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Author : Todd Whitaker
Publisher : Solution Tree Press
Release : 2014-03-17
Page : 184
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1936763117
Description :

Poor employees get a disproportionate amount of attention. Why? Because they complain the loudest, create the greatest disruptions, and rely on others to assume the responsibilities that they shirk. Learn how to focus on your good employees first, and help them shift these “monkeys” back to the underperformers. Through a simple but brilliant metaphor, the author helps you reinvigorate your staff and transform your organization.

Author : Todd Whitaker
Publisher : Triple Nickel Press
Release : 2011-12-29
Page : 117
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0982702973
Description :

Explains how to shift an organization's focus from compensating for and working around employees who avoid their responsibilities to cultivating and rewarding the best employees.

Author : Todd Whitaker
Publisher :
Release : 2014
Page : 117
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781936763085
Description :

"Originaly publihsed by Triple Nickel Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of Solution Tree"--Title page verso.

Author : Debra J. Fleming
Publisher : Author House
Release : 2005-12-05
Page : 56
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN 13 : 1467074039
Description :

This book was designed to be a helpful guide to a new healthier and happier you. In it you will find different ways to help you get started on a healthy diet. there is helpful information on how you can get started on your diet. Included is samples of recipes, exercising tips, stress reducing steps, and a way to help with your self-esteem. All of what you will be reading is based on my own personal experiences and how I found a way to over come the fears of dieting and be a healthier and happier person. This book is dedicated to all the people who need some help and guidance, to let them know that their not alone in there search for a better way of life.

Author : Eden Robinson
Publisher : Vintage Canada
Release : 2011-10-05
Page : 384
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0307363937
Description :

“Monkey Beach creates a vivid contemporary landscape that draws the reader deep into a traditional world, a hidden universe of premonition, pain and power.” --Thomas King Tragedy strikes a Native community when the Hill family’s handsome seventeen-year-old son, Jimmy, mysteriously vanishes at sea. Left behind to cope during the search-and-rescue effort is his sister, Lisamarie, a wayward teenager with a dark secret. She sets off alone in search of Jimmy through the Douglas Channel and heads for Monkey Beach—a shore famed for its sasquatch sightings. Infused by turns with darkness and humour, Monkey Beach is a spellbinding voyage into the long, cool shadows of B.C.’s Coast Mountains, blending teen culture, Haisla lore, nature spirits and human tenderness into a multi-layered story of loss and redemption.

Author : W. W. Jacobs
Publisher : Read Books Ltd
Release : 2014-07-07
Page : 26
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1473396107
Description :

This early work by William Wymark Jacobs was originally published in 1902 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. Jacobs worked as a clerk in the civil service before turning to writing in his late twenties, publishing his first short story in 1895. Most of Jacobs' work appeared before the onset of World War I, and although the majority of his output was humorous in tone, he is best-remembered now for his macabre tales, particularly those contained in his 1902 collection The Lady of the Barge, such as 'The Monkey's Paw' and 'The Toll House'.

Author : Steve Gruenert
Todd Whitaker
Publisher : ASCD
Release : 2015-01-16
Page : 170
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1416619909
Description :

Your school is a lot more than a center of student learning--it also represents a self-contained culture, with traditions and expectations that reflect its unique mission and demographics. In this groundbreaking book, education experts Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker offer tools, strategies, and advice for defining, assessing, and ultimately transforming your school's culture into one that is positive, forward-looking, and actively working to enrich students’ lives. Drawing from decades of research on organizational cultures and school leadership, the authors provide everything you need to optimize both the culture and climate of your school, including * "Culture-busting" strategies to help teachers adopt positive attitudes, outlooks, and behaviors; * A framework for pinpointing the type of culture you have, the type that you want, and the actions you need to take to bridge the two; * Tips for hiring, training, and retaining teachers who will actively work to improve your school's culture; and * Instructions on how to create and implement a successful School Culture Rewiring Team. Though often invisible to the naked eye, a school's culture influences everything that takes place under its roof. Whether your school is urban or rural, prosperous or struggling, School Culture Rewired is the ultimate guide to making sure that the culture in your school is guided first and foremost by what's best for your students.

