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Author : Stephen Bottomore
Publisher : The Projection Box
Release : 2000
Page : 191
Category : Shipwrecks
ISBN 13 : 9781903000007
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"Number nine in a series of monographs on pre-cinema and early film."

Author : Michael Wedel
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Release : 2019-05-20
Page : 228
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 3110612372
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German film in the Wilhelmine and Weimar periods is regarded as marked by a strong sense of cultural conservatism and the aspiration to be recognized as an art form. This book takes an alternative approach to the history of German cinema from the emergence of the early feature film to the transition to sound by focusing on the poetics of popular genres such as the disaster film, melodrama, the musical and the war film, exploring their cultural reverberations and modes of audience address. Based on the assumption that popular cinema contributed immensely to the breakthrough of a modern audiovisual "culture of the senses" in Germany between 1910 and 1930, Pictorial Affects, Senses of Rupture offers close readings of a number of rarely analyzed films, including one of the first cinematic adaptations of the Titanic disaster from 1912 and the German version of All Quiet on the Western Front from 1930. Restoring the films' horizons of historicity by locating them at crucial points of intersection between social, cultural, technological and aesthetic discourses, this book argues for the prominent role popular German cinema’s own forms of discursivity have played within the historical formation of modernity.

Author : Nic Leonhardt
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-09-15
Page : 336
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 3030763552
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Theatre Across Oceans: Mediators Of Transatlantic Exchange allows the reader to enter and understand the infrastructural 'backstage area' of global cultural mobility during the years between 1890 and 1925. Located within the research fields of global history and theory, the geographical focus of the book is a transatlantic one, based on the active exchange in this phase between North and South America and Europe. Emanating from a rich body of archival material, the study argues that this exchange was essentially facilitated and controlled by professional theatrical mediators (agents, brokers), who have not been sufficiently researched within theatre or historical studies. The low visibility of mediators in the scientific research is in diametrical contrast to the enormous power that they possessed in the period dealt with in this book.

Author : Randy Bryan Bigham
Publisher :
Release : 2014-04-11
Page : 184
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1105520080
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Edwardian cover girl and silent screen star Dorothy Gibson survived the Titanic, a disastrous marriage, even the horrors of a World War II concentration camp, but history didn't spare her. Randy Bryan Bigham reclaims the story of a life forgotten. Finding Dorothy, the first biography of model and actress Dorothy Gibson (1889-1946), provides an analysis of her work as the muse of artist Harrison Fisher, and offers a critique of her brief but successful career as one of the first leading ladies in American silent cinema. Dorothy Gibson's experiences in the 1912 sinking of the Titanic are related in detail as is the making of Saved From the Titanic, the first motion picture produced about the disaster, in which Dorothy herself starred. 6x9 Hardcover Dust Jacket 179 pp, 84 ill. First Published 2005 New Edition Released 2012 Revised Edition Printed 2014

Author : Malte Hagener
Michael Töteberg
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-12-16
Page : 479
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 3476036863
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Kommentierte Bibliografie. Sie gibt Wissenschaftlern, Studierenden und Journalisten zuverlässig Auskunft über rund 6000 internationale Veröffentlichungen zum Thema Film und Medien. Die vorgestellten Rubriken reichen von Nachschlagewerk über Filmgeschichte bis hin zu Fernsehen, Video, Multimedia.

Author : Rose-Carol Washton Long
Publisher : Peter Lang
Release : 2009
Page : 356
Category : Art
ISBN 13 : 9783039107049
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This volume of essays relate Max Beckmann's work to the tangible circumstances of its production and reception. The essays contextualise aspects of Beckmann's early, middle, and late career by way of detailed reference to contemporary music, film, philosophy, theatre, history, sports and exile.

Author : Eli Moskowitz
Publisher : Hybrid Global Publishing
Release : 2018-03-14
Page : 260
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1938015967
Description :

During an era when millions of Jews fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe, the Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage. At the time, she was the largest and most luxurious ship ever built and many of her 2,200 passengers were Jewish. At 23:40, April 14, (28th of Nissan 5672) the Titanic swiped an iceberg and sank within two and a half hours. Most of her passengers lost their lives. The sinking of the Titanic was one of the worst and well known maritime disasters of the 20th century. The entire world mourned the Titanic. The grief was universal and shared by people of many nations and religions. This book focuses on the lives and deaths of the Jewish passengers who sailed on the Titanic. It covers various Jewish aspects of the voyage and of the sinking. Aspects, such as keeping kosher, the Agunot dilemma and Jewish burial. The book outlines the life story of the passengers and the effect the disaster made on world Jewry. This book is the result of a long research on the subject, including an attempt to compose a unique and complete list of all the Jews who sailed on the Titanic, and identifying many of them who were previously unknown.

