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Author : Ben Apatoff
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release : 2021-08-01
Page : 320
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 1493061356
Description :

Metallica: The $24.95 Book features an in-depth look at Metallica's cultural significance with chapters devoted to each member, each album, touring, fashion, books, film, influences, fandom, and more, exploring the band's ideologies along the way. With over 125 million records sold worldwide, Metallica is the biggest metal band of all time. Four decades into their unparalleled career, Metallica is a massive cultural force who drastically changed the sound of popular music by creating their own rules. Yet for all their popularity, Metallica can seem impenetrable, raising more questions and inspiring more discourse as their mythos grows. Metallica questions run deeper than what people find on the internet. Metallica questions deserve a book. Metallica, by dedicated fan and music journalist Ben Apatoff (including a foreword by What Are You Doing Here? author Laina Dawes), is that book, honoring Metallica’s history of fighting retail price gouging in the title. Metallica provides an in-depth look at the band and their music that both die-hard fans and Metallica beginners can enjoy.

Author : Matt Taylor
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2016-09-13
Page : 276
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 1608877469
Description :

Tells the story of the creation of the Master of puppets album and the subsequent tour.

Author : Mick Wall
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2011-05-10
Page : 480
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 9781429987035
Description :

Their roots lie in the heavy rock of 70s groups like Deep Purple. The music they played—heavy metal mixed with punk attitude—became its own genre: thrash. Their bassist died and they survived to became the biggest-selling band in the world. As grunge threatened to overtake them, they reinvented themselves. Then their singer went into rehab and they almost fell apart. They are Metallica, the most influential heavy metal band of the last thirty years. As Led Zeppelin was for hard rock and the Sex Pistols were for punk, Metallica became the band that defined the look and sound of 1980s heavy metal. Inventors of thrash metal—Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth followed—it was always Metallica who led the way, who pushed to another level, who became the last of the superstar rockers. Metallica is the fifth-largest selling artist of all time, with 100 million records sold worldwide. Their music has extended its reach beyond rock and metal, and into the pop mainstream, as they went from speed metal to MTV with their hit single "Enter Sandman". Until now there hasn't been a critical, authoritative, in-depth portrait of the band. Mick Wall's thoroughly researched, insightful work is enriched by his interviews with band members, record company execs, roadies, and fellow musicians. He tells the story of how a tennis-playing, music-loving Danish immigrant named Lars Ulrich created a band with singer James Hetfield and made his dreams a reality. Enter Night follows the band through tragedy and triumph, from the bus crash that killed their bassist Cliff Burton in 1986 to the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster, and on to their current status as the leaders of the Big Four festival that played to a million fans in Britain and Europe and continues in the U.S. in 2011. Enter Night delves into the various incarnations of the band, and the personalities of all key members, past and present—especially Ulrich and Hetfield—to produce the definitive word on the biggest metal band on the planet.

Author : K.J. Doughton
Publisher : Hachette+ORM
Release : 2008-12-04
Page : 178
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0446554588
Description :

An in-depth portrait of the band’s first decade by a journalist who covered them from their inception, packed with rare photos. This one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes biography, from a rock writer who once ran the band’s fan club, tells the story of Metallica’s evolution from the first meeting of James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich in 1981 up through the release of the Black Album. The departure of Dave Mustaine, the death of Cliff Burton, the arrival of Jason Newsted; the club shows and the packed arenas; raucous nights, injuries, multi-platinum success—headbangers everywhere will be compelled by this account of the highs and lows of this incomparable band. Includes rare and previously unpublished photos

Author : Ian Winwood
Paul Brannigan
Publisher : Faber & Faber
Release : 2013-10-31
Page : 384
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 0571294162
Description :

