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Author : Dale Carnegie Training
Publisher : Touchstone
Release : 2011-03-15
Page : 256
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781439188293
Description :

From the esteemed author of the international bestseller How to Win Friends and Influence People comes a book to help you become the great communicator that you’ve always wanted to be! We all know a great public speaker when we see one. He or she seems to possess qualities—confidence, charisma, eloquence, learning—that the rest of us lack. But the ability to speak well in front of others is a skill, not a gift. That means anyone can learn how to do it with the right guidance. Stand and Deliver gives you everything you need to know to become a poised, polished, and masterful communicator. It reveals the techniques that have worked for countless great speakers throughout history. In this book you will learn how to prepare properly for a presentation, develop and project your own unique style, overcome stage fright, and win any audience in one minute. Packed with tips, strategies, and real-life examples, including case studies of some of the world’s great orators, Stand and Deliver is the definitive guidebook for public speaking. The essential techniques that you learn from this book will benefit you for years to come.

Author : David Brandon
Publisher : The History Press
Release : 2011-09-30
Page : 280
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0752468200
Description :

Why is the highwayman largely perceived as a romantic, glamorous and gallant figure? How is it that men who were really nothing more than bandits, who were often gratuitously violent, sometimes murderers and rapists as well, have become the swashbuckling heroes of history? To put their roles in context, the book probles into the economic, social and technological factors that at certain times made highway robbery highly lucrative and which help to explain why some of its exponents eventually disappeared from the scene. Finally, the legacy of the highwayman on pub signs, in films and in fiction is discussed. Informative, stimulating and entertaining, from the pen of a true enthusiast, this book will appeal to anyone interested in the dramatic, murky underworld of history.

Author : Dale Carnegie Training
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2011-03-31
Page : 254
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 085720677X
Description :

Stand and Delivergives you everything you need to know to become an incredibly poised, polished, masterful communicator. Someone who can hold an audience of 1, 10, or 1000 in the palm of your hand, from the first word you speak to them until the last. You will learn... •How to identify your authentic self so that you project an original and unique style •How to win over any audience in ONE MINUTE •A 5-point checklist that will make stage fright disappear •A powerful tactic for getting your listeners to act the way you want them to (works equally well with colleagues, children...anyone you talk to!) •The renowned "Magic Formula" technique -- a no-fail 3-step process that ensures your listeners not only remember what you say, but make immediate and positive changes based on it •The secrets to handling hostile or potentially embarrassing questions with ease and professionalism Stand and Deliveris packed with tips, strategies, and secrets you can use immediately to begin dramatically improving all of your communications. You'll be surprised and thrilled by how frequently you find yourself reaching into this amazing arsenal of techniques to help you achieve your goals, and what an enormous impact they will have on every facet of your life.

Author : Ramon Menendez
Tom Musca
Publisher : Dramatic Publishing
Release : 1997
Page : 109
Category : High school students
ISBN 13 : 9780871297402
Description :

Author : Patrick Pringle
Publisher : Marboro Books
Release : 1991
Page : 287
Category : Brigands and robbers
ISBN 13 :
Description :

"Stand and Deliver" is the amazing story of Robin Hood, Dick Turpin Sixteen String Jack, Jonathan Wild and the many other highwaymen of English history. ... From Claude DuVall, who was as famous for his success with English ladies as for this thievery, to Galloping Dick Ferguson, who was as admired for his equestrian abilities as he was feared as a highman, Pringle gives us the men as they lived, .... [b]y relying on first hand contemporary sources such as newspaper articles of the day and the journals of prison chaplains, .... -- Jacket flaps

Author : Tim Scott
Beth Scott
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release : 2004-05
Page : 280
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1594674701
Description :

"Stand and Deliver" is a practical manual for deliverance ministry. It is designed to present usable instruction for the conduct of deliverance ministry. (Christian Religion)

Author : Adam Ant
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Release : 2008-09-04
Page :
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0330464574
Description :

