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Author : Karim Benyekhlef
Jacquelyn Burkell
Publisher :
Release : 2016-10-14
Page : 412
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 9780776624297
Description :

How can we leverage digitization to improve access to justice without compromising the fundamental principles of our legal system? eAccess to Justice describes the challenges that come with the integration of technology into our courtrooms, and explores lessons learned from digitization projects from around the world.

Author : Mary Ellsberg
Lori Heise
Publisher : WHO
Release : 2005
Page : 257
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 9789241546478
Description :

Draws on the collective experiences and insights of many individuals, and in particular from the implementation of the WHO Multi-country Study on Women's Health and Domestic Violence against Women in over 10 countries. Twenty years ago, violence against women was not considered an issue worthy of international concern. Gradually, violence against women has come to be recognized as a legitimate human rights issue and as a significant threat to women's health and well-being. Now that international attention is focused on gender-based violence, methodologically rigorous research is needed to guide the formulation and implementation of effective interventions, policies, and prevention strategies. The manual has been developed in response to the growing need to improve the quality, quantity, and comparability of international data on physical and sexual abuse. It outlines some of the methodological and ethical challenges of conducting research on violence against women and describes a range of innovative techniques that have been used to address these challenges.

Author : Microsoft Official Academic Course
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2012-05-15
Page : 328
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 1118295277
Description :

The Microsoft Technology Associate certification (MTA) curriculum helps instructors teach and validate fundamental technology concepts with a foundation for sudents' careers as well as the confidence they need to succeed in advanced studies. Through the use of MOAC MTA titles you can help ensure your students future success in and out of the classroom. This MTA text covers the following Windows Operating System vital fundamental skills: • Understanding Operating System Configurations • Installing and Upgrading Client Systems • Managing Applications, Managing Files and Folders • Managing Devices • Understanding Operating System Maintenance. Click here to learn more about Microsoft Technology Associate, (MTA) a new and innovative certification track designed to provide a pathway for future success in technology courses and careers.

Author : Todd S. Rosenstock
Mariana C. Rufino
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-08-23
Page : 203
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN 13 : 3319297945
Description :

​​This book provides standards and guidelines for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and removals in smallholder agricultural systems and comparing options for climate change mitigation based on emission reductions and livelihood trade-offs. Globally, agriculture is directly responsible for about 11% of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and induces an additional 17% through land use change, mostly in developing countries. Farms in the developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are predominately managed by smallholders, with 80% of land holdings smaller than ten hectares. However, little to no information exists on greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation potentials in smallholder agriculture. Greenhouse gas measurements in agriculture are expensive, time consuming, and error prone, challenges only exacerbated by the heterogeneity of smallholder systems and landscapes. Concerns over methodological rigor, measurement costs, and the diversity of approaches, coupled with the demand for robust information suggest it is germane for the scientific community to establish standards of measurements for quantifying GHG emissions from smallholder agriculture. Standard guidelines for use by scientists, development organizations will help generate reliable data on emissions baselines and allow rigorous comparisons of mitigation options. The guidelines described in this book, developed by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS) and partners, are intended to inform anyone conducting field measurements of agricultural greenhouse gas sources and sinks, especially to develop IPCC Tier 2 emission factors or to compare mitigation options in smallholder systems.

Author : Microsoft Official Academic Course Staff
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2017-08-18
Page : 288
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1119060397
Description :

The Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) textbook for MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals Exam 98-349 2nd Edition is focused primarily on operating configurations and maintenance in Windows. MOAC offers an official MLO lab environment and Lab Manual to further aid in your study for this exam. Successful skills mastery of Exam 98-349 can help students with securing a career within an IT enterprise and help them to differentiate job hunters in today's competitive job market. This exam will cover considerations into the following: * Understanding Operating System Configurations. * Installing and Upgrading Client Systems. * Managing Applications. * Managing Files and Folders. * Managing Devices. * Understanding Operating System Maintenance. The MOAC IT Professional series is the Official from Microsoft, turn-key Workforce training program that leads to professional certification and was authored for college instructors and college students. MOAC gets instructors ready to teach and students ready for work by delivering essential resources in 5 key areas: Instructor readiness, student software, student assessment, instruction resources, and learning validation. With the Microsoft Official Academic course program, you are getting instructional support from Microsoft; materials that are accurate and make course delivery easy.

Author : John Clarkson
Publisher :
Release : 2007-01-01
Page :
Category : Industrial design
ISBN 13 : 9780954524326
Description :

The toolkit was commissioned by BT, and produced by the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, together with major inputs from Sagentia and the Royal College of Art, Helen Hamlyn Centre. The guidance and resources contained within reflect the outcome from the id̃esign projects, an on-going collaborative research programme on inclusive design funded by the EPSRC.

Author : Lawrence J. Gitman
Carl McDaniel (Jr.)
Publisher :
Release : 2018
Page : 732
Category : Business
ISBN 13 : 9781947172555
Description :

Introduction to Business covers the scope and sequence of most introductory business courses. The book provides detailed explanations in the context of core themes such as customer satisfaction, ethics, entrepreneurship, global business, and managing change. Introduction to Business includes hundreds of current business examples from a range of industries and geographic locations, which feature a variety of individuals. The outcome is a balanced approach to the theory and application of business concepts, with attention to the knowledge and skills necessary for student success in this course and beyond.

