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Author : Radhanath Swami
Publisher : Mandala Publishing
Release : 2017-10-03
Page : 320
Category : Philosophy
ISBN 13 : 9781683831907
Description :

With illuminating references to Western religions and ideologies, The Journey Within invites readers from all backgrounds to discover the simple truths that unite us. The mysteries of the soul have evaded mystics, sages, and gurus for centuries. Humanity has long yearned to discover the answer to our existence, and many spiritual traditions have evolved to provide those answers through sacred texts that facilitate journeys of transformation and discovery. Yet, never before have all of the spiritual traditions been distilled so simply into one easy-to-follow path—a path of love and devotion. In this long-awaited follow-up to The Journey Home, New York Times bestseller The Journey Within guides readers through the essential teachings of bhakti yoga. World-renowned spiritual leader Radhanath Swami draws from his personal experiences to demystify the ancient devotional path of bhakti, capturing its essence and explaining its simple principles for balancing our lives. His down-to-earth writing simplifies spiritual concepts and answers timeless questions in a heartfelt narrative that brings this sacred philosophy beautifully to life. What is love? What is the soul? Who is God? How can we live in the physical world without losing touch with the spiritual? In concise and approachable language, Radhanath Swami sheds light on how to answer these vital questions and offers solutions to life’s challenges with the simplest of resources. Reach beyond the material world and journey within to discover the beauty of the true self.

Author : Florence Mbaya
Publisher : East African Publishers
Release : 2008
Page : 186
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9789966255273
Description :

After completing her undergraduate studies Monika Saliku anxiously waits to see what shape her career will take. For her it is a foregone conclusion that she will get an appointment in the city and savour the familiar throb of urban life. However she receives a setback when she is appointed to a bucolic outpost settling for a career she loathes. As she journeys to the small dusty town her struggle to self-realisation has just begun.

Author : Radhanath Swami
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2010-09-01
Page : 368
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1608879852
Description :

The story of one man’s journey from his youth in suburban Chicago to an adult in spiritual India and a world of mystics, yogis, and gurus. Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves a colorful tapestry of adventure, mysticism, and love. Readers follow Richard Slavin from the suburbs of Chicago to the caves of the Himalayas as he transforms from young seeker to renowned spiritual guide. The Journey Home is an intimate account of the steps to self-awareness and also a penetrating glimpse into the heart of mystic traditions and the challenges that all souls must face on the road to inner harmony and a union with the Divine. Through near-death encounters, apprenticeships with advanced yogis, and years of travel along the pilgrim’s path, Radhanath Swami eventually reaches the inner sanctum of India’s mystic culture and finds the love he has been seeking. It is a tale told with rare candor, immersing the reader in a journey that is at once engaging, humorous, and heartwarming. Praise for The Journey Home “Here is an inspiring chapter of “our story” of spiritual pilgrimage to the East. It shows the inner journey of awakening in a fascinating and spellbinding way.” —Ram Dass, author, Be Here Now “He tells his story with remarkable honest—the temptations of the 1970s, his doubts, hopes, and disappointments, the culture shock, and the friendships found and lost . . . Add a zest of danger, suspense, and surprise, and Radhanath Swami’s story is a deep, genuine memoir that reads like a novel.” —Brigitte Sion, assistant professor of Religious Studies, New York University

Author : Abhishek Singh
Publisher :
Release : 2012
Page : 300
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 13 : 9781607066538
Description :

A searing, human portrayal of Krishna, the god of all gods, awaits you in A Journey Within. Journey along through his pastimes that have swayed the ages - the final confrontation between the fire of man's consuming greed to conquer all, and the supreme power of the Divine Spirit.

Author : Gaur Gopal Das
Publisher : Rider
Release : 2020-02-06
Page : 195
Category : Conduct of life
ISBN 13 : 9781846046254
Description :

THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. Do you ever have the feeling that life isn't going your way? Discover how to master the monk mindset with world-renowned motivational coach and Indian monk Gaur Gopal Das as he reveals how to tackle our modern anxieties with characteristic serenity, profound wisdom and irresistible humour. In The Way of the Monk, Das takes us on an unforgettable journey and offers precious insights to make life happier and easier, even in the stormiest of times. Whether you are looking to find your purpose, strengthen relationships, discover inner calm or give back to the world, this thought-provoking book will challenge you to change your outlook and align yourself with the life you want to live. *Previously published as Life's Amazing Secrets*

Author : Ruth Fishel
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2010-01-01
Page : 180
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 0757311326
Description :

Ruth has shared her personal journey and given you powerful tools of meditation, affirmations and visualizations to help you grow spiritually.

