secret” tells her story in her own voice. She shares how she had to go through some mess in order to get to extravagance. Peer in the pages and journey to the dark side of spiritual leaders. You will discover how they handle marriage, separation and divorce. One man is described as a preacher in the pulpit. And the second man is described as a player in the streets, but secretly is a minister. Get your eyes set to witness the unscrupulous escapades of two ruthless men who have nothing but greed, conquest and manipulation on their minds. Prepare yourself for a dastardly adventure.

Author : Sami Martin
Publisher :
Release : 2013-05
Page : 234
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 1481747916
Description :

Shhhh....."Kept Quiet" is a story that details the life of a bright, yet confused urban girl whose life was destined for turmoil since birth. As she grows up in the poor and tough streets of southern Dallas, Tx., she struggles to understand her dysfunctional relationship with her grandmother, before learning a family secret that has brought acrimony to the family for years. This book highlights Black urban family life and paints a realistic picture of the trials and challenges of Southern Blacks as they struggle to maintain societal "norms" while dealing with family issues that threaten to destroy generations.

Author : Brenda Bogar
Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
Release : 2020-11-08
Page : 160
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 1641381167
Description :

Kept Secrets is about two Christian families who came together because of the secrets each family had. Ben and Minnie Stout lived in Denver, Colorado, a very loving couple who had only one son named John. Jim and Leona Carter lived in Phoenix, Arizona, another loving couple who had two children, Katie and Jacob. Unbeknownst to each family, the secrets they kept will bring their family together. There will be secrets that will destroy some family members, secrets that were deceitful and

Author : Robert Lichti
Publisher : FriesenPress
Release : 2018-05-29
Page : 204
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1525526073
Description :

Robert Lichti started life as a happy boy, living on the family farm. Tragedy struck May 21, 1962, the day his father was killed and nothing would be the same again. Robert was there when it happened, but no one thought to ask the six-year-old boy his story. He was told to keep silent. Then fifty years later Robert decided he would be silent no more....

Author : Walter Phillips
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2009-01
Page : 208
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1440116105
Description :

A comprehensive investigation of the Qur'an, Bible, Islam and Christianity, revealing harmony between the principal teachings of the Books, but disharmony between the religious traditions. Suppose the Qur'an taught that: Jesus is the Messiah who was born of the virgin Mary, taught the Gospel, healed the sick, raised the dead, was crucified, died, and was resurrected; Salvation is a gift from God to all who believe, repent and ask God's forgiveness; Muslims are to believe the Gospel and other revelation contained in the Bible, believe that Jesus is the Messiah, receive guidance from the Holy Spirit, resist the temptations from Satan, avoid the condemnation of hell, and cultivate a personal relationship with the God of Abraham. If you do not believe this, then you are welcome to join me on this investigative journey where we can examine the evidence honestly. This means that: Interpretations must be supported by the evidence; Interpretations must not damage the integrity of the evidence; Assumptions used in interpreting the evidence must be verified. In my opinion, the most important lesson from studying history is: never be afraid to re-examine the evidence in order to learn or verify the truth. We should never be afraid to critically examine claims of truth, for truth should be able to withstand rigorous scrutiny. Walter Phillips BSc, BEng, MASc, MURP, CEng, MIStructE, MIHT, MAPM, MCSCE, MBAPE

Author : Reba Stanley
Publisher : WestBow Press
Release : 2014-06-27
Page : 212
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1490837590
Description :

Richard Dunning is content with his bachelor’s life in Atlanta, Georgia. He spends his days furthering his career by wooing clients, and his nights and weekends watching sports with friends. While he keeps in touch with family, and even visits occasionally, he spends most of his time focused on himself and his career. Richard’s life is simple—and then, suddenly, he finds himself out of a job and back in his childhood hometown in Middle Tennessee because of a family crisis. Richard is convinced everything will return to normal soon. But then his best friend persuades him to attend their high school reunion, and everything changes. For the first time in his life, Richard’s heart is truly affected by a woman. Could she be the one to convince him there’s more to life than his career?

Author : Hugh MacDiarmid
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release :
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Lucy Ellis
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2016-04-19
Page : 192
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 037313438X
Description :

Stranded and seduced! Lulu Lachaille's secret agoraphobia won't stop her from attending her best friend's big day. She feels utterly out of her depth, but that isn't the reason her heart is pounding... The cynical best man, Argentinian polo god Alejandro du Crozier, hates weddings...until he gets inconveniently stranded in the Scottish Highlands with the alluring maid of honor! The temptation inexperienced Lulu presents is too much for Alejandro to refuse. But du Crozier is determined to keep Lulu under his command, so he whisks her away to Buenos Aires until he is sure that their recklessness hasn't left lasting consequences...

Author : Gabrielle Glaser
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-07-15
Page : 256
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 1439184399
Description :

Looks at the cultural factors contributing to a rise in alcoholism among today's women and compares today's practices to those of earlier generations while noting the current ineffectiveness of AA and other mainstream treatments.

