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Author : Janet Evanovich
Lee Goldberg
Publisher : Bantam
Release : 2017-02-28
Page : 352
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0553392794
Description :

"Janet Evanovich, author of the blockbuster Stephanie Plum novels, and Lee Goldberg, writer for the Monk television show, team up once again in their rollicking, New York Times bestselling Fox and O'Hare series! Nicolas Fox, international con man, thief, and one of the top ten fugitives on the FBI's most-wanted list, has been kidnapped from a beachfront retreat in Hawaii. What the kidnapper doesn't know is that Nick Fox has been secretly working for the FBI. It isn't long before Nick's covert partner, Special Agent Kate O'Hare, is in hot pursuit of the crook who stole her con man. The trail leads to Belgium, France, and Italy, and pits Nick and Kate against their deadliest adversary yet: Dragan Kovic, an ex-Serbian military officer. He's plotting a crime that will net him billions. and cost thousands of American lives. Nick and Kate have to mount the most daring, risky, and audacious con they've ever attempted to save a major U.S. city from a catastrophe of epic proportions. Luckily they have the help of an eccentric out-of-work actor, a bandit who does his best work in the sewers, and Kate's dad, Jake. The pressure's on for Nick and Kate to make this work--even if they have to lay their lives on the line. The fifth in the bestselling Fox and O'Hare suspense series that "[mixes] humor from Evanovich and Goldberg's books with the intricate cons seen in the best episodes of Mission: Impossible"--

Author : A. W. Tozer
General Press
Release : 2019-03-05
Page : 256
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 : 9388760506
Description :

The Pursuit of God teaches us the value of knowing God through our personal experience instead of thinking of Him as an abstract being. With constant communication with God, we will be able to develop a personal relationship with Him. Tozer asserts that God never ceases to speak to us, and we only need to listen and engage in a conversation with our Heavenly Father. The author main goal is to provide insights on how we can establish habits and a lifestyle dedicated unto God. As Christians, we should not divide our lives into the secular and the sacred; rather, we should do our best to life a life dedicated to God's glory. Our goal to conform to Christ's image should be evident in our words, actions and daily life. Using examples from Scripture and from the lives of saints who lived with this thirst for God, Tozer sheds light on the path to a closer walk with God.

Author : Rudi Matthee
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release : 2021-05-11
Page : 368
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1400832608
Description :

From ancient times to the present day, Iranian social, political, and economic life has been dramatically influenced by psychoactive agents. This book looks at the stimulants that, as put by a longtime resident of seventeenth-century Iran, Raphaël du Mans, provided Iranians with damagh, gave them a "kick," got them into a good mood. By tracing their historical trajectory and the role they played in early modern Iranian society (1500-1900), Rudi Matthee takes a major step in extending contemporary debates on the role of drugs and stimulants in shaping the modern West. At once panoramic and richly detailed, The Pursuit of Pleasure examines both the intoxicants known since ancient times--wine and opiates--and the stimulants introduced later--tobacco, coffee, and tea--from multiple angles. It brings together production, commerce, and consumption to reveal the forces behind the spread and popularity of these consumables, showing how Iranians adapted them to their own needs and tastes and integrated them into their everyday lives. Matthee further employs psychoactive substances as a portal for a set of broader issues in Iranian history--most notably, the tension between religious and secular leadership. Faced with reality, Iran's Shi`i ulama turned a blind eye to drug use as long as it stayed indoors and did not threaten the social order. Much of this flexibility remains visible underneath the uncompromising exterior of the current Islamic Republic.

Author : Chris Gardner
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2009-03-17
Page : 320
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 0061750581
Description :

The astounding yet true rags-to-riches saga of a homeless father who raised and cared for his son on the mean streets of San Francisco and went on to become a crown prince of Wall Street At the age of twenty, Milwaukee native Chris Gardner, just out of the Navy, arrived in San Francisco to pursue a promising career in medicine. Considered a prodigy in scientific research, he surprised everyone and himself by setting his sights on the competitive world of high finance. Yet no sooner had he landed an entry-level position at a prestigious firm than Gardner found himself caught in a web of incredibly challenging circumstances that left him as part of the city's working homeless and with a toddler son. Motivated by the promise he made to himself as a fatherless child to never abandon his own children, the two spent almost a year moving among shelters, "HO-tels," soup lines, and even sleeping in the public restroom of a subway station. Never giving in to despair, Gardner made an astonishing transformation from being part of the city's invisible poor to being a powerful player in its financial district. More than a memoir of Gardner's financial success, this is the story of a man who breaks his own family's cycle of men abandoning their children. Mythic, triumphant, and unstintingly honest, The Pursuit of Happyness conjures heroes like Horatio Alger and Antwone Fisher, and appeals to the very essence of the American Dream.

