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Author : John C. Maxwell
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release : 2012-08-27
Page : 20
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1400275717
Description :

Henry Ford is considered an icon of American business for revolutionizing the automobile industry. So what caused him to stumble so badly that his son feared Ford Motor Company would go out of business? He was held captive by the Law of Empowerment.

Author : George Thomas Kurian
Mark A. Lamport
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release : 2015-05-07
Page : 1678
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0810884933
Description :

This reference work tells the unique history of Christian education and shows how Christian educators pioneered such institutions and reforms as universal literacy, home schooling, Sunday schools, women's education, graded schools, compulsory education of the deaf and blind, and kindergarten.

Author : Ilan Kapoor
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Release : 2018-09
Page : 342
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1496208595
Description :

Psychoanalysis and the GlObal is about the hole at the heart of the "glObal," meaning the instability and indecipherability that lies at the hub of globalization. The contributors use psychoanalysis to expose the unconscious desires, excesses, and antagonisms that accompany the world of economic flows, cultural circulation, and sociopolitical change. Unlike the mainstream discourse of globalization, which most often assumes unencumbered movement across borders, these contributors uncover what Lacan calls "the Real" of the glObal--its rifts, gaps, exceptions, and contradictions. Psychoanalysis and the GlObal adopts a psychoanalytic lens to highlight the unconscious circuits of enjoyment, racism, and anxiety that trouble, if not undermine, globalization's economic, cultural, and environmental goals or gains. The contributors interrogate how unconscious desires and drives are externalized in our increasingly globalizing world: the ways in which traumas and emotional conflicts are integral to the disjunctures, homogeneities, and contingencies of global interactions; how social passions are manifested and materialized in political economy as much as in climate change, urban architecture, refugee and gender politics, or the growth of neo-populism; and how the unconscious serves as a basis for the rise and breakdown of popular movements against authoritarianism and neoliberal globalization. Psychoanalysis and the GlObal represents a major step forward in understanding globalization and also in extending the range and power of psychoanalytic critiques in, and of, geography.

Author : Helen Narh
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2019-06-10
Page : 214
Category : Self-Help
ISBN 13 : 1728388589
Description :

Discover, part I of a three-part book, helps teenagers to grow in self-discovery, in their passions, and in their dreams. It also allows them to deal with low self-esteem, fear, and bullying, and it teaches them to develop a positive self-image. In this book, teenagers will learn to understand different concepts, such as purpose, gift, skill, potential, friendship, job, passion, and much more. Transform, part II of a three-part book, shows teenagers how to be transformed and how to understand the process required to grow from within and become a person who displays character and good values. This part helps teenagers to picture themselves as leaders who take ownership of their choices and who apply concepts and principles that teach them how to become more responsible. Influence, part III of a three-part book, teaches teenagers to influence the world in which they live and to grow in the concept of leadership. The world needs future leaders who understand good values and exemplify character; leaders who serve their people without selfish motives and who love the people around them. In this part, teenagers will learn to change their mindset about how to become successful and how to positively influence their communities. Indeed, teenagers are looking for inspiration; they are looking for something different that will change their self-paradigms and how they see the world. Hopefully, having this book in schools as part of the curriculum will help teenagers become global citizens of tomorrow. I believe that through this books, teachers, parents, and teenagers will be inspired, transformed, and motivated to become better versions of themselves. It would benefit schools to balance theory with practice and allow students to discover themselves. These parts are mixed with inspirational quotes, self-developing topics, and coaching questions to allow teenagers to discover where they are in life and focus on what they want to accomplish. This book is teenager-friendly and will guide teens to understand the action steps they need to take in order to embrace their destinies.

