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Author : Bich Minh Nguyen
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2009-07-23
Page : 304
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1101082259
Description :

The authentic and compassionate first novel about two sisters from the author of the acclaimed memoir Stealing Buddha's Dinner Called "A writer to watch, a tremendous talent" by the Chicago Tribune, Bich Minh Nguyen makes her fiction debut with the deeply moving and entertaining story of two Vietnamese sisters. Aside from their petite stature, Van and Linny Luong couldn't be more different. Diligent, unassuming Van works as an immigration lawyer in the Michigan suburbs where she resides with her handsome, Chinese-American lawyer husband. Beautiful, fashionable Linny lives in Chicago and has drifted into an affair with a married man. When Van's picture-perfect marriage collapses and Linny finds herself grappling to escape her dead-end life, the long-estranged sisters are unable to confide in one another- until their eccentric inventor father calls them back home to the Vietnamese American community they fled long ago.

Author : Elwood Watson
Jennifer Mitchell
Publisher : Lexington Books
Release : 2015-08-27
Page : 220
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1498512623
Description :

HBO’s Girls and the Awkward Politics of Gender, Race, and Privilege is a collection of essays that examines the HBO program Girls. Since its premiere in 2012, the series has garnered the attention of individuals from various walks of life. The show has been described in many terms: insightful, out-of-touch, brash, sexist, racist, perverse, complex, edgy, daring, provocative—just to name a few. Overall, there is no doubt that Girls has firmly etched itself in the fabric of early twenty-first-century popular culture. The essays in this book examine the show from various angles including: white privilege; body image; gender; culture; race; sexuality; parental and generational attitudes; third wave feminism; male emasculation and immaturity; hipster, indie, and urban music as it relates to Generation Y and Generation X. By examining these perspectives, this book uncovers many of the most pressing issues that have surfaced in the show, while considering the broader societal implications therein.

Author : Arthur Murray
Publisher : Read Books Ltd
Release : 2013-04-16
Page : 256
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 1447481615
Description :

This early work by Arthur Murray is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. Its 250 pages contain a wealth of information on how to learn the art of dancing and include chapters on the Fox Trot, the Rumba the Mambo, all accompanied by instructional diagrams. This fascinating work is thoroughly recommended for anyone with an interest in ballroom dancing and a willingness to learn. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Author : Harold Coe Stuart
Publisher :
Release : 1939
Page : 261
Category : Child development
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author :
Publisher :
Release : 1939
Page : 512
Category : Children's stories
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : David L. Bennett
Publisher : Unistar Books
Release : 2005
Page :
Category : Adolescent psychology
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Every parent wonders if they are doing a good job. When their kids become teenagers many begin to doubt themselves even more. This title will change the way you parent your teenagers. It covers what every parent needs to know about every stage of adolescence.

Author : Charles G. D. Brook
Peter Clayton
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2009-08-10
Page : 632
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 1405180803
Description :

This new book is full of practical advice and is essential reading for everyone involved in the care of children and adolescents with endocrine disease and disorders. This reference book has been fully updated to feature new concepts, new investigations and new molecular mechanisms and is full of practical, clinical advice.

Author : Kerry Segrave
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2017-08-11
Page : 240
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1476628157
Description :

When the need for telephone operators arose in the 1870s, the assumption was that they should all be male. Wages for adult men were too high, so boys were hired. They proved quick to argue with the subscribers, so females replaced them. Women were calmer, had reassuring voices and rarely talked back. Within a few years, telephone operators were all female and would remain so. The pay was low and working conditions harsh. The job often impaired their health, as they suffered abuse from subscribers in silence under pain of dismissal. Discipline was stern—dress codes were mandated, although they were never seen by the public. Most were young, domestic and anything but militant. Yet many joined unions and walked picket lines in response to the severely capitalistic, sexist system they worked under.