Author : Jean-Francois Benoist
Publisher : Power-On Coaching IncorporatedDBA Pakalana Publishing
Release : 2018-09-14
Page : 368
Category : Happiness
ISBN 13 : 9780692978597
Description :

Addicted to the Monkey Mind offers a toolbox of practical skills to shift self-sabotaging, programmed ways of thinking. J.F. Benoist, a visionary thought leader in the fields of addiction treatment and personal development, uses the journeys of two relatable characters to teach you how to develop a powerful new mindset and finally break the cycle of debilitating habits.

Author : Alan de Queiroz
Publisher : Basic Books
Release : 2014-01-07
Page : 304
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0465069762
Description :

How did species wind up where they are today? Scientists have long conjectured that plants and animals dispersed throughout the world by drifting on large landmasses as they broke up, but in The Monkey's Voyage, biologist Alan de Queiroz offers a radical new theory that displaces this passive view. He describes how species as diverse as monkeys, baobab trees, and burrowing lizards made incredible long-distance ocean crossings: pregnant animals and wind-blown plants rode rafts and icebergs and even stowed away on the legs of sea-going birds to create the map of life we see today. In the tradition of John McPhee's Basin and Range and David Quammen's The Song of the Dodo, The Monkey's Voyage is a beautifully told narrative of a profound investigation into the importance of contingency in history and the nature of scientific discovery.

Author : Todd Whitaker
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-08-06
Page : 144
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1317925904
Description :

Book In the second edition of this renowned book, you will find pearls of wisdom, heartfelt advice, and inspiration from one of the nation’s leading authorities on staff motivation, teacher leadership, and principal effectiveness. With wit and understanding, Todd Whitaker describes the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and interactions of great teachers and explains what they do differently. New features include: Meaning what you say Focusing on students first Putting yourself in their position DVD Bundle This bundle includes a DVD featuring Todd Whitaker speaking about what great teachers do differently. It runs for approximately two hours and is the perfect addition to teacher training events and professional development meetings/workshops. Filled with pearls of wisdom, humor, and practical strategies, the video will motivate your staff and inspire them to be the best they can, each and every day. The DVD comes with a free copy of What Great Teachers Do Differently as well as a Facilitator's Guide.

Author : Dori Hillestad Butler
Publisher : Open Road Media
Release : 2013-12-31
Page : 224
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1480467073
Description :

What happens when everything you thought was true about your life turns out to be a lie? Thirteen-year-old T.J. always believed that her twin sister and her mother were dead—because that’s what her father had told her. But Mom and Sam are very much alive. And now they want T.J. to be part of their family. Life with Joe, her troubled but well-intentioned father, is all T.J. has ever known. Joe’s erratic lifestyle has meant lying to social workers and searching through garbage cans for food. But T.J. loves him and the grandmother who has provided stability in her life. When T.J. reluctantly visits her mom and Sam for the first time, she is stunned by how similar she is to her twin sister in many ways, even though their lives have been very different. But while she is drawn to her new family, she is also wary of becoming attached to them and hurting her father’s feelings. When Joe suffers a debilitating accident and tries to ensnare T.J. in another web of lies, however, her loyalties are finally tested. Now she must confront the truth about her family, even if it hurts the people she loves. In this thought-provoking companion to the popular Do You Know the Monkey Man?, author Dori Hillestad Butler has created a highly readable, complex portrait of a family in crisis. Her skillful portrayal of T.J., a conflicted adolescent struggling with her identity and reacting to family pressures, will resonate with readers.