Author : Edward J. M. Colbert
Alexander Kott
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-08-23
Page : 355
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 3319321250
Description :

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental security of Industrial Control Systems (ICSs), including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and touching on cyber-physical systems in general. Careful attention is given to providing the reader with clear and comprehensive background and reference material for each topic pertinent to ICS security. This book offers answers to such questions as: Which specific operating and security issues may lead to a loss of efficiency and operation? What methods can be used to monitor and protect my system? How can I design my system to reduce threats?This book offers chapters on ICS cyber threats, attacks, metrics, risk, situational awareness, intrusion detection, and security testing, providing an advantageous reference set for current system owners who wish to securely configure and operate their ICSs. This book is appropriate for non-specialists as well. Tutorial information is provided in two initial chapters and in the beginnings of other chapters as needed. The book concludes with advanced topics on ICS governance, responses to attacks on ICS, and future security of the Internet of Things.

Author : I. P. Specialist
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2018-05-26
Page : 589
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781983005473
Description :

EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) v10 Exam 312-50 Latest v10. This updated version includes two major enhancement, New modules added to cover complete CEHv10 blueprint. Book scrutinized to rectify grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary errors. CEHv10 Update CEH v10 covers new modules for the security of IoT devices, vulnerability analysis, focus on emerging attack vectors on the cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning including a complete malware analysis process. Our CEH workbook delivers a deep understanding of applications of the vulnerability analysis in a real-world environment.Information security is always a great challenge for networks and systems. Data breach statistics estimated millions of records stolen every day which evolved the need for Security. Almost each and every organization in the world demands security from identity theft, information leakage and integrity of their data. The role and skills of Certified Ethical Hacker are becoming more significant and demanding than ever. EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) ensures the delivery of knowledge regarding fundamental and advanced security threats, evasion techniques from intrusion detection system and countermeasures of attacks as well as up-skill you to penetrate platforms to identify vulnerabilities in the architecture.CEH v10 update will cover the latest exam blueprint, comprised of 20 Modules which includes the practice of information security and hacking tools which are popularly used by professionals to exploit any computer systems. CEHv10 course blueprint covers all five Phases of Ethical Hacking starting from Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access till covering your tracks. While studying CEHv10, you will feel yourself into a Hacker's Mindset. Major additions in the CEHv10 course are Vulnerability Analysis, IoT Hacking, Focused on Emerging Attack Vectors, Hacking Challenges, and updates of latest threats & attacks including Ransomware, Android Malware, Banking & Financial malware, IoT botnets and much more. IPSpecialist CEH technology workbook will help you to learn Five Phases of Ethical Hacking with tools, techniques, and The methodology of Vulnerability Analysis to explore security loopholes, Vulnerability Management Life Cycle, and Tools used for Vulnerability analysis.DoS/DDoS, Session Hijacking, SQL Injection & much more.Threats to IoT platforms and defending techniques of IoT devices.Advance Vulnerability Analysis to identify security loopholes in a corporate network, infrastructure, and endpoints.Cryptography Concepts, Ciphers, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Cryptography attacks, Cryptanalysis tools and Methodology of Crypt Analysis.Penetration testing, security audit, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing roadmap.Cloud computing concepts, threats, attacks, tools, and Wireless networks, Wireless network security, Threats, Attacks, and Countermeasures and much more

Author : Talya Bauer
Jeremy Short
Publisher :
Release : 2017
Page : 433
Category : Management
ISBN 13 : 9781453375020
Description :

Author : Llewellyn Ellardus Van Zyl
Sebastiaan Rothmann Sr.
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2019-06-11
Page : 544
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 3030205835
Description :

This volume provides theoretical perspectives on and approaches to the development or enhancement of positive psychological capacities within various multi-cultural professional and organizational contexts. Specifically, it presents theoretical frameworks for the identification, development and optimization of positive psychological capacities through a contemporary, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary lens. In recent years, the applicability of positive psychological intervention (PPI) techniques has transposed the boundaries of clinical practice into a wide array of complementary domains such as law, education, business and even design sciences such as architecture. These interventions target the enhancement of positive psychological capacities (e.g. strength-identification and use; high-performance learning; appreciative design; job-crafting) in order to not only improve individual functioning, well-being and the treatment of various forms of psychopathology but also to enhance team functioning/performance, organizational growth and community development. Despite its importance, very little research has been done on the design of PPIs applicable to multi-cultural contexts. The contributions to this volume provide insights into this hitherto neglected area of research.

