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Author : Heather Graham
Publisher : MIRA
Release : 2015-06-30
Page : 352
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0778317994
Description :

"Lara [Mayhew], a congressman's media assistant, suddenly quits her job--and disappears on the way to her Washington, DC, apartment. Novice FBI agent Meg Murray, a childhood friend of Lara's, gets a message from her that same night, a message that says she's disillusioned and 'going home.' To Richmond, Virginia. Meg discovers that she never got there. And bodies fitting Lara's description are showing up in nearby rivers...Could she be the victim of a serial killer? Meg is assigned to work with special agent Matt Bosworth, a hard-nosed pro in the FBI's unit of paranormal investigators--the Krewe of Hunters...As Meg and Matt pursue the possibility of a serial killer, they find themselves in the middle of a political conspiracy. Is there a connection? If so, has Lara been silenced for good? And whom--besides each other--can they trust?"--Page [4] of cover.

Author : Kristina Ohlsson
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2013-03-05
Page : 352
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1439198942
Description :

From “one of Sweden’s best” (Los Angeles Times Magazine) comes the third installment in the psychological thriller series featuring the savvy, sharp, and fearless investigative analyst Fredrika Bergman. Fifteen years ago: A teenage girl is viciously assaulted as she picks flowers in a field one night in midsummer. The crime is never reported. Present day: A man with no identification is killed in a hit-and-run. He is never reported missing. Across the city, a priest and his wife are found dead in an apparent suicide. Fredrika Bergman is assigned to the case. What she and her colleagues discover is that a sinister evil, the roots of which date back decades, is the link behind these seemingly unrelated crimes. There’s a reason why none of them were ever reported, and it has to do with a shocking and horrendous cover-up unlike anything Fredrika could have possibly imagined. Skillfully crafted and highly suspenseful, Silenced is a gripping thriller in which the consequences of past tragedies continue to haunt the present, reaching further and deeper than anyone ever expected.

Author : Brett Battles
Publisher : Dell Publishing Company
Release : 2011
Page : 401
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0440245672
Description :

When professional "cleaner" Jonathan Quinn is hired to find and remove the remains of a body hidden 20 years ago inside the walls of a London building before it is demolished, he and his team are caught in the crossfire between two dangerous rivals and become loose ends in a plot that spans the globe. Original.

Author : Allison Brennan
Publisher : Minotaur Books
Release : 2012-04-24
Page : 416
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1429954140
Description :

Lucy Kincaid is back—with a vengeance. A Washington Sex Scandal It has been seven years since Lucy was attacked—and almost killed—by an online predator. Today, she is well on her way toward a new life. While waiting to begin her training at the FBI Academy, Lucy's is tireless in her fight against cyber sex crime. Her current mission: to find out who killed a high-priced call girl linked to a powerful Congressman. A Cold-Blooded Killer A number of known prostitutes—with scores of high profile clients—are turning up dead all over D.C. Is this the work of a depraved killer? Or the result of an inside job? Lucy's investigation will take her into an underground network of prostitutes, the chambers of the country's most powerful players, and her own dark past to confront an unknown enemy who's always one step ahead of her. With the help of her P.I. boyfriend Sean Rogan, Lucy must find and protect the only witness who can identify the killer and end the conspiracy, but can the witness be trusted? Lucy will risk everything to expose the truth and ensure justice is served, even if that means putting herself in the line of fire... "Engrossing."—PublishersWeekly "Riveting."—RT Book Reviews "A world-class nail-biter."—Lee Child

Author : Carrie Lynn Arnold
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Release : 2020-07-01
Page : 258
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1538140004
Description :

In the age of multiple equity movements, it is critical to explore an unspoken nuance—the silencing of women leaders. Carrie Lynn Arnold calls attention to the history and complex dynamics that can suppress a leader’s voice while offering solutions for change. Women are taught to speak up, develop confidence, leverage their strengths, polish their interpersonal skills, widen their competencies, and fight to sit at the table. But once they make it to that executive chair, they rarely examine the unspoken dynamics that impact their success. The silencing of female voices is an all too common epidemic, preventing women from harnessing their full capabilities and leading with maximum potential. This phenomenon of isolating women by subduing their voices is a decades-old tradition. It can be impossible to avoid encounters, organizational cultures, and even feelings of self-suppression that all foster silencing. It is no longer about questioning competency or confidence. It is about understanding the complex factors and biases that are deeply embedded in relationships between men and women, amongst women, and within the dynamics of systems and the self that allows for this trend to continue despite growing successes in equity. Carrie Lynn Arnold examines silencing, which is essential to name and recognize, as a pre-requisite to effective leadership. By understanding where we have been before, we may fully appreciate and call attention to where we need to go. Regardless of your gender or whether you are an emerging leader or a CEO of a large corporation, the silencing virus is capable of infecting everyone. Silenced and Sidelined explores what it means to feel suppressed, giving words to the experience so that leaders can begin different types of conversations about voice and leadership. There are no shortcuts or simple, easy steps; this call to leadership is a call for courage. It requires the ability to communicate with a voice that carries currency—one, people will not just hear, but follow. Given the complexity of our world and the challenges society faces, we can no longer afford leaders with silenced voices.