Author : Ignacio Jáuregui Lobera
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release : 2012-02-22
Page : 404
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 9535100017
Description :

Eating disorders are common, frequently severe, and often devastating pathologies. Biological, psychological, and social factors are usually involved in these disorders in both the aetiopathogeny and the course of disease. The interaction among these factors might better explain the problem of the development of each particular eating disorder, its specific expression, and the course and outcome. This book includes different studies about the core concepts of eating disorders, from general topics to some different modalities of treatment. Epidemiology, the key variables in the development of eating disorders, the role of some psychosocial factors, as well as the role of some biological influences, some clinical and therapeutic issues from both psychosocial and biological points of view, and the nutritional evaluation and nutritional treatment, are clearly presented by the authors of the corresponding chapters. Professionals such as psychologists, nurses, doctors, and nutritionists, among others, may be interested in this book.

Author : Karen Bokram
Publisher : Scholastic
Release : 2003
Page : 124
Category : Children's stories
ISBN 13 : 9780439449816
Description :

Author : Krista Mcqueeney
Alicia A. Girgenti-Malone
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2018-01-19
Page : 202
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1351671944
Description :

From media images of "mean girls" to the disproportionate punishment of Black, Latina and/or queer girls in schools and the justice system, female aggression has become a public concern. Scholars, educators, policymakers and parents are scrambling to respond to the perceived upsurge in girls’ bullying, peer pressure, and aggression/violence. Girls, Aggression and Intersectionality examines how intersecting social identities – such as race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, age, and others - shape media representations of, and criminal justice reactions to, female aggression. The book focuses on three overarching questions: How do race, class, and/or sexuality influence media images of female aggression? How do aggressive girls’ intersecting identities affect law enforcement and criminal justice responses to their aggression? How are diverse groups of girls trying to resist their labelling and criminalization? Using intersectionality as a conceptual framework, this insightful volume deconstructs a unitary analysis of "female aggression" and transforms the mainstream discourse that paints girls as inherently "mean." Girls, Aggression and Intersectionality will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers, interested in fields including Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, Youth Studies, Criminology and Media and Culture.

Author : Charles G. D. Brook
Mehul T. Dattani
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2012-04-23
Page : 356
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 047065788X
Description :

This revised edition of Charles Brook's Handbook of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology provides endocrinologists and pediatricians in training with a fully up-to-date clinical guide presenting evidence-based practice in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of pediatric endocrine disorders. New chapters include “Endocrine complications of chronic disease” and “Endocrine neoplasia.” In addition, the chapter structure has been revamped for easier access and now includes: a key points overview, multiple-choice questions for self-assessment, common errors/pitffalls (in treatment, diagnosis, etc.) boxes, a key weblinks box, a table comparing different society guidelines, diagnostic decision trees, therapeutics decision trees, and a summary.

Author : A. Meredith John
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1988
Page : 259
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 9780521361668
Description :

This book aims to estimate the levels of plantation slave mortality and fertility in Trinidad.

Author : Abdesigns
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2019-12-23
Page : 102
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781679945823
Description :

This journal/notebook is the perfect gift to your Bestie or BFF. This Journal will be an awesome way to show your love and appreciation for their birthday, Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas, Anniversary, or any other occasion! Friends will find this book to be very useful to write their favourite quotations, poems or personal reflections. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Lined journal pages Size: 6" x 9" - 100 pages or 50 sheets Great Gift for Friend's Birthday, Christmas, Long Distance Matte paperback cover Interior page colour: White Binding: Perfect Convenient size to carry with you on the go. Give a special and memorable gift to your Friend! The notebook has been designed by independent designers who you will support with every purchase. A great gift idea for the birthday of friends

Author : Annie Ernaux
Publisher : Seven Stories Press
Release : 2020-04-07
Page : 192
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1609809521
Description :

Another masterpiece of remembering from Annie Ernaux, the Man Booker International Prize–shortlisted author of The Years. In A Girl’s Story, Annie Ernaux revisits the season fifty years earlier when she found herself overpowered by another’s will and desire. In the summer of 1958, eighteen-year-old Ernaux submits her will to a man’s, and then he moves on, leaving her without a “master,” bereft. Now, fifty years later, she realizes she can obliterate the intervening years and return to consider this young woman that she wanted to forget completely. And to discover that here, submerged in shame, humiliation, and betrayal, but also in self-discovery and self-reliance, lies the origin of her writing life.