Metallica have sold in excess of 100 million albums and won seven Grammys. Their journey from scuzzy Los Angeles garages to the stages of the world's biggest stadia has been an epic and often traumatic one, and one of the few truly great rock 'n' roll sagas. No music writers have been afforded greater access to Metallica over the years than Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood, two former editors of Kerrang. Having conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with the band, they have between them gained an unparalleled knowledge of the group's history and an insiders' view of how their story has developed: they have ridden in the band's limos, flown on their private jet, joined them in the studio, been invited to the quartet's 'HQ' outside San Francisco and shared beers and stories with them in venues across the globe. There are countless memorable stories about the band never before seen in print, tales of bed-hopping and drug-taking and car-crashes and fist-fights and back-stabbing that occur when you mix testosterone and adrenaline, alcohol and egomania, talent and raw ambition. Perceptive, emotionally attached, and intellectually rigorous, Birth, School, Metallica, Death will be the essential and definitive story of this extraordinary band. Volume I takes us from the band's inception through to the recording and eve of release of their seminal, self-titled, 1991 album.

Author : Jayfri Hashim
Publisher : StormFront Entertainment
Release : 2015-12-10
Page : 24
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 13 : 1632946459
Description :

Few bands have achieved the success and status afforded the heavy metal pioneers known simply as Metallica. Metallica’s sound, a raw fury few can match, has stood the test of time and placed members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, Cliff Burton, and Kirk Hammett in an exclusive club of artists. Read about the formation of the band in this special issue of Orbit.

Author : Metallica
Howie Abrams
Publisher : Permuted Press
Release : 2019-11-26
Page : 48
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 9781682618998
Description :

An alphabetical history of one of rock’s heaviest bands…Metallica! Featuring hard-rocking rhymes and bold illustrations, The ABCs of Metallica looks back at the remarkable history of one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most celebrated groups. Each letter of the alphabet highlights a significant moment along the band’s journey, from their humble Garage Days, to their numerous classic albums such as ...And Justice for All and Master of Puppets, to biographical information on the band members themselves. The book is sure to entertain young readers as well as diehard fans of all ages. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation, which is dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services.

Author : Kieran James
Christopher Tolliday
Publisher :
Release : 2017-12-13
Page : 104
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 0244647925
Description :

This book was written mostly in calendar year 2008 either before the Death Magnetic album had been released or after it was released but before we had heard it. It reflects the anger and betrayal many fans of our generation, who had supported Metallica since Ride the Lightning days or even earlier, felt because of the Napster incident of 2000-2001 and the abysmal St. Anger album of 2003. We don't have this level of anger towards the band anymore. Maybe writing the article (as it was then) was a cathartic process. We admit that it was somewhat enjoyable bashing Lars Ulrich over the head with a weighty copy of Karl Marx's 1,100 page opus Capital Volume 1. Like Marx's Capital, our book was a product of its time. Please enjoy this book because it reflects the real anger towards Metallica which many older fans of the band were feeling in that time between the releases of St. Anger in 2003 and Death Magnetic in 2008.

Author : Mick Wall
Publisher :
Release : 2012-03-01
Page : 641
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9782357791718
Description :

Né dans un garage miteux de Los Angeles au début des années quatre-vingt, rien ne disposait vraiment Metallica à devenir ce qu'il est aujourd'hui. Enfin, rien à part Lars Ulrich. Batteur à la technique limitée sur les premiers enregistrements du groupe, celui-ci se rattrape aisément grâce à son sens des affaires et à son flair quasi-imparable. Mick Wall retrace ici toute l'aventure du groupe et évite soigneusement de donner le point de vue d'un fan aveuglé par son amour pour le groupe. Il n'oublie aucun des moments difficiles que le groupe a traversés, Dave Mustaine, Cliff Burton, le son de ...And Justice for All, l'affaire Napster (où Lars avait apparemment perdu son flair), la réinvention du groupe pour l'album Load, le documentaire Some Kind of Monster, l'enregistrement de St. Anger..., tout y passe dans le moindre détail et Wall n'hésite pas à donner un avis personnel tranché à chaque fois que cela lui semble pertinent. Mais il n'oublie pas non plus que Metallica est un géant de la musique moderne, fondateur du thrash metal, genre musical sans concession que le groupe a réussi à transcender pour devenir l'un des derniers monstres du rock.

