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Author : John J. Ratey
Eric Hagerman
Publisher : Little, Brown Spark
Release : 2008-01-10
Page : 294
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN 13 : 0316113506
Description :

An investigation into the effects of exercise on the brain evaluates how aerobic exercise positively influences the progression of such conditions as Alzheimer's disease, ADD, and depression, in a report that shares theory-supporting case studies and the results of a progressive school fitness program. 30,000 first printing.

Author : Ian Boothby
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2018-02-27
Page : 192
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1338029487
Description :

Sparks is a hero and man's best friend, but nobody suspects he's two cats!

Author : Robert Repino
Publisher : Quirk Books
Release : 2020-04-14
Page : 216
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1683691679
Description :

Toy Story meets Stranger Things in this epic tale of warrior teddy bears and the children they protect. Spark is not your average teddy bear. She’s soft and cuddly, sure, but she’s also a fierce warrior. At night she fulfills her sacred duty: to protect the household from monsters. But Spark’s owner Loretta is growing up and thinks she doesn’t need her old teddy anymore. When a monster unlike any other descends on the quiet home, everything changes. Children are going missing, and the monster wants Loretta next. Only Spark can stop it. She must call upon the ancient League of Ursus—a secret alliance of teddy bears who are pledged to protect their human friends. Together with an Amazon-princess doll and a timid sock monkey, the bears are all that stands between our world and the one that lies beneath. It will be a heroic chapter in the history of the League . . . if the bears live to tell the tale.

Author : Irene C. Fountas
Gay Su Pinnell
Publisher :
Release : 2009-08-05
Page : 208
Category : Language arts (Early childhood)
ISBN 13 : 9780325018218
Description :

Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a powerful early intervention system that can change the path of a student's journey to literacy. The LLI Orange System is specifically targeted at Foundation/Kindergaten students. Please note the program guide is not suitable for educators who have not yet purchased an LLI Orange System. This component is only available separately so that schools with the LLI Orange System can purchase additional copies of the program guide if they require. Find out more about the Fountas & Pinnell LLI System at

Author : Holden Karau
Andy Konwinski
Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Release : 2015-01-28
Page : 276
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 1449359051
Description :

Data in all domains is getting bigger. How can you work with it efficiently? Recently updated for Spark 1.3, this book introduces Apache Spark, the open source cluster computing system that makes data analytics fast to write and fast to run. With Spark, you can tackle big datasets quickly through simple APIs in Python, Java, and Scala. This edition includes new information on Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, setup, and Maven coordinates. Written by the developers of Spark, this book will have data scientists and engineers up and running in no time. You’ll learn how to express parallel jobs with just a few lines of code, and cover applications from simple batch jobs to stream processing and machine learning. Quickly dive into Spark capabilities such as distributed datasets, in-memory caching, and the interactive shell Leverage Spark’s powerful built-in libraries, including Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, and MLlib Use one programming paradigm instead of mixing and matching tools like Hive, Hadoop, Mahout, and Storm Learn how to deploy interactive, batch, and streaming applications Connect to data sources including HDFS, Hive, JSON, and S3 Master advanced topics like data partitioning and shared variables

Author : Tom Sniegoski
Jeff Smith
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2011
Page : 218
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 054514101X
Description :

Twelve-year-old Tom Elm, his raccoon friend Roderick, Percival, Abbey, and Barclay Bone, warrior priest Randolf, and forest woman Lorimar join in a quest to find the pieces of the Spark that can save Dreaming--and the Waking World--from a Darkness created by the Nacht.

Author : John Twelve Hawks
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2015-03-12
Page : 368
Category :
ISBN 13 : 0552170577
Description :

Jacob Underwood is not like other people. He has Cotardâe(tm)s Syndrome. He believes he is dead. Which makes his job as a hired assassin neutralising âe~problemsâe(tm) for DBG, a massive multinational corporation, very simple. He carries out the task âe" and feels nothing. Now DBG has such a problem. A key employee, Emily Buchanan, has disappeared, taking with her a fortune and priceless information which could destroy the company. Jacob must track her down. In previous assignments, he had worked with cold logical precision, but this time he has to confront a threat that he first must understand before it destroys himâe¦

Author : Jules S. Damji
Brooke Wenig
Publisher : O'Reilly Media
Release : 2020-07-16
Page : 400
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 1492050016
Description :