Author : Erwin W. Lutzer
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Release : 2020-11-03
Page : 288
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0736981799
Description :

“If I could, I would put this book into the hands of every Christian in America.” —Dr. David Jeremiah “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). Each day, you watch America turn further from Christian values and the core principles of liberty. It’s frustrating to feel you can’t assert biblical truth without facing condemnation, and fearful to witness outrage and victimhood replace respect and reason. Amidst this dissent, how can you not only stay rooted in your own faith, but continue publicly testifying for Jesus? In We Will Not Be Silenced, Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer prepares you to live out your convictions against a growing tide of hostility. Gain a better understanding of nonbelievers’ legitimate hurts and concerns regarding issues like racism, sexism, and poverty—and identify the toxic responses secular culture disguises as solutions. In the process, you’ll see how you can show compassion and gentleness to those outside of the faith without affirming their beliefs. We Will Not Be Silenced will ready you to move beyond fear and boldly accept the challenge of representing Christ to a watching world that needs Him now more than ever before.

Author : Thomas Mathiesen
Publisher : Waterside Press
Release : 2004
Page : 116
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 1904380158
Description :

fter reading Silently Silenced you will never view the ways of government in quite the same light again! A must-read for all people who are interested in democratic processes particularly in relation to criminology, sociology or the law. This is the first English edition of a work that has also appeared in Norwegian, Swedish and German - and that has been updated by the author to include September 11 and other contemporary developments.

Author : Vicky Jaggers
Helen Roberts
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
Release : 2009
Page : 272
Category : Adult child sexual abuse victims
ISBN 13 : 9780340976777
Description :

'He was Mummy's favourite. I was the little sister, and his victim.' When Vicky was growing up she idolised her big brother David. Their mother worshipped the ground he walked on and as far as she was concerned, David could do no wrong. But then he betrayed little Vicky in the most shocking way imaginable. David began raping his sister. Vicky's happy home life was brutally twisted into a nightmare - he whispered threats into her ear over the kitchen table and she was crippled with fear about what he would do next. Then, at just twelve years old, Vicky discovered she was pregnant with her brother's baby. Vicky was terrified of her brother, and convinced that no one would believe her, so she felt she had no choice - she had to keep the dreadful truth of who her baby's father was a secret. She kept the secret for 18 years, until David had become so dangerous that she could stay silent no longer... This is the heartbreaking story of a little girl who finally found the courage to speak out and bring her brother to justice.

Author : Sean Moroney
Linda Ensor
Publisher :
Release : 1979
Page : 112
Category : Dissenters
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Leddy Harper
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-01-17
Page : 268
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781542404617
Description :

Haunted by a photographic memory, I couldn't escape the worst night of my life. The blood they shed. The pain they endured. The evil that still walked free. It was all I saw. Those memories, my childhood-the images. Silenced and scarred. But nothing lasts forever. Torment turned to blinding rage. Hate sought revenge, which pursued death. Then there was life. The moon. Rylee Anderson. I had to choose...

Author : Michelle Fine
Lois Weis
Publisher : Teachers College Press
Release : 2003-01-01
Page : 208
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0807742848
Description :

Two noted educators invite new and veteran teachers on an intellectual guided tour through the troubles of bad practice and the delights of good. This volume is a collection of classic essays, as urgently needed now as when they first appeared, on social class, race, gender, and schooling crafted over the course of two decades. The authors invite all of us to take a serious look at the paradox of public education, the ways in which urban schools reproduce social inequalities while, at the same time, serve as sites for learning at its most transformative and compelling. A must-read for all those educators who believe that we can no longer afford to cede this space to policymakers who know little of the life of a classroom, the curiosity of a child, and the moral imperatives of teaching for critical citizenship.

