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Author : Amanda D. Watson
Publisher : UBC Press
Release : 2020-09-15
Page : 184
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 0774864648
Description :

Who is the juggling mother, the woman who quietly flicks dried cereal off her blazer while running a corporate empire? The Juggling Mother explores the figure of contemporary mothering in media representations: a typically white, middle-class woman on the verge of coming undone because of her unwieldy slate of labours. More troublingly, she also serves as a model neoliberal worker who upholds white privilege and notions of mastery, capacity, and productivity. Amanda Watson makes the controversial case that mothers with the most power are complicit in the exclusion of less privileged ones – and in their own undoing.

Author : René Syler
Karen Moline
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2008-04-22
Page : 288
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1416955291
Description :

An Early Show anchorwoman recounts her experiences as a "proudly imperfect" mother of two, offering a reassuring portrayal of modern motherhood that suggests that children can emerge healthy and well-adjusted in spite of the concessions inherent to today's challenging work-life balance. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.

Author : Joann S. Lublin
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2021-02-16
Page : 288
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0062954911
Description :

A retired Wall Street Journal editor and mother compares two generations of women—boomers and GenXers—to examine how each navigates the emotional and professional challenges involved in juggling managerial careers and families. For the first time in American history, a significant number of mothers are heading major corporations, including General Motors, Ulta Beauty, and Best Buy. Over the past several decades, women have made gains throughout executive suites. Yet these “Power Moms” still struggle with balancing their management responsibilities with raising children. Joann S. Lublin draws on the experiences of the nation’s two generations of these successful women to measure how far we’ve come—and how far we still need to go. Lublin combines her own insights with those of eighty-five executive mothers across industries—including experienced public-company chiefs such as Carol Bartz, the first woman to command Autodesk and Yahoo; Hershey’s Michele Buck, DuPont’s Ellen Kullman, ITT’s Denise Ramos, and WW International’s Mindy Grossman—and twenty-five of their grown daughters. Lublin reveals how trailblazer boomers, many now in their sixties, often endured sweeping disapproval for their demanding management careers, even as their own daughters sometimes rejected their choices. While the second wave of executive mothers—all under forty-five—handle working parenthood with less angst, they still lead stressful lives. Power Moms provides lessons and advice to help today’s professional women, their families, and their employers navigate this challenging terrain. Lublin looks at the trade-offs mothers are too often forced to make between work and family and the root causes, including the dearth of large-scale paid parental leave and other family-friendly policies. While it celebrates the gains women have made, Power Moms makes clear how much more must be done to make being a working mother easier.

Author : Molly Grantham
Publisher :
Release : 2020-04-27
Page : 328
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 9780999430255
Description :

"Anchor. Author. Mom." What you don't normally see on television from journalist Molly Grantham is how behind the polished image, she's juggling to keep the balls of life up in the air. The Juggle is Real shines a raw and funny light on the messy realities so many of us face: the constant rotation of whatever's barreling toward us next. Grantham's first book, Small Victories, ended beside her mother's hospice bed. That's where this one begins-seeing the circle of life through her children's eyes. From there, it's a chronicle of ups and downs, including endless arguments over what to wear, emergency surgeries, beloved pets, and the hysterical one-kid parade of her son's battery-operated mini ice-cream truck through busy city streets. All interwoven with Grantham's public and often nutty job. Her honesty will have you crying and laughing out loud at this continuing story of loving kids and a career. "Molly Grantham is real. And her authenticity as a mom and a fallible human being shines through every one of her pages in this compelling collection of parenting essays." - The Huffington Post "Am I brave enough to admit my mothering-fail moments to the world, especially a world in which people are viciously judgmental about other people's parenting? And even more, would I be willing to do that if I worked in an industry where a polished, perfect appearance is part of the job description? I'm not sure. But thank God, Molly is." Kimmery Martin, Author, The Queen of Hearts and The Antidote to Everything "With humor, heart, and a willingness to bare her soul-even when it might seem a little uncomfortable to do so-Molly proves once again that she is gifted at telling tales at motherhood as she is at delivering the news every night." Theoden James, Charlotte Observer "The Juggle is Real deftly captures moments of parenthood and life that are so poignant and beautiful that it stops your heart for a beat." Betsy Thorpe, Literary Services

Author : Katherine Wintsch
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release : 2019-03-19
Page : 320
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1492669415
Description :

