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Author : Séan McCann
Andrea Aragon
Publisher : Nimbus Publishing (CN)
Release : 2020-04-14
Page : 240
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9781771088220
Description :

In this deeply personal memoir, co-written with wife Andrea Aragon, singer-songwriter and renowned mental health, addiction, and recovery advocate Séan McCann leaves no stone unturned. McCann and Aragon offer readers a love story, a memoir of addiction and recovery, of young love and a strained marriage, of reaching international fame and rock bottom. But most of all, an honest, raw, and inspiring tribute to embracing that we are all worth saving.

Author : Sarah Mayberry
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2017-06-01
Page : 384
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1459254996
Description :

Re-read Sarah Mayberry’s fan-favorite Harlequin Superromance It’s time to move on Any day now Jon Adamson will pack his bags and hit the road. After all, his intention was never to hang around Melbourne once he’d settled his late father’s affairs. Yet he hasn’t moved on. And it might have something to do with Gabby Wade. The not-so-big office manager with the really big attitude is making Jon’s days…interesting…engaging…fun. It’s impossible for him to resist her. But he knows himself—long-term commitments and cozy family dinners aren’t his style. If that’s what the future holds, why is he still here? And why is he spending all his days—and nights—with Gabby? Because maybe she’s the one reason strong enough to make him stay. Originally published in 2011

Author : Julie Johnson
Publisher : Julie Johnson
Release : 2016-05-30
Page : 320
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0996510842
Description :

Author :
Publisher : Hampton Roads Publishing
Release :
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1612831451
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Author : Cari Hunter
Publisher : Bold Strokes Books Inc
Release : 2015-06-15
Page : 312
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1626393966
Description :

“I can’t do this. I can’t do any of this without her.”Detective Sanne Jensen (not blonde, not tall, definitely not Scandinavian) and Dr. Meg Fielding (scruffy, scatterbrained, prone to swearing at patients) are lifelong best friends, sharing the same deprived background and occasionally the same bed.When a violent kidnapping stuns the Peak District village of Rowlee, both women become involved in the case. As Sanne and her colleagues in East Derbyshire Special Ops search for the culprit, and Meg fights to keep his victim alive, a shocking discovery turns the investigation on its head. With the clock ticking, Sanne and Meg find themselves pushed closer by a crime that threatens to tear everything apart.

Author : Edward Stein
Publisher : Clarendon Press
Release : 1996-01-11
Page : 306
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 9780191584725
Description :

Are humans rational? Various experiments performed over the last several decades have been interpreted as showing that humans are irrational—we make significant and consistent errors in logical reasoning, probabilistic reasoning, similarity judgements, and risk-assessment, to name a few areas. But can these experiments establish human irrationality, or is it a conceptual truth that humans must be rational, as various philosophers have argued? In this book, Edward Stein offers a clear critical account of this debate about rationality in philosophy and cognitive science. He discusses concepts of rationality—the pictures of rationality that the debate centres on—and assesses the empirical evidence used to argue that humans are irrational. He concludes that the question of human rationality must be answered not conceptually but empirically, using the full resources of an advanced cognitive science. Furthermore, he extends this conclusion to argue that empirical considerations are also relevant to the theory of knowledge—in other words, that epistemology should be naturalized.

Author : S. Morris Engel
Publisher : New York : St. Martin's Press
Release : 1994-01-01
Page : 276
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 9780312084790
Description :

A concise, easy-to-read introduction to informal logic, "With Good Reason" offers both comprehensive coverage of informal fallacies and an abundance of engaging examples of both well-conceived and faulty arguments. A long-time favorite of both students and instructors, the text continues in its sixth edition to provide an abundance of exercises that help students identify, correct, and avoid common errors in argumentation.

Author : Stuart ONeill
Publisher :
Release : 2020-05-30
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780648837503
Description :

Self help book for people contemplating suicide. A practical toolkit to avoid the taking of a life. The book takes only 10 - 15 minutes to read. The solution contained in the toolkit takes only 30 seconds to activate. This is a game changer book from a non medical background. This original concept has been developed by the author who is a continual survivor using the books technique.

Author : Pete Cohen
Judith Verity
Publisher : How To Books Ltd
Release : 1999
Page : 64
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 9781857035285
Description :

Feeling Good is a guide to self-development and presents techniques which aim to help the reader feel good. Topics include, getting the balance right, rewritting your internal dialogue, using visualization to change negative beliefs and dealing with other people. CONTENTS: Getting the balance right - rewritting your internal dialogue - using visualization to change negative beliefs - changing your point of view - reframing problem behaviours - dealing with other people - a formula for survival

Author : Swami Shankarananda
Publisher : Motilal Banarsidass
Release : 2004-01-01
Page : 244
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 8120820061
Description :

If making money, finding a lover, winning an award, or reaching a goal is a good reason to be happy then meditation certainly seems like on good reason, Ironically, happiness through meditation is the best reason of all since it directs us to the source of happiness itself-the inner self. Happiness that has no good reason is the most stable happiness which cannot be destroyed when the outer world cause is removed. It is the author's wish that everyone learns the secret of happiness for the best reason of all.