Author : Lars Spuybroek
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2020-11-26
Page : 464
Category : Architecture
ISBN 13 : 1350020818
Description :

How do we live well? The first sentence of Grace and Gravity raises the fundamental question that constantly occupies our minds-and of all those who lived before us. Paradoxically, the impossibility of answering this question opens up the very room needed to find ways of living well. It is the gap where all disciplines fall short, where architecture does not fit its inhabitants, where economy is not based on shortage, where religion cannot be explained by its followers, and where technology works far beyond its own principles. According to Lars Spuybroek, the prize-winning former architect, this marks the point where the “paradoxical machine” of grace reveals its powers, a point where we “cannot say if we are moving or being moved”. Following the trail of grace leads him to a new form of analysis that transcends the age-old opposition between appearances and technology. Linking up a dazzling and often delightful variety of sources-monkeys, paintings, lamp posts, octopuses, tattoos, bleeding fingers, rose windows, robots, smart phones, spirits, saints, and fossils-with profound meditations on living, death, consciousness, and existence, Grace and Gravity offers an eye-opening provocation to a wide range of art historians, architects, theologians, anthropologists, artists, media theorists and philosophers.

Author : Nirmala Buch
Publisher : Concept Publishing Company
Release : 2006
Page : 118
Category : Birth control
ISBN 13 : 9788180692611
Description :

In Indian context.

Author : Jason David BeDuhn
Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
Release : 2013-06-07
Page : 584
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 0812207858
Description :

By 388 C.E., Augustine had broken with the Manichaeism of his early adulthood and wholeheartedly embraced Nicene Christianity as the tradition with which he would identify and within which he would find meaning. Yet conversion rarely, if ever, represents a clean and total break from the past. As Augustine defined and became a "Catholic" self, he also intently engaged with Manichaeism as a rival religious system. This second volume of Jason David BeDuhn's detailed reconsideration of Augustine's life and letters explores the significance of the fact that these two processes unfolded together. BeDuhn identifies the Manichaean subtext to be found in nearly every work written by Augustine between 388 and 401 and demonstrates Augustine's concern with refuting his former beliefs without alienating the Manichaeans he wished to win over. To achieve these ends, Augustine modified and developed his received Nicene Christian faith, strengthening it where it was vulnerable to Manichaean critique and taking it in new directions where he found room within an orthodox frame of reference to accommodate Manichaean perspectives and concerns. Against this background, BeDuhn is able to shed new light on the complex circumstances and purposes of Augustine's most famous work, The Confessions, as well as his distinctive reading of Paul and his revolutionary concept of grace. Augustine's Manichaean Dilemma, Volume 2 demonstrates the close interplay between Augustine's efforts to work out his own "Catholic" persona and the theological positions associated with his name, between the sometimes dramatic twists and turns of his own personal life and his theoretical thinking.

Author : Snehendu B. Kar
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2018-05-25
Page : 544
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 0199384665
Description :

Empowerment of Women for Promoting Health and Quality of Life reviews the evolution of modern Public Health and Global Public Health and the role of women's empowerment for promoting global health. It critically reviews the evolution of global health since the 1990s when the UN initiated the Human Development Approach and adopted the millennial development goals through global consensuses. It analyses the paradigm shifts from disease-based prevention using the Public Health model to a new paradigm focusing on the root causes of health problems globally (e.g. inequalities, powerlessness). It reviews the philosophical, theoretical and empirical foundations of these paradigms. The second section presents our meta-analysis of 86 successful women's empowerment case-studies around the world that address threats to health and well-being of their families and communities. These movements represent four domains: human-rights, equal-rights, health, and income. Using an EMPOWER (acronym) framework designed for the meta-analysis, it answers six questions: can ordinary women organize empowerment movements that enhance the well-being of their families and communities; if so, what are their characteristics; what problems motivate them; which empowerment methods are used and do they vary by domains; who support and oppose them and how; and what are the social contexts that affect their movements. Success consists of: accomplishing the original goal/s, external recognition and/or replication by others, and subjective and objective empowerment outcomes. A summary of each case allows readers to learn directly from that movement. The final chapter critically reviews the key findings, issues and their implications for policy, actions, and research in human service professions.

