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Author : Lily LaMotte
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2020-10-27
Page : 208
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0062973886
Description :

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection Fall 2020 Kids Indie Next List “A beautiful story about food, family, and finding your place in the world.” —Gene Luen Yang, author of American Born Chinese and Dragon Hoops “A delicious and heartwarming exploration of identity by a young immigrant trying to find her place in multiple cultures.” —Remy Lai, author of Pie in the Sky and Fly on the Wall Twelve-year-old Cici has just moved from Taiwan to Seattle, and the only thing she wants more than to fit in at her new school is to celebrate her grandmother, A-má’s, seventieth birthday together. Since she can’t go to A-má, Cici cooks up a plan to bring A-má to her by winning the grand prize in a kids’ cooking contest to pay for A-má’s plane ticket! There’s just one problem: Cici only knows how to cook Taiwanese food. And after her pickled cucumber debacle at lunch, she’s determined to channel her inner Julia Child. Can Cici find a winning recipe to reunite with A-má, a way to fit in with her new friends, and somehow find herself too?

Author : Dan Robson
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2021-05-11
Page : 320
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0735234701
Description :

“Dan Robson’s book is a heart-wrenching portrait of grief. Anyone who has lost a parent will recognize it, know it intimately as you roll through the stages and finally come to the realization that a parent’s ultimate gift to a child is showing them how to live.”—Tanya Talaga, bestselling author of Seven Fallen Feathers A tender memoir of fathers and sons, love and loss, and learning to fill boots a size too big. Dan Robson’s father is a builder, a fixer. A man whose high-school education is enough not only to provide for his family, but to build a successful business. Rick Robson holds things up. When he dies, nothing in his son’s world feels steady anymore. In a very real sense, the home his father had built is suddenly fragile. Without its natural caretaker, the house will fall to pieces—and his family shows all the same signs of crumbling. Dan is hit especially hard. He knows he is not the man his father was. Dan never learned the blue-collar skills he admired, because his father wanted him to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. Now that his father is gone, the acknowledgment of his sacrifices and the sheer longing to be close to him again in some way draw Dan to the tools that lie unused in the garage. So begins Dan’s year of learning the skills his father’s hands had long mastered, and trying to fill the steel-toe boots left behind. Measuring Up is the story of that journey. Robson picks up where his father left off, working on the house and the truck, as much for the family as for himself. In much the same way that Michael Pollan comes to know his house inside-out in A Place of My Own, Robson learns the mysteries and proud satisfaction of plumbing, carpentry, wiring, and drywalling, and comes to understand how our homes are built. He also comes to see how his home was built by his father, uncovering more than one heartbreaking reminder of the kind of man his father was, and what he meant to his family. Tender and unflinching, Measuring Up is a story of love, mourning, and what it means to use your calloused hands to make the world around you a better place to live.

Author : Daniel M Koretz
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 2008
Page : 353
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9780674028050
Description :

How do you judge the quality of a school, a district, a teacher, a student? By the test scores, of course. Yet for all the talk, what educational tests can and can’t tell you, and how scores can be misunderstood and misused, remains a mystery to most. The complexities of testing are routinely ignored, either because they are unrecognized, or because they may be—well, complicated. Inspired by a popular Harvard course for students without an extensive mathematics background, Measuring Up demystifies educational testing—from MCAS to SAT to WAIS, with all the alphabet soup in between. Bringing statistical terms down to earth, Daniel Koretz takes readers through the most fundamental issues that arise in educational testing and shows how they apply to some of the most controversial issues in education today, from high-stakes testing to special education. He walks readers through everyday examples to show what tests do well, what their limits are, how easily tests and scores can be oversold or misunderstood, and how they can be used sensibly to help discover how much kids have learned.

Author : John Sabatini
Elizabeth Albro
Publisher : R&L Education
Release : 2012-06-07
Page : 180
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1607094878
Description :

In recent decades, the science of reading acquisition has been advancing through interdisciplinary research in cognitive, psycholinguistic, developmental, genetic, neuroscience, cross-language, and experimental comparison studies of effective instruction. Some of the science of reading has emerged from the theory and research into the realm of practice and policy. Yet the science and practice of measuring “reading comprehension” has remained relatively immune to much of this foundational knowledge. Measuring Up questions the traditional format of reading comprehension tests, typically a single series of questions asked about a series of passages, and offers ideas and innovations we might expect in a next generation of 21st century reading assessments. Sabatini, Albro, and O'Reilly believe that in light of the move towards Common Core State Standards and assessments, as well as significant national investments in reading and literacy education, it is a critical and opportune time to bring together the research and measurement community to address fundamental issues of measuring reading comprehension, both in theory and in practice.

