Nisa The Life And Words Of A Kung Woman Download Ebook PDF Epub Online

Author : Marjorie Shostak
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 2009-06-30
Page : 376
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0674043596
Description :

This book is the story of the life of Nisa, a member of the !Kung tribe of hunter-gatherers from southern Africa's Kalahari desert. Told in her own words--earthy, emotional, vivid--to Marjorie Shostak, a Harvard anthropologist who succeeded, with Nisa's collaboration, in breaking through the immense barriers of language and culture, the story is a fascinating view of a remarkable woman.

Author : Marjorie Shostak
Publisher : Earthscan
Release : 1990
Page : 402
Category : !Kung (African people)
ISBN 13 : 9781853830600
Description :

Reprint. Originally published: Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1981.

Author : Marjorie Shostak
Publisher :
Release : 2002-03-01
Page : 272
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9780674008298
Description :

An anthropologist describes her last encounter with the !Kung people of Botswana, and her relationship with one remarkable woman, as she returns to their village, stricken with breast cancer, to reconnect with these often-studied people.

Author : Margery Wolf
Publisher : Stanford University Press
Release : 1972
Page : 23
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 9780804780780
Description :

Author : John Hooker
Publisher : Stanford University Press
Release : 2003
Page : 406
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780804748070
Description :

A guide to adapting and thriving within unfamiliar cultural settings challenges the notion that professional life interacts with culture only at the etiquette level, distinguishing between rule-based and relationship-based cultures while considering the roles of such factors as competition, security, and lifestyle. (Social Science)

Author : Elliot M. Fratkin
Publisher : Rowman Altamira
Release : 2011-10-16
Page : 179
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0759120676
Description :

Elliot Fratkin shares the story of his early anthropological fieldwork in Kenya in the 1970s. Using his fieldnotes and letters home to bring to life the voices of those he met, Fratkin invites the reader to experience his cross-cultural friendships with the enigmatic laibon (a diviner and healer of the Samburu and Maasai peoples) Lonyoki, his family, and the people of the nomadic community of Lukumai. Fratkin participated in the daily lives of the Ariaal livestock herders and accompanied the laibon as he performed divination and healing rituals throughout Marsabit and Samburu Districts. After Fratkin reunited Lonyoki with his son and wife, Lonyoki adopted Fratkin into his family, and Fratkin continues his close friendship with Lonyoki s son Lembalen today. Black-and-white photographs, a guide to the characters, words, and places, and a list of suggested readings supplement the engaging narrative. Laibon is more than a memoir; it delves into nitty-gritty details of fieldwork, speaks to larger questions about ethnographic research, and provides unparalleled insight into the world of the laibon."

Author : Gordon Mathews
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2011-06-30
Page : 241
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0226510204
Description :

4e de couv.: Chungking Mansions, a dilapidated seventeen-story commercial and residential structure in the heart of Hong Kong's tourist district, is home to a remarkably motley group of people. Traders, laborers, and asylum seekers from all over Asia and Africa live and work there, and even backpacking tourists rent rooms in what is possibly the most globalized spot on the planet. But as Ghetto at the center of the world shows us, the Mansions is a world away from the gleaming headquarters of multinational corporations -instead it epitomizes the way globalization actually works for most of the world's people. Through candid stories that both instruct and enthrall, Gordon Mathews lays bare the building's residents' intricate connections to the international circulation of goods, money, and ideas.

Author : Cindy M. Meston
David M. Buss
Publisher : Macmillan
Release : 2009-09-29
Page : 336
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 9781429955225
Description :

An unparalleled exploration of the mysteries underlying women's sexuality that rivals the culture-shifting Kinsey Report, from two of America's leading research psychologists Do women have sex simply to reproduce or display their affection? When University of Texas at Austin clinical psychologist Cindy M. Meston and evolutionary psychologist David M. Buss joined forces to investigate the underlying sexual motivations of women, what they found astonished them. Through the voices of real women, Meston and Buss reveal the motivations that guide women's sexual decisions and explain the deep-seated psychology and biology that often unwittingly drive women's desires—sometimes in pursuit of health or pleasure, or sometimes for darker, disturbing reasons that a woman may not fully recognize. Drawing on more than a thousand intensive interviews conducted solely for the book, as well as their pioneering research on physiological response and evolutionary emotions, Why Women Have Sex uncovers an amazingly complex and nuanced portrait of female sexuality. They delve into the use of sex as a defensive tactic against a mate's infidelity (protection), as a ploy to boost self-confidence (status), as a barter for gifts or household chores (resource acquisition), or as a cure for a migraine headache (medication). Why Women Have Sex stands as the richest and deepest psychological understanding of female sexuality yet achieved and promises to inform every woman's (and her partner's) awareness of her relationship to sex and her sexuality.

