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Author : Jacques Locat
Jürgen Mienert
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2012-12-06
Page : 542
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 940100093X
Description :

Did you know that the Grand Bank earthquake of 1929 triggered a huge submarine mass movement which broke submarine cables over a distance of up to 1000 km from its source and generated a tsunami which devastated a small village in Newfoundland killing 27 people? The same happened in Papua New Guinea in 1998 with more than 2000 casualties. Submarine mass movements of various sizes and styles are shaping the sea floor and are of concern for many facets of human activities both onshore and offshore. These include the development of natural resources, energy and communication transport, coastal infrastructures and communities. This book provides a world-wide perspective of submarine mass movements and their consequences. This has been made possible by assembling excellent contributions from active researchers, groups, or institutions, thus providing full coverage of the many scientific and engineering aspects of this type of marine and coastal geo-hazard. It covers fundamental as well as site specific studies from many areas including the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, inner seas like the Mediterranean Sea, and fjords using the most recent technologies from multibeam sonar imaging techniques, 3D seismic analysis, slope stability analysis, to debris flow and tsunami modeling. Audience: This book is of interest to any researcher in the field of marine and coastal geo-hazards. It will be useful for planners, scientists and engineers involved in the development of offshore and near-shore resources and also to those in charge of the management and mitigation of coastal hazards. For graduate students, this book provides an up-to-date vision of the process of submarine mass movements and their consequences from both a scientific and an engineering standpoint, and it includes a unique collection of the existing literature on marine geo-hazards. CD-Rom included This volume contains a CD-Rom which in addition to an electronically searchable version of the contributions, has full colour versions of figures which are printed in black and white in the book.

Author : Joe Dunthorne
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2011-03-03
Page : 304
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0241955157
Description :

Meet Oliver Tate, 15. Convinced that his father is depressed ("Depression comes in bouts. Like boxing. Dad is in the blue corner") and his mother is having an affair with her capoeira teacher, "a hippy-looking twonk", he embarks on a hilariously misguided campaign to bring the family back together. Meanwhile, he is also trying to lose his virginity - before he turns sixteeen - to his pyromaniac girlfriend Jordana. Will Oliver succeed in either aim? Submerge yourself in Submarine and find out . . . Film tie-in edition of the freshest, funniest UK debut of 2009 - to accompany the major new film by comedy star Richard Ayoade.

Author : Carl Boyd
Akihiko Yoshida
Publisher : Naval Inst Press
Release : 2002
Page : 272
Category : History
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Using only recently declassified material and other historical documents, Boyd (history, Old Doninion U.) and Yoshida (National Institute for Defense Studies, Japan) focus on American wartime interception of Japanese radio messages. Their research leads them to new conclusions regarding the relative shortcomings of Japanese submarines and operations. The text includes operational maps, rare illustrations, and definitive appendices of Japanese submarine losses, and biographies of commanders. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Author : Richard Compton-Hall
Publisher : Periscope Publishing Ltd.
Release : 2003
Page : 192
Category : Submarines (Ships)
ISBN 13 : 9781904381198
Description :

This witty and perceptive account of the early years of submarine development contains much new material and the lives of the forgotten pioneers of submarines. It includes many wonderful inventions and even more colourful inventors, but focuses primarily on John Philip Holland, the Irish-American genius who took submarine development out of the hands of lunatics and visionaries and turned it into a deadly weapon of war.

Author : Alastair Mars
Publisher : Pen and Sword
Release : 2008-10-16
Page : 224
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1844157938
Description :

During the bleak, heartbreaking days of early 1942, when beleaguered Malta was reeling under bombardment and blockade and Rommel was making his last desperate thrust towards Egypt, only one British submarine was operating in the western Mediterranean - the tiny, 600-ton Unbroken. In twelve months in the Med, Unbroken sank over 30,000 tons of enemy shipping, took part in four secret operations, three successful gun actions, and survived a total of over 400 depth charges, as well as innumerable air and surface attacks. This account of the 26-year-old Alastair Mars' command of this outstandingly successful submarine embraces her construction, sea trials and voyage to Gibraltar preparatory to her vital role in the Mediterranean. Once there, she was responsible for the destruction of two Italian cruisers and played a pivotal part in Operation Pedestal, the convoy that saved Malta from surrender. Alastair Mars writes simply and without pretension, and his words evoke the claustrophobic yet heroic world of the submariner.

