Studies In Entrepreneurship Business And Government In Hong Kong Download Ebook PDF Epub Online

Author : Fu-Lai Tony Yu
Publisher :
Release : 2006
Page : 268
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Using institutional and Austrian theories, this book analyzes Hong Kong's economic transformation. It focuses on knowledge and coordination problems and examines the role of entrepreneurship, small Chinese family enterprises and government policies in the economic development of Hong Kong.

Author : Ali F. Farhoomand
Publisher : Hong Kong University Press
Release : 2005
Page : 296
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9622097588
Description :

The case studies are topically diverse, and span a range of managerial functions and sectors. This casebook is an anthology of 28 cases from the series. The cases are written with a strong management perspective to offer a practical and interesting look at how successful entrepreneur-managers in Hong Kong systematically generate innovations in the shape of successful new products, services, processes and technologies when faced with various organizational and environmental challenges. They constitute a comprehensive self-contained course of study; each case can also be considered on its own.

Author : Helmut K. Anheier
Mark Juergensmeyer
Publisher : SAGE Publications
Release : 2012-03-09
Page : 2072
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 1412994225
Description :

"With all entries followed by cross-references and further reading lists, this current resource is ideal for high school and college students looking for connecting ideas and additional sources on them. The work brings together the many facets of global studies into a solid reference tool and will help those developing and articulating an ideological perspective." — Library Journal The Encyclopedia of Global Studies is the reference work for the emerging field of global studies. It covers both transnational topics and intellectual approaches to the study of global themes, including the globalization of economies and technologies; the diaspora of cultures and dispersion of peoples; the transnational aspects of social and political change; the global impact of environmental, technological, and health changes; and the organizations and issues related to global civil society. Key Themes: • Global civil society • Global communications, transportation, technology • Global conflict and security • Global culture, media • Global demographic change • Global economic issues • Global environmental and energy issues • Global governance and world order • Global health and nutrition • Global historical antecedents • Global justice and legal issues • Global religions, beliefs, ideologies • Global studies • Identities in global society Readership: Students and academics in the fields of politics and international relations, international business, geography and environmental studies, sociology and cultural studies, and health.

Author : Fu-Lai Tony Yu
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2012-04-03
Page : 132
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 3642282636
Description :

This book sheds new light on the economic development of Taiwan, examining how entrepreneurs identify and pursue profit opportunities, and showing how their efforts have enhanced Taiwan’s economic dynamics.

Author : Collectif
Publisher : OECD
Release : 2016-11-21
Page : 256
Category : Architecture
ISBN 13 : 9264263799
Description :

This report examines Israel’s performance in stimulating SMEs and entrepreneurship and makes recommendations for government policy. A dual economy has gradually emerged in Israel, in which high rates of successful technology-based entrepreneurship contrast with low average productivity and growth in traditional SMEs. Israel has excellent framework conditions and programmes for technology-based start-ups and SMEs in areas such as R&D, high-level skills generation and venture capital finance. These strengths need to be maintained. At the same time, more needs to be done to spread success to all types of SMEs and all groups of the Israeli population. This report recommends a range of new and expanded interventions for example in access to credit, broad innovation, workforce skills development, management support and entrepreneurship education. It recommends underpinning these actions with a national SME and entrepreneurship policy strategy and new arrangements for inter-ministerial co-ordination.

Author : Robert Fitzgerald
Chris Rowley
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-10-18
Page : 144
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1135303665
Description :

Hong Kong faces a new, or renewed, set of challenges linked to the up-grading of human resources, shifts in industrial structure, and emerging market demands. The contributors examine and analyse aspects of business and management in Hong Kong.

Author : Damian Hine
David Carson
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release : 2007
Page : 323
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1847204279
Description :

The contributors to this book explore the role and importance of qualitative, interpretist research in the dynamic field of enterprise. They establish the link between the innovative nature of small enterprise and the need to utilise research methodologies, which are themselves innovative. The book highlights the fact that enterprise research has the advantage of sufficient youth as a research discipline to permit a wide scope for new and innovative research studies. Probing this unexplored terrain therefore requires exploratory research methods supported by inductive research techniques. These methods and techniques are examined in detail: topics covered are diverse, ranging from a review of quantitative research methodologies and the integration of methodological philosophies and approaches; to the application of two novel analytical techniques. Convergent interviewing, action research, case research and marketing research for isolated SMEs are all also explored in depth. This book will provide academics, researchers and students with a cohesive body of material on the use of interpretist research techniques in all areas of enterprise research.

Author : OECD
European Union
Publisher : OECD Publishing
Release : 2017-10-26
Page : 140
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9264270922
Description :

This report presents evidence-based analysis on Poland’s higher education transformation process towards an innovative, interconnected and multidisciplinary entrepreneurial system, designed to empower its students and staff to demonstrate enterprise, innovation and creativity in teaching ...

