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Author : Jan Schwiebert
Publisher : WestBow Press
Release : 2017-10-03
Page : 110
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1512798754
Description :

Everyone has a story and, within that story, are pages that reveal failure, rejection, shame, guilt, and discouragement, to name a few. There are things that we did or were done to us that have held us captive. We struggle to see ourselves as Christ sees us because we have labeled ourselves or allowed others to label us. As believers, the good news is that those chapters have been covered by the love and forgiveness of our Savior. We now have a new identity, a new life, a new freedom because of what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives. The challenge becomes embracing all he has provided and living in our new identity. The message of this book is that God has a better way for us to live, as revealed in the Word. It is revealed to us in the little word but. Such a little word, but such a powerful truth. But for Jesus we would be without hope, without joy, without purpose, and without peace; bound by sin; living a defeated and fruitless life. Jesus makes it possible for all that to change. It is learning to live on the other side of but.

Author : Tessa Romero
Publisher :
Release : 2020-02-07
Page : 204
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

WOULD YOU RETURN FROM DEATH TO SAVE THE LIFE OF SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW? Tessa Romero lived a Near Death Experience (NDE) for 24 minutes. She returned to save another life. This experience transformed her, allowing her to enjoy a full and happy life, free from fear. In "24 Minutes on The Other Side", Tessa tells us about her amazing journey to the afterlife―where she established contact with other beings―to help you understand the sense of life and death. One cannot exist without the other. Thanks to her experience with patients suffering from a terminal disease, the author learned that it is possible to live without fear of death and presently helps others to overcome their fear and die in peace, with dignity, knowing that death is only an awakening to a new life. Why are we afraid of dying? Is there life after death? Can we live without fear? Tessa invites us to follow her during her journey with the object of finding an answer to these fascinating mysteries. SELECTED REVIEWS "This shocking book gave me goosebumps. It successfully combines experience with science. The story is clear and the reading is fluid. Its pages present the author as a benevolent person with good intentions to help us. In hard times, I remember Tessa and her story, and try not to forget that there is life before death." Benjamín Espinoza. Chemical engineer "This book has helped me face my death-related fears. It made me aware of how easy it is to live without fearing death as such. It gave me a lot of strength, energy and, most preciously, Love. Tessa taught me that instead of living in fear we should learn how to live." Filli Ramírez. Entrepreneur. THE AUTHOR Tessa Romero is a writer, journalist, sociologist, and life coach. She is a volunteer for the defense of human rights and a journalist with a wide experience in Spain's leading news media. She has written educational manuals on lyrical and symphonic music, tourist guides for several countries, as well as touristic and cultural articles for both the Spanish and the international printed press. She won her first literary award when she was only 8 years old and was prompted by her true vocation, as an author, to write her story and thus give life to this, her first personal-growth book, thus fulfilling her dream of helping others. Copyright(c)TessaRomero2020

Author : Mike Howerton
Publisher : Baker Books
Release : 2014-08-12
Page : 192
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1441246568
Description :

We can all remember the first time we learned to ride a bike. That terrible thrill when we first realized Dad had let go of the seat and we were on our own. That first crash and the skinned knees. The life of a Christian is a lot like that. We want to experience the freedom we're promised, so we take a risk, a leap of faith--and sometimes we fall. But just like Dad running alongside of us, God is always there, equipping us, encouraging us, and comforting us. Through the powerful analogy of teaching his son to ride a bike, Mike Howerton lays out five essential life lessons that will help readers recapture a childlike faith and embrace a passionate, adventurous life full of possibilities and promise.

Author : Mary Hitchcock George
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2020-09-22
Page : 558
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 166550014X
Description :

War hero, Matt McCormick has earned a respectable badass reputation in Afghanistan; but his enemy has moved west. Having special skills useful to the fight, he goes undercover; not for the military, but for the feds. The audacious, self-sacrificing hero escapes, and heads home to NEK Vermont, to his ill-fitting reputation for good looks and moral conduct; but his life has changed forever. Under capricious circumstances, he’s surprisingly catapulted into a new investigation, where his two diametrically-opposed worlds collide, and he finds himself, once again, in the presence of his enemy. Lives get shattered and lost as yesterday’s failures chafe the day. Surprises abound, and winning this battle will take, not only his badass training, but his blood, guts and grit. Faint-hearted, but savvy journalist, Andrea Daye is any editor’s dream; but her personal life has gone sideways. Oblivious to her new husband’s past, she’s abhorred to find agents, lurking in shadows as evidence of his corruption rises to the surface. Trusting no one, her innocent, but sassy equivocations set her free-falling, not only into criminal charges, but into the arms of love. The Other Side of Fear is a story to savor.

