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Author : Daren S. Starnes
Dan Yates
Publisher : Macmillan
Release : 2009-12-25
Page : 600
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 1429219742
Description :

Watch a video introduction here. Statistics Through Applications (STA) is the only text written specifically for high school statistics course. Designed to be read, the book takes a data analysis approach that emphasizes conceptual understanding over computation, while recognizing that some computation is necessary. The focus is on the statistical thinking behind data gathering and interpretation. The high school statistics course is often the first applied math course students take. STA engages students in learning how statisticians contribute to our understanding of the world and helps students to become more discerning consumers of the statistics they encounter in ads, economic reports, political campaigns, and elsewhere. New and improved! STA 2e features expanded coverage of probability, a reorganized presentation of data analysis, a new color design and much more. Please see the posted sample chapter or request a copy today to see for yourself.

Author : Deborah Nolan
Terry P. Speed
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2006-05-02
Page : 283
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 0387227431
Description :

Integrating the theory and practice of statistics through a series of case studies, each lab introduces a problem, provides some scientific background, suggests investigations for the data, and provides a summary of the theory used in each case. Aimed at upper-division students.

Author : Dan Yates
Publisher :
Release : 2004-03
Page : 100
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780716712626
Description :

Teachers Resource Binder to accompany Statistics through Applications. Please see main text ISBN 0716747723 for further details.

Author : Randall Pruim
Publisher : American Mathematical Soc.
Release : 2018-04-04
Page : 820
Category : Mathematical statistics
ISBN 13 : 1470428482
Description :

Foundations and Applications of Statistics simultaneously emphasizes both the foundational and the computational aspects of modern statistics. Engaging and accessible, this book is useful to undergraduate students with a wide range of backgrounds and career goals. The exposition immediately begins with statistics, presenting concepts and results from probability along the way. Hypothesis testing is introduced very early, and the motivation for several probability distributions comes from p-value computations. Pruim develops the students' practical statistical reasoning through explicit examples and through numerical and graphical summaries of data that allow intuitive inferences before introducing the formal machinery. The topics have been selected to reflect the current practice in statistics, where computation is an indispensible tool. In this vein, the statistical computing environment R is used throughout the text and is integral to the exposition. Attention is paid to developing students' mathematical and computational skills as well as their statistical reasoning. Linear models, such as regression and ANOVA, are treated with explicit reference to the underlying linear algebra, which is motivated geometrically. Foundations and Applications of Statistics discusses both the mathematical theory underlying statistics and practical applications that make it a powerful tool across disciplines. The book contains ample material for a two-semester course in undergraduate probability and statistics. A one-semester course based on the book will cover hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for the most common situations. In the second edition, the R code has been updated throughout to take advantage of new R packages and to illustrate better coding style. New sections have been added covering bootstrap methods, multinomial and multivariate normal distributions, the delta method, numerical methods for Bayesian inference, and nonlinear least squares. Also, the use of matrix algebra has been expanded, but remains optional, providing instructors with more options regarding the amount of linear algebra required.

Author : Eugene Demidenko
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2019-11-12
Page : 880
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 1118387988
Description :

Advanced Statistics with Applications in R fills the gap between several excellent theoretical statistics textbooks and many applied statistics books where teaching reduces to using existing packages. This book looks at what is under the hood. Many statistics issues including the recent crisis with p-value are caused by misunderstanding of statistical concepts due to poor theoretical background of practitioners and applied statisticians. This book is the product of a forty-year experience in teaching of probability and statistics and their applications for solving real-life problems. There are more than 442 examples in the book: basically every probability or statistics concept is illustrated with an example accompanied with an R code. Many examples, such as Who said π? What team is better? The fall of the Roman empire, James Bond chase problem, Black Friday shopping, Free fall equation: Aristotle or Galilei, and many others are intriguing. These examples cover biostatistics, finance, physics and engineering, text and image analysis, epidemiology, spatial statistics, sociology, etc. Advanced Statistics with Applications in R teaches students to use theory for solving real-life problems through computations: there are about 500 R codes and 100 datasets. These data can be freely downloaded from the author's website This book is suitable as a text for senior undergraduate students with major in statistics or data science or graduate students. Many researchers who apply statistics on the regular basis find explanation of many fundamental concepts from the theoretical perspective illustrated by concrete real-world applications.

