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Author : Jeff Walker
Publisher : Morgan James Publishing
Release : 2014-06-24
Page : 215
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 163047018X
Description :

"Launch" will build your business---fast. Whether you've already got a business or you're itching to start one, this is a recipe for getting more traction.Think about it---what if you could launch like Apple or the big Hollywood studios? What if your prospects eagerly counted down the days until they could buy your product? What if you could create such powerful positioning in your market that you all -but- eliminated your competition? And you could do all that no matter how humble your business or budget?Since 1996 Jeff Walker has been creating hugely successful online launches. After bootstrapping his first Internet business from his basement, he quickly developed an underground process for launching new products and businesses with unprecedented success.But the success-train was just getting started---once he started teaching his formula to other entrepreneurs, the results were simply breathtaking. Tiny, home-based businesses started doing launches that sold tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars in sales with their launches."Launch" is the treasure map into that world---an almost secret world of digital entrepreneurs who create cash-on-demand paydays with their product launches and business launches.Whether you have an existing business, or you have a service-based business and want to develop your own products so you can leverage your time and your impact, or you're still in the planning phase---this is how you start fast. This formula is how you engineer massive success.Now the question is this---are you going to start slow, and fade away from there? Or are you ready for a launch that will change the future of your business and your life?,

Author : John Spencer
Visiting Senior Lecturer in Law John Spencer, (Mi
Publisher :
Release : 2016-05-15
Page : 298
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780996989541
Description :

Something happens in students when they define themselves as makers and inventors and creators. They discover powerful skills-problem-solving, critical thinking, and imagination-that will help them shape the world's future ... our future. If that's true, why isn't creativity a priority in more schools today? Educators John Spencer and A.J. Juliani know firsthand the challenges teachers face every day: School can be busy. Materials can be scarce. The creative process can seem confusing. Curriculum requirements can feel limiting. Those challenges too often bully creativity, pushing it to the side as an "enrichment activity" that gets put off or squeezed into the tiniest time block. We can do better. We must do better if we're going to prepare students for their future. LAUNCH: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student provides a process that can be incorporated into every class at every grade level ... even if you don't consider yourself a "creative teacher." And if you dare to innovate and view creativity as an essential skill, you will empower your students to change the world-starting right now. Look, Listen, and Learn Ask Lots of Questions Understand the Problem or Process Navigate Ideas Create Highlight What's Working and Failing Are you ready to LAUNCH?

Author : Denise Bolduc
Mnawaate Gordon-Corbiere
Publisher : Coach House Books
Release : 2021-04-27
Page :
Category : Literary Collections
ISBN 13 : 1770566457
Description :

Rich and diverse narratives of Indigenous Toronto, past and present Beneath many major North American cities rests a deep foundation of Indigenous history that has been colonized, paved over, and, too often, silenced. Few of its current inhabitants know that Toronto has seen twelve thousand years of uninterrupted Indigenous presence and nationhood in this region, along with a vibrant culture and history that thrives to this day. With contributions by Indigenous Elders, scholars, journalists, artists, and historians, this unique anthology explores the poles of cultural continuity and settler colonialism that have come to define Toronto as a significant cultural hub and intersection that was also known as a Meeting Place long before European settlers arrived. "This book is a reflection of endurance and a helpful corrective to settler fantasies. It tells a more balanced account of our communities, then and now. It offers the space for us to reclaim our ancestors’ language and legacy, rewriting ourselves back into a landscape from which non Indigenous historians have worked hard to erase us. But we are there in the skyline and throughout the GTA, along the coast and in all directions." -- from the introduction by Hayden King

Author : Alison Mountz
Publisher : U of Minnesota Press
Release : 2020-08-04
Page : 304
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1452960100
Description :

Investigating the global system of detention centers that imprison asylum seekers and conceal persistent human rights violations Remote detention centers confine tens of thousands of refugees, asylum seekers, and undocumented immigrants around the world, operating in a legal gray area that hides terrible human rights abuses from the international community. Built to temporarily house eight hundred migrants in transit, the immigrant “reception center” on the Italian island of Lampedusa has held thousands of North African refugees under inhumane conditions for weeks on end. Australia’s use of Christmas Island as a detention center for asylum seekers has enabled successive governments to imprison migrants from Asia and Africa, including the Sudanese human rights activist Abdul Aziz Muhamat, held there for five years. In The Death of Asylum, Alison Mountz traces the global chain of remote sites used by states of the Global North to confine migrants fleeing violence and poverty, using cruel measures that, if unchecked, will lead to the death of asylum as an ethical ideal. Through unprecedented access to offshore detention centers and immigrant-processing facilities, Mountz illustrates how authorities in the United States, the European Union, and Australia have created a new and shadowy geopolitical formation allowing them to externalize their borders to distant islands where harsh treatment and deadly force deprive migrants of basic human rights. Mountz details how states use the geographic inaccessibility of places like Christmas Island, almost a thousand miles off the Australian mainland, to isolate asylum seekers far from the scrutiny of humanitarian NGOs, human rights groups, journalists, and their own citizens. By focusing on borderlands and spaces of transit between regions, The Death of Asylum shows how remote detention centers effectively curtail the basic human right to seek asylum, forcing refugees to take more dangerous risks to escape war, famine, and oppression.