Author : Arthur Hezlet
Publisher :
Release : 1967
Page : 278
Category : Submarines (Ships).
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : A.S Evans
Publisher : Pen and Sword
Release : 2010-07-26
Page : 439
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1848842929
Description :

Since the beginning of the Royal Navy Submarine Service in 1901, 173 submarines have been lost and in many circumstances with their entire crew. War inevitably takes a heavy toll: in World War Two alone – 341 officer and 2,801 ratings failed to return to harbour. The loss of personnel was roughly equivalent to the strength of the Submarine Arm at the outbreak of war. Between the first loss, A1 in 1904, and the last, Artemis in 1971, lie many stories in which cool nerve was very much in evidence and one can marvel at the escape of the only survivor of Perseus; and of the sinking of Olympus from which the few survivors had to swim seven miles before receiving help; and of Surgeon-Lieutenant Charles Rhodes who died that others may live. These and many other accounts of submarine escape are described within this history – and whenever possible in the words of survivors or witnesses.

Author : Chris Oxlade
Publisher : Millbrook Press
Release : 2017
Page : 32
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 1512432245
Description :

"Believe it or not, submarines date back to the seventeenth century! Discover how they developed from early designs into streamlined, stealthy warships. Learn how submarine technology and strategy have changed throughout military history, and experience life under the waves."

Author : George Franklin
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2004-08-02
Page : 200
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1135774285
Description :

Britain's Anti-Submarine Capability, 1919-1939 is the first unified study of the development of Britain's anti-submarine capability between the armistice in 1919 and the onset of the second world German submarine attack on Britain's maritime trade in 1939. Well researched and yet accessibly written, this book challenges the widespread belief that the Royal Navy failed to anticipate the threat of the U-boat in the Second World War.

Author : Nachman Ben-Yehuda
Publisher : University of Michigan Press
Release : 2013-07-15
Page : 339
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0472118897
Description :

In an era of changing ethics, the submarine has inaugurated a new type of unrestricted naval warfare

Author : Jonathan Crane
Publisher :
Release : 1984-01
Page : 208
Category : Submarine (Television program )
ISBN 13 : 9780563203261
Description :

Author : Norman Polmar
Kenneth J. Moore
Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.
Release : 2004
Page : 432
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 159797319X
Description :

Submarines had a vital, if often unheralded, role in the superpower navies during the Cold War. Their crews carried out intelligence-collection operations, sought out and stood ready to destroy opposing submarines, and, from the early 1960s, threatened missile attacks on their adversary's homeland, providing in many respects the most survivable nuclear deterrent of the Cold War. For both East and West, the modern submarine originated in German U-boat designs obtained at the end of World War II. Although enjoying a similar technology base, by the 1990s the superpowers had created submarine fleets of radically different designs and capabilities. Written in collaboration with the former Soviet submarine design bureaus, Norman Polmar and K. J. Moore authoritatively demonstrate in this landmark study how differing submarine missions, antisubmarine priorities, levels of technical competence, and approaches to submarine design organizations and management caused the divergence.

Author : Sebastian Krastel
Jan-Hinrich Behrmann
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-09-02
Page : 683
Category : Science
ISBN 13 : 3319009729
Description :

Submarine mass movements are a hidden geohazard with large destructive potential for submarine installations and coastal areas. This hazard and associated risk is growing in proportion with increasing population of coastal urban agglomerations, industrial infrastructure, and coastal tourism. Also, the intensified use of the seafloor for natural resource production, and deep sea cables constitutes an increasing risk. Submarine slides may alter the coastline and bear a high tsunamogenic potential. There is a potential link of submarine mass wasting with climate change, as submarine landslides can uncover and release large amounts greenhouse gases, mainly methane, that are now stored in marine sediments. The factors that govern the stability of submarine slopes against failure, the processes that lead to slope collapses and the collapse processes by themselves need to be better understood in order to foresee and prepare society for potentially hazardous events. This book volume consists of a collection of cutting edge scientific research by international experts in the field, covering geological, geophysical, engineering and environmental aspects of submarine slope failures. The focus is on understanding the full spectrum of challenges presented by this major coastal and offshore geohazard.