Author : Martha Coonfield Ward
Publisher : Waveland PressInc
Release : 1993
Page : 222
Category : Tyrol (Austria)
ISBN 13 :
Description :

This text is an ethnography that describes how the people of this high mountain region put meaning into their collective lives & how they organize the social structure of mountain survival. In addition, the author describes how the Tiroleans have suffered & solved major ethnic problems.

Author : Magdalena Yesil
Publisher : Seal Press
Release : 2017-10-31
Page : 256
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 158005692X
Description :

With empowering insights to help women navigate the narrowest corridors of sexism, tech-industry pioneer Magdalena Yesil shares on-the-ground career advice that is as powerful as any MBA Pioneering Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor Magdalena Yesil came to the United States in 1976 with two suitcases and $43, blind to the challenges she would face as a woman and immigrant in Silicon Valley. Today, she is best known as the first investor and a founding board member of Salesforce, the now-multibillion dollar company that ushered in the era of cloud-based computing. In Power Up: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy, Yesil urges women to look beyond the alarming gender statistics of the workplace and feel confident entering tech or any field-but also to be prepared to deal with the challenges. She shares what she experienced as a woman in Silicon Valley with surprising candor and heart, relying not just on her insight but that of more than a dozen top women entrepreneurs to offer pragmatic takeaways on topics such as: · Owning career choices while managing risk · Getting credit for your work · Managing sexual dynamics · Recruiting allies in the movement toward a supportive workplace for everyone Pragmatic, incisive, and full of highly actionable advice, Yesil prepares ambitious women to break glass ceilings and rise to the top in the New Silicon Valley -- and beyond.

Author : Davi Kopenawa
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 2013-11-15
Page : 645
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0674726111
Description :

Anthropologist Bruce Albert captures the poetic voice of Davi Kopenawa, shaman and spokesman for the Yanomami of the Brazilian Amazon, in this unique reading experience--a coming-of-age story, historical account, and shamanic philosophy, but most of all an impassioned plea to respect native rights and preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Author : Joseph Needham
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 1981
Page : 134
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 9780674794399
Description :

Traces the history of Chinese science, including the development of acupuncture, gunpowder, and mechanical clocks, and compares it with the science of neighboring nations

Author : Jean L. Briggs
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 1998-01-01
Page : 275
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 9780300080643
Description :

"Is your mother good?" "Are you good?" "Do you want to come live with me?" Inuit adults often playfully present small children with difficult, even dangerous, choices and then dramatize the consequences of the child's answers. They are enacting in larger-than-life form the plots that drive Inuit social life--testing, acting out problems, entertaining themselves, and, most of all, bringing up their children. In a riveting narrative, psychological anthropologist Jean L. Briggs takes us through six months of dramatic interactions in the life of Chubby Maata, a three-year-old girl growing up in a Baffin Island hunting camp. The book examines the issues that engaged the child--belonging, possession, love--and shows the process of her growing. Briggs questions the nature of "sharedness" in culture and assumptions about how culture is transmitted. She suggests that both cultural meanings and strong personal commitment to one's world can be (and perhaps must be) acquired not by straightforwardly learning attitudes, rules, and habits in a dependent mode but by experiencing oneself as an agent engaged in productive conflict in emotionally problematic situations. Briggs finds that dramatic play is an essential force in Inuit social life. It creates and supports values; engenders and manages attachments and conflicts; and teaches and maintains an alert, experimental, constantly testing approach to social relationships.

Author : Asen Balikci
Publisher : Waveland Press
Release : 1989-05-01
Page : 276
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1478607912
Description :

Today regarded as a classic, this description of life in polar cultures reflects traditional ethnography at its best and has been a favored account for thirty years. Balikcis important study of the Netsilingmiut, an isolated tribe of Arctic hunters living close to the Arctic Circle, examines their technology, social organization, and religion. The extended period of time that the author worked with the Netsilik Eskimo is reflected in the depth of his understanding of their past and present environments. His portrayal of their dependence on government services, along with modern technology, provides an accurate and necessary insight into the process of cultural change being experienced by cultures in many developing countries. The volume makes a superb accompaniment to the Netsilik documentary film series.

Author : Garrick Bailey
James Peoples
Publisher : Cengage Learning
Release : 2010-02-02
Page : 320
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 9780840032751
Description :

Now featuring a full-color design, this brief, more affordable version of Peoples and Bailey's HUMANITY: AN INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 8th Edition (2009) provides a solid option for instructors who wish to adopt a core text along with supplemental texts such as readers and ethnographies. The text shares, in a briefer format, the same rich characteristics that made HUMANITY a best-seller over the years: strong scholarship, rich ethnographic examples and a unique focus on modern ethnicity and the survival of indigenous peoples. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Author : Martha C. Ward
Monica D. Edelstein
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2015-10-14
Page : 288
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 131734247X
Description :

Takes a cross-cultural approach to the study of women A World Full of Women, 6/e, combines descriptive ethnography, gender theory, and international statistics to present a comprehensive picture of the lives of women. Readers will better comprehend and contextualize women’s issues and experiences in today’s world. This title explores the diversity of women’s lives from class to culture, with examples ranging from women’s work to marriage patterns, health issues, violence against women, and grassroots organizing.