Author : Jay Shetty
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Release : 2020-09-08
Page : 352
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1982134488
Description :

Jay Shetty, social media superstar and host of the #1 podcast On Purpose, distills the timeless wisdom he learned as a monk into practical steps anyone can take every day to live a less anxious, more meaningful life. When you think like a monk, you’ll understand: -How to overcome negativity -How to stop overthinking -Why comparison kills love -How to use your fear -Why you can’t find happiness by looking for it -How to learn from everyone you meet -Why you are not your thoughts -How to find your purpose -Why kindness is crucial to success -And much more... Shetty grew up in a family where you could become one of three things—a doctor, a lawyer, or a failure. His family was convinced he had chosen option three: instead of attending his college graduation ceremony, he headed to India to become a monk, to meditate every day for four to eight hours, and devote his life to helping others. After three years, one of his teachers told him that he would have more impact on the world if he left the monk’s path to share his experience and wisdom with others. Heavily in debt, and with no recognizable skills on his résumé, he moved back home in north London with his parents. Shetty reconnected with old school friends—many working for some of the world’s largest corporations—who were experiencing tremendous stress, pressure, and unhappiness, and they invited Shetty to coach them on well-being, purpose, and mindfulness. Since then, Shetty has become one of the world’s most popular influencers. In 2017, he was named in the Forbes magazine 30-under-30 for being a game-changer in the world of media. In 2018, he had the #1 video on Facebook with over 360 million views. His social media following totals over 38 million, he has produced over 400 viral videos which have amassed more than 8 billion views, and his podcast, On Purpose, is consistently ranked the world’s #1 Health and Wellness podcast. In this inspiring, empowering book, Shetty draws on his time as a monk to show us how we can clear the roadblocks to our potential and power. Combining ancient wisdom and his own rich experiences in the ashram, Think Like a Monk reveals how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, and access the calm and purpose that lie within all of us. He transforms abstract lessons into advice and exercises we can all apply to reduce stress, improve relationships, and give the gifts we find in ourselves to the world. Shetty proves that everyone can—and should—think like a monk.

Author : Paul Preuss
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-09-27
Page : 224
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1317926277
Description :

Don’t jump from problem to solution without first investigating root causes. This book helps you more accurately focus on school improvement issues, so you can avoid wasting precious time and resources. It is clearly written, contains lots of real examples, and is presented in a style and format designed for the non-expert. It will help you make decisions which will improve learning for all students.

Author : Ronald Argo
Publisher :
Release : 2012
Page : 285
Category : Electronic books
ISBN 13 : 9780989403566
Description :

TET, 1968. Saigon. Acclaimed as one of the most important novels of the Vietnam War [San Diego Union], Year of the Monkey takes us into the savage jungles where death waits in every paddyfield. It as well delves into the apocalyptic world of political corruption where friendship and betrayal become unavoidable, where murder and love are common as body counts. It is the gripping story of two American soldiers trapped in a sinister web of cold-blooded murder during the shattering Tet Offensive, the signature moment that spelled America's defeat. In the poisoned soul of Saigon, Russ Payne is an army journalist partying his nights away when a wild grunt named Willingham is lobbed into his life like a grenade. Willingham, the lone survivor of a Special Forces squad, has been reassigned, inexplicably, to Payne's cushy rear unit. Suddenly Payne's fragile peace is shattered when he's forced to spy on his new friend as part of a secret CIA investigation. On a mind-bending odyssey into the depths of the war-torn jungle, he follows Willingham in his bloody quest to avenge the massacre of his former unit--and discovers a hell of his own. Cutting through an apocalyptic jungle of intrigue, Payne falls in love with a woman who welcomes him into the fold of a Viet Cong camp, witnesses the death of his childhood friend, discovers the horrific meaning of attrition ... and ultimately leads to him committing a crime beyond redemption. In stunning scenes of combat and intrigue, we glean as in no other novel or movie the patch-quilt nature of the Vietnamese people and the murderous deceit of sinister body count politics. In the year of the monkey, Payne will come to understand the terrible consequences of following orders--and of ignoring them."Argo's extraordinary first novel elevates him instantly to the front ranks of American war novelists--Crane, Dos Passos, Mailer, and James Jones. A tough, compassionate novel." " ... dark, disturbing ..." " ... the FROM HERE TO ETERNITY of the Vietnam generation."