Author : Edward Horton
Publisher : Sidgwick & Jackson
Release : 1974
Page : 160
Category : Submarine warfare
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Derek Walters
Publisher : Casemate Publishers
Release : 2004-01-01
Page : 264
Category : Submarines (Ships)
ISBN 13 : 184415131X
Description :

Originally designed in 1934 for anti-submarine training, by the end of the war 72 U-Class subs had been commissioned; 17 were lost to the enemy, and 3 in accidents. Manned by crews from seven nations' navies, they served worldwide, and never more successfully than in the Mediterranean. This book is the definitive study of this class of submarine and the men who serve on them.

Author : Iain Ballantyne
Publisher : Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Release : 2019-03-21
Page : 752
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781409158523
Description :

Originally a puny craft, derided as being of no worth, the submarine evolved to become an assassin of the deep, capable of sinking mighty battleships and gigantic aircraft carriers. The cast of colourful and courageous characters includes a former monk who created submersible boats to assist the cause of Irtish liberation, a spy who hid Confederate submarine secrets in her bonnet during the American Civil War and many a daring young captain who perished along with he men they command. During the two world wars no corner of the globe was safe from the depredations of submarines. The spectacular (and terrifying) story continued with the Cold War into the 21st century, making the submarine the most powerful vessel ever built, carrying enough nuclear weapons to end life on Earth.

Author : William Tuohy
Publisher : Presidio Press
Release : 2006
Page : 432
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 089141889X
Description :

Describes the life and naval career of Congressional Medal of Honor winner Captain Richard O'Kane and the patrols of United States submarines in the Pacific theater during World War II. Reprint.

Author : David K Stumpf
Publisher : Turner Publishing Company
Release : 2006
Page : 192
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN 13 : 9781596521834
Description :

history of the development and deployment of the Regulus Missile on Submarines.

Author : Alfred Scott McLaren
Publisher : University of Alabama Press
Release : 2021-05-25
Page : 296
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 081732092X
Description :

Conveys in dramatic detail the high-risk, covert operations of a nuclear attack submarine during the zenith of the Cold War Captain Alfred Scott McLaren served as commander of the USS Queenfish (SSN 651) from September 1969 to May 1973, the very height of the Cold War. As commander, McLaren led at least six major clandestine operations, including the first-ever exploration of the entire Siberian Continental Shelf: a perilous voyage detailed in his previous book Unknown Waters. Emergency Deep: Cold War Missions of a Submarine Commander conveys the entire spectrum of Captain McLaren’s experiences commanding the USS Queenfish, mainly in the waters of the Russian Far East and also off Vietnam. McLaren offers a riveting and deeply human story that illuminates the intensity and pressures of commanding a nuclear attack submarine in some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Relying on his own notes and records, as well as discussions with former officers and shipmates, McLaren focuses on operational matters both great and small. He recounts his unique perspectives on attack-submarine tactics and exploratory techniques in high-risk or uncharted areas, matters of leadership and team-building and the morale of his crews, and the innumerable and often unforeseen ways his philosophy of command played out on a day-to-day basis, with consequences that ran the gamut from the mundane to the dire and life-threatening. Readers are also treated to significant new information and insight on submarine strategy, maneuvers, and culture. Such details illuminate and bring to life, with both great humor and gravitas, the intensity and pressures on those engaged in covert missions on nuclear attack submarines.

Author : Tom Clancy
John Gresham
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2003-05-06
Page : 368
Category : Transportation
ISBN 13 : 1101002581
Description :

Only the author of The Hunt for Red October could capture the reality of life aboard a nuclear submarine. Only a writer of Mr. Clancy's magnitude could obtain security clearance for information, diagrams, and photographs never before available to the public. Now, every civilian can enter this top secret world...the weapons, the procedures, the people themselves...the startling facts behind the fiction that made Tom Clancy a #1 bestselling author.