Author :
Publisher :
Release : 1990
Page :
Category : People with disabilities
ISBN 13 :
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Author : Lisa Van Allen Phd
Publisher : Balboa Press
Release : 2013-01
Page : 258
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 1452566356
Description :

TRANSFORM YOUR BELIEFS TO TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD In this award-winning book, Dr. Lisa Van Allen calls you to live the rich, full life you were designed to lead by breaking through self-limiting beliefs like scarcity, fear, hopelessness, and perfectionism. You will learn how it is possible to build 7 essential beliefs like resilience, initiative, and abundance into your life. ? How beliefs are formed and how they affect your mind, body, and spirit ? Seven powerful beliefs that create success, and the false, skewed beliefs that create failure ? Practical exercises to transform and strengthen your beliefs ? Inspiring stories of courageous belief-builders who prove it?s possible to break lifelong patterns of self-sabotage and defeat. If they can do it, so can you! ?Dr. Lisa has shown us how to put our attention on the beliefs that build us up and eliminate focus from those beliefs that get in our way.? ?JANET BRAY ATTWOOD, New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test?The Effortless Path to Living Your Life Purpose ?Deftly weaving threads from psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching, Dr. Lisa offers a sound paradigm and clear pathway for identifying your negative beliefs and stopping them in their tracks. If you want to learn how to stop sabotaging your success, get this book. Read it. And apply it.? - RACHNA D. JAIN, PsyD, Author, Overcome Rejection: The SMART Way

Author : Liz Curran
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2021-04-20
Page : 314
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 0429602332
Description :

How as a society can we find ways of ensuring the people who are the most vulnerable or have little voice can avail themselves of the protection in law to improve their social, cultural, health and economic outcomes as befits civilised society? Better Law for a Better World answers this question by looking at innovative practices and developments emerging within law practice and education and shares the skills and techniques that could lead to confidence in the law and its ability to respond. Using recent research from Australia, practice initiatives and information, the book breaks down ways for law students, legal educators and law practitioners (including judicial officers, law administrators, legislators and policy makers) to enhance access to justice and improve outcomes through new approaches to lawyering. These can include: Multi-Disciplinary Practice (including health justice partnerships); integrated justice practice; restorative practice; empowerment modes (community & professional development and policy skills); client-centred approaches and collaborative interdisciplinary practice informed by practical experience. The book contains critical information on what such practice might look like and the elements that will be required in the development of the essential skills and criteria for such practice. It seeks to open up a dialogue about how we can make the law better. This includes making the community more central to the operation of the law and improving client-centred practice so that the Rule of Law can deliver on its claims to serve, protect and ensure equality before the law. It explores practical ways that emerging lawyers can be trained differently to ensure improved communication, collaboration, problem solving, partnership and interpersonal skills. The book explores the challenges of such work. It also gives suggestions on how to reduce professional barriers and variations in practice to effectively, humanely and efficiently make a difference in people’s lives. The book builds essential skills and new approaches to lawyering for law students, legal educators, new lawyers and seasoned lawyers, judicial members and law administrators to equip them to better respond to community need. It looks at the law in context by also exploring the role of the law in improving the social determinants of health and socially just outcomes.

Author : Hazel Fox
Philippa Webb
Publisher : OUP Oxford
Release : 2013-08-29
Page : 704
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 019166975X
Description :

The doctrine of state immunity bars a national court from adjudicating or enforcing claims against foreign states. This doctrine, the foundation for high-profile national and international decisions such as those in the Pinochet case and the Arrest Warrant cases, has always been controversial. The reasons for the controversy are many and varied. Some argue that state immunity paves the way for state violations of human rights. Others argue that the customary basis for the doctrine is not a sufficient basis for regulation and that codification is the way forward. Furthermore, it can be argued that even when judgments are made in national courts against other states, the doctrine makes enforcement of these decisions impossible. This fully restructured new edition provides a detailed analysis of these issues in a more clear and accessible manner. It provides a nuanced assessment of the development of the doctrine of state immunity, including a general comprehensive overview of the plea of immunity of a foreign state, its characteristics, and its operation as a bar to proceedings in national courts of another state. It includes a coherent history and justification of the plea of state immunity, demonstrating its development from the absolute to the restrictive phase, arguing that state immunity can now be seen to be developing into a third phase which uses immunity allocate adjudicative and enforcement jurisdictions between the foreign and the territorial states. The United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of states and their Property is thoroughly assessed. Through a detailed examination of the sources of law and of English and US case law, and a comparative analysis of other types of immunity, the authors explore both the law as it stands, and what it could and should be in years to come.