Author : Melvin Konner
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 2011-09-15
Page : 272
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 9780674049277
Description :

As they immerse themselves in foreign cultures, trained anthropologists find that accepting difference is one thing, experiencing it is quite another. In tales that entertain as well as illuminate, these writers show how the moral and intellectual challenges of living cross-culturally revealed to them the limits of their perception and understanding.

Author : Karina Biondi
Publisher : UNC Press Books
Release : 2016-10-12
Page : 222
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1469630311
Description :

The Primeiro Comando do Capital (PCC) is a Sao Paulo prison gang that since the 1990s has expanded into the most powerful criminal network in Brazil. Karina Biondi's rich ethnography of the PCC is uniquely informed by her insider-outsider status. Prior to his acquittal, Biondi's husband was incarcerated in a PCC-dominated prison for several years. During the period of Biondi's intense and intimate visits with her husband and her extensive fieldwork in prisons and on the streets of Sao Paulo, the PCC effectively controlled more than 90 percent of Sao Paulo's 147 prison facilities. Available for the first time in English, Biondi's riveting portrait of the PCC illuminates how the organization operates inside and outside of prison, creatively elaborating on a decentered, non-hierarchical, and far-reaching command system. This system challenges both the police forces against which the PCC has declared war and the methods and analytic concepts traditionally employed by social scientists concerned with crime, incarceration, and policing. Biondi posits that the PCC embodies a "politics of transcendence," a group identity that is braided together with, but also autonomous from, its decentralized parts. Biondi also situates the PCC in relation to redemocratization and rampant socioeconomic inequality in Brazil, as well as to counter-state movements, crime, and punishment in the Americas.

Author : Ian Condry
Publisher : Duke University Press
Release : 2006-10-11
Page : 262
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 0822388162
Description :

In this lively ethnography Ian Condry interprets Japan’s vibrant hip-hop scene, explaining how a music and culture that originated halfway around the world is appropriated and remade in Tokyo clubs and recording studios. Illuminating different aspects of Japanese hip-hop, Condry chronicles how self-described “yellow B-Boys” express their devotion to “black culture,” how they combine the figure of the samurai with American rapping techniques and gangsta imagery, and how underground artists compete with pop icons to define “real” Japanese hip-hop. He discusses how rappers manipulate the Japanese language to achieve rhyme and rhythmic flow and how Japan’s female rappers struggle to find a place in a male-dominated genre. Condry pays particular attention to the messages of emcees, considering how their raps take on subjects including Japan’s education system, its sex industry, teenage bullying victims turned schoolyard murderers, and even America’s handling of the war on terror. Condry attended more than 120 hip-hop performances in clubs in and around Tokyo, sat in on dozens of studio recording sessions, and interviewed rappers, music company executives, music store owners, and journalists. Situating the voices of Japanese artists in the specific nightclubs where hip-hop is performed—what musicians and fans call the genba (actual site) of the scene—he draws attention to the collaborative, improvisatory character of cultural globalization. He contends that it was the pull of grassroots connections and individual performers rather than the push of big media corporations that initially energized and popularized hip-hop in Japan. Zeebra, DJ Krush, Crazy-A, Rhymester, and a host of other artists created Japanese rap, one performance at a time.

Author : Florence Williams
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2012-05-07
Page : 352
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0393083861
Description :

A 2012 New York Times Notable Book A 2013 Los Angeles Times Book Award Winner in the Science & Technology category An engaging narrative about an incredible, life-giving organ and its imperiled modern fate. Did you know that breast milk contains substances similar to cannabis? Or that it’s sold on the Internet for 262 times the price of oil? Feted and fetishized, the breast is an evolutionary masterpiece. But in the modern world, the breast is changing. Breasts are getting bigger, arriving earlier, and attracting newfangled chemicals. Increasingly, the odds are stacked against us in the struggle with breast cancer, even among men. What makes breasts so mercurial—and so vulnerable? In this informative and highly entertaining account, intrepid science reporter Florence Williams sets out to uncover the latest scientific findings from the fields of anthropology, biology, and medicine. Her investigation follows the life cycle of the breast from puberty to pregnancy to menopause, taking her from a plastic surgeon’s office where she learns about the importance of cup size in Texas to the laboratory where she discovers the presence of environmental toxins in her own breast milk. The result is a fascinating exploration of where breasts came from, where they have ended up, and what we can do to save them.