Author : Chris Ingham
Publisher : Carlton Books
Release : 2019-07
Page : 208
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 9781787392779
Description :

Metallica grew from the fledgling thrash metal scene of the early 1980s to become one of the biggest metal acts in the history of music. They have released a slew of critically acclaimed albums over the years and they still play sell out concerts around the globe. Metallica's music has been constantly innovative, breaking the boundaries of what constitutes heavy metal and skilfully appealing to a huge global audience. Metallica: The Stories Behind the Songs explores the writing and recording of the band's greatest records, including classic albums such as Master of Puppets (1986) and Metallica ("the black album") (1991), right through to 2016's Hardwired... to Self-Destruct. This is the perfect book for any metalhead who wants to get an insight into the creative process of one of the heaviest bands of all time.

Author : James Hetfield
Publisher : Insight Editions
Release : 2020-07-28
Page : 192
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 168383805X
Description :

James Hetfield, Metallica’s front man, opens up his garage for an exclusive tour of the highlights of his incredible collection of restored and customized classic cars. Millions know James Hetfield as the front man of Metallica, but the acclaimed singer-songwriter has enjoyed another lifelong passion: restoring and customizing classic cars into magnificent pieces of automotive art. From cars such as the Skyscraper to the Aquarius and the Black Pearl, James Hetfield’s collection of beautifully reimagined classic automobiles is truly stunning. For the first time, Hetfield is opening up his garage and inviting readers to dive under the hood of some of these internationally lauded classics. Featuring dynamic, specially commissioned photography of the cars and insight from Hetfield into their creation, this book is a unique opportunity to learn about the Metallica front man's passion for creating bespoke classic cars. James Hetfield’s unique cars will be on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles starting from February 2020.

Author : William Irwin
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2007-04-23
Page : 272
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 1405163488
Description :

Hit the lights and jump in the fire, you’re about to enter the School of Rock! Today’s lecture will be a crash course in brain surgery. This hard and fast lesson is taught by instructors who graduated from the old school—they actually paid $5.98 for The $5.98 EP. But back before these philosophy professors cut their hair, they were lieutenants in the Metal Militia. A provocative study of the ‘thinking man’s’ metal band Maps out the connections between Aristotle, Nietzsche, Marx, Kierkegaard, and Metallica, to demonstrate the band’s philosophical significance Uses themes in Metallica’s work to illuminate topics such as freedom, truth, identity, existentialism, questions of life and death, metaphysics, epistemology, the mind-body problem, morality, justice, and what we owe one another Draws on Metallica’s lyrical content, Lars Ulrich’s relationship with Napster, as well as the documentary Some Kind of Monster Serves as a guide for thinking through the work of one of the greatest rock bands of all time Compiled by the editor of Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book about Everything and Nothing and The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D’oh! of Homer

Author : Danny Gill
Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation
Release : 2011-02-01
Page : 76
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 1603788565
Description :

(Play It Like It Is). Note-for-note transcriptions in standard notation and tab for 8 classic songs with a DVD including instruction by Danny Gill of all the important guitar riffs. Songs include: ...And Justice for All * For Whom the Bell Tolls * Frantic * Hit the Lights * Leper Messiah * The Memory Remains * Until It Sleeps * Wherever I May Roam.

Author : Glenn Pillsbury
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-09-05
Page : 272
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 113609122X
Description :

"Damage Incorporated" is the first book about the legendary heavy metal band Metallica that provides a detailed exploration of the group’s music and its place within the wider popular music landscape. Written with a broad readership in mind, it offers an interdisciplinary study that incorporates a range of topics which intersect with the band’s music and cultural influence. For students of popular culture, mass media, and music, "Damage Incorporated" will be necessary reading, and sets a new standard for the study and exploration of metal within the field of popular music studies.