Author : James Danckert
John D. Eastwood
Publisher :
Release : 2020
Page : 288
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 0674984676
Description :

Usually when we're bored, we try to distract ourselves. But soon enough, boredom returns. James Danckert and John Eastwood argue that we can learn to handle boredom more effectively by recognizing what research shows: boredom indicates unmet psychological needs. Boredom, therefore, can motivate us to change what isn't working in our lives.

Author : Amal Clooney
Philippa Webb
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2021-02-11
Page : 500
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 0192536095
Description :

The Right to a Fair Trial in International Lawbrings together the diverse sources of international law that define the right to a fair trial in the context of criminal (as opposed to civil, administrative or other) proceedings. The book provides a comprehensive explanation of what the right to a fair trial means in practice under international law and focuses on factual scenarios that practitioners and judges may face in court. Each of the book's fourteen chapters examines a component of the right to a fair trial as defined in Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and reviews the case law of regional human rights courts, international criminal courts as well as UN human rights bodies. Highlighting both consensus and divisions in the international jurisprudence in this area, this book provides an invaluable resource to practitioners and scholars dealing with breaches of one of the most fundamental human rights.

Author : Frederic M. Hudson
Pamela D. McLean
Publisher : Hudson Press
Release : 1994-11-01
Page : 145
Category : Life cycle, Human
ISBN 13 : 9781884433849
Description :

Author : Gil Loescher
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2021-05-27
Page : 152
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0192539841
Description :

Refugees and other forced migrants are one of the great contemporary challenges the world is confronting. Throughout the world people leave their home countries to escape war, natural disasters, and cultural and political oppression. Unfortunately, even today, the international community struggles to provide an adequate response to this vast population in need. This Very Short Introduction covers a broad range of issues around the causes and impact of the contemporary refugee crisis for both receiving states and societies, for global order, and for refugees and other forced migrants themselves. Gil Loescher discusses the identity of refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons and how they differ from other forced migrants. He also investigates the long history of the refugee phenomenon and how refugees became a central concern of the international community during the twentieth and twenty first centuries, as well as considering the responses provided by governments and international aid organisations to refugee needs. Loescher concludes by focussing on the necessity of these bodies to understand the realities of the contemporary refugee situation in order to best respond to its current and future challenges. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Author : Elsa Lam
Graham Livesey
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2019-11-19
Page : 544
Category : Architecture
ISBN 13 : 1616898836
Description :

Canada's most distinguished architectural critics and scholars offer fresh insights into the country's unique modern and contemporary architecture. Beginning with the nation's centennial and Expo 67 in Montreal, this fifty-year retrospective covers the defining of national institutions and movements, how Canadian architects interpreted major external trends, regional and indigenous architectural tendencies, and the influence of architects in Canada's three largest cities — Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Co-published with Canadian Architect, this comprehensive reference book is extensively illustrated and includes fifteen specially commissioned essays.

Author : Shim Sutcliffe
Michael Webb
Publisher : Oro Editions
Release : 2019-12
Page : 256
Category : Architecture
ISBN 13 : 9781943532544
Description :

Shim-Sutcliffe's masterful work at Point William intertwines landscape and architecture with ancient rock and water reshaping and reimagining a site on the Canadian Shield over two decades. Found conditions and new buildings are interwoven and choreographed to create a rich spatial experience moving between inside and out. Kenneth Frampton provides an insightful introduction with selected images and his own sketches framing a way of seeing Point William for the reader. Michael Webb's provocative interview with Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe describes their evolving vision for Point William and their two-decade journey towards its realization. Acclaimed photographers Ed Burtynsky, James Dow and Scott Norsworthy contribute through their powerful images capturing the spirit of Point William thorough the seasons and over time.

Author : Leah K. Hamilton
Luisa Veronis
Publisher : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Release : 2020-08-20
Page :
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0228002575
Description :

Since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, over 5.6 million people have fled Syria and another 6.6 million remain internally displaced. By January 2017, a total of 40,081 Syrians had sought refuge across Canada in the largest resettlement event the country has experienced since the Indochina refugee crisis. Breaking new ground in an effort to understand and learn from the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Initiative that Canada launched in 2015, A National Project examines the experiences of refugees, receiving communities, and a range of stakeholders who were involved in their resettlement, including sponsors, service providers, and various local and municipal agencies. The contributors, who represent a wide spectrum of disciplines, include many of Canada's leading immigration scholars and others who worked directly with refugees. Considering the policy behind the program and the geographic and demographic factors affecting it, chapters document mobilization efforts, ethical concerns, integration challenges, and varying responses to resettling Syrian refugees from coast to coast. Articulating key lessons to be learned from Canada's program, this book provides promising strategies for future events of this kind. Showcasing innovative practices and initiatives, A National Project captures a diverse range of experiences surrounding Syrian refugee resettlement in Canada.

