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Author : John Eldredge
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release : 2016-02-16
Page : 256
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0718037669
Description :

Why Some Prayers Work, Why Some Don’t, and How You and God Can Change Things for Good How would it feel to enter into prayer with confidence and assurance—certain that God heard you and that your prayers would make a difference? It would likely feel amazing and unfamiliar. That’s because often our prayers seem to be met with silence or don’t appear to change anything. Either response can lead to disappointment or even despair in the face of our ongoing battles and unmet longings—especially when we don’t know if we’re doing something wrong or if some prayers just don’t work. New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge confronts these issues directly in Moving Mountains by offering a hopeful approach to prayer that is effective, relational, and rarely experienced by most Christians. In a world filled with danger, adventure, and wonder, we have at our disposal prayers that can transform the events and issues that matter most to us and to God. Moving Mountains shows you how to experience the power of daily prayer, learn the major types of prayers—including those of intervention, consecration, warfare, and healing—and to discover the intimacy of the cry of the heart prayer, listening prayer, and praying Scripture. Things can be different, and you personally have a role to play with God in bringing about that change through prayer. It may sound too good to be true, but this is your invitation to engage in the kind of prayers that can move God's heart as well as the mountains before you.

Author : William G. Pagonis
Jeffrey L. Cruikshank
Publisher : Harvard Business Press
Release : 1992
Page : 248
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780875843605
Description :

A United States general describes his command of the deployment of U.S. troops and supplies to the Persian Gulf in the war with Iraq and recommends his methods of leadership and resource management for use in the business world.

Author : Claire Bertschinger
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2011-12-31
Page : 384
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1448125162
Description :

One of the most enduring images of the Ethiopian famine that shocked the world in 1984 was that of the young International Red Cross nurse who, surrounded by thousands of starving people and with limited supplies, had the terrible task of choosing which children to feed, knowing that those she turned away might not last the night. That nurse was Claire Bertschinger, and those pictures inspired Live Aid, the biggest relief programme the world had ever seen. 'In her was vested the power of life and death,' Bob Geldof said. 'She had become God-like, and that is unbearable for anyone.' Michael Buerk, whose BBC documentary first showed those pictures, persuaded Claire to return to Ethiopia almost twenty years later. For all those years she had been haunted by the terrible choices she had been forced to make. But when she met them again, the survivors welcomed her back with open arms. Born in Essex, Claire Bertschinger had to overcome dyslexia to qualify as a nurse. When she joined the International Red Cross, she fulfilled a zest for adventure and a passionate vocation for relief work. She has worked with the war-wounded and hostages in Lebanon, with the Mujahidin in Afghanistan, and with victims of civil war and displaced persons in Uganda, Sierra Leone and the Sudan. Working in war zones she often came under fire herself while trying to save the lives of others.

Author : Kevin Stevens
Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
Release : 2017-01-17
Page : 224
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 076841024X
Description :

Access God’s Unlimited Power // Unlock Your Unlimited Possibilities The Bible is filled with average, ordinary people who were called to do extraordinary things. They weren’t qualified in skill or perfect in performance. Yet, God placed a dream, a vision, a promise within them, driving them to press through their obstacles and move mountains of adversity. God qualified them, and He has qualified you! In Moving Mountains, Kevin Stevens shows you how to identify and move the obstacles that challenge you from reaching your full potential and fulfilling your destiny. What do mountain movers look like? They trust in God’s unlimited power and strength instead of solely relying on human skill and ability. They are not moved by life’s circumstances; instead, they move circumstances. They remain grounded in God’s promises, no matter how great the obstacles or adversity. Learn how to take your place among the great mountain movers of Scripture and history! It all starts with a Great Exchange. Exchange your weakness and inability for God’s mountain-moving strength.