Author : Daren S. Starnes
Josh Tabor
Publisher : Macmillan Higher Education
Release : 2016-09-30
Page : 800
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 131912013X
Description :

Statistics and Probability with Applications, Third Edition is the only introductory statistics text written by high school teachers for high school teachers and students. Daren Starnes, Josh Tabor, and the extended team of contributors bring their in-depth understanding of statistics and the challenges faced by high school students and teachers to development of the text and its accompanying suite of print and interactive resources for learning and instruction. A complete re-envisioning of the authors’ Statistics Through Applications, this new text covers the core content for the course in a series of brief, manageable lessons, making it easy for students and teachers to stay on pace. Throughout, new pedagogical tools and lively real-life examples help captivate students and prepare them to use statistics in college courses and in any career.

Author : Bhisham C. Gupta
Irwin Guttman
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2014-03-06
Page : 896
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 1118522206
Description :

Introducing the tools of statistics and probability from the ground up An understanding of statistical tools is essential for engineers and scientists who often need to deal with data analysis over the course of their work. Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists walks readers through a wide range of popular statistical techniques, explaining step-by-step how to generate, analyze, and interpret data for diverse applications in engineering and the natural sciences. Unique among books of this kind, Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists covers descriptive statistics first, then goes on to discuss the fundamentals of probability theory. Along with case studies, examples, and real-world data sets, the book incorporates clear instructions on how to use the statistical packages Minitab® and Microsoft® Office Excel® to analyze various data sets. The book also features: • Detailed discussions on sampling distributions, statistical estimation of population parameters, hypothesis testing, reliability theory, statistical quality control including Phase I and Phase II control charts, and process capability indices • A clear presentation of nonparametric methods and simple and multiple linear regression methods, as well as a brief discussion on logistic regression method • Comprehensive guidance on the design of experiments, including randomized block designs, one- and two-way layout designs, Latin square designs, random effects and mixed effects models, factorial and fractional factorial designs, and response surface methodology • A companion website containing data sets for Minitab and Microsoft Office Excel, as well as JMP ® routines and results Assuming no background in probability and statistics, Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists features a unique, yet tried-and-true, approach that is ideal for all undergraduate students as well as statistical practitioners who analyze and illustrate real-world data in engineering and the natural sciences.

Author : Gareth Michael James
Daniela Witten
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021
Page :
Category : Electronic books
ISBN 13 : 1071614185
Description :

An Introduction to Statistical Learning provides an accessible overview of the field of statistical learning, an essential toolset for making sense of the vast and complex data sets that have emerged in fields ranging from biology to finance to marketing to astrophysics in the past twenty years. This book presents some of the most important modeling and prediction techniques, along with relevant applications. Topics include linear regression, classification, resampling methods, shrinkage approaches, tree-based methods, support vector machines, clustering, deep learning, survival analysis, multiple testing, and more. Color graphics and real-world examples are used to illustrate the methods presented. Since the goal of this textbook is to facilitate the use of these statistical learning techniques by practitioners in science, industry, and other fields, each chapter contains a tutorial on implementing the analyses and methods presented in R, an extremely popular open source statistical software platform. Two of the authors co-wrote The Elements of Statistical Learning (Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman, 2nd edition 2009), a popular reference book for statistics and machine learning researchers. An Introduction to Statistical Learning covers many of the same topics, but at a level accessible to a much broader audience. This book is targeted at statisticians and non-statisticians alike who wish to use cutting-edge statistical learning techniques to analyze their data. The text assumes only a previous course in linear regression and no knowledge of matrix algebra. This Second Edition features new chapters on deep learning, survival analysis, and multiple testing, as well as expanded treatments of naive Bayes, generalized linear models, Bayesian additive regression trees, and matrix completion. R code has been updated throughout to ensure compatibility.