Author : Hallie Lord
Publisher : Our Sunday Visitor
Release : 2016-08-22
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781612789668
Description :

What happened to that girl? What happened to the girl who was not afraid to climb to the top of the waterfall and jump. Who backpacked across Europe? Who took on any "feat of bravery" without batting an eyelash? You wouldn't recognize her she's become that woman paralyzed by fear, scared to death to trust God, and trying to manage her family's hectic life, financial crises (yes, plural), and family issues on her own steam. Asking always, "Does God truly love me?" Relatable, touching, and yet hopeful On the Other Side of Fear is the beautiful story of how one young woman learned to live in God's will, without fear.

Author : Cynthia Barnett
Publisher : E2i Books
Release : 2005
Page : 112
Category : Life skills
ISBN 13 : 9780976317722
Description :

Author : Vladimir Burdman Schwarz
Publisher : XinXii
Release : 2021-07-08
Page : 89
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 13 : 3969318955
Description :

Being born, growing, reproducing, and dying are the stages of any life cycle, but while accepting the first three ones with total naturalness, the latter generates in the human being a feeling difficult to define, a mixture of fear, anguish, curiosity, desolation and sometimes serenity in the face of the inevitable and hope. But we must remember that we ourselves decided to come to this world to experience and overcome trials. We come to a world of dense vibrations and go through tests of all kinds. We have no memory of previous reincarnations, we do not remember past lives, we have unlimited power, we are potential creators, prepared to correct mistakes and end karmas. Life and death are part of our evolution, and we must be aware sometimes that we are on this plane and others on the other plane of existence

Author : Steven E
Lee Beard
Publisher : 58 Micro LLC
Release : 2004
Page : 132
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN 13 : 9780964470668
Description :

Collects inspirational stories from best selling authors, parents, entrepreneurs, international speakers, and business professionals on how to achieve personal goals and live a desired life.

Author : Julia Fehrenbacher
Publisher :
Release : 2012-05
Page : 62
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 9781452551043
Description :

It seems laughably inadequate to call Julia Fehrenbacher s On the Other Side of Fear a collection of poetry. It is that, of course graceful, lyrical, wise poems about life, love, doubt, faith and the sweet, simple anatomy of a moment. But it s more than that. On the Other Side of Fear is an invitation to shed the weight of your past, get naked and real and wide-eyed awake to the undeniable poetry of it all. Reading Julia is like waking up to find your dream is still there, all around you, unabashedly grand and utterly obtainable. Her poems resonate with a precise, astonishing power, and each piece of Julia s art is like a breath of rarified air. On the Other Side of Fear feels like coming home to the home you always wish you had, to the home you deserve, to the home you ve been carrying around inside you without ever realizing it was there, accessible and welcoming, the whole time. Read these poems and fall in love with your beautiful, imperfect self; in Julia s words, slow way down/ get close and closer/ listen like crazy to your life. Judy Clement Wall, writer at

Author : W. Veronica Lisare
Publisher : FriesenPress
Release : 2019-10-25
Page : 258
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1525552600
Description :

This is a story of moving from abuse, crippling fear and low self-esteem to knowing the ultimate love of God. Author W. Veronica Lisare has discovered courage, joy, hope, freedom and fulfillment as she embraces her authentic identity as a daughter of the King of kings. She shares the intimate details of her journals from an unhappy childhood, through a loveless marriage, a divorce, the loss of a granddaughter and a battle with cancer to a rewarding nursing job and a second career as a minister of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The testimony of the author and the spiritual tools she learned along the journey will inspire all who read it to move through their own challenges to God’s perfect love and the other side of fear.

Author : Murray Lee
Gabe Mythen
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2017-12-01
Page : 494
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1317311086
Description :

The Routledge International Handbook on Fear of Crime brings together original and international state of the art contributions of theoretical, empirical, policy-related scholarship on the intersection of perceptions of crime, victimisation, vulnerability and risk. This is timely as fear of crime has now been a focus of scholarly and policy interest for some fifty years and shows little sign of abating. Research on fear of crime is demonstrative of the inter-disciplinarity of criminology, drawing in the disciplines of sociology, psychology, political science, history, cultural studies, gender studies, planning and architecture, philosophy and human geography. This collection draws in many of these interdisciplinary themes. This collections also extends the boundaries of fear of crime research. It does this both methodologically and conceptually, but perhaps more importantly it moves us beyond some of the often repeated debates in this field to focus on novel topics from unique perspectives. The book begins by plotting the history of fear of crime’s development, then moves on to investigate the methodological and theoretical debates that have ensued and the policy transfer that occurred across jurisdictions. Key elements in debates and research on fear of crime concerning gender, race and ethnicity are covered, as are contemporary themes in fear of crime research, such as regulation, security, risk and the fear of terrorism, the mapping of fear of crime and fear of crime beyond urban landscapes. The final sections of the book explore geographies of fear and future and unique directions for this research.