Data is bigger, arrives faster, and comes in a variety of formats—and it all needs to be processed at scale for analytics or machine learning. But how can you process such varied workloads efficiently? Enter Apache Spark. Updated to include Spark 3.0, this second edition shows data engineers and data scientists why structure and unification in Spark matters. Specifically, this book explains how to perform simple and complex data analytics and employ machine learning algorithms. Through step-by-step walk-throughs, code snippets, and notebooks, you’ll be able to: Learn Python, SQL, Scala, or Java high-level Structured APIs Understand Spark operations and SQL Engine Inspect, tune, and debug Spark operations with Spark configurations and Spark UI Connect to data sources: JSON, Parquet, CSV, Avro, ORC, Hive, S3, or Kafka Perform analytics on batch and streaming data using Structured Streaming Build reliable data pipelines with open source Delta Lake and Spark Develop machine learning pipelines with MLlib and productionize models using MLflow

Author : Maggie Swanson
Publisher : Courier Dover Publications
Release : 2016-07-20
Page : 64
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 0486802159
Description :

Brighten a child's world with this garden of 30 delightful flower designs to color. The whimsical full-page illustrations feature fanciful blossoms in settings populated by butterflies, frogs, and other kid-friendly creatures. Features perforated pages printed on one side only for easy removal and display plus a bonus "Draw Your Own" page. Flower Fun Coloring Book and other Spark titles offer a wide variety of engaging activities that will foster creativity in children ages 6 to 10.

Author : David Drake
Publisher : Baen
Release : 2017-11-07
Page : 432
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781481482769
Description :

NEW STANDALONE NOVEL BY SF MASTER DAVID DRAKE. In a violent world in which civilization has fallen and monsters roam, a young hero will rise. In the time of the Ancients the universe was united—but that was so far in the past that not even memory remains, only the broken artifacts that a few Makers can reshape into their original uses. What survives is shattered into enclaves—some tiny, some ruined, some wild. Into the gaps between settlements, and onto the Road that connects all human reality and the reality that is not human and may never have been human, have crept monsters. Some creatures are men, twisted into inhuman evil; some of them are alien to Mankind— And there are things which are hostile to all life, things which will raven and kill until they are stopped. A Leader has arisen, welding the scattered human settlements together in peace and safety and smashing the enemies of order with an iron fist. In his capital, Dun Add, the Leader provides law and justice. In the universe beyond, his Champions advance—and enforce—the return of civilization. Pal, a youth from the sticks, has come to Dun Add to become a Champion. Pal is a bit of a Maker, and in his rural home he's been able to think of himself as a warrior because he can wield the weapons of the Ancient civilization. Pal has no idea of what he's really getting into in Dun Add. On the other hand, the Leader and Dun Add have no real idea of what might be inside this hayseed with high hopes. THE SPARK: A story of hope and violence and courage. And especially, a story of determination. About The Spark: ". . . entertaining tale combining the feel of Arthurian legend with nifty far-future super science . . ."—Publishers Weekly About David Drake: “Drake deftly weaves a web of political machinations and intrigue that vividly depicts the costs of war. Fans of Patrick O'Brian's Maturin and Aubrey novels will enjoy this intricate, rousing space opera.” —Publishers Weekly “[R]ousing old-fashioned space opera.”—Publishers Weekly “The fun is in the telling, and Mr. Drake has a strong voice. I want more!”—Philadelphia Weekly Press “[S]pace opera is alive and well. This series is getting better as the author goes along…character development combined with first-rate action and memorable world designs.”— “[P]rose as cold and hard as the metal alloy of a tank…rivals Crane and Remarque…”—Chicago Sun-Times “Drake couldn’t write a bad action scene at gunpoint.”—Booklist

Author : Olivia Van Ledtje
Cynthia Merrill
Publisher :
Release : 2019-09-08
Page : 150
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9781564847867
Description :

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them. They seek ways to understand and interact with their environment, often using digital tools to do so. Imagine a world where children's curiosities are amplified -- helping them see the power of their thinking, perspective and voice. Spark Change examines the multitude of possibilities available when students are given the opportunity to amplify their learning online, centering on three ideas of citizenship: be a good person, be critical and be an advocate for something you care about in life. The book introduces readers to Liv, a young changemaker empowered to use digital tools to create and share content online. Liv's story offers readers an opportunity to explore how students can use technology as a tool for empathy, equity and activism. Kids can't become changemakers if they aren't empowered to think beyond their own community. Liv's online sense of agency serves as an example of maximizing opportunities, developing a powerful voice and making global connections that deepen her compassion for people and the world. Connected-learning opportunities help students develop key understandings about the world around them. This book shows how these understandings lead to social action, and how students develop a deeper sense of empathy and kindness from interacting with the world.