Author : Cathy Yang Liu
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2020-08-01
Page : 277
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 3030503631
Description :

This book draws on evidence from global cities around the world and explores various dimensions of immigrant entrepreneurship and urban development. It provides a substantive contribution to the existing literature in several ways. First of all, it pursues a comparative approach, with case studies from both the global north and global south, so as to broaden the theoretical framework in this area especially as pertinent to emerging economies. Second, it covers multiple scales, from local community place-making, to urban contexts of reception, to transnational networks and connections. Third, it combines approaches and research methods from numerous disciplines, investigating entry dynamics, trends and patterns, business performance, challenges, and the impact of immigrant entrepreneurship in urban areas. Finally, it pays particular attention to current international experiences regarding urban policies on immigrant entrepreneurship. Given its scope, the book will be an enlightening read for anyone interested in immigration, entrepreneurship and urban development issues around the globe. As global cities around the world continue to attract both domestic migrants and international migrants to their bustling metropolises, immigrant entrepreneurship is emerging as an important urban phenomenon that calls for careful examination. From Chinatown in New York, to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, to Little Africa in Guangzhou, immigrant-owned businesses are not only changing the business landscape in their host communities, but also transforming the spatial, economic, social, and cultural dynamics of cities and regions.

Author : Tony Fu-Lai Yu
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2003-10-04
Page : 256
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1134716494
Description :

This is the first systematic study of the nature, operation and contribution of entrepreneurship to the growth of Hong Kong. From a new entrepreneurial perspective of economic development, the author argues that the success of Hong Kong is attributable principally to adaptive entrepreneurship: product imitation; small scale enterprise; subcontracting and spatial arbitrage.

Author : Various
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2021-07-14
Page : 10368
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0429766440
Description :

This set examines a vast range of topics covering all experiences of business and economics from across Asia. Dealing with early banking systems in China; the industrialisation of Korea and Taiwan; the evolution of Japanese business practices; economic development; protectionist policies; industrial investment; trade; tourism; and a host of other topics, the books collected here form a vital reference resource across a wide subject area.

Author : Priscilla Pue Ho Chu
Publisher : Hong Kong University Press
Release : 2003-12-01
Page : 224
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9622096425
Description :

This book provides a detailed account of Chinese industrial entrepreneurs, and describes and explains the phenomena of women entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. It addresses two main issues: first, the characteristics of Chinese entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurs; second, the factors that constitute the making of Chinese women entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. From in-depth personal interviews, Priscilla Chu examines the entrepreneur as a person, and as a member of family, organization and society. Having thus established the characteristic features of Chinese entrepreneurship in general, and female entrepreneurship in particular, the author builds a model to summarize the making of female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, a model which is significantly different from that for male and Western counterparts. The study analyses the distinct Chinese entrepreneurship in relation to familism, Chinese work ethics, family and organizational conditions, and societal and cultural contexts.

Author : Baporikar, Neeta
Publisher : IGI Global
Release : 2021-02-05
Page : 676
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1799866343
Description :

A multidimensional approach to entrepreneurship, especially in the post-COVID-19 era, will have an important influence on the state of business and government, especially when considering the effects of technological development, innovation, glocalization, and nationalization policies that need to be adopted for inclusive sustainable growth, as well as the enhanced and efficient utilization of global resources. That means there is likely to be a shift in how entrepreneurship development and entrepreneurial opportunities will be perceived, developed, and resourced. The question is how to sustain SMEs and entrepreneurial innovation in the post-COVID-19 era. Thus, comprehensive research and knowledge on designing policies and approaches to ensure the sustainability of SMEs and entrepreneurial innovation in post-pandemic times are essential to sustain, stimulate, and foster SMEs, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial innovations. The Handbook of Research on Sustaining SMEs and Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Post-COVID-19 Era provides research dedicated to entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on the sustainability of SMEs and entrepreneurial innovations in the post-COVID-19 era. It provides discussion and the exchange of information on principles, strategies, models, techniques, methodologies, and applications of entrepreneurship in the post-COVID-19 era in the field of public and private organizations. The chapters communicate the latest developments and thinking on the entrepreneurship subject worldwide by drawing on the latest developments, ideas, research, and best practice to examine the implications of the changes taking place due to COVID-19. This book is ideally intended for entrepreneurs, global organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, managers, executives, government officials, policymakers, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in learning about, designing, or implementing policies that are more effective in the post-pandemic era.

Author : Jo Caust
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2015-05-08
Page : 204
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1317599225
Description :

Arts and cultural activity in Asia is increasingly seen as important internationally, and Asia’s growing prosperity is enabling the full range of artistic activities to be better encouraged, supported and managed. At the same time, cultural frameworks and contexts vary hugely across Asia, and it is not appropriate to apply Westerns theories and models of leadership and management. This book presents a range of case studies of arts and cultural leadership across a large number of Asian countries. Besides examining different cultural frameworks and contexts, the book considers different cultural approaches to leadership, discusses external challenges and entrepreneurialism, and explores how politics can have a profound impact. Throughout the book covers different art forms, and different sorts of arts and cultural organisations.