Author : Lara Putnam
Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press
Release : 2003-11-03
Page : 320
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 9780807862230
Description :

In the late nineteenth century, migrants from Jamaica, Colombia, Barbados, and beyond poured into Caribbean Central America, building railroads, digging canals, selling meals, and farming homesteads. On the rain-forested shores of Costa Rica, U.S. entrepreneurs and others established vast banana plantations. Over the next half-century, short-lived export booms drew tens of thousands of migrants to the region. In Port Limon, birthplace of the United Fruit Company, a single building might house a Russian seamstress, a Martinican madam, a Cuban doctor, and a Chinese barkeep--together with stevedores, laundresses, and laborers from across the Caribbean. Tracing the changing contours of gender, kinship, and community in Costa Rica's plantation region, Lara Putnam explores new questions about the work of caring for children and men and how it fit into the export economy, the role of kinship as well as cash in structuring labor, the social networks that shaped migrants' lives, and the impact of ideas about race and sex on the exercise of power. Based on sources that range from handwritten autobiographies to judicial transcripts and addressing topics from intimacy between prostitutes to insults between neighbors, the book illuminates the connections between political economy, popular culture, and everyday life.

Author : Constance Kell
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2017-02-23
Page : 224
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 1844864340
Description :

The United Kingdom's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, most commonly known as MI5, was founded in 1909 by Sir Vernon Kell KBE. Kell ('K' within the agency) not only founded MI5 but was also its Director for 31 years, the longest tenure of any head of a British government department during the twentieth century. Kell was also fluent in six foreign languages, making him arguably the most gifted linguist ever to head a Western intelligence agency. A Secret Well Kept was written by Kell's wife, Constance, in the 1950s, and the manuscript has been a treasured family possession ever since. Constance's story is endlessly fascinating: she tells of their life in China during the Boxer Rebellion, the formation of MI5 in 1909, the key characters, events and spy cases of Kell's career, and his important work achieved for the country during two world wars. A modern-day preface from Kell's great-granddaughter, introduction by Stewart Binns and notes from Dr Chris Northcott add historical context to this delightful and unparalleled insight into the personal life of an extremely powerful and important man.

Author : Rhonda Evans
Publisher : Mahogany Publications
Release :
Page : 140
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Martin Smallridge
Publisher : Lyrics Editorial House
Release : 2021-08-25
Page : 534
Category : History
ISBN 13 :
Description :

A wartime tale of a broken friendship, foregone illusions, and falling into adulthood overnight. Two friends from Gdansk, barely entering the world, separated and divided by the grinding wheels of history. There is no space for sentiment in the harsh reality they are about to face, love dissolves into a simmering mire of violence and utter contempt. Old friendships come into question, ideology invades everyday life and seizes full sway over it. Spurred on by events, protagonists change profoundly. It is ever more significant as in the course of these transformations they often say goodbye to their closest relatives and friends, which in turn has an impact on who they slowly become. For this is a story of lost youth, a tale of transformation so profound and dramatic that it brings into existence a new entity in a dehumanized, uniformed shape. It is also a narrative of cast-away illusions concerning the nature of encompassing reality. It is, finally, a fictionalized but truthful testimony of a generation that is fading away and will be gone in a matter of days. Ultimately, we all rose as part of their telling, becoming a fraction of the world they shaped for approaching the future. So in a way, it is a story of ourselves, only in a different time and under different circumstances. But it is still us... the same people from tens if not hundreds of thousands of years ago. The same ones who in the name of a higher idea were able to fall as low as possible, and the same ones who in the name of a petty thing rose to the heights of the human spirit, setting an example for future generations. We are the core of the novel, and the next after us so ones after them. We are writing our stories right now even while reading theirs. As such, the only thing that bonds us is our imagination and the barbarity we might indulge out on. The mills keep on grinding: deed after deed, patiently waiting for their Don Quixotes to crush and grate their bones into flour of which the eternal baker will form the loaf of tomorrow - our daily feed.

Author : Faith Hickman Brynie
Publisher : Twenty-First Century Books
Release : 2006-01-01
Page : 176
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 9780761323129
Description :

Uses a question-and-answer format to present information about sleep, sleeping disorders, how the lack of sleep can affect our bodies, and what causes us to dream.

Author : Paulette M. Lewis
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2015-07-20
Page : 78
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 149177195X
Description :

Storms of life pressing you down? Threatening clouds approaching? Are you in strong wind and pouring rain? Didnt have time to prepare? Relax, it is not too late to seek shelter! Know that there is One who desires to protect and shelter you in your storm. The author invites you to journey with her as she shares her storm experience with you. Experience her divine transformation from darkness to light; from deceit to truth; from ignorance to enlightenment. Go with her as she testifies of Gods out-pouring of grace and mercy on her and hers. See how God not only lovingly protected and guided her, but showed favor while escorting her through unseen dangers. Read how multiple blessings were extended even in the midst of her storm, once she decided to ride it out in His arms. Realizing that the price for this ride was pre-paid, she vowed, to share the experience with you. See how the choice to claim the inheritance that Jesus left for her led to victory. Whosoever desires is invited to take advantage of this free ride. All that is required is a little faith.