Author : Herbert Clark Hoover
Publisher : Рипол Классик
Release : 1950
Page : 638
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 5871926517
Description :

Georgius Agricola De re metallica, tr. From the 1st Latin ed. Of 1556, with biographical introduction, annotations and appendices upon the development of mining methods, metallurgical processes, geology, mineralogy & mining law, from the earliest times to

Author : Joe Berlinger
Greg Milner
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2014-03-25
Page : 336
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 1466866969
Description :

Metallica is one of the most successful hard-rock bands of all time, having sold more than ninety million albums worldwide. Receiving unique, unfettered access, acclaimed filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky followed Metallica over two and a half years as they faced monumental personal and professional challenges that threatened to destroy the bands just as they returned to the studio to record their first album in four years. While the documentary itself provides an insider's view of Metallica, the two and a half years of production (and more than 1,600 hours of footage) garnered far more than can be expressed in a two-hour film. Berlinger's book about the experience reveals the stories behind the film, capturing the energy, uncertainty, and ultimate triumph of both the filming and Metallica's bid for survival. It weaves the on-screen stories together with what happened off-screen, offering intimate details of the band's struggle amidst personnel changes, addiction, and controversy. In part because Berlinger was one of the only witnesses to the intensive group-therapy sessions and numerous band meetings, his account of his experience filming the band is the most honest and deeply probing book about Metallica - or any rock band - ever written. This is the book both Metallica and film fans have dreamed of - a stark and honest look at one of rock's most important bands through the eyes of the most provocative documentary filmmakers working today.

Author : Mick Wall
Malcolm Dome
Publisher : Omnibus Press
Release : 2011-11-04
Page : 160
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 0857127217
Description :

Here is the ultimate illustrated discography of the world's greatest metal band, Metallica, covering everything from 1983's Kill 'Em All through all their multi-million selling albums and bringing the story right up-to-date with their video game Metallica: Guitar Hero.Metallica where inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.The bands album Death Magnetic went multi-platinum and has been #1 in twenty-seven countries around the world, including the US, UK and Australia.The band star in their own immensely popular Guitar Hero game.The band is a multi-award winner and has received nine Grammy Awards, most recently winning two in 2009.Enter Sandman from the band's 1991 album Metallica was included in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

Author : Joel McIver
Publisher : Omnibus Press
Release : 2014-06-16
Page : 448
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 1783231238
Description :

The updated version of McIver's bestselling biography explores the aftermath of Metallica's comeback in the wake of 2008's Death Magnetic. The band entering the Rock And Hall Of Fame, toured as the leading member of the Big Four Of Thrash alongside Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax Establishing their own Orion festival Embarking on side projects aplenty (Lars Ulrich as an actor, Kirk Hammett as a horror buff) and recorded what is possibly the most despised record in heavy metal history, a collaboration with Lou Reed titled Lulu. Here McIver reveals a refreshing new spin on the Lulu album, re-evaluating its contents in the light of Reed's death in 2013.

Author : Martin Popoff
Publisher : Voyageur Press (MN)
Release : 2013-11-15
Page : 192
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 0760344825
Description :

Et gennemillustreret portræt af heavybandet Metallica fra det første møde i 1981 frem til 2013

Author : David Masciotra
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Release : 2015-09-24
Page : 128
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 1628929324
Description :

In 1991, Metallica released their fifth studio album that would become known and beloved around the world as “The Black Album.” Since its release, it has sold 30 million copies, and become a towering monument in the pantheon of rock's greatest records. Readers will get unprecedented insight into the story behind an iconic album from one of the world's most iconic bands through interviews with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted, and “Black Album” producer Bob Rock. Masciotra takes readers into the recording studio, giving them Metallica's account of how their most successful and famous record was born and learned to walk into every radio station and stadium stage around the world. Masciotra not only talks to the band about the making of the album, but also the stories that inspired the songs. Readers will not only learn about “The Black Album,” but they will also gain greater knowledge and familiarity with the men who created it. With direct access to the band, Masciotra offers a fascinating and inspiring account of the creation of one of music's best and best-selling albums.