Author : Thomas Haslwanter
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-07-20
Page : 278
Category : Computers
ISBN 13 : 3319283162
Description :

This textbook provides an introduction to the free software Python and its use for statistical data analysis. It covers common statistical tests for continuous, discrete and categorical data, as well as linear regression analysis and topics from survival analysis and Bayesian statistics. Working code and data for Python solutions for each test, together with easy-to-follow Python examples, can be reproduced by the reader and reinforce their immediate understanding of the topic. With recent advances in the Python ecosystem, Python has become a popular language for scientific computing, offering a powerful environment for statistical data analysis and an interesting alternative to R. The book is intended for master and PhD students, mainly from the life and medical sciences, with a basic knowledge of statistics. As it also provides some statistics background, the book can be used by anyone who wants to perform a statistical data analysis.

Author : William DeCoursey
Publisher : Elsevier
Release : 2003-05-14
Page : 396
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 0080489753
Description :

Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications provides a complete discussion of all the major topics typically covered in a college engineering statistics course. This textbook minimizes the derivations and mathematical theory, focusing instead on the information and techniques most needed and used in engineering applications. It is filled with practical techniques directly applicable on the job. Written by an experienced industry engineer and statistics professor, this book makes learning statistical methods easier for today's student. This book can be read sequentially like a normal textbook, but it is designed to be used as a handbook, pointing the reader to the topics and sections pertinent to a particular type of statistical problem. Each new concept is clearly and briefly described, whenever possible by relating it to previous topics. Then the student is given carefully chosen examples to deepen understanding of the basic ideas and how they are applied in engineering. The examples and case studies are taken from real-world engineering problems and use real data. A number of practice problems are provided for each section, with answers in the back for selected problems. This book will appeal to engineers in the entire engineering spectrum (electronics/electrical, mechanical, chemical, and civil engineering); engineering students and students taking computer science/computer engineering graduate courses; scientists needing to use applied statistical methods; and engineering technicians and technologists. * Filled with practical techniques directly applicable on the job * Contains hundreds of solved problems and case studies, using real data sets * Avoids unnecessary theory

Author : Dan Yates
Cram101 Textbook Reviews
Publisher : Cram101
Release : 2012-07
Page : 144
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9781467267205
Description :

Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again! Virtually all of the testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events from the textbook are included. Cram101 Just the FACTS101 studyguides give all of the outlines, highlights, notes, and quizzes for your textbook with optional online comprehensive practice tests. Only Cram101 is Textbook Specific. Accompanys: 9781429219747 .

Author : Kathrynn A. Adams
Eva K. Lawrence
Publisher : SAGE Publications
Release : 2018-02-02
Page : 672
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 150635047X
Description :

One of the greatest strengths of this text is the consistent integration of research methods and statistics so that students can better understand how the research process requires the combination of these elements. The end goal is to spark students′ interest in conducting research and to increase their ability to critically analyze it. In the new second edition of the text, Katherine Adams and Eva Lawrence have integrated additional information on online data collection and research methods, additional coverage of regression and ANOVA, and new examples to engage students.

Author : Jay L. Devore
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release :
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 : 3030551563
Description :

Author : Asha Seth Kapadia
Wenyaw Chan
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2017-07-12
Page : 648
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 135199204X
Description :

Mathematical statistics typically represents one of the most difficult challenges in statistics, particularly for those with more applied, rather than mathematical, interests and backgrounds. Most textbooks on the subject provide little or no review of the advanced calculus topics upon which much of mathematical statistics relies and furthermore contain material that is wholly theoretical, thus presenting even greater challenges to those interested in applying advanced statistics to a specific area. Mathematical Statistics with Applications presents the background concepts and builds the technical sophistication needed to move on to more advanced studies in multivariate analysis, decision theory, stochastic processes, or computational statistics. Applications embedded within theoretical discussions clearly demonstrate the utility of the theory in a useful and relevant field of application and allow readers to avoid sudden exposure to purely theoretical materials. With its clear explanations and more than usual emphasis on applications and computation, this text reaches out to the many students and professionals more interested in the practical use of statistics to enrich their work in areas such as communications, computer science, economics, astronomy, and public health.