Author : Jean Michaud
Tim Forsyth
Publisher : UBC Press
Release : 2011-01-01
Page : 256
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0774859709
Description :

The mountainous borderlands of socialist China, Vietnam, and Laos are home to some seventy million minority people of diverse ethnicities. In Moving Mountains, anthropologists, geographers, and political economists with first-hand experience in the region explore these peoples' survival strategies, as they respond to unprecedented economic and political change. Although highland peoples are typically represented as marginalized and powerless, this volume argues that ethnic minorities draw on culture and ethnicity to indigenize modernity and maintain their livelihoods. This unprecedented glimpse into a poorly understood region shows that development initiatives must be built on strong knowledge of local cultures in order to have lasting effect.

Author : Reinhold Messner
Publisher :
Release : 2006-01-01
Page : 262
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9788179925607
Description :

What Thoughts And Feelings Occupy Us When We Face Our Highest Personal Mountains? How Can We Be Dedicated In Pursuit Of Our Goals, Despite Daunting Hardships? This Inspiring Book Is The Best Of Best-Selling Author Reinhold Messner, The First Person To Reach The Summit Of Everest Solo And Without Supplemental Oxygen.Organized Around His Lessons On Life And Leadership, This Book Outlines The Secrets To Overcoming Failure, Pushing The Limits Of The Feasible, And Achieving Lasting Success.Like Most Genuine Leaders, Messner Transcends His Field (Mountain Climber And Expedition Leader) And Assumes A Larger-Than-Life Public Image And Persona. Privately, He Remains A Craftsman First, But His Feats And His Fame Have Also Made Him A Spokesman. And In Both Areas, He Is A Proven Winner. It Is One Thing To Have Survived A Few Near-Death Experiences On Mountains And In Deserts And Ice Fields, But It Is Quite Another To Have Learned So Much And Shared So Deeply With The Intent To Benefit Other People.Moving Mountains Describes The Lessons Messner Has Learned Through A Lifetime Of Breaking Through Mental And Physical Barriers. From Their Reading Of The Book, Individuals, Teams, And Organizations Will Learn The Skills Necessary To Pick Themselves Up And Move Beyond Their Trials And Failures So That They Too Can Reach Unparalleled Heights Of Success.

Author : Anne-Christine D'Adesky
Publisher : Verso
Release : 2006
Page : 496
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 9781844675432
Description :

Collects field reports from numerous countries to chart the global effort to provide life-saving medicines and care to some forty million people living with HIV and AIDS in resource-poor nations, in a paperback edition that includes a new foreword that considers global AIDS and public policy since 2004. Reprint.

Author : Leon Howard Sullivan
Publisher :
Release : 1998
Page : 300
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 :
Description :

From a beginning engulfed in poverty to the boardroom of General Motors Corporation, Leon Sullivan founded the Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC's), creating jobs for over a million people. These are his words in a story of incredible perseverance, faith, and belief.

Author : Penny loeb
Publisher : University Press of Kentucky
Release : 2021-12-14
Page : 328
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 0813189292
Description :

Deep in the heart of the southern West Virginia coalfields, one of the most important environmental and social empowerment battles in the nation has been waged for the past decade. Fought by a heroic woman struggling to save her tiny community through a landmark lawsuit, this battle, which led all the way to the halls of Congress, has implications for environmentally conscious people across the world. The story begins with Patricia Bragg in the tiny community of Pie. When a deep mine drained her neighbors' wells, Bragg heeded her grandmother's admonition to "fight for what you believe in" and led the battle to save their drinking water. Though she and her friends quickly convinced state mining officials to force the coal company to provide new wells, Bragg's fight had only just begun. Soon large-scale mining began on the mountains behind her beloved hollow. Fearing what the blasting off of mountaintops would do to the humble homes below, she joined a lawsuit being pursued by attorney Joe Lovett, the first case he had ever handled. In the case against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Bragg v. Robertson), federal judge Charles Haden II shocked the coal industry by granting victory to Joe Lovett and Patricia Bragg and temporarily halting the practice of mountaintop removal. While Lovett battled in court, Bragg sought other ways to protect the resources and safety of coalfield communities, all the while recognizing that coal mining was the lifeblood of her community, even of her own family (her husband is a disabled miner). The years of Bragg v. Robertson bitterly divided the coalfields and left many bewildered by the legal wrangling. One of the state's largest mines shut down because of the case, leaving hardworking miners out of work, at least temporarily. Despite hurtful words from members of her church, Patricia Bragg battled on, making the two-hour trek to the legislature in Charleston, over and over, to ask for better controls on mine blasting. There Bragg and her friends won support from delegate Arley Johnson, himself a survivor of one of the coalfield's greatest disasters. Award-winning investigative journalist Penny Loeb spent nine years following the twists and turns of this remarkable story, giving voice both to citizens, like Patricia Bragg, and to those in the coal industry. Intertwined with court and statehouse battles is Patricia Bragg's own quiet triumph of graduating from college summa cum laude in her late thirtie and moving her family out of welfare and into prosperity and freedom from mining interests. Bragg's remarkable personal triumph and the victories won in Pie and other coalfield communities will surprise and inspire readers.