One of the most successful pop stars of the 80s, his face adorning posters on teenager's walls from Acton to Akron, Adam Ant was a phenomenon. Now in this frank and revealing autobiography, he tells the full story of his amazing life from his dysfunctional childhood to his key role in the punk movement and creation of a unique musical style that brought him a string of hits (both singles and albums). At one point he was so famous other stars sought his company and advice - even Michael Jackson called in the dead of night to ask about music and clothes. His many girlfriends included Jamie Lee Curtis and Heather Graham and for a time he lived in LA, acting in fifteen films. Adam also writes honestly about his life-long battle with manic depression. His first episodes were triggered by the stress of living with a violent, alcoholic father, and he tried to commit suicide when he was at art school. A gruelling episode with a stalker in LA precipitated a mental breakdown, and a stalker in London led to his well-publicised arrest and hospitalization in 2001. At times funny and at other times tragic, this is gripping account of the turbulent life and times of one of music's most fascinating figures. 'A whirlwind story of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, suicide attempts and deranged stalkers' Time Out 'With plenty of lessons to be learned about fame's downside, [this] is an intriguing tale, well and honestly told' Q Magazine

Author : Helena Ravenscroft
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2012-01-31
Page : 242
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1448131456
Description :

It is 1745, and Lydia Hawkesworth feels torn between her love for highwayman Drummond and her passion for his decadent younger brother Valerian. With the arrival at Hawkesworth Manor of the icy French beauty, Madame de Chaillot, Valerian's plans to steal his brother's inheritance turn down a sinister path - one which Lydia is drawn to follow.

Author : Ralph L. Kliem
Irwin S. Ludin
Publisher : Gower Publishing, Ltd.
Release : 1995
Page : 278
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780566075742
Description :

David Michaels is afraid. His palms sweat. His knees threaten to buckle. And his tongue, like his stomach, seems to be tied in knots. For David is due to give a series of presentations. Fortunately, help is at hand in the person of Demosthenes, the ancient Greek orator. Under his tutelage David overcomes his fears and learns how to create a powerful presentation. His objective is to win support for his project to save sick children in Amazonia. By following David as he gradually masters the techniques involved, the reader will acquire the knowledge and the skills necessary to define the audience; determine what to say; organize the content; control nervousness; deliver in style; use visual aids; and deal with questions. The fictional treatment makes this an entertaining as well as informative guide, and as an additional aid to learning the key points are summarized in checklist form at the end of the book. Stand and Deliver will be valued by all managers, and others, faced with the need to give effective presentations.

Author : Andrew Clark
Publisher : Bantam Books of Canada Limited
Release : 1997
Page : 259
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 9780385256025
Description :

What Makes Canadians so Funny? No one is better qualified to answer that question than journalist Andrew Clark, Canada's first full-time comedy columnist. "Stand and Deliver delivers the inside stories of such famous Canadian comics as Jim Carrey, Sandra Shamas, the cast of SCTV, and The Kids in the Hall, and profiles major behind-the-scenes players Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) and Mark Breslin (Yuk Yuks). Beginning with Canada's original international comedy sensation, the World War I troupe The Dumbells, Clark traces the thread of a particularly Canadian style of humour that is still found in the work of today's amateur-night hopefuls, and bona fide comedy superstars. An in-depth look at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival--the world's premier showcase for comedic talent--reveals the Darwinian "survival of the funniest" battles that take place between comics, each hoping to be the "next big thing." "Stand and Deliver also exposes the dark side of the comedy industry--the relentless touring, the hecklers, the drugs, booze and parties that can alienate, demoralize and even kill a would-be star. "Stand and Deliver is an endlessly fascinating expose, not only of the insular and frequently bizarre world of comedy, but also of a neglected aspect of Canada's national character. Wryly witty, "Stand and Deliver is a no-hold-barred look at the serious business of being funny.

Author : Steve Lewis
Publisher : Black Inc.
Release : 2014-11-10
Page : 320
Category : Literary Collections
ISBN 13 : 1922231908
Description :

If Australian politics and public policy is a war of ideas, the National Press Club is the battleground. For the past half-century, the NPC has been the epicentre of political and social debate in Australia. Leaders and opinion-makers have used its stage to launch leadership bids, rattle the cage of public opinion with courageous and sometimes outrageous ideas, and make a stand. Stand & Deliver brings to life the NPC’s rich and colourful history by presenting the best speeches of the past fifty years. It also lifts the lid on the protests and controversies experienced by this national institution. Featuring many of the giants of recent Australian and international history – including Bill Gates, the Dalai Lama, John Howard, Paul Keating, Julia Gillard, Barry Humphries, Germaine Greer and Bob Hawke – Stand & Deliver is an illuminating and entertaining journey through the last fifty years of public debate and discourse that have shaped our nation and the world.