Author : Fatos Xhafa
Leonard Barolli
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-10-21
Page : 976
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN 13 : 3319491091
Description :

P2P, Grid, Cloud and Internet computing technologies have been very fast established as breakthrough paradigms for solving complex problems by enabling aggregation and sharing of an increasing variety of distributed computational resources at large scale. The aim of this volume is to provide latest research findings, innovative research results, methods and development techniques from both theoretical and practical perspectives related to P2P, Grid, Cloud and Internet computing as well as to reveal synergies among such large scale computing paradigms. This proceedings volume presents the results of the 11th International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud And Internet Computing (3PGCIC-2016), held November 5-7, 2016, at Soonchunhyang University, Asan, Korea

Author : Andrew T. Wilson
Ben Edwards
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Release : 2015-11-30
Page : 160
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 3110440172
Description :

This edited volume is designed to discuss important issues around open access to data and software in academic and commercial archaeology, as well as to summarise both the current state of theoretical engagement, and technological development in the field of open-archaeology.

Author : David J. C. MacKay
Publisher : Uit Cambridge Limited
Release : 2009
Page : 366
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780954452933
Description :

Provides an overview of the sustainable energy crisis that is threatening the world's natural resources, explaining how energy consumption is estimated and how those numbers have been skewed by various factors and discussing alternate forms of energy that can and should be used.

Author : Hans-Peter Blossfeld
Jutta von Maurice
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-04-01
Page : 741
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 3658119942
Description :

This book addresses a broad array of pressing challenges of longitudinal surveys and provides innovative solutions to methodological problems based on the example of the NEPS. It covers longitudinal issues such as sampling, weighting, recruiting and fieldwork management, the design of longitudinal surveys and the implementation of constructs, conducting competence tests over the life course, effective methods to improve and to maintain the highest level of data quality, data management tools for large-scale longitudinal surveys, the dissemination of research data to heterogeneous scientific communities, as well as establishing a long-term public relations and communications unit integrating a study’s stakeholder community over time.

Author : García-Peñalvo, Francisco José
Publisher : IGI Global
Release : 2014-03-31
Page : 384
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1466658339
Description :

After centuries of rethinking education and learning, the current theory is based on technology’s approach to and affect on the planned interaction between knowledge trainers and trainees. Online Tutor 2.0: Methodologies and Case Studies for Successful Learning demonstrates, through the exposure of successful cases in online education and training, the necessity of the human factor, particularly in teaching/tutoring roles, for ensuring the development of quality and excellent learning activities. The didactic patterns derived from these experiences and methodologies will provide a basis for a more powerful and efficient new generation of technology-based learning solutions for high school teachers, university professors, researchers, and students at all levels of education.

Author : John F. Tanner
Mary Anne Raymond
Publisher :
Release : 2014
Page : 359
Category : Marketing
ISBN 13 : 9781453344989
Description :

Author : Max Kuhn
Kjell Johnson
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-05-17
Page : 600
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 1461468493
Description :

Applied Predictive Modeling covers the overall predictive modeling process, beginning with the crucial steps of data preprocessing, data splitting and foundations of model tuning. The text then provides intuitive explanations of numerous common and modern regression and classification techniques, always with an emphasis on illustrating and solving real data problems. The text illustrates all parts of the modeling process through many hands-on, real-life examples, and every chapter contains extensive R code for each step of the process. This multi-purpose text can be used as an introduction to predictive models and the overall modeling process, a practitioner’s reference handbook, or as a text for advanced undergraduate or graduate level predictive modeling courses. To that end, each chapter contains problem sets to help solidify the covered concepts and uses data available in the book’s R package. This text is intended for a broad audience as both an introduction to predictive models as well as a guide to applying them. Non-mathematical readers will appreciate the intuitive explanations of the techniques while an emphasis on problem-solving with real data across a wide variety of applications will aid practitioners who wish to extend their expertise. Readers should have knowledge of basic statistical ideas, such as correlation and linear regression analysis. While the text is biased against complex equations, a mathematical background is needed for advanced topics.

Author : S Sreejesh
Sanjay Mohapatra
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-07-31
Page : 281
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 3319005391
Description :

Since research is best learned by doing, this book emphasizes a hands-on, do-it yourself approach. The readers have many opportunities to see how business researches affect and support management decision. The book used a case study approach for all the chapters with interactive videos. The book gave emphasis to quantitative data analysis using a software program, IBM SPSS 20.0. The data analysis chapters illustrate in detail each step in running the software programs. The software programs files are provided for all data sets: outputs, demonstration movies, and screen captures are on the Website. This book provides students most extensive help available to learn quantitative data analysis using SPSS. Thus, the authors prepared this textbook and all the additional materials to help the students to understand the functional principles of business research and how to apply them in real-life situations.

Author : Miguel Botto-Tobar
Joffre León-Acurio
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2019-10-18
Page : 414
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 3030320332
Description :

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Advances in Emerging Trends and Technologies (ICAETT 2019), held in Quito, Ecuador, on 29–31 May 2019, jointly organized by Universidad Tecnológica Israel, Universidad Técnica del Norte, and Instituto Tecnológico Superior Rumiñahui, and supported by SNOTRA. ICAETT 2019 brought together top researchers and practitioners working in different domains of computer science to share their expertise and to discuss future developments and potential collaborations. Presenting high-quality, peer-reviewed papers, the book discusses the following topics: Technology Trends Electronics Intelligent Systems Machine Vision Communication Security e-Learning e-Business e-Government and e-Participation