Author : Geoffrey Russell Evans
James Goodman
Publisher : Zed Books
Release : 2002
Page : 284
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 9781842771990
Description :

Transnational mining companies are key agents of corporate globalization. They are often larger than national economies, and dominate governments, local peoples and their environments. In response, affected communities and non-government organizations are creating new agendas for change and justice.

Author : Julie Miles Lewis
Publisher : Ecademy Press
Release : 2016-05-05
Page : 226
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1784522481
Description :

Are you ready to move mountains, discover the mountain in you...or maybe even climb one? In this adventure of soulful stories, wisdom, thought-provoking exercises and actionable ideas, Julie gently guides you to discovering your Inner Mountain and finding your path forward emotionally, spiritually, mentally and business and in life. Moving Mountains will guide and inspire you to clarify where you want to go and how to get moving, reconnect to what brings you joy and gives you energy, bounce back from setbacks, boost your courage and confidence, explore and discover your place in the world, do what you love and love what you do. It takes the strength, courage, wisdom, compassion and energy of the Mountain in You to Move Mountains. The only way is up...and it’s up to you to get moving!

Author : Sarah F. Cook
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Release : 2021-04-07
Page : 124
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1649572719
Description :

Moving Mountains: A Story of Marriage, Faith, and Beating a Contagion By: Sarah F. Cook Moving Mountains is the story of a man who contracted polio in 1954, just before the Salk and Sabin vaccines became widely available. When he became ill, Jim Bentzen was twenty-five years old, a pilot in the Air Force, had been married two years, and had a one-year-old son. In a matter of hours after the diagnosis, Jim was paralyzed from the neck down, leaving him a quadriplegic in an iron lung. He should not have survived, and when he did survive the first weeks of one crisis after another, Jim and his wife Joan were told that he would have to be hospitalized for what remained of his life, because his deficits were too great for any kind of home care. Nonetheless, the Bentzens assessed their losses, conquered their fears, and set about proving everyone in the medical community wrong. The reader will have to judge whether they succeeded.

Author : Audra Rene Weeks
Publisher :
Release : 2022-08-24
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781735081779
Description :

Author : Ayeshia Nicole Pompey
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release : 2010-05-24
Page : 182
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1609571584
Description :

Ayeshia Nicole Pompey is a believer in the scripture "to whom much is given much is required (Luke 12:48)." Active in her community at a young age, Ms. Pompey has a passion for educating her community holistically and empowering individuals with tools to help them succeed in life. She was born and raised in Cleveland, OH and attended the Ohio State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Public Administration. Ms. Pompey has over 10 years of experience in program and organizational development but knows that her true calling is to minister to others through written word. Ms. Pompey currently lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband Ron.

Author : Andrea Dougherty
Publisher :
Release : 2017-05-23
Page : 140
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1365967557
Description :

This is a book about God's Love and Healing as seen through the eyes of a stage four colon cancer survivor and fighter. Diagnosed in February of 2015 at the age of 43, Andrea wants to share her testimony of healing. What is your mountain? Read about how you can make that mountain move. Joy through trials is the theme of Moving Mountains. I hope this book blesses many.

