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Author : Lianne Phillipson-webb
Publisher : Penguin Canada
Release : 2010-05-04
Page : 304
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN 13 : 0143176749
Description :

We want all the babies and children to grow up in a world with as much health, wealth, and happiness as possible. The way the world is heading at the moment, the experts are saying that our wishes for our children may not be possible. So if you are not already an environmentalist, then jump on the bandwagon and take a ride. It will only benefit every person on the planet! In Sprout Right, registered nutrition consultant Lianne Phillipson-Webb clearly explains simple nutritional steps to influence the health of your baby from conception to birth, what a breastfeeding mom should be eating to fortify nature's perfect food, what to look for in a formula, and everything you need to know about starting your baby on solids with ease and confidence. Phillipson-Webb also explains how the Sprout Right approach allows baby's digestive system to mature, hopefully lessening the potential for allergies and reactions, and then progress to family food in the toddler years. Packed with essential nutritional information, the book includes over 75 delicious recipes, including a variety of purées, chunky and super-chunky purées, and solids fit for a toddler.

Author : Lianne Phillipson
Publisher : Penguin Books Canada
Release : 2019-07-23
Page : 344
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 9780735236059
Description :

In Sprout Right Family Food, registered nutritionist Lianne Phillipson clearly explains the simple nutritional steps you can take to maximize the health of your baby, toddler, and the whole family. Learn everything there is to know about starting your baby on solids with ease and confidence, about navigating allergy concerns and food reactions as your little one progresses to family food in the toddler years, and about the importance - for everyone - of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day.

Author : Lianne Phillipson
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2019-07-23
Page : 288
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 0735236062
Description :

SILVER WINNER of the 2020 Taste Canada Awards in Health and Special Diets Cookbooks Everything there is to know about getting your family off to a nutritious start, from birth to school age and beyond. Whether your son is starting to eat more finger foods as he approaches his first birthday, or you're sending your daughter off to her first soccer practice, giving your family the food they need to live healthy, energetic lives doesn't need to be a source of stress. In Sprout Right Family Food, registered nutritionist Lianne Phillipson clearly explains the simple nutritional steps you can take to maximize the health of your baby, toddler, and the whole family. Learn everything there is to know about starting your baby on solids with ease and confidence, about navigating allergy concerns and food reactions as your little one progresses to family food in the toddler years, and about the importance--for everyone--of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. Sprout Right Family Food is packed with essential nutritional information and over 130 delicious recipes that range from smooth and chunky purées for babies, to energy-packed meals for toddlers including Veggie Pesto Pizza and Go Faster Granola Bars, and timeless healthy family recipes such as Baked Butternut Squash and Garlic Risotto and Corn Coconut and Ginger Soup. Phillipson believes good food and good health go hand in hand, and that learning how to make the best food choices today will ensure long-term health as everyone in your family grows.

Author : Steve Meyerowitz
Publisher : Sproutman Publications
Release : 1999
Page : 204
Category : Cooking
ISBN 13 : 9781878736048
Description :

Step-by-step, learn how to grow delicious indoor greens and baby vegetables -- in just one week from seed to salad. Includes extensive nutrition charts, seed resources, and questions and answers with Sproutman.

Author : J. Douglas Harvey
Publisher : McClelland & Stewart
Release : 2013-07-23
Page : 216
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1551994771
Description :

They called them the “Brylcreem boys” -- the young flyers who streamed into England from the first declaration of war, the kids with the jaunty grins and the willingness to take terrible risks. Among them were thousands of young Canadians, many barely out of high school, all delighted to leave behind humdrum lives in dusty, post-Depression Canada for the irresistible chance to learn to fly and help beat the Germans. Doug Harvey was one of them -- a nineteen-year-old from Toronto who joined the RCAF, and in 1942 found himself a pilot in the elite Canadian No. 6 Bomber Group.