Author : James Mannon
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2018-02-15
Page : 176
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0429978634
Description :

This is an exploration of the problems caused by the relentless pressure many Americans feel to measure up successfully in respect of school grades, beauty, economic achievement, and various quantified aptitudes. The book focuses on various aspects, both major and minor, of social and cultural life, discussing topics such as culture, socialization, peer groups, reference groups, presentations of self, gender roles, class inequality, deindustrialization, corporate downsizing, status systems, and human agency. Having taken his critical look at modern cultural values that support the performance ethic, the author concludes with hope for a reorientation of values that could promote a more productive sense of identity in America.

Author : Christopher Thomas
Milton Ospina
Publisher : ESRI, Inc.
Release : 2004
Page : 186
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 9781589480889
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Author : Daniel M Koretz
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 2009-06-30
Page : 363
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0674254988
Description :

Measuring Up demystifies educational testing - from MCAS to SAT to WAIS. Bringing statistical terms down to earth, Koretz takes readers through the most fundamental issues that arise in educational testing and shows how they apply to some of the most controversial issues in education today, from high-stakes testing to special education.

Author : OECD
Publisher : OECD Publishing
Release : 2002-04-03
Page : 380
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9264195955
Description :

This book highlights the core elements of a possible performance measurement framework to assess health systems at the international and national levels. It also addresses further challenges which remain.

Author : Robert Rothman
Publisher : Jossey-Bass
Release : 1995-03-29
Page : 240
Category : Education
ISBN 13 :
Description :

"The question that dismays all teachers and ought to concern everyparent because of what it reveals about what school can do to achild's curiosity -- ?Will this be on the test?' -- will never beanswered again in the same way. Bob Rothman offers a rich andcompelling account of the unfolding revolution in testing inAmerica's schools." -- Richard P. Mills, Vermont commissioner of education An award-winning journalist, Rothman cuts through the assessmentdebate -- a debate often characterized by misrepresentations andjargon -- to offer a highly accessible examination of the shift inthinking about testing. He underscores that any change must beginwith the And: what we want students to know and be able to do. Suchchanges demand a new way of knowing what students can achieve--anda system that enables them to achieve.

Author : Kevin Leman
Publisher : Spire
Release : 1994-12
Page : 256
Category : Expectation (Psychology)
ISBN 13 : 9780800785987
Description :

Author : Jeff VanVonderen
Publisher : Bethany House
Release : 2008-07-01
Page : 208
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9781441211590
Description :

Provides a path to freedom for those weighed down by shame, showing the way to acceptance in Christ based on the gospel of grace.

Author : Margaret Gurevich
Publisher : Capstone
Release : 2014-08-01
Page : 384
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1623702917
Description :

16-year-old Chloe Montgomery has always loved everything to do with fashion. Clothes, accessories, designing Ð she knows it all. And when she finds out Teen Design Diva, a new reality series for aspiring teenage designers, is holding auditions in her town, she's desperate to win a spot on the show. She knows this is her chance to finally get her designs noticed. But before Chloe can realize her dreams, she has to survive the competition in this fashion-forward eBook.

Author : Anthony Welch
Jun Li
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-06-04
Page : 391
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9811579210
Description :

This book examines the quality assessment movement in academic scholarship, as globalization prompts a search for global measures of university services and output. It gauges productivity in terms of universal publication metrics, and considers ranking and research productivity from a comparative perspective. The book considers the use of the “impact factor” as a gauge of publication value, noting that this less important in countries lacking central government appropriations to universities and to research. It argues that pressure to publish in certain journals, and to research topics of interest to English language readers, has been felt differentially in English-language systems, compared to others, but also that performance pressures fall more on younger, more juniour, contract staff, than on senior and tenured professors. It problematizes international comparisons of quality, and analyses the benefits of a zone of ideas and metrics in a common language – promoting international mobility, efficiency, collaboration - but also the costs which are rarely borne equally across countries, languages and cultures. The book provides a strong, evidence-based contribution to major debates in contemporary higher education reforms and the measurement of academic output.

Author :
Publisher :
Release : 2000
Page : 188
Category : Education, Higher
ISBN 13 :
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Author : Dr Tere Linzey
Publisher : Fastbreak Press
Release : 2015-04-01
Page : 142
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780996263009
Description :

Doesn't your child deserve every advantage? It's a common problem that all parents dread: their heretofore highly achieving child begins to fall behind in class or start scoring lower on tests. And while tutoring can help, too often remedial work feels like a temporary patch, not a permanent solution. Enter Dr. Tere Linzey and her BrainMatterZ program. A former basketball coach turned Educational Psychologist, Tere has successfully paired sports coaching techniques with the latest advances in neuroplasticity to help students retrain their brains for maximum academic capability. Having already helped more than 500 visionary students in the past six years rise up to and beyond their academic goals, it's no wonder that parents consistently recommend her program and frequently tell her, "You changed my child's life!" Now, with MEASURING UP Tere shows parents and educators how they themselves can provide a better way to help children achieve their best. By showing readers how neuroplasticity and brain optimization work, and how reshaping a student's cognitive skills can lead to better scores and results, MEASURING UP will become the go-to guide for parents and students looking for an edge in the hyper-competitive world of education. "For the millions of parents out there who want the best opportunity to succeed for their children, this is the way. Dr Linzey's book explains in plain terms the complexity of neuroplasticity and how every child has the potential to benefit from it. BrainMatterZ is an impressively well thought out program embedding everything from the concept of an open mindset learning to dynamic brain training and coaching uniquely catered to each child. Powerfully written and extraordinarily informative for all." Sandra Fontenla, Medical Physicist, New York