"Slay Like a Mother is a feisty, clever, and fun blueprint for modern motherhood that belongs on every book shelf and in every diaper bag...As a woman and mother, you'll gain a newfound power, happiness, and ability to leap tall Lego buildings in a single bound."—Erin Falconer, author of How To Get Sh*t Done: Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything So They Can Achieve Anything A revelatory, inspirational guide for mothers to crush their "never enough" mentality and slay every day! Katherine Wintsch knows firsthand the self-doubt that rages inside modern moms. As founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, she has studied the passions and pain points of moms worldwide to help some of the largest brands develop innovative new products and services. As a working mom of two, she was running in an exhausting cycle of "never enough"—not strong enough, not thin enough, not patient enough, not "mom" enough. In Slay Like a Mother, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll discover eye-opening lessons about: THE MASK YOU'RE WEARING. The one you hide behind when you say everything is "just fine" when it's not. YOUR UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. The goal-setting tactics you're deploying to get ahead could be what's holding you back. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRUGGLING AND SUFFERING. Being a mother is a struggle — it always has been — but your suffering is optional. Brave, supportive, and insightful, the stories and advice in this book will encourage you to live more confidently, enjoy the present, and become your best self — as a woman, a mother, and beyond. Perfect for fans of Girl Wash Your Face and #IMomSoHard! ***As featured in The Wall Street Journal and*** Additional Praise for Slay Like a Mother: "Wintsch's style is brisk and forthright with enough humor to make readers laugh even as she illuminates dark corners. Although this is aimed at moms, any woman will find this enlightening and encouraging."—Booklist, STARRED review "Slay Like a Mother is much more than a self-help book for women; it is the end of self-doubt and the beginning of self-love... and that is nothing short of life-changing"—Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Mama

Author : Erin Flynn Jay
Publisher : John Hunt Publishing
Release : 2012-10-26
Page : 206
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 178099124X
Description :

Many working mothers today face great tension between their families and careers. They are more likely than men to feel pressed for time and conflicted about being away from young children while working. They are also more likely to seek out help or guidance. Mastering the Mommy Track tells the stories of everyday working mothers, the challenges they have faced, and lessons learned. It also offers solutions from experts on how mothers can overcome current issues in order to lead happy, healthy lives at home and work.

Author : Christine Adamec
Publisher : Taylor Trade Publishing
Release : 2000-10-01
Page : 240
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN 13 : 1589796357
Description :

Agonize no more, frustrated moms! Moms with ADD is here to help. Rather than pathologize ADD or speculate on causes or medical rationales,Moms with ADD enables readers to recognize ADD and optimize their parenting skills. Filled with anecdotes, quotations, and examples, Christine A. Adamec, coauthor of Do You Have Attention Deficit Disorder?, offers practical coping strategies for family- and job-related concerns. This easy-to-read manual is guaranteed to make moms with ADD happier at home and in the office.

Author : Meghan Regan Regan-Loomis
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release : 2008-10-01
Page : 336
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 1402250649
Description :

The best twin-tested tips used by real moms! The stresses that come with raising two babies are numerous - but they are predictable and manageable. From a mom who's been there, Juggling Twins is a funny, realistic, and reassuring guide for every new mom of twins who may be asking herself, "Can I really pull this off?" From pregnancy to health issues, to eating, sleeping, bathing, and leaving the house, Juggling Twins is packed with the detailed, authoritative information that parents of multiples crave. You'll learn how to: Nurse two babies at the same time, comfortably and efficiently Get exactly the help you need from family and friends in those first few weeks Safely transport two babies at once when it's just you and them Survive the nights by breaking them into shifts (that include you sleeping) Stockpile the right food and supplies in advance of their arrival Maintain your identity and your marriage through the madness Get prepared, stay calm, and count your blessings (two!)—raising twins can be a wonderful, intense challenge that draws on the best in you. "Practical advice and a healthy dose of humor—this book has exactly what parents need to help them survive and thrive with multiples. Recommended reading for all mothers of twins." — Deborah Platek, MD, Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

Author : Pat Gelsinger
Publisher : David C Cook
Release : 2010-01-01
Page : 256
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1434765156
Description :

Lunch is reserved for meetings, technology makes us available anytime, anywhere-and somewhere along the way 9-to-5 morphed into 24/7, and technology makes us available anytime, anywhere. Our demanding schedules crowd out what matters most: family, friends, even our faith. Although it may feel like you're living under the Big Top, take heart. You don't have to be a circus professional to keep all the plates spinning. Pat Gelsinger understands this challenge. As a prominent executive in the Silicon Valley, Pat struggled to juggle* a thriving career with his family. Pat's pursuit of balance led him to dynamic truths that revolutionized his approach to life. The Juggling Act shares Pat's time-tested wisdom for keeping your life in perspective. This updated and expanded revision (formerly Balancing Your Family, Faith & Work) details the guidelines for balanced living, with insights on: • Prioritizing your work, family, and God • Developing a personal mission statement • Becoming an effective employee • Creating a support system • Sharing your faith in the workplace Take a meeting with The Juggling Act. And get your professional-and personal-life on the fast track to success.