Author : Jess C. Scott
Publisher : Jess C Scott
Release : 2011-01-09
Page : 234
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1456529048
Description :

ONE-LINE SUMMARY: A thieving duo's world turns upside down when an Elven rogue uncovers the heinous dealings of a megacorporation (The Other Side of Life, Book 1).SYNOPSIS: Anya and Leticia are partners-in-crime who steal for a living. Their world turns upside down after a chance encounter with fellow rogue, Ithilnin--the enigmatic leader of an Elven band of thieves.A scuffle to prove who's "the better thief" transforms into more than Anya and Ithilnin ever bargained for. They retrieve the missing piece of an ancient poem, before getting caught in the secret dealings of a megacorporation. What they uncover threatens to alter the very essence of not just human life, but the other side as well.Elven intrigue, cyberpunk action, and a deadly dose of danger come together in The Other Side of Life [Book #1 in the (Cyberpunk) Elven Trilogy].GENRE: Urban Fantasy / Cyberpunk / YA with adult crossover appealREVIEW: "Dear Jess: You are a very good writer - I like your plotting, your concept, the characters...pretty much everything. You are very gifted." - Dr. Uwe Stender, 2010

Author : Calum Waddell
Publisher : Midnight Marquee & BearManor Media
Release :
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Waddell has interviewed the directors of these 30 modern day horror films and in addition provides critiques and memories of fillms such as An American Werewolf in London, King of the Ants, 2000 Maniacs!, Strange Behavior, Intruder, etc. Waddell spent years interviewing the cutting-edge horror film makers featured in Minds of Fear. Exclusive commentary from horrormeisters such as John Landis, David Cronenberg, Wes Craven, Bill Condon, Scott Spiegel, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Tobe Hooper, Guillermo Del Toro, Bob Clark, Sean Cunningham, David Naughton, Chuck Russell, Jack Sholder, Lewis Teague and many others offers readers an in-depth look at 30 modern horror film classics. "In a market that is so full of material on genre product, it must be a daunting task to try and write something fresh and original and approach the subject from a unique perspective. It's certainly not something I would like to have to try and attempt – but Calum Waddell is brave enough to enter into the fray and offers his own entry into the library of books on genre films. And furthermore, he succeeds in his endeavours and his book Minds of Fear is a triumph and a joy to read."—Digital Retribution

Author : Khloe Clemons
Tiana Patrice
Publisher : Klc Publishing
Release : 2017-10-31
Page : 218
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780999573402
Description :

What would you do, if you were not afraid? Would you launch your business? Ask for that raise? Take that trip? "Dear Fear" was created to give you the strategies and tools you need to answer those questions, and create a plan of action to move beyond your fear, and into your greatness. Visionary author, Tiana Patrice, has gathered 20 women, from all walks of life, to tell you their stories of courage, resilience and what it looks like to replace fear with faith, and Activate Your FearLESS. Now is the time to stand up to fear! Are you ready? About The Visionary Author: Tiana Patrice is an Award Winning International Speaker, Business Strategist, and the Best Selling Author of Fifty Two Shades of Fearless: Powerful Declarations For The Purpose Driven Woman. She is the founder of the movement A Million Fearless Strong, where she has made it her mission to liberate the lives of 1 million women from the fear holding them back in life, career, and business by 2023. Her message of being fearless has reached thousands around the globe, and several media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Forbes Under 30, ABC, CBS, NBC and many more. Reclaim your power, and join the movement at Co-Authored By: Khloe Clemons, Shalon Barnett, Jasmine Hendrix, Makeithia Daniels, Kindra Trawick, Stephanie Valentine, Tyra Dyson, Jasmine Dyson, Ethel J Davis, Anna Mosby, Lorenda Chisolm, LaVoydis Powell, Maxine Griffin Somerville, Maria Byrd, Monica Boyd, Miki'a Peavy, Michelle Hailey, Denise Thomas

Author : Rosalind Bradley
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Release : 2016-08-18
Page : 232
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1784502839
Description :

A Holocaust survivor whose mother collapsed and died only moments after they both registered as survivors, a death row inmate who has reclaimed his life through Buddhism, and a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer two days before her thirtieth birthday, among others, offer their perspectives on death and dying in this thought-provoking volume. Contributors from all walks of life share their thoughts on carefully selected writings, images and artwork that most accurately express death to them. Describing their unique experiences, they reveal that, beyond the heartache and the mystery, death teaches us all invaluable lessons about how we live our lives. Offering comfort, reassurance and varied insights into death, loss and its impact on life, this collection is for anyone who might be coming to terms with this inevitable destination. Royalty proceeds from the book will be donated to Ashgate Hospicecare, North Derbyshire, UK.