Author : Kristine Barnett
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2013-04-09
Page : 288
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0679645241
Description :

Kristine Barnett’s son Jacob has an IQ higher than Einstein’s, a photographic memory, and he taught himself calculus in two weeks. At nine he started working on an original theory in astrophysics that experts believe may someday put him in line for a Nobel Prize, and at age twelve he became a paid researcher in quantum physics. But the story of Kristine’s journey with Jake is all the more remarkable because his extraordinary mind was almost lost to autism. At age two, when Jake was diagnosed, Kristine was told he might never be able to tie his own shoes. The Spark is a remarkable memoir of mother and son. Surrounded by “experts” at home and in special ed who tried to focus on Jake’s most basic skills and curtail his distracting interests—moving shadows on the wall, stars, plaid patterns on sofa fabric—Jake made no progress, withdrew more and more into his own world, and eventually stopped talking completely. Kristine knew in her heart that she had to make a change. Against the advice of her husband, Michael, and the developmental specialists, Kristine followed her instincts, pulled Jake out of special ed, and began preparing him for mainstream kindergarten on her own. Relying on the insights she developed at the daycare center she runs out of the garage in her home, Kristine resolved to follow Jacob’s “spark”—his passionate interests. Why concentrate on what he couldn’t do? Why not focus on what he could? This basic philosophy, along with her belief in the power of ordinary childhood experiences (softball, picnics, s’mores around the campfire) and the importance of play, helped Kristine overcome huge odds. The Barnetts were not wealthy people, and in addition to financial hardship, Kristine herself faced serious health issues. But through hard work and determination on behalf of Jake and his two younger brothers, as well as an undying faith in their community, friends, and family, Kristine and Michael prevailed. The results were beyond anything anyone could have imagined. Dramatic, inspiring, and transformative, The Spark is about the power of love and courage in the face of overwhelming obstacles, and the dazzling possibilities that can occur when we learn how to tap the true potential that lies within every child, and in all of us. Praise for The Spark “[An] amazing memoir . . . compulsive reading.”—The Washington Post “The Spark is about the transformative power of unconditional love. If you have a child who’s ‘different’—and who doesn’t?—you won’t be able to put it down.”—Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind “Love, illness, faith, tragedy and triumph—it’s all here. . . . Jake Barnett’s story contains wisdom for every parent.”—Newsday “This eloquent memoir about an extraordinary boy and a resilient and remarkable mother will be of interest to every parent and/or educator hoping to nurture a child’s authentic ‘spark.’”—Publishers Weekly “Compelling . . . Jake is unusual, but so is his superhuman mom.”—Booklist “The Spark describes in glowing terms the profound intensity with which a mother can love her child.”—Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon and Far from the Tree “Every parent and teacher should read this fabulous book!”—Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures and co-author of The Autistic Brain

Author : Sarah Beth Durst
Publisher : Clarion Books
Release : 2019
Page : 320
ISBN 13 : 1328973425
Description :

Naturally quiet since birth, Mina and her stormbeast, Pixit, lead others like themselves in defying authority and attempting to spread the truth that Alorria's idyllic weather comes at a steep cost.

Author : Ahmed Sherif
Amrith Ravindra
Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
Release : 2018-07-13
Page : 474
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 1788471555
Description :

A solution-based guide to put your deep learning models into production with the power of Apache Spark Key Features Discover practical recipes for distributed deep learning with Apache Spark Learn to use libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow Solve problems in order to train your deep learning models on Apache Spark Book Description With deep learning gaining rapid mainstream adoption in modern-day industries, organizations are looking for ways to unite popular big data tools with highly efficient deep learning libraries. As a result, this will help deep learning models train with higher efficiency and speed. With the help of the Apache Spark Deep Learning Cookbook, you’ll work through specific recipes to generate outcomes for deep learning algorithms, without getting bogged down in theory. From setting up Apache Spark for deep learning to implementing types of neural net, this book tackles both common and not so common problems to perform deep learning on a distributed environment. In addition to this, you’ll get access to deep learning code within Spark that can be reused to answer similar problems or tweaked to answer slightly different problems. You will also learn how to stream and cluster your data with Spark. Once you have got to grips with the basics, you’ll explore how to implement and deploy deep learning models, such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) in Spark, using popular libraries such as TensorFlow and Keras. By the end of the book, you'll have the expertise to train and deploy efficient deep learning models on Apache Spark. What you will learn Set up a fully functional Spark environment Understand practical machine learning and deep learning concepts Apply built-in machine learning libraries within Spark Explore libraries that are compatible with TensorFlow and Keras Explore NLP models such as Word2vec and TF-IDF on Spark Organize dataframes for deep learning evaluation Apply testing and training modeling to ensure accuracy Access readily available code that may be reusable Who this book is for If you’re looking for a practical and highly useful resource for implementing efficiently distributed deep learning models with Apache Spark, then the Apache Spark Deep Learning Cookbook is for you. Knowledge of the core machine learning concepts and a basic understanding of the Apache Spark framework is required to get the best out of this book. Additionally, some programming knowledge in Python is a plus.