Author :
Publisher :
Release : 1978
Page :
Category :
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Author : Janet Nohavec
Suzanne Giesemann
Publisher :
Release : 2011-01
Page : 176
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 9781593306977
Description :

Janet Nohavec has built her reputation as a medium and as a teacher of mediumship on the respect and integrity she gives to her work. In Where Two Worlds Meet, Janet shows you how to hone your own mediumistic gifts by sharing her proven, systematic techniques for practicing evidential mediumship-the most credible way to build a bridge between this world and the next. For Janet, mediumship is sacred work that carries tremendous responsibility. In these pages she gives specific instruction in how to change people's lives and bring comfort to those who are grieving with evidential messages from the other side. Here you'll learn how to paint those who have crossed over back to life, and after reading Where Two Worlds Meet, you won't settle for anything less than a masterpiece in your mediumship.

Author : Olivia Fraser
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2019-11-25
Page : 208
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 9353573955
Description :

A Journey Within documents Olivia Fraser's acclaimed paintings over the last decade, which reflect her remarkable inner quest towards elaboration by simplification. Following her induction into Indian miniature painting in a traditional Jaipur atelier, Fraser's focus shifted from painting the world around her to depicting a landscape more metaphysical in nature. Trained by her Jaipuri gurus, she learned to grind and mix mineral pigments to their correct consistency. She is especially influenced by Nathdwara pichwai paintings and early nineteenth-century Jodpuri Mansingh-period imagery, produced by the Nath yogis, whose visual language reaches back to an archetypal iconography rooted in India's deepest and most philosophical artistic heritage - complex abstract thoughts captured in seemingly simple visual language. The work Fraser has produced inspired by these twin muses is nevertheless profoundly contemporary, breaching both temporal and geographical borders, emerging as it does from her twin life between East and West.

Author : Catrina Tillman
Publisher : Trm Publications
Release : 2017-10-24
Page : 140
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9780692975084
Description :

Her Walk is for every woman who desires to live life to its fullest potential while walking on the path that God has set before her. Her Walk: The Journey Within invites you to embrace a closer connection with God through transparency, honesty with yourself and the study of God's Word.

Author : Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2018-10-09
Page :
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0359144659
Description :

JOURNEY WITHIN is the story of our spiritual ascent, both as individuals and collectively. With equal parts instruction and inspiration, the book beautifully describes how we have gotten where we are today and our essential next steps.

Author : Ruzbeh N Bharucha
Publisher : Penguin Random House India Private Limited
Release : 2020-03-23
Page : 224
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 9353057965
Description :

To be a better spiritual being and to better even that with every step is the goal of every soul so it can then ultimately merge into The One . . . Rudra is exactly where he wants to be-with his kind, loving BABA, talking about life and the laws of the spiritual realm. He is taken to various villages to see for himself what the right way to live and pray is. As he serves his BABA and asks Him questions, much is revealed to him: 'When you pray with such intensity that The One shall listen to your prayer, then your purity, intensity, devotion and yearning will get wings to reach The One' BABA also talks about how we should be in life, how our relationships should be, how jealousy and anger are detrimental to the development of good karma and how conducting oneself without cribbing and complaining takes on to the higher plane. In The Fakir once again Rudra is the student and BABA the teacher as well at the MASTER.

Author : David duChemin
Publisher : New Riders
Release : 2009-05-01
Page : 272
Category : Photography
ISBN 13 : 9780321716859
Description :

Within the Frame is a book about finding and expressing your photographic vision, specifically where people, places, and cultures are concerned. A personal book full of real-world wisdom and incredible images, author David duChemin (of shows you both the how and the why of finding, chasing, and expressing your vision with a camera to your eye. Vision leads to passion, and passion is a cornerstone of great photography. With it, photographs draw the eye in and create an emotional experience. Without it, a photograph is often not worth—and can’t capture—a viewer’s attention. Both instructional and inspirational, Within the Frame helps you on your photographic journey to make better images of the places and people you love, whether they are around the world or in your own backyard. duChemin covers how to tell stories, and the technology and tools we have at our disposal in order to tell those narratives. Most importantly, he stresses the crucial theme of vision when it comes to photographing people, places, and cultures—and he helps you cultivate and find your own vision, and then fit it within the frame.