Author : Smart Eze
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2010-07-30
Page : 268
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 9781452098135
Description :

My Four worlds is an inspiring story, which anyone seeking ways to overcome the hardships in life, should read. It tells you about the everyday human experiences of life that may be relevant to anyone, anywhere, and in different circumstances. It is about the life of a young man who has been battered by destiny, even to the point of resignation, as he suddenly became totally blind in his prime age of 23 years. But the young man did not give up; instead he fought gallantly to overcome the worst of all the odds in his life, turning disappointment into a blessing. This young man invites you to follow him through the journeys in the four worlds of his life, and learn how he superbly mastered the challenges he encountered in those worlds. In his childhood romances, you will be introduced to the landscape and the customs and traditions of his origin. In his world of denied opportunities, you will have insight in the slavery conditions and the hardships he had to bear. In his world of open opportunities, you will learn how he managed to catch up with his ambitions, how he found those opportunities hitherto denied him, grabbed them, and made the best of them to triumph. He invites you to accompany him in his meritorious services with the United Nations, and find out how he travelled around the globe, motivating the people of the world on how to overcome the challenges of physical and mental disabilities.

Author : Robert Rankin
Publisher : Gollancz
Release : 2011-10-20
Page : 3200
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0575129107
Description :


Author : FDA
U S Food & Drug Administrati
Publisher : International Medical Pub
Release : 2004
Page : 346
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 :
Description :

This handbook provides basic facts regarding foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins.

Author : Victor Sontea
Ion Tiginyanu
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2015-09-23
Page : 564
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN 13 : 9812877363
Description :

This volume presents the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering which was held on September 23-26, 2015 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. ICNBME-2015 continues the series of International Conferences in the field of nanotechnologies and biomedical engineering. It aims at bringing together scientists and engineers dealing with fundamental and applied research for reporting on the latest theoretical developments and applications involved in the fields. Topics include Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials Plasmonics and metamaterials Bio-micro/nano technologies Biomaterials Biosensors and sensors systems Biomedical instrumentation Biomedical signal processing Biomedical imaging and image processing Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering Clinical engineering, health technology management and assessment; Health informatics, e-health and telemedicine Biomedical engineering education Nuclear and radiation safety and security Innovations and technology transfer

Author : Dr. Mark Hyman
Publisher : Little, Brown Spark
Release : 2021-02-23
Page : 256
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN 13 : 0316537101
Description :

Twelve-time New York Times bestselling author Mark Hyman, MD, presents his unique Pegan diet—including meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists. For decades, the diet wars have pitted advocates for the low-carb, high-fat paleo diet against advocates of the exclusively plant-based vegan diet and dozens of other diets leaving most of us bewildered and confused. For those of us on the sidelines, trying to figure out which approach is best has been nearly impossible—both extreme diets have unique benefits and drawbacks. But how can it be, we've asked desperately, that our only options are bacon and butter three times a day or endless kale salads? How do we eat to reverse disease, optimal health, longevity and performance. How do we eat to reverse climate change? There must be a better way! Fortunately, there is. With The Pegan Diet's food-is-medicine approach, Mark Hyman explains how to take the best aspects of the paleo diet (good fats, limited refined carbs, limited sugar) and combine them with the vegan diet (lots and lots of fresh, healthy veggies) to create a delicious diet that is not only good for your brain and your body, but also good for the planet. Featuring thirty recipes and plenty of infographics illustrating the concepts, The Pegan Diet offers a balanced and easy-to-follow approach to eating that will help you get, and stay, fit, healthy, focused, and happy—for life.

Author : Yiannis Manetas
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2012-06-07
Page : 374
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 3642283381
Description :

Why is it that plants do not need to move? How does a nonmotile organism have sex or defend itself? Why are some plants virtually immortal? What is the mechanism that allows plants to exploit a practically inexhaustible extraterrestrial energy source? How do plants regulate the composition of our planet’s atmosphere? Why have there not been mass extinctions among plants as there have been among animals? How do plants communicate with one another? In the end, are plants intelligent organisms? These are some of the questions the author discusses to demonstrate that plants are wrongly considered to be simple organisms lacking specific behaviour and intelligence. This book promises to be as pleasant a surprise as Alice’s experience in the white rabbit’s warren, in which she encountered a world very different from ours. The author explains the biology of plants following Einstein's maxim that everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Author : Carl Safina
Publisher : Holt Paperbacks
Release : 2010-04-01
Page : 480
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 1429984260
Description :

Part odyssey, part pilgrimage, this epic personal narrative follows the author's exploration of coasts, islands, reefs, and the sea's abyssal depths. Scientist and fisherman Carl Safina takes readers on a global journey of discovery, probing for truth about the world's changing seas, deftly weaving adventure, science, and political analysis.