Author :
Publisher :
Release : 1961
Page :
Category : Home economics
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Blythe Lawrence
Publisher : ABDO Publishing Company
Release : 2013-09-01
Page : 48
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 1624014747
Description :

On the court, on the field, on the course, or in the gym, female athletes are getting it done. This title highlights the stars who rule girls' gymnastics today and the skills theyÍve mastered on the way. You will find informative chapters that help readers better understand the skills of each sport, tips for improving those skills, a sport-specific diagram, a glossary, additional resources, and more. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. SportsZone is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Author : Alexis Bloomer
Publisher : Archway Publishing
Release : 2017-11-09
Page : 114
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1480853305
Description :

Do you worry about not fitting in with others your age? Are you the victim of bullying because you believe in different things or look differently than others? Does your uniqueness leave you feeling lonely, friendless, and hopeless? In her book, Good Girl, Bad World, author Alexis Bloomer shows that you are not alone, you can have friends, and there is hope. Although successful in high school, Bloomer had very few friends. She experienced many of the things you might be facing now. Then, at age twenty-three, she made a video that forever labeled her as the millennial video girl. Her video Dear Elders reached over 70 million people and encouraged millennials to change the status quo. Bloomers experiences encouraged her to start the #GoodGirlMovement, an organization that encourages women to promote self-love and show each other respect. Inspired by the #GoodGirlMovement, Good Girl, Bad World, encourages women to be ladies with self-respect in an age and a society that encourages women to stray from who they truly are. Women from around the world have told their most personal stories in hope that they can help other women. Good Girl, Bad World is like talking with a good friend. With humor and honesty, Bloomers experiences show that you can be a good girl in a bad world. You dont have to compromise your beliefs and values to fit in.

Author : Aarthi Srinivasan
Publisher : One Point Six Technology Pvt Ltd
Release : 2017-03-29
Page : 450
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9352017757
Description :

Aishwarya Narayan, with her sarcastic and unintentionally humorous disposition, has got the typical life with her Always-ready-with-a-short-joke friends and her annoyingly accomplished family. Successful, stoic, stubborn, and sardonic, Dhruv Singhania was kind of the person her parents would generally give a good look at and then say 'Learn’ When the two stumble upon each other, it gives rise to a series of awkward humour, intense sarcasm, usage of 'fandoms' as leverage, and a whole lot of acute weirdness. With her dream of making it as a writer on its way to become a reality, the 19 year old girl has to deal with the usual effects of ambition, fear of failure and everything else that occupies the mind of a girl who is determined to do well. Doubts arise, conversations are misinterpreted, feelings are confessed and then taken back, all in the backdrop of one thing a person always wants to do; live up to expectations while creating kick ass history.

Author : Lucy Maud Montgomery
Publisher : e-artnow
Release : 2017-05-29
Page : 5819
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13 : 8075833082
Description :

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Anne of Green Gables Series: Anne of Green Gables Anne of Avonlea Anne of the Island Anne of Windy Poplars Anne's House of Dreams Anne of Ingleside Rainbow Valley Rilla of Ingleside Emily Starr Trilogy: Emily of New Moon Emily Climbs Emily's Quest The Story Girl Series The Story Girl The Golden Road Pat of Silver Bush Series Pat of Silver Bush Mistress Pat Other Novels Kilmeny of the Orchard The Blue Castle Magic for Marigold A Tangled Web Jane of Lantern Hill Short Stories: Chronicles of Avonlea The Hurrying of Ludovic Old Lady Lloyd Each in His Own Tongue Little Joscelyn The Winning of Lucinda Old Man Shaw's Girl Aunt Olivia's Beau Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's Pa Sloane's Purchase The Courting of Prissy Strong The Miracle at Carmody The End of a Quarrel Further Chronicles of Avonlea Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat The Materializing of Cecil Her Father's Daughter Jane's Baby The Dream-Child The Brother Who Failed The Return of Hester The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily Sara's Way The Son of his Mother The Education of Betty In Her Selfless Mood The Conscience Case of David Bell Only a Common Fellow Tannis of the Flats… Poetry Collected Letters Autobiography: The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels with Anne of Green Gables, an orphaned girl, mistakenly sent to a couple, who had intended to adopt a boy. Anne novels made Montgomery famous in her lifetime and she went on to publish 20 novels as well as 530 short stories, 500 poems, and 30 essays. Convert Word to clean HTML code with this free online tool. It works great for any document type and template.