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Author : Andrew P. Johnson
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release : 2017-10-04
Page : 194
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1475834683
Description :

This book is designed to be a professional development tool for both preservice and practicing teachers. It provides descriptions, explanations, and examples of a variety of research-based teaching strategies that will enhance your ability to teach effectively. These strategies are appropriate for all teachers (general education, special education, and content area specialists), at all levels (kindergarten through graduate school).

Author : Donald C. Orlich
Mark Grabe
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin College Division
Release : 1998-06-01
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Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9780395909041
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Author : R. Douglas Greer
Publisher : Elsevier
Release : 2002-09-14
Page : 363
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 0080491111
Description :

The US Dept. of Education, in conjunction with the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, recently unveiled a $50 million effort to expand research on early childhood cognitive development. A key issue identified requiring more information and research was the education and professional development of educators. Along these lines, Doug Greer has prepared a book discussing how best to teach, how to design functional curricula, and how to support teachers in using state-of-the-art science instruction materials. The book provides important information both to trainers of future teachers, current teachers, and to supervisors and policy makers in education. To trainers there is information on how to motivate, mentor, and instruct in-service teachers to use the best scientifically based teaching strategies and tactics. To in-service teachers, there is information on how to provide individualized instruction in classrooms with multiple learning and behavior problems, school interventions to help prevent vandalism and truancy, and how curricula and instruction can be designed to teach functional repetoirs rather than inert ideas. To policy makers and supervisors, the book discusses how to determine the effectiveness of curricular innitiatives toward meeting mandated standards in national assessments. Doug Greer was recently awarded the Fred S. Keller Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education by APA for the research and application of the material covered in this book. School programs incorporating the material used in this book have produced 4-7 times more learning outcomes for students than control and baseline educational programs (see www.cabas.com) The book provides research-based and field-tested procedures for: * Teaching students of all ability levels ranging from preschool to secondary school * How to teach special education students in the context of a regular classroom * Best practices for all teachers to teach more effectively * Means of monitoring and motivating teachers' practices * A comprehensive and system-wide science of teaching—post modern-postmodern! * Tested procedures that result in four to seven times more learning for all students * Tested procedures for supervisors to use with teachers that result in significant student learning * Tested procedures for providing the highest accountability * A systems approach for schooling problems that provide solutions rather than blame * Parent approved and parent requested educational practices * Means for psychologists to work with teachers and students to solve behavior and learning problems * A comprehensive systems science of schooling * An advanced and sophisticated science of pedagogy and curriculum design * Students who are not being served with traditional education can meet or exceed the performance of their more fortunate peers, * Supervisors can mentor teachers and therapists to provide state of the science instruction * Parent education can create a professional setting for parents, educators, and therapists to work together in the best interests of the student, * Teachers and supervisors who measure as they teach produce significantly better outcomes for students, * Systemic solutions to instructional and behavioral problems involving teachers, parents, supervisors provide means to pursue problems to their solution, * A science of teaching, as opposed to an art of teaching, can provide an educational system that treats the students and the parents as the clients.

Author : Roy Killen
Publisher : Juta and Company Ltd
Release : 2010
Page : 438
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9780702177811
Description :

A practical guide to effective teaching for educators in all instructional settings, this account provides an introduction to nine teaching strategies considered to be the most useful for a majority of teachers. While questions and exercises are included to help readers develop their understanding of teaching strategies and reflective practice, the ideas developed in the book can be used to prompt learners to delve deeper into issues of personal interest. Electronic lesson plans, assessment templates, PowerPoint slides, and other lecturer support material are also available from the publisher to prescribing institutions.

Author : Sarah J. McNary
Neal A. Glasgow
Publisher : Corwin Press
Release : 2005-03-30
Page : 152
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1483304108
Description :

Test-drive these research-based strategies in your inclusive classroom! Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this book focuses on extending academic research to classroom practices that address the problems faced by teachers working with special needs learners in inclusive classrooms. It outlines a full range of research-based strategies that can be interwoven and tailored to create the best instructional plan for special learners, including: A straightforward one-line action statement An easy-to-read synthesis of relevant studies Specific tactics for immediate application in the classroom Pointers on how to identify and avoid potential pitfalls Sources for further reading on the research/strategy outlined

Author : Gayle Gregory
Carolyn Chapman
Publisher : Corwin Press
Release : 2007
Page : 193
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9781412936408
Description :

Offers more than seventy-five planning models, templates, matrixes, rubrics, graphic organizers, checklists, and questionnaires to help teachers make the right decisions about instruction and assessment on an individual basis.

Author : Sherri Melrose
Caroline Park
Publisher : Athabasca University Press
Release : 2013-12-01
Page : 173
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1927356652
Description :

Teaching Health Professionals Online: Frameworks and Strategies is a must-read for professionals in the health care field who strive to deliver excellence in their online classes. This compendium of teaching strategies will assist both new and experienced instructors in the health professions. In addition to outlining creative, challenging activities with step-by-step directions and explanations of why they work, each chapter situates these practical techniques within the context of a particular theory of learning: instructional immediacy, invitational theory, constructivism, connectivism, transformative learning, and quantum learning theory. The authors also address other issues familiar to those who have taught online courses. How can a distance instructor build teacher-student relationships? How does one create a sense of community in the virtual classroom? How can an online instructor best support students in their future pursuit of knowledge and their development as competent professionals? By considering these and other concerns, this handbook aims to help instructors to increase student success and satisfaction, which, the authors hope, will in the long run contribute to improved patient care.