Author : Ainissa Ramirez
Publisher : MIT Press
Release : 2021-04-06
Page : 328
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0262542269
Description :

"Materials science, wedged as it is between the ... fields of chemistry and physics, teaches us that everything in our world is due to the interactions of atoms. If you can find out how they interact to make up the physical world, then you can also change the way that atoms act to make them do new things and, as we develop new materials, we discover that materials and humans are constantly being molded by each other. [This book] shows how materials were shaped by inventors, but also how those materials shaped culture ... Particularly, [it] highlights how quartz clocks, steel rails, copper cables, silver photographic films, carbon light bulb filaments, magnetic disks, glass labware, and silicon chips radically altered how we interact, connect, convey, capture, see, share, discover, and think"--

Author : Sarah L. Burch
Sara E. Harris
Publisher : University of Toronto Press
Release : 2021-06-04
Page : 280
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1487522797
Description :

The second edition of Understanding Climate Change provides readers with a concise, accessible, and holistic picture of the climate change problem, including both the scientific and human dimensions.

Author : Sanyin Siang
Publisher : Concise Advice
Release : 2017-06-21
Page : 128
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781910649985
Description :

Whether we are exploring a new idea, new career or new endeavor, we encounter risks, self-doubt and fear. Drawing on behavioral science and self-leadership principles, the strategies and exercises in this practical and inspirational book will catalyze and position you for a successful launch. This book draws on the author's wide experience in leadership, coaching and mentorship, as well as interviews with innovators and entrepreneurs. Short, sharp, snappy and impactful, this book makes any launch actionable. LID Publishing's popular Concise Advice Lab notebooks are designed to be quick and comprehensive brainstorming tools and skill-building resources for busy professionals. The small trim size makes it easy to take along in a briefcase or purse. Interior pages are matte finish, so ink won't smear, and there's plenty of space to jot notes. A ribbon makes it easy to mark your place, and the elastic outer band keeps the notebook closed.

Author : Julia Zarankin
Publisher : Douglas & McIntyre
Release : 2020-09-12
Page :
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1771622490
Description :

When Julia Zarankin saw her first red-winged blackbird at the age of thirty-five, she didn’t expect that it would change her life. Recently divorced and auditioning hobbies during a stressful career transition, she stumbled on birdwatching, initially out of curiosity for the strange breed of humans who wear multi-pocketed vests, carry spotting scopes and discuss the finer points of optics with disturbing fervour. What she never could have predicted was that she would become one of them. Not only would she come to identify proudly as a birder, but birding would ultimately lead her to find love, uncover a new language and lay down her roots. Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder tells the story of finding meaning in midlife through birds. The book follows the peregrinations of a narrator who learns more from birds than she ever anticipated, as she begins to realize that she herself is a migratory species: born in the former Soviet Union, growing up in Vancouver and Toronto, studying and working in the United States and living in Paris. Coming from a Russian immigrant family of concert pianists who believed that the outdoors were for “other people,” Julia Zarankin recounts the challenges and joys of unexpectedly discovering one’s wild side and finding one’s tribe in the unlikeliest of places. Zarankin’s thoughtful and witty anecdotes illuminate the joyful experience of a new discovery and the surprising pleasure to be found while standing still on the edge of a lake at six a.m. In addition to confirmed nature enthusiasts, this book will appeal to readers of literary memoir, offering keen insight on what it takes to find one’s place in the world.

Author : Kristi L. Jackson
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2015-12-30
Page : 92
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781522988663
Description :

The Master Strategy Planner is an essential guide for strategic business, project and profit organization. Planning is key and Master Planning and building foundations by answering key questions will steer your business in the right direction and get you focused on your core business to do's. Each lesson walks you through key questions you need to answer, then a planning template to set your goals on that topic specifically. Planners Included in the Book: Financial, Income, Business Budget, Goal, Team, Marketing, Partnership, Pitching, Profit and Growth, a Website Scope, and 4 Project Planners, Key Planner Sections: Break down Financial Goals: If you don't know how much you need to make, how will you reach it? Build a Dream Team: Who and what positions do you need to build a powerful team? Create a Power Marketing Plan: Where and what platforms to go to reach your ideal client? Grow Your Business: What channels do you create to grow your business? Powerful Profit Planning: Where buckets will your business profit come from? Leverage Technology: How to use the technology available to make your life easier, make more money, find clients and run a smarter business. Project a Professional Image: How to package up a professional image that gets you the attention and the clients that you want.

Author : Julie Salverson
Publisher :
Release : 2020-09-08
Page : 400
Category : Drama
ISBN 13 : 9780369101242
Description :

When Words Sing turns the spotlight on everything that goes into writing for opera, featuring seven contemporary Canadian libretti.

Author : Evan Keller
Odile Perez
Publisher :
Release : 2019-07-15
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781732600881
Description :

Author : Brigitte Shim
Publisher :
Release : 2002
Page : 96
Category : Architects
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Shelly Bryant
Publisher : Epigram Books
Release :
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9814785210
Description :

A science park creates synthetic life to repopulate the oceans, but to ruinous effect. A local retelling brings the tragic story of Sweeney Todd to colonial Singapore. And a far-future heiress falls in love with an alien life form and must make an existential decision.