Author : Jane Duckett
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2006-10-19
Page : 288
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1134661754
Description :

Jane Duckett describes in detail new state business activities in China and explains why they have appeared. Using research on the northern city of Tianjin during the 1990s, she argues that individual departments, within the Chinese state, are involved in the market economy through the establishment of their own businesses. The book demonstrates that many of these businesses are genuinely entrepreneurial in the sense of profit-seeking, risk-taking and productive, rather than rent-seeking, speculative or profiteering. This entrepreneurialism is an important new dimension of state activity in China with implications for our understanding of the Chinese state. This book develops an alternative to the local government state model and emphasises instead the State's dynamic, entrepreneurial role in the process of economic reform.

Author : Tzong-Biau Lin
Lily Xiao Hong Lee
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2017-09-29
Page : 410
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1351715011
Description :

This title was first published in 1979:

Author : Yanto Chandra
Linda Wong
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-03-31
Page : 196
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1317365992
Description :

This book offers the first exploration into the development of social enterprises in the Greater China region, consisting of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China. By drawing on the research and experience of over a dozen scholars and practitioners from across the area, it offers a picture of how a strong State can play an important role as a catalyst in developing the social entrepreneurship sector, particularly by legitimizing it. It delves into the role and impact of institutions and policy on the development of social enterprises, and explains how micro and macro factors might interact in influencing social entrepreneurship. Structured in two parts – policy and cases – it reveals the historical development of the Social enterprises sector in the Chinese context and then illustrates this using cases studies. Providing an alternative view of social entrepreneurship by highlighting the importance of context in this new sector, the book questions whether or not social entrepreneurship is preferable to more conventional models of development. Sparking new interest and offering fresh insight into social entrepreneurship in the Greater China region, this book will be useful to students and scholars of Chinese Studies, Business Studies and Sociology.

Author : Peter L. Berger, Hsin Huang Michael Hsiao
Publisher : Transaction Publishers
Release :
Page :
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9781412826105
Description :

The relevance of East Asian development experience to the less developed world crucially depends on whether an identifiable economic model underlies & largely explains the unquestionable economic success of the five nations of East Asia-Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Singapore-which are the subject of extensive analysis in this volume. If there is a model, is it transferable? There are two schools of thought on this question. Some believe that the explanation for East Asian economic success lies largely in the cultural realm: in values, institutional structures & social relations. Others maintain that economic success can largely be explained by the economic strategy these countries have adopted.

Author : Samuel Paul
John C. Ickis
Publisher : World Bank Publications
Release : 1989-01-01
Page : 158
Category : Educacion superior - Paises en desarrollo
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Managers, in both the private and public sectors, are increasingly recognized as critical in the use of scarce resources for national development. There is no unanimity of opinion, however, regarding the models or approaches to management education that are most appropriate in different environmental settings. Traditionally, management education has been dominated by the need to train executives for large-scale enterprises. But the 1980s has seen a global trend toward the deconcentration of business. The future development of the indigenous business sector in the developing world depends heavily on the emergence of small and medium scale entrepreneurs. The roles of public administrators with respect to regulatory and developmental activities enterprise are also changing. This trend is evident not only in market-oriented countries, but also in socialist countries, and many developing countries. This volume encompasses management education for each of these groups--the managers and future managers of large-scale enterprises; entrepreneurs and small business people; and public administrators. Its purpose is to review worldwide trends and developments in management education for information about curriculum design, research and teaching methodology, and institutional policies and administration. Experience is drawn from recognized universities, educational organizations, civil service institutes, and corporations in several major countries and regions of the world. A number of tables and figure appear in this volume along with references. A seminar participants list also is included. (Author/DB)

Author : Muhammad Khurram Khan
Muhammad Babar Khan
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2020-04-23
Page : 178
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1351040014
Description :

This book provides valuable insights into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) through a comprehensive examination of Vision 2030, an ambitious economic plan by the KSA to reinvent and diversify its economy from a heavy dependence on hydrocarbon to knowledge-based resources. Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia: Vision 2030 discusses how this initiative will assist the government in achieving its envisioned goals by creating a culture of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. It studies the current state of the field as well as new policies and reforms in Saudi Arabia which encompass education systems, ICT infrastructure and a vibrant innovation landscape that includes academia, the public and private sectors and civil society. The authors present a number of real-life case studies as a model of inspiration for cross-sector development. The book provides a source of inspiration for other nations in studying the KSA’s determined and ambitious plans as a country in a transitioning journey, from a natural resources-based economy towards a knowledge-based country with considerable diversification in all sectors. This book is a useful reference for students, researchers and policy and decision-makers in understanding Saudi innovation and the economic diversification ecosystem.