Author : Muriel Bruce Hasbrouck
Publisher : Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
Release : 1986-11
Page : 224
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 13 : 9780892811212
Description :

This synthesis of the ancient mysteries goes beyond astrology and Tarot to shed new light on the eternal question of personal destiny. The author examines the conditioning factors of time and birthdate and reveals a ten-day cycle formula that will help you understand yourself and others with amazing accuracy.

Author : Rajmani Tigunait
Katha Upanishad
Publisher : Himalayan Institute Press
Release : 2008
Page : 136
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 13 : 0893892742
Description :

This is a new and contemporary translation of one of India's most revered texts - The Katha Upanishad. Tigunait delights us with an understandable version of one of the most difficult texts of all religious traditions. The story is of a young boy who compels the Lord of Death to reveal the secret of what happens after we die. Tigunait's commentary and translation make this text ideal for anyone looking for inner growth and enlightenment.

Author : Chalmers Brothers
Publisher : New Possibilites Press
Release : 2004-08-01
Page : 295
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN 13 : 9780974948706
Description :

"In this book ... you will discover a powerful new way of understanding your language, your relationships, your results and - most importantly - yourself."--Back cover.

Author : Richard Holmes
Publisher : New York Review of Books
Release : 2003
Page : 830
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9781590170373
Description :

This winner of the Somerset Maugham Award dispenses with the established picture of Percy Bysshe Shelley as a blandly ethereal character by projecting a startling image of the poet as a radical agitator, atheist, and apostle of free love, as well as a brilliant poetic innovator.

Author : Jamie Cullum
Publisher :
Release : 2009-11
Page : 108
Category : Popular music
ISBN 13 : 9780571533978
Description :

Author : Joyce Carol Oates
Publisher : Grove Press
Release : 2019-09-27
Page : 144
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0802147925
Description :

From the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, “a compelling domestic horror story” of a new bride haunted by childhood nightmares (Kirkus Reviews). Less than twenty-four hours after exchanging vows with her new husband, Willem, Abby steps out into traffic. As his wife lies in her hospital bed, sleeping in fits and starts, Willem tries to determine whether this was an absentminded accident or a premeditated plunge, and he quickly discovers a mysterious set of clues about what his wife might be hiding. Why, for example is there a rash-like red mark circling her wrist? What does she dream about that causes her to wake from the sound of her own screams? Slowly, Abby begins to open up to her husband, revealing to him what she has never shared with anyone before—a story of a terrified mother; a jealous, drug-addled father; a daughter’s terrifying captivity; and the demons behind her terrible recurring dreams of wandering through a field ridden with human skulls and bones… From a recipient of a National Book Award and three Bram Stoker Awards, this suspenseful, twisting tale, named one of the scariest books of the year by Kirkus Reviews, is a “fast-paced examination of the destructive and restorative nature of obsessive love” (Booklist).

Author : George Prochnik
Publisher : Anchor
Release : 2011
Page : 352
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 0767931211
Description :

Examines why society began to be so loud, what it is that gets lost when one can no longer find quiet, and the benefits of decluttering our sonic world.

Author : Courtney Milan
Publisher : Courtney Milan
Release : 2018-06-26
Page :
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1937248674
Description :

What do a Black American soldier, invalided out at Yorktown, and a white British officer who deserted his post have in common? Quite a bit, actually. • They attempted to kill each other the first time they met. • They're liable to try again at some point in the five-hundred mile journey that they're inexplicably sharing. • They are not falling in love with each other. • They are not falling in love with each other. • They are… Oh, no. The Pursuit Of… is a love affair between two men and the Declaration of Independence. It’s a novella of around 38,000 words.

Author : Nancy Mitford
Publisher : Vintage Books USA
Release : 1945
Page : 214
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0307740811
Description :

The snobbery and false values of the English country nobility are satirized in these two love stories involving the well-established Radlett and Hampton families.

