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Author : Joan Price
Publisher : A&C Black
Release : 2010-02-17
Page : 228
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 082642354X
Description :

Price examines religions across the world, offering an insight into each tradition's views of the world, through their scriptural texts and spiritual practices.

Author : United States. Bureau of Mines
Publisher :
Release : 1998
Page :
Category : Mineral industries
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Author : Philip Novak
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2011-10-11
Page : 448
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0062010840
Description :

A world Bible for our time from Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and primal religion sources! In this perfect companion to Huston Smith's bestselling The World's Wisdom, Philip Novak distills the most powerful and elegant expressions of the wisdom of humankind. Authentic, poetic translations of key texts are coupled with insightful introductions and "grace notes."

Author : Harold G. Coward
Publisher : Oneworld Publications Limited
Release : 2000-08
Page : 222
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 :
Description :

In this systematic and accessible analysis, Harold Coward carefully explores the scriptures - written and spoekn - of six major world faiths. He examines their interpretation, their role in devotion and education, and their relationships with each other.

Author : Jennifer Glossop
John Mantha
Publisher : Kids Can Press Ltd
Release : 2013
Page : 64
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 1554539811
Description :

Explains the basic beliefs, customs, and rituals of twelve different world religions, and includes information about tribal and native religions of Africa, North America, and Australia.

Author : Cunningham, Lawrence S
Miles, Jack
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2015-02-18
Page : 752
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0393918998
Description :

This magisterial Norton Anthology, edited by world-renowned scholars, offers a portable library of more than 1,000 primary texts from the world’s major religions. To help readers encounter strikingly unfamiliar texts with pleasure; accessible introductions, headnotes, annotations, pronouncing glossaries, maps, illustrations and chronologies are provided. For readers of any religion or none, The Norton Anthology of World Religions opens new worlds that, as Miles writes, invite us "to see others with a measure of openness, empathy, and good will..."

Unprecedented in scope and approach, The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Christianity brings together over 150 texts from the Apostolic Era to the New Millennium. The volume features Jack Miles’s illuminating General Introduction—“How the West Learned to Compare Religions”—as well as Lawrence S. Cunningham’s “The Words and the Word Made Flesh,” a lively primer on the history and core tenets of Christianity.

Author : James Fieser
John Powers
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages
Release : 1998
Page : 480
Category : Sacred books
ISBN 13 : 9780070209787
Description :

Also issued in two separate volumes under titles: Scriptures of the East and Scriptures of the West.

Author : C. David Lundberg
Publisher : David Lundberg
Release : 2010
Page : 426
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9780979630828
Description :

In this groundbreaking and exhaustively researched book, David Lundberg convincingly demonstrates that it's the principles that every major faith holds in common--the unifying truths--that have the power and promise to bring us together instead of driving us apart. With over 800 quotations from sacred texts, this inspiring work reveals the simple philosophy that takes shape from those universal truths. These powerful principles, organized in an easy-to-understand way, form the foundation of love, wisdom, personal power, and abundant living. Praised by religious leaders and world peace advocates alike, this award-winning work is an indispensable guide. Regardless of your faith, following these shared principles will enable you to: -Experience higher levels of peace and joy. -Take control of your life and achieve success. -Improve the quality of all your relationships. -Have more love, fulfillment, and meaning in your life. -Rediscover your zest for living. Whether you're a new or seasoned spiritual seeker, churchgoer, world peace advocate, religious scholar or student of comparative religion, this exquisite collection of spiritual teachings will inspire and empower you to enjoy a life of greater love, wisdom, and success. Contains complete source notes, index, and glossary. Winner of several book awards, the book was also a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award and the Nautilus Award.

Author : Selwyn Gurney Champion
Dorothy Short
Publisher : Courier Dover Publications
Release : 2003
Page : 336
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 9780486427157
Description :

Concise volume introduces eleven -living- religions of the world -- Hinduism, Shintoism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Confucianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism -- in simple terms and without bias.

Author : Ninian Smart
Richard D. Hecht
Publisher :
Release : 2007
Page : 446
Category : Sacred books
ISBN 13 : 9781847240576
Description :

For a contemporary world in which religious belief exercises a more potent - some might say more dangerous - influence on global events than many would have thought possible a generation ago, the nature and interpretation of the core tenets of religious faith has become a matter of compelling and widespread interest, both within and outside practising religious communities.Each of the 14 chapters of Sacred Texts is devoted to one of the principal religious and other belief systems of humanity, both defunct and extant. The chapters follow a consistent pattern: a short and accessible introduction to the faith in question, followed by extracts that clearly illustrate its mythic narratives, its spiritual and theological doctrines, its central moral teachings, its rituals and modes of worship, and its mystical traditions. Accompanying notes make clear the meanings of all the quoted passages. Taken together, the extracts provide a rounded and coherent picture of each religious tradition.Sacred Texts covers not only Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism and Sikhism, but also small-scale traditional religions, new religions, and secular worldviews such as humanism. It is an essential reference for those who wish to understand the nature - and continuing appeal - of religious belief in a globalised, multi-faith world.

Author : Brian Arthur Brown
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Release : 2019-12-01
Page : 360
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1538127873
Description :

Seven Testaments is volume one of a trilogy, introducing and supplementing the already popular academic texts, Three Testaments: Torah Gospel and Quran (2012) and Four Testaments: Tao Te Ching, Analects, Dhammapada, Bhagavad Gita (2016). Organized in three parts, Seven Testaments will cover the foundations of how these testaments were formed, the essence of each one of the testaments and a section of primary source documents that frames the testaments in a modern setting.