Author : Jonathan K. Rice
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2011-02-23
Page : 169
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 9781456857714
Description :

The germ of this document began with two questions: how much does it take to supply aCivil War army(the Army of the Potomac has the best records so it is used as the exemplar) and since we are dealing with the 19th century man, the numbers for other armies; Northern Virginia, Cumberland, Tennessee, should be pretty much the same; and how does it work? The results of the study are more or less complete, but there is a host of unanswered questions. Are wagons designated by regiment, brigade, division, corps?(photographic evidence suggests that some wagons had some sort of designation painted on their white tops) Does the same wagon always carry the same supply? Forage( the single most common supply unit) rations, administrative furniture (desks, cooking equipment, files)ammunition (are wagons specifically designated by battery, are there general artillery ammunition wagons? Are wagons carrying mixed loads; 3” rifles 12 pound Napoleons, Parrot guns) I did no find the answers, and these questions are left for other writers to research and answer.

Author : Kristen Welch
Publisher : Baker Books
Release : 2020-03-03
Page : 224
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1493421344
Description :

Life is an incredible journey with ups and downs. We soar, struggle, scale and stumble, and often stand at the edge of cliffs, afraid to step into the unknown, unsure of where we will land. But instead of running away, we are called by God to stand firm, muster up what faith we can, and take a step. Because we were made to move mountains. In this inspiring book, Kristen Welch calls you to step out in faith and climb the mountain in front of you--not because you are good enough or adequate or able, but because God makes a way where there is no way. With heartbreaking and hopeful personal stories, Scripture, and questions for contemplation, she draws you out of fear and into a holy confidence, showing you that the mountain in your path was put there on purpose, so that you could exercise--and grow--your faith.

Author : Nicole Gaiziunas
Publisher : MI Wirtschaftsbuch
Release : 2013-11-11
Page : 224
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 3864161444
Description :

Every executive board would like to have the best in their field. Unfortunately, this undertaking has been failing extensively and categorically for years. Every year billions are spent on executive and personnel development, talent management, training and qualification, with modest results. No man-agers can move mountains like this, not to mention the range of challenges which are mounting up in this time of exogenous shocks, threatened global supply networks and dwindling raw material sources. The 'input' principle is to blame: Too much emphasis is placed on what is put in. The 'best in class' pay attention to what comes out. They work according to the principle of 'return': Training should no longer just make it possible for managers and employees to move mountains. The mountains need to be moved in the training itself. This is self-financing and profit-generating because it creates 'return projects' which are designed to increase turnover, reduce costs and/or improve efficiency. That's how mountains are moved! With this new understanding of management development and the unleashed power of developing personalities. In short, with future competence. The author spotlights twelve megatrends from business and society that managers across all industries will need to master with future competence in the next few years. They lead in to Change Management 2.0: Transformation instead of just change.

Author : Rev. Dr. Raymont L. Anderson
Publisher : Author House
Release : 2012-05-25
Page : 324
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 13 : 1468597876
Description :

In life, everyone at some time or another will experience what is commonly referred to as problems. Moving Mountains is a manual of sorts to assist people in the removal of life's problems. This removal process occurs by first looking at some commonly held beliefs and ideas held by our society. Secondly this removal occurs by realizing that a shift in perception is needed. As the reader continues to read and walk through the journey laid out in the pages of the book the task of noticing and in time changing existing paradigms will become the number one mission. This mission allows the reader to realize that the mountains in life (problems, challenges, issues and traumas) are blessings that can be used as stepping stones to greater awareness and increase one's ability to live a sacred life. The book guides the reader through the process of personal transformation by challenging what is believed and what the reader feels is known with various ideas and concepts that the author has found over years of study to be of immeasurable value and use, so that the mountains can be moved just as Jesus the Christ said in Matthew 17:20, "if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Author : Rev. R.E. Tucker
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2011-09-01
Page : 141
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9781465357991
Description :

This book is about real live stories, of how our faith in God brought many miracles of extraordinary events which manifested divine intervention. This book will strengthen the faith of many believers to trust in God, to answer their prayers. The book of Hebrews 11th chapter, which is a Faith chapter, with forty verses that each verse describe's what Jesus,is to their faith. There are forty stories, a story for each verse.