Author : Esther D. Rothblum
Ellen Cole
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 1986
Page : 124
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Now available in for textbook adoption consideration--Invaluable as a supplementary text in courses on counseling, psychopathology, and psychology of women! The saga of one woman's heroic recovery from the trauma of Vietnam In this book (winner of the Distinguished Publication Award from the Association for Women in Psychology), twelve feminist therapists and activists respond compassionately to the experience of one woman and her recovery from her years as a Navy nurse in Vietnam. In fascinating detail, this remarkable book explores diverse theoretical perspectives on a single case study, providing views from a Jungian therapist, a family therapist, a behavioral therapist, a pastoral counselor, a psychodynamically oriented theraapist, and an expert on DSM-III, among others. The contributors all share a commitment to feminism and societal change, and their expert responses to the case of “Ruth,” a recovering alcoholic and Vietnam veteran, make for stimulating reading.

Author : Dani Pettrey
Publisher : Baker Books
Release : 2014-04-29
Page : 336
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1441264043
Description :

Jake Knew Something Was Wrong. But He Never Guessed How Wrong. A relaxing day of rock climbing takes a disturbing turn when Kayden McKenna's route brings her face-to-face with a dead climber. Is it a terrible accident or something darker? When the case is handed to overburdened sheriff Landon Grainger, he turns to Jake Westin for help. With Jake's past now revealed, he's ready to use his talent for investigation again--but he could never prepare for where the mystery will take him. Kayden's climbing expertise soon leads her and Jake to the realization that the death was no accident. And worse, it seems the killer is onto them. When strange things begin happening in Yancey, Jake is terrified that once again his world may put someone he loves in danger. But the truth is far worse than he could ever imagine. Praise for the Alaskan Courage series "Readers who enjoy Lynette Eason, Irene Hannon, and DiAnn Mills will add this to their to-read list." Library Journal about Stranded "I have not been this enthralled since the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson! Pettrey does such an excellent job of developing the character of each and every family member..." Christian Manifesto "Hard-to-put-down romantic suspense with snappy dialogue, realistic characterizations and fast-moving intrigue." Suspense Zone

Author : Constantin V. Ponomareff
Publisher : Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
Release : 1979
Page : 102
Category : German fiction
ISBN 13 :
Description :

This essay explores the historical impact of war and totalitarianism on the literary imagination of several major Soviet Russian and West German writers. The painful experience which has become muted in this fiction is articulated through a -second-, more subconscious and metaphorical, language. It is this subliminal poetic voice in the works of Borchert, Aitmatov, Grass, Pasternak and Nossack which provides us with a heightened sense of the spiritual condition of European man and the nature of modern and contemporary European writing."

Author : Doris Smeltzer
Andrea Lynn Smeltzer
Publisher : Gurze Books
Release : 2013-10-18
Page : 300
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9780936077017
Description :

Traces the life and death of a nineteen-year-old bulimic and her mother's ensuing journey for answers and healing, in a tale told through the victim's poetry and journal entries as well as her mother's reflections about the disorder. Original.

Author : John Dorney
Publisher :
Release : 2017
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781781786161
Description :

Author : K. G. Karmakar
Publisher : Northern Book Centre
Release : 2002
Page : 364
Category : India
ISBN 13 : 9788172111229
Description :

Review of tribal economic development with special reference to Orissa and India in general.

Author : Larry Clark
Publisher : Langley, B.C. : Credo Publishing Corporation
Release : 1987
Page : 134
Category : Christian biography
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Lois Weis
Michelle Fine
Publisher : State University of New York at
Release : 1992
Page : 72
Category : Education
ISBN 13 :
Description :

In education, it is necessary to look at students who are marginalized, and excluded, who is centered or privileged, and how, through academic discourse, silences are created, sustained, and legitimized. The three papers in this collection explore the politics of silencing and voice in education. "It's More Covert Today': The Importance of Race in Shaping Parents' Views of the School" by Annette Lareau focuses on the ways in which certain types of parental culture and discourse are privileged in schools, leading to the construction of an "ideal type" of parental involvement. Parents who do not fit this construction are outside the bounds of what is acceptable for a parent, and their ideas, no matter how salient, are rebuffed. Lois Weis, in "White Male Working Class Youth: An Exploration of Relative Privilege and Loss," focuses on the ways in which white male working class identity is taking shape under the restructured economy of the 1980s and 1990s. In particular, ways in which young men are reaffirming the discourses of white male power and privilege in spite of an economy that increasingly denies them this privilege are examined. Michelle Fine, in "The 'Public' in Public Schools: The Social Construction/Constriction of Moral Communities," examines a third set of issues related to silencing, the ways in which public schools, supposed to be universally accessible moral communities, engage in patterns of systematic exclusion and yet justify these patterns as being for the common good. (SLD)

Author : Tiffany Ann Jackson
Publisher :
Release : 1990
Page : 276
Category : Brazil
ISBN 13 :
Description :