Author : Irving Hexham
Publisher : Zondervan Academic
Release : 2011-03-22
Page : 512
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0310314488
Description :

Globalization and high-speed communication put twenty-first century people in contact with adherents to a wide variety of world religions, but usually, valuable knowledge of these other traditions is limited at best. On the one hand, religious stereotypes abound, hampering a serious exploration of unfamiliar philosophies and practices. On the other hand, the popular idea that all religions lead to the same God or the same moral life fails to account for the distinctive origins and radically different teachings found across the world’s many religions. Understanding World Religions presents religion as a complex and intriguing matrix of history, philosophy, culture, beliefs, and practices. Hexham believes that a certain degree of objectivity and critique is inherent in the study of religion, and he guides readers in responsible ways of carrying this out. Of particular importance is Hexham’s decision to explore African religions, which have frequently been absent from major religion texts. He surveys these in addition to varieties of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Author : Michael Molloy
Publisher :
Release : 2002
Page : 554
Category : Religions
ISBN 13 : 9780071131940
Description :

"Experiencing the World's Religions" is a leading seller because it successfully addresses what a person should know about religions, and why. Michael Molloy provides an exceptionally clear and compelling account of the teaching of the world's religions. The text covers all the essential material and goes beyond traditional approaches to personally connect students with the vitality of the great religions.

Author : Wayne Grudem
C. John Collins
Publisher : Crossway
Release : 2012-02-29
Page : 208
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1433530023
Description :

Originally featured as articles in the ESV Study Bible, these eighteen essays have been repurposed and republished in a convenient format. Covering a diverse range of essential subjects, including how to read the Bible well and why it is reliable, the essays delve into specific topics such as world religions, canon, and archaeology. Useful as both a general overview of the Bible and as a tool for more specific reference and training, readers of this book will grow in their understanding of Scripture and their ability to apply the Bible to their lives. Pastors, lay leaders, students, and other Christians engaged in studying God’s Word will benefit from this collection, written by notable contributors, including J. I. Packer, John Piper, David Powlison, and Vern Poythress.

Author : Yasumaro Ō
Publisher :
Release : 1968
Page : 655
Category : Mythology, Japanese
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Edmund Kee-Fook Chia
Publisher : Liturgical Press
Release : 2018-10-23
Page : 272
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0814684475
Description :

Synthesizing the thinking of the most prominent scholars, professor Edmund Chia discusses practically everything that should be known about Christianity’s encounter with other religions in this comprehensive book. Topics include: the invention of the idea of World Religions and World Christianity the Bible and the church’s attitude toward other faiths Vatican II, Asian Christianity, and interfaith dialogue the what, why, when, and how of dialogue the global ecumenical movement theologies of religious pluralism cross-textual hermeneutics comparative theology interfaith worship religious syncretism multiple religious belonging interfaith learning in seminaries.

Author : Irving Hexham
Publisher : Zondervan Academic
Release : 2019-05-21
Page : 224
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0310588618
Description :

The diversity of the world's religions has come to the West, but believers are often ill-equipped for any kind of serious engagement with non-Christians. In Encountering World Religions, professor and author Irving Hexham introduces all the world's major religious traditions in a brief and understandable way. Hexham outlines key beliefs and practices in each religion, while also providing guidance on how to think critically about them from the standpoint of Christian theology. African, yogic, and Abrahamic traditions are all covered. Accessible and clear, Encountering World Religions will provide formal and lay students alike with a useful Christian introduction to the major faiths of our world.

Author : Warren Matthews
Publisher : Cengage Learning
Release : 2012-06-06
Page : 464
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1133714293
Description :

Presenting both the histories and the prevalent worldviews of the major world religions, Matthews's WORLD RELIGIONS, Seventh Edition, methodically introduces students to the richness and diversity of these traditions. The Worldview sections in particular make this the most helpful textbook for comparative analyses of the religions. In these sections, students can see how the different religions approach a common set of ten themes that are fundamental to all traditions, including the nature of the Absolute, the place of humans in the world, rituals and symbols, and the prospects for life after death. Furthermore, this text combines insightful, engaging prose with maps, photographs, timelines, excerpts from sacred texts, and other helpful pedagogical aids that provide a comprehensive yet accessible survey of world religions. Warren Matthews's thoughtful and balanced approach depicts the unique traditions and perspectives of diverse world religions with objectivity and respect. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Author : Laozi
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-11-23
Page : 90
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781540574817
Description :

The Tao Te Ching is fundamental to the Taoist school of Chinese philosophy and strongly influenced other schools, such as Legalism and Neo-Confucianism. This ancient book is also central in Chinese religion, not only for Taoism but Chinese Buddhism, which when first introduced into China was largely interpreted through the use of Taoist words and concepts. Many Chinese artists, including poets, painters, calligraphers, and even gardeners have used the Tao Te Ching as a source of inspiration. Its influence has also spread widely outside East Asia, aided by hundreds of translations into Western languages.

Author : Derek Cooper
Publisher : P & R Publishing
Release : 2012-11
Page : 215
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9781596384460
Description :

This book takes a tour of the world's most influential religions in tow parts. The first part discusses the essentials of these faiths. The second part of the book surveys Christian responses to other religions - from the point of view of biblical authors and historically in the church. The appendix includes some helpful primary and secondary books relating to this theme for those who would like to read more.