Author : Harry Frank
Steven C. Althoen
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1994-08-26
Page : 853
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 9780521445542
Description :

Statistics: Concepts and Applications is a 'classical' general statistics text written with a modern approach. The authors bring mathematical, theoretical and conceptual integrity to a body of topics and techniques that is appropriate to a first course in statistics and do so in a way that is accessible to students whose mathematical preparation does not go beyond the standard curriculum for college algebra. An Instructor's Manual for Statistics: Concepts and Applications is available directly from the publisher (ISBN 0 521 46599 0).

Author : Preben Blaesild
Jorgen Granfeldt
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2018-10-03
Page : 568
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 1482285886
Description :

The use of statistics is fundamental to many endeavors in biology and geology. For students and professionals in these fields, there is no better way to build a statistical background than to present the concepts and techniques in a context relevant to their interests. Statistics with Applications in Biology and Geology provides a practical introduction to using fundamental parametric statistical models frequently applied to data analysis in biology and geology. Based on material developed for an introductory statistics course and classroom tested for nearly 10 years, this treatment establishes a firm basis in models, the likelihood method, and numeracy. The models addressed include one sample, two samples, one- and two-way analysis of variance, and linear regression for normal data and similar models for binomial, multinomial, and Poisson data. Building on the familiarity developed with those models, the generalized linear models are introduced, making it possible for readers to handle fairly complicated models for both continuous and discrete data. Models for directional data are treated as well. The emphasis is on parametric models, but the book also includes a chapter on the most important nonparametric tests. This presentation incorporates the use of the SAS statistical software package, which authors use to illustrate all of the statistical tools described. However, to reinforce understanding of the basic concepts, calculations for the simplest models are also worked through by hand. SAS programs and the data used in the examples and exercises are available on the Internet.

Publisher : PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Release : 2008-01-25
Page : 325
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 8120334450
Description :

This well-received book, now in its second edition, is designed for an introductory course in statistics for students of statistics, mathematics and management. In addition, postgraduate students of a variety of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology, nursing and criminal justice, as well as professionals, surveyors and administrators will also find this book extremely helpful. The book provides students with a strong foundation in the principles of statistics. It develops a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts through extensive use of illustrative and motivating examples and shows how these concepts can be applied to real-life situations. The text explains each statistical technique and formula in a step-by-step manner with the help of small datasets. While discussing a wide range of topics, mathematical complexity has been kept at a bare minimum, and intuitive ideas have been given for each mathematical expression. Key concepts have been highlighted in boxes throughout the text. Chapter-end summaries in the form of flowchart capture all the important points. Chapter-end exercises with answers and the Question Bank containing about 150 questions offer the students the opportunity to test their ability to comprehend the concepts. Besides, this text illustrates the use of SPSS and Excel in carrying out statistical analysis.  Provides a new section on ‘Testing Normality’ of a given a dataset.  Expands Use of Technology sections with coverage of the use of Excel to perform statistical analysis.  Offers a new appendix containing Multiple-Choice Questions as brain-teasers.  Includes Excel example datasets, SPSS datasets, and the solutions to Question Bank on the companion CD. Solutions Manual containing the complete worked-out solutions to chapter-end exercises and Question Bank is available for instructors.

Author : Jorge Mateu
Publisher : Wit Pr/Computational Mechanics
Release : 2002-01
Page : 345
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN 13 : 9781853126499
Description :

This volume provides an overview of existing methodology, together with details of new theoretical developments and some practical applications.

Author : Daren S. Starnes
Publisher :
Release : 2011
Page : 519
Category : Statistics
ISBN 13 : 9781429251075
Description :

Author : Dennis Wackerly
William Mendenhall
Publisher : Cengage Learning
Release : 2014-10-27
Page : 944
Category : Mathematics
ISBN 13 : 9780495110811
Description :

In their bestselling MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS WITH APPLICATIONS, premiere authors Dennis Wackerly, William Mendenhall, and Richard L. Scheaffer present a solid foundation in statistical theory while conveying the relevance and importance of the theory in solving practical problems in the real world. The authors' use of practical applications and excellent exercises helps students discover the nature of statistics and understand its essential role in scientific research. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.