Author : Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN
Teresa Shellenbarger, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF
Publisher : Springer Publishing Company
Release : 2017-09-28
Page : 320
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 0826140033
Description :

Designated a 2013 "Core Title" and "Essential Purchase" by Doody's! This highly acclaimed text provides a comprehensive framework for planning, guiding, and evaluating learning activities for undergraduate and graduate nursing students in a wide variety of clinical settings. The fifth edition updates this unequalled source of essential information for all faculty members—full time, part time, adjunct, and preceptors—responsible for clinical teaching. It encompasses current trends in health care and nursing education with expanded content on ways to maximize the clinical learning experiences of nursing students, use new technologies in clinical teaching, teach and evaluate student performance, and address ethical and legal issues in clinical teaching. Included is new content on establishing and using dedicated education units, integrating simulation with clinical education, using new technologies for clinical learning, teaching and evaluating performance in distance education, promoting interprofessional education in clinical settings, integrating Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) in clinical courses, using standardized patients, and developing partnerships with clinical sites. Special features include guidelines for developing clinical sites, planning learning activities and assignments, observing and evaluating students in clinical practice, and using preceptors. With an arsenal of practical and creative tools to help both experienced and novice nurse educators, the text is also a valuable resource for individuals preparing to take the clinical nurse educator (CNE) exam. New to the Fifth Edition: Updated with current trends in health care and nursing education New chapter on interprofessional education and clinical teaching from a noted expert Expanded content on maximizing the clinical learning experiences of nursing students Clinical teaching and evaluating students at a distance Use of social media and new technologies for clinical teaching Ethical and legal issues in clinical teaching New content on using dedicated education units Developing partnerships with clinical staff and sites Challenges of student access to electronic health records and electronic documentation of care Strategies to promote student learning about QSEN Use of simulations and integration of simulation with clinical education Latest revisions of the CNE test plan Recommendations for service learning and international clinical learning sites Key Features: Delivers a scholarly, in-depth examination of current trends and issues in clinical education Provides evidence-based methods for clinical teaching in nursing education Includes practical exhibits illustrating best practices in clinical teaching and evaluation Highlights content in each chapter related to CNE exam blueprint Offers a vast toolkit for teaching and learning including Instructor’s Manual and PowerPoint presentation

Author : Diana Whitton
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2015-06-29
Page : 216
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1107441188
Description :

The text outlines teaching strategies that can be used to facilitate classroom learning and engagement, including discovery learning, experiments, demonstrations, the use of questioning, the facilitation of discussion and the effective provision of feedback. Chapters include activities, diagrams and key points to help readers practise the strategies and consolidate knowledge.

Author : Donna Walker Tileston
Publisher : Corwin Press
Release : 2006-12-29
Page : 120
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1483360474
Description :

Translating brain research into best practice, this book offers teachers a concise Strategic Learning Model for the active transfer of knowledge to students' long-term memory.

Author : James Davis
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2019-09-06
Page : 148
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1000313956
Description :

"Another book on college teaching?" you may ask. "Surely too many have been written already!" Dr Davis hopes that professors with find this to be a different book on college teaching, because it explores in depth some viable teaching strategies for the college classroom. This book has grown out of a course on college teaching offered regularly at the University of Denver.

Author : Rhoda Koenig
Publisher : ASCD
Release : 2011-03-30
Page : 188
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1416611959
Description :

Learning for Keeps answers the questions teachers frequently ask about how to provide the explicit strategy instruction that supports the higher-level skills students need to meet the rigorous demands of the Common Core Standards. Teachers recognize that students often do not come to our classrooms with the skills necessary for the activities and projects that require solving problems, reading deeply, responding to higher levels of text complexity, communicating well- developed ideas, and performing the many cognitive behaviors necessary for long-term intellectual development. Here's a highly practical book that gives teachers the specific knowledge and larger vision needed to demystify essential strategies with explicit instruction. The reader will come away with a tutorial in breaking down complex strategies into incremental parts; models of scripted explicit strategy lessons; examples of coaching transactions that mediate students' application of strategies; and scaffolded activities that integrate content and process. Learning for Keeps is an indispensable tool for enabling all students to independently select and apply the behaviors needed for becoming highly literate and thoughtful citizens prepared for college and 21st century careers.