Author : Julian Baggini
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 2016-09-22
Page : 273
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 0300222084
Description :

An urgent defense of reason, the essential method for resolving—or even discussing—divisive issues: “A timely masterpiece.”—Patricia S. Churchland, author of Touching a Nerve Reason, long held as the highest human achievement, is under siege. According to Aristotle, the capacity for reason sets us apart from other animals, yet today it has ceased to be a universally admired faculty. Rationality and reason have become political, disputed concepts, subject to easy dismissal. Julian Baggini argues eloquently that we must recover our reason and reassess its proper place, neither too highly exalted nor completely maligned. Rationality does not require a cold, sterile worldview—it simply involves the application of critical thinking wherever thinking is needed. Addressing such major areas of debate as religion, science, politics, psychology, and economics, the author calls for commitment to the notion of a “community of reason,” where disagreements are settled by debate and discussion, not brute force or political power. Baggini’s insightful book celebrates the power of reason, our best hope—indeed our only hope—for dealing with the intractable quagmires of our time. “The toxic gloating of ‘gut feelings,’ hateful politics and heart-over-head attacks on good sense urgently need an antidote. Baggini has risen to the occasion…compelling.”—Patricia S. Churchland, author of Conscience: The Origins of Moral Intuition

Author : Hugo Mercier
Dan Sperber
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Release : 2017-04-17
Page : 408
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 0674368304
Description :

If reason is so useful and reliable, why didn’t it evolve in other animals and why do humans produce so much thoroughly reasoned nonsense? Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber argue that reason is not geared to solitary use. It evolved to help justify our beliefs to others, evaluate their arguments, and better exploit our uniquely rich social environment.

Author : Steve Banko
Publisher : No Frills Buffalo
Release : 2016-09-20
Page : 318
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9780692716663
Description :

In the Sixties, simple mistakes could have grave consequences. Josh Duffy makes one such mistake and pays an incredible price. One unfortunate encounter with the nuances of the higher education realities of that time and he finds himself thrust into an alien world of blood, death, and fire. It is an upside down world where the usual mores don't function. It is a world where killing is celebrated and compassion scorned. It is a world that Duffy must adapt to if he wishes to survive. Follow him as he struggles with the enemy, with his leaders, and with conscience as he evolves from reluctant soldier to efficient killer to a committed leader. If you ever wonder why soldiers come back from combat forever changed and irreversibly damaged... if you wonder what causes this post-traumatic disorder we hear so much about... if you lived in the Sixties and walked the razor's edge of conscription, you will want to read this book. It is the journey from sanity to the depths of madness and on to a path toward redemption. It is a soldier's story told by an award-winning writer who has spoken on issues of war and peace across this country.

Author : Vicky Osterweil
Publisher : Bold Type Books
Release : 2020-08-25
Page : 288
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1645036677
Description :

A fresh argument for rioting and looting as our most powerful tools for dismantling white supremacy Looting--a crowd of people publicly, openly, and directly seizing goods--is one of the more extreme actions that can take place in the midst of social unrest. Even self-identified radicals distance themselves from looters, fearing that violent tactics reflect badly on the broader movement. But Vicky Osterweil argues that stealing goods and destroying property are direct, pragmatic strategies of wealth redistribution and improving life for the working class--not to mention the brazen messages these methods send to the police and the state. All our beliefs about the innate righteousness of property and ownership, Osterweil explains, are built on the history of anti-Black, anti-Indigenous oppression. From slave revolts to labor strikes to the modern-day movements for climate change, Black lives, and police abolition, Osterweil makes a convincing case for rioting and looting as weapons that bludgeon the status quo while uplifting the poor and marginalized. In Defense of Looting is a history of violent protest sparking social change, a compelling reframing of revolutionary activism, and a practical vision for a dramatically restructured society.

Author : Steven Pinker
Publisher : Penguin Group USA
Release : 2012-09
Page : 802
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 0143122010
Description :

Presents a controversial history of violence which argues that today's world is the most peaceful time in human existence, drawing on psychological insights into intrinsic values that are causing people to condemn violence as an acceptable measure.

Author : Robin DiAngelo
Publisher : Beacon Press
Release : 2018-06-26
Page : 192
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0807047422
Description :

The New York Times best-selling book exploring the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged, and how these reactions maintain racial inequality. In this “vital, necessary, and beautiful book” (Michael Eric Dyson), antiracist educator Robin DiAngelo deftly illuminates the phenomenon of white fragility and “allows us to understand racism as a practice not restricted to ‘bad people’ (Claudia Rankine). Referring to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially, white fragility is characterized by emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and by behaviors including argumentation and silence. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium and prevent any meaningful cross-racial dialogue. In this in-depth exploration, DiAngelo examines how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequality, and what we can do to engage more constructively.

Author : Jonathan Haidt
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2013
Page : 500
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 0307455777
Description :

Presents a groundbreaking investigation into the origins of morality at the core of religion and politics, offering scholarly insight into the motivations behind cultural clashes that are polarizing America.

Author : Lynda Edwards
Publisher : Pearson UK
Release : 2019-11-20
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1292310561
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Author : Thomas Paine
Publisher :
Release : 1818
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 :
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Author : Michael J. Insalaco
Publisher : Vmi Pub
Release : 2009-07-14
Page : 128
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9781935265078
Description :

Michael Insalaco shines new light on 15 common reasons why people avoid church. Are they legitimate or just man-made barriers to lives of significance we all seek? His answers might make you laugh and they will probably make you reconsider the way you think about church. Insalaco will respectfully open your eyes to new perspectives and tell you everything he wishes someone had told him when he was “not too sure about the whole Christianity thing.” From the core beliefs of Christianity to tips on how to find the right local church, Insalaco presents the truth as he sees it in a way you may never have heard it before. This book is a quick, easy read that might simply leave you better informed or intrigue you to do some treasure hunting for yourself.