Author : Dieter Fleck
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2018-04-04
Page : 700
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 0192536419
Description :

The legal position of visiting forces transcends domestic and international law and is of growing importance in our increasingly globalized and insecure world. 'In area' and 'out of area' operations, both for the purpose of establishing and maintaining peace and in connection with the conduct of other military operations and training, are likely to become more frequent for a variety of reasons. Finding where the applicable law places the balance between the interests, sensitivities and needs of the host state and the requirements, often practical in nature, of the visiting force is a key objective in ensuring that the relationship between hosts and 'guests' is and remains harmonious. All of this must be achieved in an increasingly complex legal environment. This fully updated second edition of The Handbook of the Law of Visiting Forces addresses the issues surrounding visiting forces and provides a full overview of the legal framework in which they operate. Through an analysis of jurisprudence and historical developments, it offers a comparative commentary to the UN, NATO, and other SOFA rules. The Handbook then continues its analysis through cases studies of visiting forces in key countries, including a fully updated chapter on Afghanistan that considers the various stages of the conflict , before offering conclusions on the current state of the law and its likely future development.

Author : Jay Satia
Anant Kumar
Publisher : SAGE Publications India
Release : 2014-09-24
Page : 380
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9351501310
Description :

This book presents a visionary leadership framework and its application toward delivering superior value in health. It provides a road map on how to create shared vision, assess vision–reality gap, identify paths to pursue, inspire, and empower stakeholders, and utilize results-based management to deliver superior value. By linking leadership and management in health rather than juxtaposing them, the book argues that the task of every health professional requires a mix of leadership and management, although their relative emphasis may vary as per the context and content of the health program. The book will equip health professionals to not only improve personal performance but also enhance the value that their health programs will generate for their beneficiaries.

Author : Bert Mullings
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release : 2008-08-01
Page : 148
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1606476416
Description :

All of us are seeking the kingdom to live an empowered life. Kingdom empowerment challenges every human potential to rediscover the ultimate reason why man was sent to earth. Man can power himself into an empowered lifestyle by taking a closer look at God's Word as a blueprint to vision and destiny. These principles lay the foundation for man to answer the age-old question, am I born empowered, and can I live an empowered life. As you journey through this book you will be powered with: The meaning of kingdom empowerment. How to execute the spoken Word to live an empowered life. The keys to bury the past. How to pursue the king. How to pursue personal, corporate, and global vision. How to embrace process. How to invest in the kingdom. Why every human potential needs to be stubborn and persistent. How to start the empowerment journey. Bert Mullings is founder and President of Kingdom Empowerment Ministries International, (KEMI), a global network of ministries that focus on "Empowering Leaders To Take Dominion." Reconnected to the Source of Empowerment at age of 11 and empowered with a global vision at the age of 37, Bert Mullings is now on a mission to fulfill the Kingdom empowerment mandate of Heaven. Mr. Mullings has held numerous Chairman & CEO positions for organizations in marketing, training and organizational development, and consulting. He is the author of the "First Principles of Customer Service College Textbook" in the world called Principles of Customer Service-A Systematic Approach to Customer Service Delivery. He has earned his business degree in Marketing from Savannah State University with honors and has traveled extensively. He is a preacher and a teacher with a passionto spreading the uncompromised message of the Kingdom to every ethnos.

Author : John C. Maxwell
Publisher : HarperCollins Leadership
Release : 2020-01-28
Page : 256
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 0718098676
Description :

What is the greatest return on a leader’s time? After leaders have invested in their own leadership growth, what is the best way to accomplish their vision and grow their organizations? Develop leaders! The more leaders an organization has and the better equipped they are to lead, the more successful the organization and all of its leaders. Number one New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell is often identified as the most influential leadership expert in the world. In the last twenty-five years, he has grown from equipping a handful of leaders in one organization to developing millions of business, government, and nonprofit leaders in every country around the world. In The Leader’s Greatest Return, Maxwell shares the most important lessons he’s learned about the leadership development process over the last quarter century. He instructs readers in how to Recognize potential leaders Attract leaders by creating a leadership “table” Work themselves out of a job by equipping and empowering leaders Position leaders to build a winning team Coach leaders to higher levels and make them leadership developers themselves This is where leaders really experience the compounding value of developing leaders and go to the highest levels of leadership themselves. Anyone who wants to take the next step in their leadership, build their organization or team today, and create their legacy for tomorrow needs to read The Leader’s Greatest Return.