Author : Srini Penchikala
Publisher :
Release :
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1387659952
Description :

Author : John W. McCormick
Peter C. Chapin
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2015-08-31
Page : 382
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 1107040736
Description :

This is the first introduction to the SPARK 2014 language and the tools to verify programs for safety- and security-critical applications.

Author : Alice Broadway
Publisher :
Release : 2018-01-07
Page : 344
Category : Secrecy
ISBN 13 : 9781407172859
Description :

The page-turning, heart-in-mouth sequel to bestselling debut INK. Leora is reeling: questioning everything she has ever known about her family and herself. As half-Marked and half-Blank, can she ever wholly belong in either fractured community? Mayor Longsight wants to use her as a weapon: to infiltrate Featherstone, home of the Blanks, and deliver them to him for obliteration. Leora longs for answers about her mysterious birth mother, and Featherstone may reveal them. But will she find solace and safety there or a viper's nest of suspicion and secrets?

Author : Robert Ilijason
Publisher : Apress
Release : 2020-07-27
Page : 300
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781484257807
Description :

Analyze vast amounts of data in record time using Spark with Databricks in the Cloud. Learn the basic fundamentals, and more, of running analytics on large clusters in Azure and AWS, using Spark with Databricks on top. Discover how to squeeze the most value out of your data at a mere fraction of what classical analytics solutions cost, while at the same time getting the results you need, incrementally faster. This book explains how the confluence of these pivotal technologies gives you enormous power, and cheaply, when it comes to huge datasets. You will begin by learning how cloud infrastructure makes it possible to scale your code to large amounts of processing units, without having to pay for the machinery in advance. From there you will learn how Spark, an open source framework, can enable all those CPUs for data analytics use. Finally, you will see how services such as Databricks provide the power of Spark, without you having to know anything about configuring hardware or software. By removing the need for expensive experts and hardware, your resources can instead be allocated to actually finding business value in the data. This book guides you through some advanced topics such as analytics in the cloud, data lakes, data ingestion, architecture, machine learning, and tools including Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Python, and SQL. Valuable exercises help reinforce what you have learned. What You Will Learn Discover the value of big data analytics that leverage the power of the cloud Get started with Databricks using SQL and Python in either Microsoft Azure or AWS Understand the underlying technology, and how the cloud and Spark fit into the bigger picture See how these tools are used in the real world Run basic analytics, including machine learning, on billions of rows at a fraction of a cost or free Who This Book Is For Data engineers, data scientists, and cloud architects who want or need to run advanced analytics in the cloud. It is assumed that the reader has data experience, but perhaps minimal exposure to Spark and Databricks. The book is also recommended for people who want to get started in the analytics field, as it provides a strong foundation.

Author : Bill Chambers
Matei Zaharia
Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Release : 2018-02-08
Page : 606
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 1491912294
Description :

Learn how to use, deploy, and maintain Apache Spark with this comprehensive guide, written by the creators of the open-source cluster-computing framework. With an emphasis on improvements and new features in Spark 2.0, authors Bill Chambers and Matei Zaharia break down Spark topics into distinct sections, each with unique goals. You’ll explore the basic operations and common functions of Spark’s structured APIs, as well as Structured Streaming, a new high-level API for building end-to-end streaming applications. Developers and system administrators will learn the fundamentals of monitoring, tuning, and debugging Spark, and explore machine learning techniques and scenarios for employing MLlib, Spark’s scalable machine-learning library. Get a gentle overview of big data and Spark Learn about DataFrames, SQL, and Datasets—Spark’s core APIs—through worked examples Dive into Spark’s low-level APIs, RDDs, and execution of SQL and DataFrames Understand how Spark runs on a cluster Debug, monitor, and tune Spark clusters and applications Learn the power of Structured Streaming, Spark’s stream-processing engine Learn how you can apply MLlib to a variety of problems, including classification or recommendation

Author : Mary Tillworth
Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers
Release : 2017
Page : 16
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1524717177
Description :

"Sparkling glitter inside! Plus glitter poster!"--Cover.