Author : Christine Armstrong
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2018-09-06
Page : 336
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1472956230
Description :

Have you ever looked at the lengthy school holiday dates and silently screamed in desperation? Have you gone part time yet are still doing a full-time workload? Have you ever been too afraid to ask about maternity benefits or flexible working? Do you constantly feel guilty about missing school events and secretly envious of other mums at the school gates who seem to be doing it all better than you? If any (or all) of the above rings true for you, you are NOT alone. While the demands of work are increasing with longer working hours and more pressure to remain 'switched on' to our phones and computers, the needs of our children and the world of school and childcare have stayed the same. Something has got to change before we all reach breaking point. The Mother of All Jobs brings together the wisdom of women who opened up about their experiences into a manifesto to help working parents thrive.

Author : Joanne Bell
Publisher : Orca Book Publishers
Release : 2009-10-01
Page : 171
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1554690943
Description :

Trying to understand her father's disappearance, Rachel returns to her childhood home in a remote area of northern Yukon and endures danger and loneliness before she discovers the truth about her father.

Author : Emma Robinson
Publisher : Bookouture
Release : 2018-03-20
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1786813580
Description :

Author : Samantha Brett
Steph Adams
Publisher : Penguin Group Australia
Release : 2019-04-02
Page : 320
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 1760144657
Description :

When authors Steph Adams and Samantha Brett published their first book, The Game Changers, Samantha was dealing with life as a new mum while Steph was heavily pregnant with a three-year-old toddler at home. Eager to learn the secrets of how other mothers try to balance everything in their lives, they began canvassing women around Australia and the world. They quickly discovered that the modern expectation of mothers is demanding and unrelenting. Many are juggling children, partners, careers, families and their own businesses, all at the same time. Whether a woman is staying at home or working full time, raising one child or five, the juggle struggle is real. So many mums - no matter their age or background - are navigating the same dilemmas, posing the same question to themselves: 'Am I doing enough?' So just how can you do it all - and is that even possible? That's where The Juggle comes in! The Juggle features a fabulous range of powerhouse mums, sharing their intimate thoughts, struggles, elations, successes and challenges in these raw, candid and often very funny interviews and essays. With intimate stories of what goes on behind the scenes of their seemingly picture-perfect lives, they're here to let the mums of the world know they are not alone. And that, sometimes, something has to give. Featuring Megan Gale, Pip Edwards, Lisa Wilkinson, Teresa Palmer, Megan Hess, Natalie Barr, Bianca Rinehart, Melissa Odabash, Sally Obermeder, Kathryn Eisman, Nolla Coursaris Musunka, Zoe Marshall, Tammin Sursok, Nikki Phillips, Elle Halliwell, Laura Csortan, Louise Roe, Chriselle Lim and more, with stories of motherhood they've never shared before.

Author : Daniel N Stern
Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern
Publisher : Basic Books
Release : 1998-12-03
Page : 256
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 0786724625
Description :

As you prepare to become a mother, you face an experience unlike any other in your life. Having a baby will redirect your preferences and pleasures and, most likely, will realign some of your values.As you undergo this unique psychological transformation, you will be guided by new hopes, fears, and priorities. In a most startling way, having a child will influence all of your closest relationships and redefine your role in your family's history. The charting of this remarkable, new realm is the subject of this compelling book.Renowned psychiatrist Daniel N. Stern has joined forces with pediatrician and child psychiatrist Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern and journalist Alison Freeland to paint a wonderfully evocative picture of the psychology of motherhood. At the heart of The Birth of a Mother is an arresting premise: Just as a baby develops physically in utero and after birth, so a mother is born psychologically in the many months that precede and follow the birth of her baby.The recognition of this inner transformation emerges from hundreds of interviews with new mothers and decades of clinical experience. Filled with revealing case studies and personal comments from women who have shared this experience, this book will serve as an invaluable sourcebook for new mothers, validating the often confusing emotions that accompany the development of this new identity. In addition to providing insight into the unique state of motherhood, the authors touch on related topics such as going back to work, fatherhood, adoption, and premature birth.During pregnancy, mothers-to-be talk about morning sickness and their changing bodies, and new mothers talk about their exhaustion, the benefits of nursing or bottle-feeding, and the dilemma of whether or when they should return to work. And yet, they can be strangely mute about the dramatic and often overwhelming changes going on in their inner lives. Finally, with The Birth of a Mother, these powerful feelings are eloquently put into words.