Author : Gene Luen Yang
Publisher : First Second
Release : 2006-09-06
Page : 240
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1466805463
Description :

A tour-de-force by rising indy comics star Gene Yang, American Born Chinese tells the story of three apparently unrelated characters: Jin Wang, who moves to a new neighborhood with his family only to discover that he's the only Chinese-American student at his new school; the powerful Monkey King, subject of one of the oldest and greatest Chinese fables; and Chin-Kee, a personification of the ultimate negative Chinese stereotype, who is ruining his cousin Danny's life with his yearly visits. Their lives and stories come together with an unexpected twist in this action-packed modern fable. American Born Chinese is an amazing ride, all the way up to the astonishing climax. American Born Chinese is a 2006 National Book Award Finalist for Young People's Literature, the winner of the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album: New, an Eisner Award nominee for Best Coloring and a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year. This title has Common Core Connections

Author : Patti Smith
Publisher : Knopf Canada
Release : 2019-09-24
Page : 176
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0735279292
Description :

From the National Book Award-winning author of Just Kids and M Train, a profound, beautifully realized memoir in which dreams and reality are vividly woven into a tapestry of one transformative year. Following a run of New Year's concerts at San Francisco's legendary Fillmore, Patti Smith finds herself tramping the coast of Santa Cruz, about to embark on a year of solitary wandering. Unfettered by logic or time, she draws us into her private wonderland with no design, yet heeding signs--including a talking sign that looms above her, prodding and sparring like the Cheshire Cat. In February, a surreal lunar year begins, bringing with it unexpected turns, heightened mischief, and inescapable sorrow. In a stranger's words, "Anything is possible: after all, it's the Year of the Monkey." For Smith--inveterately curious, always exploring, tracking thoughts, writing--the year evolves as one of reckoning with the changes in life's gyre: with loss, aging, and a dramatic shift in the political landscape of America. Smith melds the western landscape with her own dreamscape. Taking us from California to the Arizona desert; to a Kentucky farm as the amanuensis of a friend in crisis; to the hospital room of a valued mentor; and by turns to remembered and imagined places, this haunting memoir blends fact and fiction with poetic mastery. The unexpected happens; grief and disillusionment set in. But as Smith heads toward a new decade in her own life, she offers this balm to the reader: her wisdom, wit, gimlet eye, and above all, a rugged hope for a better world. Riveting, elegant, often humorous, illustrated by Smith's signature Polaroids, Year of the Monkey is a moving and original work, a touchstone for our turbulent times.

Author : Michael Fullan
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2018-02-21
Page : 192
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1119422353
Description :

The author of "Six Secrets of Change" describes how and why the principal's role must change to maximize student achievement. Includes a free professional development guide.

Author : Christopher Chabris
Daniel Simons
Publisher : Harmony
Release : 2010-05-18
Page : 320
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 0307459675
Description :

Reading this book will make you less sure of yourself—and that’s a good thing. In The Invisible Gorilla, Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons, creators of one of psychology’s most famous experiments, use remarkable stories and counterintuitive scientific findings to demonstrate an important truth: Our minds don’t work the way we think they do. We think we see ourselves and the world as they really are, but we’re actually missing a whole lot. Chabris and Simons combine the work of other researchers with their own findings on attention, perception, memory, and reasoning to reveal how faulty intuitions often get us into trouble. In the process, they explain: • Why a company would spend billions to launch a product that its own analysts know will fail • How a police officer could run right past a brutal assault without seeing it • Why award-winning movies are full of editing mistakes • What criminals have in common with chess masters • Why measles and other childhood diseases are making a comeback • Why money managers could learn a lot from weather forecasters Again and again, we think we experience and understand the world as it is, but our thoughts are beset by everyday illusions. We write traffic laws and build criminal cases on the assumption that people will notice when something unusual happens right in front of them. We’re sure we know where we were on 9/11, falsely believing that vivid memories are seared into our minds with perfect fidelity. And as a society, we spend billions on devices to train our brains because we’re continually tempted by the lure of quick fixes and effortless self-improvement. The Invisible Gorilla reveals the myriad ways that our intuitions can deceive us, but it’s much more than a catalog of human failings. Chabris and Simons explain why we succumb to these everyday illusions and what we can do to inoculate ourselves against their effects. Ultimately, the book provides a kind of x-ray vision into our own minds, making it possible to pierce the veil of illusions that clouds our thoughts and to think clearly for perhaps the first time.