Author : Robert Freedman
Publisher : Algora Publishing
Release : 2014-08-01
Page : 178
Category : Music
ISBN 13 : 1628940840
Description :

Rush is often referred to as a libertarian rock band, but really what the band is channeling is an Aristotelian individualism, a philosophy that strongly resonates with today's 40-somethings. This helps explain the band's resurgence in popularity, culminating in its 2013 induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Author : Lori Wick
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Release : 2009-01-01
Page : 300
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0736931775
Description :

Lori Wick's bestselling English Garden series (more than 720,000 copies sold) is filled with engaging characters and stories. Now with fresh, new covers, each of the four books in the series will hold a favorite spot on the nightstand or bookshelf of any reader who loves a great romance. The Pursuit, book four in the series, is set in the spring of 1812, in Collingbourne, England. Edward Steele has enjoyed a great adventure in Africa with his brother, Henry. Now Henry has returned to England, and Edward is ready to follow. However, on his way home, he tells two strangers he will help them, and he stands by that promise. Little does he know that meeting these two men will delay his return, lead him to encounter a woman who captivates him, and change his life forever. Rerelease with new cover.

Author : Richard J. Evans
Publisher : Viking Adult
Release : 2016-11-29
Page : 928
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 9780670024575
Description :

From the bestselling author of The Third Reich at War, a masterly account of Europe in the age of its global hegemony; the latest volume in the Penguin History of Europe series Richard J. Evans, bestselling historian of Nazi Germany, returns with a monumental new addition to the acclaimed Penguin History of Europe series, covering the period from the fall of Napoleon to the outbreak of World War I. Evans's gripping narrative ranges across a century of social and national conflicts, from the revolutions of 1830 and 1848 to the unification of both Germany and Italy, from the Russo-Turkish wars to the Balkan upheavals that brought this era of relative peace and growing prosperity to an end. Among the great themes it discusses are the decline of religious belief and the rise of secular science and medicine, the journey of art, music, and literature from Romanticism to Modernism, the replacement of old-regime punishments by the modern prison, the end of aristocratic domination and the emergence of industrial society, and the dramatic struggle of feminists for women's equality and emancipation. Uniting the era's broad-ranging transformations was the pursuit of power in all segments of life, from the banker striving for economic power to the serf seeking to escape the power of his landlord, from the engineer asserting society's power over the environment to the psychiatrist attempting to exert science's power over human nature itself. The first single-volume history of the century, this comprehensive and sweeping account gives the reader a magnificently human picture of Europe in the age when it dominated the rest of the globe.

Author : Margaret Marsh
Wanda Ronner
Publisher : Johns Hopkins University Press
Release : 2019-08-06
Page : 288
Category : Medical
ISBN 13 : 1421429845
Description :

Along the way, the book dispels a number of fertility myths, offers policy recommendations that are intended to bring clarity and judgment to this complicated medical history, and reveals why the United States is still known as the "Wild Westof reproductive medicine.

Author : Diana Mosley
Publisher : Gibson Square Books
Release : 2009
Page : 570
Category : Fascists
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Diana Mitford is one of the surprise discoveries of the phenomenally successful collection of Mitford letters published for Christmas 2007. This paperback edition is expanded with articles on Oswald Mosley and Lord Berners.

Author : A. W. Tozer
Publisher : e-artnow
Release : 2020-04-02
Page : 479
Category : Religion
ISBN 13 :
Description :

e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited A. W. Tozer collection, The Pursuit of the Devine: Paths to Power The Pursuit of God The Divine Conquest How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit The Root of the Righteous The Knowledge of the Holy "The Pursuit of God" is an inspirational guide for Christians seeking to get closer to God. The author identifies one of the major problems of the Christian Church. He suggests that the Church is making a new type of Christian who understands the Christian doctrine better than ever throughout the history, but still fails to understand what it really means to be a follower of Christ. Having identified the problem, Tozer offers a beautiful solution that is more practical and mystical than theological. He encourages the Christian to take the seeking of God and make it the foundation upon which their life is built. Being a mystic, he focuses on experience, feeling and hearing God's voice as important to faith. "The Divine Conquest" was written as a sequel to "The Pursuit of God" with the aim of assuring the believers that if they want to know the power of Christ, they must be invaded by God.

Author : Anthony Howard
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 1990
Page : 370
Category : Great Britain
ISBN 13 :
Description :

This is the first biography of Crossman and its author has had access to the subject's private papers. Both Crossman's personal life and political carrer are scrutinized by the mind of an experienced political commentator. It is shown how a matrimonial entanglement wrecked Crossman's chances of becoming an Oxford don and made him turn to politics. And indeed Crossman's ambivalent attitude to politics is revealed in his diaries.