Author : Vickie Rutledge Shields
Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
Release : 2013-03-01
Page : 224
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0812204026
Description :

The mute gestures of advertising images are frozen for posterity by photographers and illustrators, gestures that, for better or worse, perpetuate a certain aesthetic and eventually become emblematic of a period. The images of today display the values of a society that has more interest in the body than the mind. They are technoenhanced labyrinths of unattainable appearances that leave women and men feeling horrified, estranged, and restricted by unrealistic, silent mandates. Measuring Up looks at advertising as more than just a way to extract money from unsuspecting people but as a vehicle for conveying the larger views of a confining, body-obsessed culture. By weaving theoretical and textual insights from feminist and cultural studies with the voices of real women and men, Measuring Up offers a unique reception analysis of the effects of repetitious exposure to advertisements of perfect bodies in our everyday lives. Shields examines a particular, complex relationship between the idealized images of gender we see in advertising and our own thoughts, feelings, and behavior in relation to these images. The study is unique in presenting audience reception in terms of ethnographic data, not textual interpretations alone. Measuring Up engages with and informs current theoretical debates within these sometimes complementary and sometimes contradictory literatures: feminist media studies, feminist film theory, critical social theory, cultural studies, and critical ethnography. This is an important work that explores the forms and channels of power used in one of the most insidious and overt means of mass influence in popular culture.

Author : Moramay López-Alonso
Publisher : Stanford University Press
Release : 2012-09-05
Page : 304
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0804782857
Description :

Measuring Up traces the high levels of poverty and inequality that Mexico faced in the mid-twentieth century. Using newly developed multidisciplinary techniques, the book provides a perspective on living standards in Mexico prior to the first measurement of income distribution in 1957. By offering an account of material living conditions and their repercussions on biological standards of living between 1850 and 1950, it sheds new light on the life of the marginalized during this period. Measuring Up shows that new methodologies allow us to examine the history of individuals who were not integrated into the formal economy. Using anthropometric history techniques, the book assesses how a large portion of the population was affected by piecemeal policies and flaws in the process of economic modernization and growth. It contributes to our understanding of the origins of poverty and inequality, and conveys a much-needed, long-term perspective on the living conditions of the Mexican working classes.

Author : Jonathan Walters
Publisher : Cq Press
Release : 1998-01-01
Page : 179
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 9781568024585
Description :

Author : National Research Council
Mathematical Sciences Education Board
Publisher : National Academies Press
Release : 1993-02-01
Page : 176
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0309048451
Description :

Glimpse the future of mathematics assessment in Measuring Up This book features 13 classroom exercises for fourth grade students that demonstrate the dramatic meaning of inquiry, performance, communication, and problem solving as standards for mathematics education. Policymakers, education leaders, classroom teachers, university-based educators, and parents can learn from the use of these genuine mathematics problems to challenge and prepare students for the future. single copy, $10.95; 2-9 copies, $8.50 each; 10 or more copies, $6.95 each (no other discounts apply)

Author : Remy Lai
Publisher : Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
Release : 2020-09-15
Page : 336
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1250785782
Description :

In Fly on the Wall, a moving and hilarious diary-style illustrated novel from the award-winning author of Pie in the Sky, a twelve-year-old boy goes on a (forbidden) solo adventure halfway around the world to prove his independence to his overprotective family. A Best Book of the Year for Kirkus, Booklist, Chicago Public Library, and School Library Journal! Henry Khoo's family treats him like a baby. He’s not allowed to go anywhere without his sister/chaperone/bodyguard. And he definitely CAN’T take a journey halfway around the world all by himself! But that’s exactly his plan. After his family’s annual trip to visit his father in Singapore is cancelled, Henry decides he doesn’t want to be cooped up at home with his overprotective family and BFF turned NRFF (Not Really Friend Forever). Plus, he’s hiding a your-life-is-over-if-you’re-caught secret: he’s the creator of an anonymous gossip cartoon, and he's on the verge of getting caught. Determined to prove his independence and avoid punishment for his crimes, Henry embarks on the greatest adventure everrr. . . hoping it won’t turn into the greatest disaster ever. Remy Lai takes readers on an adventure filled with humor, heart, and hijinks that’s a sure bet for fans of Jerry Craft, Terri Libenson, and Shannon Hale! “Funny, enthralling, and a great reminder that being a little odd isn’t a bad thing.” —Kayla Miller, author of Click and Camp * "Near-misses and laugh-out-loud moments abound, which will endear it to readers who like 'Big Nate' and 'Wimpy Kid.'" —School Library Journal, starred review