Author : Quin Caylor
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2018-02-06
Page : 76
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781985155794
Description :

DESCRIPTION "No". A short but powerful word that determines if you will be a champion or a loser. Found in their vocabulary and used very often by the world's most successful. "No" is a complete sentence. It requires no further explanation. Not My Monkey is a life companion meant to guide you towards the achievement of your dreams. It seeks to enlighten on why you should start saying 'No' more often, refusing to own other people's drama. By discussing the what, why and how of developing boundaries in very simple terms, Not My Monkey motivates you to go out and start living a happier and more fulfilled life today. Do not procrastinate your happiness on the time table of others. Do not set yourself on fire to keep others warm. Filled with extremely practical, real life common-sense scenarios, Not My Monkey is the ultimate workbook to your New Year's resolutions. Systematically written with practical advice, every paragraph is poised to set the wheels of your game plan into motion. Part 1 exposes what differentiates Champions from Losers, those who go on to achieve their dreams from those who struggle all through life. If you thought saying 'No' was a luxury you could afford to live without, Part 2 will shock you into the awareness of what you are missing out on by saying no to saying 'No'. Part 3 bears the urban reader in mind as it uses language this generation is sure to understand to give directions on how to say 'no'. After reading Not My Monkey, you will find it easier to turn down requests that do not honor you or your time and values. You will spend time working on your own dreams, gaining more respect in the process. Kudos to you for picking this up. You are on the right path. Read, practice it, and thank me now. My prayer is that this book will be a harbinger of freedom for you. That you will finally see what is within the confines of your control and what is without. That when you finally begin to draw the line and stay within the sphere of the former, you would easily rid yourself of the burden of the latter. May you receive strength to proceed with grace as you begin to use the 'No' stamp to assign more value to yourself and your resources.

Author : Graham Hancock
Publisher : Crown
Release : 2012-09-19
Page : 592
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 0307829057
Description :

Could the story of mankind be far older than we have previously believed? Using tools as varied as archaeo-astronomy, geology, and computer analysis of ancient myths, Graham Hancock presents a compelling case to suggest that it is. “A fancy piece of historical sleuthing . . . intriguing and entertaining and sturdy enough to give a long pause for thought.”—Kirkus Reviews In Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock embarks on a worldwide quest to put together all the pieces of the vast and fascinating jigsaw of mankind’s hidden past. In ancient monuments as far apart as Egypt’s Great Sphinx, the strange Andean ruins of Tihuanaco, and Mexico’s awe-inspiring Temples of the Sun and Moon, he reveals not only the clear fingerprints of an as-yet-unidentified civilization of remote antiquity, but also startling evidence of its vast sophistication, technological advancement, and evolved scientific knowledge. A record-breaking number one bestseller in Britain, Fingerprints of the Gods contains the makings of an intellectual revolution, a dramatic and irreversible change in the way that we understand our past—and so our future. And Fingerprints of God tells us something more. As we recover the truth about prehistory, and discover the real meaning of ancient myths and monuments, it becomes apparent that a warning has been handed down to us, a warning of terrible cataclysm that afflicts the Earth in great cycles at irregular intervals of time—a cataclysm that may be about to recur. “Readers will hugely enjoy their quest in these pages of inspired storytelling.”—The Times (UK)