Author : Barbara Cartland
Publisher : Barbara Cartland EBooks ltd
Release : 2021-01-01
Page : 298
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1788674200
Description :

Neil, the handsome Earl of Wynstock, is expected back from the English Army of Occupation in France where he has been with the Duke of Wellington since the Battle of Waterloo. And the people of his estate, Wyn Park, await his return to them impatiently. Vanda Charlton, his beautiful childhood neighbour, waits with more concern than the others because, unbeknown to anyone else, a dangerous gang of highwaymen have moved into the West wing of the Earl’s ancestral home after intimidating and threatening the caretaker and his wife. Vanda fears that on the Earl’s return the highwaymen will capture him and hold him to ransom. Intercepting him at a local inn, she warns the Earl and persuades him to enlist the support of the soldiers at the local Barracks. But before the Military can implement their plan of action, the ruthless renegades kidnap Vanda, threatening to kill her if they do not receive one thousand pounds by the next morning. Disguised in a highwayman’s mask, the Earl arrives in the enemy’s woodland camp in the dead of night with a cunning plan to rescue Vanda. Posing as another highwayman he enlists the local Parson and stages a Wedding claiming that he is marrying Vanda for her huge fortune, which he promises to share with the villains. Little do they, or even Vanda herself, know that he is as deeply in love with Vanda as she is with him. And that this marriage is completely legal and utterly real!

Author : Yvonne Bynoe
Publisher :
Release : 2004
Page : 209
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 9781932360103
Description :

The phrases ?hip hop” and ?activism” aren't always heard together, but it's a marriage that must be made if black empowerment is to succeed. In Stand and Deliver, Bynoe eloquently advocates replacing charismatic but ineffectual black leaders who beg for crumbs from the white power structure with ?citizen-leaders” who actively engage in a policy-centered relationship with that structure. Bynoe shows how hip hoppers can create a more sophisticated dialogue about what constitutes leadership, politics, and political action. This understanding, she argues, comes from influence, and influence comes from the ability to deliver ? or deny ? money, votes, or both to a political candidate, legislator, or political party. In the words of MC Lyte, all the rest is ?chitter chatter.”

Author : Paul Votano
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2010-07-27
Page : 213
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN 13 : 9780786484515
Description :

From "Princeton Charlie" Reilly, the first pinch-hitter ever, to today's pinnacle in pinch-hitting, Lenny Harris, this book enumerates the exploits and records of the best in this craft through the 2001 season. Among the statistics are many anecdotes of their performances. The decade-by-decade study of pinch-hitting begins in 1892 when it first became permissible to substitute players in major league baseball for reasons other than injury. In addition to focusing on the substitute batters who were the leaders in each era, there are chapters devoted to the characteristics of an effective pinch-hitter, preparation for the job, the impact of the designated hitter, and how a player becomes a pinch-hitter in the first place. The considerable accomplishments and strengths of these players, who for too long have not been given the recognition they deserve, are presented in detail.

Author : Rhenna Morgan
Publisher : Carina Press
Release : 2018-06-01
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1488024502
Description :

Live hard, f*ck harder and make their own rules. Those are the cornerstones the six Men of Haven bleed by, taking what they want, always watching each other’s backs and loving the women they claim with unyielding tenderness and fierce Security expert Beckett Tate has met his match in colleague Gia Sinclair. He longs to run his hands over each and every one of her lush curves. She’s wicked smart and wicked hot. He’s given her time to get used to the idea of “them,” but her time is up and he’s ready to go all in on claiming what’s his. Despite her love of all things girlie, Gia’s no typical Southern belle. She’s built her skills and reputation in a field normally dominated by men, and now she has a kick-ass career she loves. She certainly doesn’t need a man to take care of her—especially not one who’s pure alpha. Still, Beckett’s the one man who can satisfy the desires she’s hidden under her tough exterior, and she’s hooked. Letting Beckett take the lead in the bedroom comes naturally to Gia—not constantly proving herself to him professionally is more of a struggle. And when someone attacks her character and career, Gia and Beckett will have to find a balance: her willingness to let go just a little, with his trust in her abilities and his deep, primal need to protect his woman. This book is approximately 98,000 words Edited by Angela James