Author : Swati Masurkar / ?????? ??????
Publisher : Notion Press
Release : 2018-02-20
Page : 128
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 1948352265
Description :

Ruhaniyat, Swati’s debut collection of poems, is an attempt to reach out to readers across the world. This contemporary approach to writing is straight from the heart and aims at freeing the soul for the journey ahead. It is a tribute to all those who consider their life as a blessing from the Almighty and who look within and not outward for answers whenever they are faced with challenges. It is a caravan that embraces every traveler and ensures they reach their destination whilst enjoying their journey!

Author : Joey Podlubny
Publisher :
Release : 2020-02-27
Page : 116
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 9781999046538
Description :

18 Short Stories Illustrated by Cree Artist Sam Bighetty and written by Joey Podlubny. 2019 Calgary Arts Grant Recipient, this book chronicles Podlubny's journey of decolonization and reconciliation, facing his fears and limiting beliefs to learn about true Canadian partnership and about the agreements that we live under.

Author : Deepa Kodikal
Publisher :
Release : 1992
Page : 310
Category : Hindus
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Memoirs, 1983-1986.

Author : Vijay Singal
Publisher : SCB Distributors
Release : 2015-04-22
Page : 200
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 13 : 8183284248
Description :

This book explains, in simple and elegant way, how any human being can attain a state of oneness with the Divine. Written in a beautiful, poetic format, it takes the individual through the different stages of spiritual transformation, where the ultimate goal is to experience the merger of the self in the ocean of Super consciousness. A powerful couched in words that will touch your soul, this is a book for seekers of all ages.

Author : Jyoti Kapoor
Publisher : Notion Press
Release : 2017-03-17
Page : 174
Category : Poetry
ISBN 13 : 1946556653
Description :

Love, she says is a social concept as against desire which is a biological instinct one is born with. From a very psychophysiological experience of infatuation to another biological reaction of withdrawal, love oscillates between its literary renditions of poetic fairy tales to agonizing heart break. Itineris-The Journey through mirages is a string of verses beginning at the altar of nascent fantasies, seeping through the depths of heady romance, burning in the golden fire of sexual desire, vaporizing into a ghost of fears, dilemmas and insecurities and finally condensing into a humble snowflake settling at the foothills of lost love. The Afterthought is a nostalgic reflection of expectations and dissatisfactions that become the motivating force behind a powerful emotion that defines all relationships. Whether the loss of romance is the eventual reality of the mirage of love or the dissolution of amorous desires an inevitable evolutionary phenomenon, is the inspiration for another quest. Till then, bon voyage!

Author : Radhanath Swami
Publisher : Jaico Publishing House
Release : 2014-02-20
Page : 164
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 8184954441
Description :

When the sun shines on a snow-capped mountain, the layers of snow melt down helplessly. Similarly, when sun-like wisdom shines on a covered entity, layers of ignorance start melting away, thus uncovering The Real You. In this book, you will find a combination of the wisdom of the heart and the wisdom of art. This combined wisdom can make us ponder, wonder and help us overcome the blunder of ignorance which leads to suffering and sorrow. This book is a collection of pearls of wisdom, in the necklace of life, for the beauty of the soul. RADHANATH SWAMI was born in Chicago in 1950. In his teens, he set out to wander the world on a spiritual quest where he eventually discovered the yoga path of devotion. He presently travels in Asia, Europe and America teaching devotional wisdom, but can often be found with his community in Mumbai. For more info, visit

Author : Charles Earnest Essert
Publisher :
Release : 2019-08
Page : 214
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9781946362285
Description :

Throughout the ages, enlightened individuals have endeavored to convey their extraordinary discoveries about real life in the spirit. Charles Essert was one such spiritual pioneer, and Secret Splendor is his compelling account of the ever-present spiritual truth found in the midst of human illusion. Shattering one false concept after another, Essert deeply penetrates the veil of mortal, material, and finite sense to reach the infinite kingdom of Soul. This remarkable book details a challenging yet joyous path to the mystical awareness and experience of that very kingdom within each of us.