Author : Jan Ray
Publisher : Teacher Created Resources
Release : 2001-02-01
Page : 96
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 1576907333
Description :

Includes CD with templates and project samples.

Author : Trevor Hardy
Neil James
Publisher :
Release : 2020-07-15
Page : 48
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781953177209
Description :

It's Christmas Eve, and a brave little Sprout is here to save the day! After Ralphie escapes from the palace kitchen, he sets out on a journey to prove that even the smallest of us can make a difference and help those in need. When Santa himself is helped by this little sprout, he takes Ralfie with him to deliver the presents before Christmas Day arrives, and nominates him the "Royal Sprout." The illustrations for this book are made through the unique medium of stop-motion animation puppetry that brings the story to life in a whole new way, and has been created by the talented Trevor Hardy. "A Right Royal Sprout" is a kind, warm, and incredibly sweet Christmas story your child will love, remember, and learn valuable lessons from.

Author : Walt Branam
Publisher : Abbott Press
Release : 2018-09-15
Page : 384
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1458221970
Description :

John Wolfe has spent his entire life in the shadow world of electronic espionage but now the master spy wants nothing more than to retire quietly. However, on the morning of his retirement party, he finds himself under surveillance, learns his best friend has been murdered, and is offered several lucrative new jobs. The day gets crazier when John is forced to kill his former supervisor and his long-standing arch nemesis; only to discover a swarm of new enemies hell bent on killing him and everyone he knows. Just as he thinks he has control, he learns behind his troubles is a secret order of billionaires who intend to detonate an atomic bomb in Washington DC and then take over the United States. John, his brother, sister-in-law, and closet friends must stop the Order, taking on the most difficult and deadliest mission of any Wolfe Adventure yet. This master spy only wanted to disappear into retirement’s obscurity. Instead, the whole Wolfe family pays a horrible price as they face an enemy with unlimited power and ambition.

Author : Warren Brown
Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
Release : 2020-05-15
Page : 60
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1634171985
Description :

Book Delisted

Author : Ellen Potter
Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release : 2016
Page : 114
ISBN 13 : 0553499319
Description :

On an island off the coast of Maine, where children ride lobster boats to school, Piper wants a horse but finds, instead, another object hidden in the red maple tree.

Author : Ellen Potter
Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release : 2016-08-16
Page : 128
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0553499335
Description :

Move over Junie B. Jones! Get to know Piper Green as she discovers the ordinary magic right outside her front door. Piper Green is in for another adventure when she finds an unusual whistle hidden inside the Fairy Tree in her front yard. But Piper doesn’t want a whistle... she wants a pony! On a trip with her dad to check the family’s lobster traps, the whistle attracts the attention of an unexpected friend. Could the fairy whistle be working its magic after all? "Following in the fine tradition of spunky girls – Ramona, Amber Brown, Judy Moody, Clementine – Piper Green is set to make some friends in the early chapter book world." —School Library Journal 100 Scope Notes ★ “Skillfully blending humor, pathos, and warmth with an atmospheric setting, Potter has created an honest, empathic slice-of-life story, laced with a touch of magic.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

Author : Deb Caletti
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2011-04-05
Page : 320
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781442403758
Description :

Now in paperback, a dark, romantic novel of love and obsession from National Book Award finalist Deb Caletti. Clara’s relationship with Christian is intense from the start, and like nothing she’s ever experienced before. But what starts as devotion quickly becomes obsession, and it’s almost too late before Clara realizes how far gone Christian is—and what he’s willing to do to make her stay. Now Clara has left the city—and Christian—behind. No one back home has any idea where she is, but she still struggles to shake off her fear. She knows Christian won’t let her go that easily, and that no matter how far she runs, it may not be far enough....

Author : Natsume Akatsuki
Publisher : Yen Press LLC
Release : 2021-06-22
Page : 192
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1975332431
Description :

It’s back to Crimson Magic Village for Kazuma’s party! Yunyun is about to undertake the chieftain’s trial, and it always helps to have friends close by. The challenge is one that steadily ramps up in difficulty, so it’s attempted in pairs. But why is Yunyun so determined to become chieftain, anyway? Could she possibly have an idea for sweeping village reform? In the meantime, reports are flooding in of loud explosions echoing through the night. Just who could be behind this disturbance? Kazuma might have an idea…