Author : Carol J. Pierce Colfer
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2010-09-30
Page : 456
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 113652276X
Description :

Indonesia contains some of Asias most biodiverse and threatened forests. The challenges result from both long-term management problems and the political, social, and economic turmoil of the past few years. The contributors to Which Way Forward? explore recent events in Indonesia, while focusing on what can be done differently to counter the destruction of forests due to asset-stripping, corruption, and the absence of government authority. Contributors to the book include anthropologists, economists, foresters, geographers, human ecologists, and policy analysts. Their concerns include the effects of government policies on people living in forests, the impact of the economic crisis on small farmers, links between corporate debt and the forest sector, and the fires of the late 1990s. By analyzing the nations dramatic circumstances, they hope to demonstrate how Indonesia as well as other developing countries might handle their challenges to protect biodiversity and other resources, meet human needs, and deal with political change. The book includes an afterword by Emil Salim, former Indonesian Minister of State for Population and the Environment and former president of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme. A copublication of Resources for the Future and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS).

Author : Peter Kange
Publisher : Outskirts Press
Release : 2017-08-23
Page : 224
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 1478790970
Description :

Many people talk about the “game of life,” yet few among the masses understand the rules that govern it. Finally, Now You Can teaches you to connect the dots of your life by looking backward. Most people give up easily when confronted by adversity, but this comprehensive yet straightforward book will show you that there is power beyond you, an ability you can tap into in time of need. Anyone can feel good, be positive, and have faith under good circumstances, but we are most challenged mentally, spiritually, and physically when we get knocked down. It takes grace to deal with the floor, grace to stand back up, and grace to start over again. Take full responsibility for your life! When change and achievement knock at your door, grab the opportunity and say to all odds, “I am in control here. I am not going to let circumstances keep me down. I am not going to let occurrences destroy me. I am coming back better and stronger than ever.” It shall be your declaration of faith—your mantra for moving forward. Don’t give up; there is always an answer to everything. GRACE has you covered!

Author : Thérèse Callus
Brigitte Feuillet – Liger
Publisher : Primento
Release : 2013-12-18
Page : 434
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 2802745379
Description :

Object of fascination and fantasy, the female body can be idealized, reified or shrouded. “It is we who make women what they are worth and that is why they are worthless”, proclaimed Mirabeau in the days of the Enlightenment, to which Aragon later replied: “Woman is the future of Man”. The ambiguities of the female body are therein exposed. This work examines the relationship between the female body and biomedicine. Many possibilities are offered to women through biomedical techniques: from assistance to procreate (with assisted reproduction) to refusal to do so (contraception, voluntary sterilization, termination of pregnancy); to be informed of genetic predispositions (through the use of available genetic tests); or to improve their physical appearance with cosmetic surgery. But a recurrent question arises: with its rapid progress and its extreme medicalization of the body, can biomedicine liberate women? Or rather, given the risks of the commodification of the body or its parts, is it not a source of exploitation ? The authors of this work, jurists, anthropologists, philosophers, sociologists and doctors, have explored these questions. The contributions from nineteen countries in this international multidisciplinary study analyse the reality of the amazing developments of biomedicine on the female body. Numerous systems are compared for the first time; European, African, North and South American, but also Chinese and Japanese. Beyond highlighting differences, and identifying similarities in the development of “enhancement medicine”, the objective of this work is ultimately to show the complexity surrounding the question of a woman’s freedom over her body and the extent to which this is limited by the State.

Author : Phil Murray
Publisher :
Release : 1995
Page : 238
Category : Contentment
ISBN 13 : 1898716455
Description :

Blending Ageless Wisdom into modern day life, Phil completes his spirit, mind and body trilogy with this thought provoking work.