Author : Neil Heyen
Andrew Vaughan
Publisher : Longman Publishing Group
Release : 1994
Page : 78
Category : Business presentations
ISBN 13 : 9780582084209
Description :

The Longman American Business English series is designed to improve the communication skills of professional people involved in international business. The series is suitable for classroom use or self-study. Each title has a book and a cassette.

Author : Michael Ball
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2012-01-20
Page : 148
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9781467882088
Description :

Set in the times of the industrial revolution, east of Glasgow, in the border town of Coatbridge, we follow the trials of Isabel Wishaw, from childish adventures to a traumatized desperate young women. The central character in the story and daughter of Peter Wishaw, an ailing miner: Alice her home proud mother, and Jamie her brother who had recently joined his father to be discontented in the mine. Their living to exist circumstances: journey thru rent evasion, mining accident, kidnapping and deceit, and eventually good fortune, leads them to immigrate to their uncle’s former farm in Ireland; all for the sake of Peter, who has the onset of consumption. In an idyllic period the children enjoy their youth. Within a few years, times become harder when rumors spread of a potato blight in the north. In an attempt to escape the turmoil, Alice sees her daughters rebuff to the local squire as unacceptable, as she envisidged her marrying him to be the only way out of depravation and increasing poverty. Unknowing to her father and mother, Isabel escapes one night, out from the pressures of unrequited love and a mistrust of men. Mounted on her beloved horse Beth, only telling Jamie of her plan she seeks a solution to all her misgivings. Sad findings at her aunt’s farm result in further escapades; troubles and plans array to fulfill an intriguing tale of mystery and dispare, a tale believed by mystics, and a truth for some unbelievers

Author : Ian Nichol
Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd
Release : 2018-06-12
Page : 432
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13 : 1789013488
Description :

Expert speaking coach Ian Nichol writes a thorough and authoritative guide to public speaking. Written in an engaging and informative style, with a great undercurrent of humour, Stand and Deliver! makes for a relaxing and highly enjoyable read, which reinforces Ian’s no-nonsense message on how readers can dramatically improve their speaking performances. Ian’s unfailing honesty when setting out his personal experiences of triumph and disaster will inspire readers, teaching them that what works for one person may not work for another. Stand and Deliver! provides countless practical tips and suggestions in a highly pragmatic text that will boost readers’ confidence. By demolishing destructive myths about public speaking, Ian shows readers how to think positively about nerves and use them to help, not hinder. Offering straightforward advice this book demonstrates that everyone can speak confidently in public by challenging preconceptions and providing a wide range of tools to success.

Author : Scarlet Blackwell
Publisher : Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)
Release : 2015-10-20
Page : 102
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1784308013
Description :

When Lucien Mayer is held captive by dangerous but seductive highwaymen, does he escape, or does he give in to his heart's desire? Lucien, Earl of Ravensberry, has the looks, the title, the house and all the money in the world. What he's lacking in his humdrum life of loneliness is someone to warm his sheets at night. When he's kidnapped by five highwaymen one night, things start looking up. This is the most exciting thing to happen to him in forever. But Lucien's life is in danger. Dante, the tough, self-appointed leader of the band, doesn't have a lot of time for captives and vows to kill him—after he's used Lucien's body as he desires. Then there's Ambrosius, Dante's best friend, a damaged, reclusive individual who appeals to Lucien from the outset. The feeling is mutual, and Lucien is soon braving a whirlwind of emotions. He had never thought to fall for an outlaw, and he is torn between escaping and satisfying the needs of his heart. All he knows is, life will never be the same again...

Author : Warren Hollings
Publisher :
Release : 2016
Page : 100
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780473364649
Description :