Author : Jeanine Sciacca
Publisher : Balboa Press
Release : 2019-01-16
Page : 128
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1504316282
Description :

Why are you here? What are you meant to do in this short span of human years on this planet? In Living in the Flow, author Jeanine Sciacca offers a guide to discovering your purpose and value in the world. She discusses how possessing a true sense of purpose is the centre of our existence. Until you discover and live your purpose, you meander through life searching for satisfaction and happiness. Happiness comes and goes, but purpose gives our lives meaning and direction. Jeanine Sciacca presents ideas and techniques to help you find yours. Filled with a mix of spiritual wisdom and her personal observations, Jeanine Sciacca shares how your life can have greater purpose by serving others. If your purpose doesn’t relate to others and is only about serving your self-indulgent ambition, it is not your life purpose. Living your life purpose is adding value to others to make this world a better place.

Author : Thomas Kehoe
Michael Pickering
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2020-02-20
Page : 312
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1350150495
Description :

This book addresses the nature and role of fear in the German world from the early modern period through to the 20th century. Offering the first collection that centres fear in the historical analysis of central Europe since 1600, these essays demonstrate the importance of emotional experience to the study of the past. Fear has been at the centre of many of the most important historical events in this region; witch hunts, religious conflicts, invasions and ultra-nationalism in the form of the Nazi regime. This book explores ways in which fear was understood, developed and negotiated throughout these historical contexts, and how people of the German world coped with it. From the fear of vampires to the loss of national sovereignty, pestilence, gypsies and criminals, Fear in the German Speaking World 1600-2000 draws connections between cases over a period of 400 years and considers fear alongside the history of emotions more generally. In doing so, the chapters reveal a complex, evolving construction of fear that is universally human, but also dependent upon its cultural and historical context.

Author : Francis Myles
Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
Release : 2020-04-01
Page : 88
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0768456630
Description :

Stop Fear in Its Tracks! Fear is being broadcast like no other time in history and it needs to be restrained! As COVD-19 reports are coming at us from every direction, we need to know how to not let the fear, dread, and intimidation overtake us. There is at least 366 recorded times in the Bible where God says, “Fear Not!” God does not want His people to live in fear. The writer of Proverbs tells us that the wicked run when there is nothing chasing them. What a picture of fear! On the other hand, the righteous are as bold as a lion. Anyone who has seen a lion in its natural habitat knows, it is afraid of nothing. It walks lazily by as if it has nothing to fear. This is the picture that God wants painted on the canvas of our minds! When you are a child of God there is nothing to fear. In this book you will discover how Satan uses “fear” to bind us in the Courts of Heaven. You will discover that the devil uses the spirit of fear to open the doors of oppression in almost all cases of demonic bondage or entrapment! Fear has a paralyzing and chilling effect. This book contains a proven biblical model for living a fearless lifestyle. In Fear Not! you will learn: The anatomy of the types of fears: Fear of Death, Fear of Lack, Fear of Failure, Fear of Ghosts or Demons, even Imagined Fear. How Satan uses fear in the Courts of Heaven. How to identify Satan’s legal entry points. How to prosecute the Spirit of Fear in the Courts of Heaven. These are truly unprecedented times in history, so now is the time for you to rise up and take your stand against fear!

Author : Brian N. Duchaney
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2015-05-20
Page : 216
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 1476619824
Description :

The horror genre is continually being reinvented as societal fears evolve. As technology has developed and become ubiquitous in modern life, horror films have effectively played upon our increasing reliance on technology as a source of anxiety. Focusing on advancements from the advent of electricity to the Internet, this book explores how technology—ostensibly humanity’s means of conquering fear and the unknown—has become a compelling and abundant source of dread in horror films.

Author : Carnisa Berry
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2019-05-04
Page : 44
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781096818397
Description :

Fear is something we all struggle with. Often times it keeps us from living the life we truly desire. This little book offers 5 simple steps to conquer fear so you can live your best life!