Author : Michelle Medlock Adams
Bethany Jett
Publisher : Kregel Publications
Release : 2019-11-19
Page : 280
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0825446163
Description :

Moving, funny devotions crafted for every day by moms who know the drill When women take on the role of mom, they take on a hundred other titles as well: healer, comforter, chef, teacher, cheerleader—and less flattering things like disciplinarian, ruiner of fun times, and chief worrier. In the middle of juggling all those roles, finding room to spend time alone seeking God can seem insurmountable. Moms Michelle Medlock Adams and Bethany Jett understand the struggles—and the joys. They've pulled together their own experiences with the crazy world of parenting as well as the most requested, most talked about topics on mommy blogs. Their research nailed down what moms really want to talk about. And then they created a devotional that speaks straight to the heart of the mommy life. They Call Me Mom is a lighthearted, transparent take on the real-life ups and downs mothers face through all stages of parenting. Whether mom just brought home her first baby or she has several kids and zero time, she'll find relatable words and helpful encouragement in these pages. And with one devotion for every week of the year, it's easy to fit in a few minutes with God in the middle of a full parenting life.

Author : Rachel Connelly
Kristen Ghodsee
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Release : 2011-07-01
Page : 246
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN 13 : 1442208600
Description :

Professor Mommy is designed as a guide for women who want to combine the life of the mind with the joys of motherhood. The book provides practical suggestions from the authors' experiences together with those of other women who have successfully combined parenting with professorships. Professor Mommy addresses key questions—when to have children and how many, what kinds of academic institutions are the most family friendly, how to negotiate around the myths that many people hold about academic life, etc.—for women throughout all stages of their academic careers, from graduate school through full professor. The authors follow the demands of motherhood all the way from the infant stages through the empty nest. At each stage, the authors offer invaluable advice and tested strategies from women who have successfully juggled the demands and rewards of an academic career and motherhood. Written in clear, jargon-free prose, the book is accessible to women in all disciplines, with concise chapters for the time-constrained academic. The book's conversational tone is supplemented with a review of the most current scholarship on work/family balance and a survey of emerging family-friendly practices at U.S. colleges and universities. Professor Mommy asserts that the faculty mother has become and will remain a permanent fixture on the landscape of the American academy.The paperback edition features a new Preface that addresses the public conversation about mothers and work raised in Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and Ann Marie Slaughter’s Why Women Still Can’t Have it All. The new Preface also answers frequently asked questions from readers.

Author : Sue Miller
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2016-03-08
Page : 336
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0062463500
Description :

Sue Miller’s critically acclaimed bestseller about a woman torn between motherhood and sexuality "A tour de force. Sue Miller goes straight to the dark heart of the matter of modern sexual morality." --Russell Banks Recently divorced, Anna Dunlap has two passionate attachments: her daughter, four-year-old Molly, and her lover, Leo, the man who makes her feel beautiful—and sexual—for the first time. Swept away by happiness and passion, Anna feels she has everything she's ever wanted. Then come the shocking charges that would threaten her new love, her new "family". . . that force her to prove she is a good mother.

Author : Melanee Thomas
Amanda Bittner
Publisher : UBC Press
Release : 2017-06-15
Page : 372
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 0774834617
Description :

The first major comparative analysis of parenthood in politics, Mothers and Others brings together leading scholars of gender and politics to discuss the role of parental status in political life. Examining three main areas of citizen engagement within the political system – parenthood and political careers, parenthood and the media, and parenthood and political behaviour – they argue that being a parent is a gendered identity that influences how, why, and to what extent women (and men) engage with politics. This raises important questions about how career politicians, voters, and the media navigate the intersection of gender, parental status, and politics.

Author : Craig Child
Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
Release : 2020-04-10
Page : 30
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1646281772
Description :

Any good juggler can juggle balls and bowling pins, but who would dare juggle dynamite and live to tell about it? The juggler would! You will be delighted reading about all the other amazing things the juggler can juggle!

Author : Aimee Molloy
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2018-05-01
Page : 336
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0062696815
Description :

THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER AND MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF THE SUMMER—SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING SCANDAL’S KERRY WASHINGTON An addictive psychological thriller about a group of women whose lives become unexpectedly connected when one of their newborns goes missing. A night out. A few hours of fun. That’s all it was meant to be. They call themselves the May Mothers—a group of new moms whose babies were born in the same month. Twice a week, they get together in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for some much-needed adult time. When the women go out for drinks at the hip neighborhood bar, they want a fun break from their daily routine. But on this hot Fourth of July night, something goes terrifyingly wrong: one of the babies is taken from his crib. Winnie, a single mom, was reluctant to leave six-week-old Midas with a babysitter, but her fellow May Mothers insisted everything would be fine. Now he is missing. What follows is a heart-pounding race to find Midas, during which secrets are exposed, marriages are tested, and friendships are destroyed. Thirteen days. An unexpected twist. The Perfect Mother is a "true page turner." —B.A. Paris, author of Behind Closed Doors