Author : Petronilla Whitfield
Publisher :
Release : 2019-08-12
Page : 218
Category : Acting
ISBN 13 : 9781138311848
Description :

Teaching Strategies for Neurodiversity and Dyslexia in Actor Training addresses some of the challenges met by acting students with dyslexia and highlights the abilities demonstrated by individuals with specific learning differences in actor training. The book offers six tested teaching strategies, created from practical and theoretical research investigations with dyslexic acting students, using the methodologies of case study and action research. Utilizing Shakespeare's text as a laboratory of practice and drawing directly from the voices and practical work of the dyslexic students themselves, the book explores: the stress caused by dyslexia and how the teacher might ameliorate it through changes in their practice the theories and discourse surrounding the label of dyslexia the visual, kinaesthetic, and multisensory processing preferences demonstrated by some acting students assessed as dyslexic acting approaches for engaging with Shakespeare's language, enabling those with dyslexia to develop their authentic voice and abilities a grounding of the words and the meaning of the text through embodied cognition, spatial awareness, and epistemic tools Stanislavski's method of units and actions and how it can benefit and obstruct the student with dyslexia when working on Shakespeare Interpretive Mnemonics as a memory support and hermeneutic process, and the use of color and drawing towards an autonomy in live performance This book is a valuable resource for voice and actor training, professional performance, and for those who are curious about emancipatory methods that support difference through humanistic teaching philosophies.

Author : Susan K. Johnsen
James Kendrick
Release : 2005
Page : 206
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1593631707
Description :

For the first time, the Gifted Child Today Readerseries brings together the best articles published in Gifted Child Today, the nation's most popular gifted education journal. Each book in this series is filled with exciting and practical classroom ideas, useful summaries of research findings, discussions of identification and classroom management, and informed opinions about educating gifted kids. Anyone involved in education will benefit from the practical, research-based ideas this unique series has to offer. Teaching Strategies in Gifted Educationoffers practical advice about teaching gifted kids. This book offers specific teaching strategies such as divergent-thinking instruction and independent study. The book also covers differentiated curriculum, classroom management, dealing with underachievement, and professional development and total school improvement. In implementing a differentiated curriculum, the authors recommend a variety of grouping arrangements and school or classroom management strategies. Strategies including counseling, the Trifocal Model, an integrated systems approach, behavioral contracts, and motivating activities are suggested for gifted students. Implementation of a quality differentiated curriculum depends on quality teachers.

Author : Andrea Honigsfeld
Maria G. Dove
Publisher : Corwin Press
Release : 2010-08-10
Page : 248
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1452259607
Description :

Help ELLs achieve success with an integrated, collaborative program! This resource provides a practical guide to collaboration and co-teaching between general education teachers and ESL specialists to better serve the needs of ELLs. Offering classroom vignettes, step-by-step guidelines, ready-to-use resources, and in-depth case studies, the authors help educators: Understand the benefits and challenges of collaborative service delivery Teach content while helping students meet English language development goals Choose from a range of collaborative strategies and configurations, from informal planning and collaboration to a co-teaching partnership Use templates, planning guides, and other practical tools to put collaboration into practice

Author : Debbie Diller
Publisher : Corwin Press
Release : 2020-01-22
Page : 168
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1071802011
Description :

Literacy stations should be more than just busy work. Simply Stations: Listening and Speaking shows how to ensure that kids are purposefully and effectively practicing comprehension, deeper thinking, vocabulary, and communication skills every day. Here’s everything you need to plan, teach, and refresh the Listening and Speaking station year-round, including… Step-by-step instructions for launching and maintaining the station; Whole-group lesson plans, based on key literacy standards, to introduce and support partner work; Printable teacher and student tools; On-the-spot assessment ideas and troubleshooting tips; Lists of grade-level specific materials; and Countless real-classroom photos so you see the possibilities first-hand.

Author : Donna Walker Tileston
Publisher : Corwin Press
Release : 2004
Page : 115
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780761931218
Description :

The innovative strategies presented in this volume will give you a bag of tools to help your students achieve higher-level learning.

Author : Gayle H. Gregory
Carolyn Chapman
Publisher : Corwin Press
Release : 2012-12-04
Page : 212
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1452260982
Description :

Discover why 100,000+ teachers look to this ground-breaking text to put differentiated instruction immediately into practice. New edition includes new strategies and a Common Core lesson-planning template.

Author : Gail E. Tompkins
Robin M. Bright
Publisher :
Release : 2015-07-27
Page : 504
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9780134396958
Description :

Equip teachers with new teaching strategies for Canadian literacies Language Arts: Content and Teaching Strategies provides a useful resource to teachers as they face the complexities of literacy instruction in today's classrooms. Both pre-service and in-service teachers will find this text a valuable addition to their professional libraries. For pre-service teachers who will work with students in kindergarten through grade 8 classrooms, this text offers a consistent model of instruction that will help them become knowledgeable about language learning and guide the many instructional decisions they will make. For experienced in-service teachers, this text provides a rich array of strategies and ideas that they can adapt to suit their personal instructional styles. The sixth Canadian edition of Language Arts features updated Canadian research and Canadian content, including culturally diverse Canadian literature. This edition also offers pre-service and in-service teachers new ideas for differentiating instruction to meet the needs of every student.

Author : Jane Perry
Publisher : Teachers College Press
Release : 2001
Page : 128
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9780807741177
Description :

This book offers a description of the rich and complex world of pretend play in one play yard.