Author : Julie M Schablitsky
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-06-16
Page : 256
Category : Social Science
ISBN 13 : 1315432765
Description :

“How true is it?” is a common refrain of patrons coming out of movie theatres after the latest film on pirates, Vikings, or mummies. While Hollywood usurps the past for its own entertainment purposes, archaeologists and historians know a lot about many of these subjects, digging up stories often more fascinating than the ones projected on screen. This distinguished group of archaeologists select key subjects and genres used by Hollywood and provide the historical and archaeological depth that a movie cannot—what really happened in history. Topics include Egypt, the Wild West, Civil War submarines, Vikings, the Titanic, and others. The book should be of interest to introductory archaeology and American history classes, courses on film and popular culture, and to a general audience. Alternate Selection, History Book Club.

Author : Julie Brown
Annette Davison
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2012-12-20
Page : 334
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0199797544
Description :

Early cinemas were noisy places with pianos, organs, ensembles of all varieties and sometimes full orchestras accompanied films. Britain, a key cultural player in the entertainment world both at the time and now, has a different history than the US of musical cultures and film production.

Author : Grace Eckley
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2007-03-08
Page : 464
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1462838111
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Maiden Tribute: A Life of W. T. Stead This journalist who communicated with his Senior Partner instantaneously, whose ecumenical advance beyond his epoch still startles his readers, throughout his life retained his Whitmanesque individualism and rugged speech. W. T. Stead frequently scoffed at the Anglican Sunday prayers that instructed God how to direct the affairs of the world. If God did not comply, it was not for want of pious instruction. Anglicans were wanting, and most of his late Victorian-Edwardian world was Anglican. W. T. Stead (1849-1912) was a Nonconforrmist with and without the capital n. Had he been born with a wooden spoon in his mouth, it meant only that God needed his help to make the world silver. He never ceased to believe the world could be made silver, for mankind in general was anonymously, even though sluggishly, contributing to the infinite ascending spiral traced by the finger of God between the universe and the ideal. Clearly, the position of women in the 1870s was far from the ideal, remote from the privileges selfishly guarded by men. Taking a cue from his mother who campaigned against the Contagious Diseases Actswhich punished women but not men for transmitting syphilishe determined to bring women nearer the honors of Mary the Mother and Mary the Magdalen, for these two women stand out against the gloom of the past radiant as the angels of God, and yet the true ideals of the womanhood of the world. Such appeared implausible. Everywhere he saw in the streets wretched ruins of humanity, women stamped and crushed into devils by society . . . . And the children nursed in debauchery, suckled in crime, predestined to a life of misery and shame! Mrs. Josephine Butler already knew that Britains leadership would not assist: in the grandest house of the kind in Paris, are to be seen portraits of all the great men who had frequented themdiplomatists, generals, and English Lords . . . . The brothel-keeper put a cross underneath the portrait at each visit, to mark the number of visits made to the house by these great men! Before he visited London, the export of English girls for State-regulated prostitution in Brussels imposed upon Stead a sense that he was destined to write an Uncle Toms Cabin on The Slavery of Europe. The burden is greater than I can bear. But if it is ultimately to be laid on my back, God will strengthen me for it. If I have to write it I shall have to plunge into the depths of the social hell, and that is impossible outside a great city. Even high-minded seekers of justice found the social hell a place they could not venture into. Initiating research for The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, Stead took counsel with civic powers Lord Carnarvon, John Morley, Arthur Balfour, Henry Labouchere among others, and Sir Charles Russell, who declined an invitation to see for himself because as leader of the English Bar he could not play the rle of a detective in a house of ill-fame. As the shocking series of four daily exposes neared its close, why others had not done Steads work was explained by Benjamin Scott, the City Chamberlain who had prompted Stead to take up the cause: We had not the ability or the opportunity that Stead possessed, and lacked the courage. Stead had begun the Maiden Tribute with a complaint against British society, that chivalry was dead and Christianity effete. Benjamin Waugh praised him after the fact: The spirit of both survives in you to-day. Stead accomplished his goal: passage of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, still in force today. Why the British sent him to jail for passing the first child protection law is graced with the word technicality. Branded both a saint and a filthy ex-convict, Stead continued to use his journalistic strength to achieve justice for citizens; in the 1890s he turned to internationalism. Lobbying for arbitration for settling international disputes, he crafted a memorial calling for li

Author : Stephen J. Spignesi
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2012-01-05
Page : 336
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 1118206509
Description :

The Titanic For Dummies paints the whole picture of the most famous maritime disaster. It examines the building of the ship, life onboard during its maiden voyage, tragic decisions made that fateful night, the discovery of the wreck, and the many controversies that have emerged in the century since the sinking. Information includes: Theories behind the reason for the sinking (does the blame lie with the watertight doors, bad rivets, or crew negligence?), and when and where the ship split in two. A detailed look at how the lack of lifeboats — and the chaos that resulted in lifeboats launching before they reached capacity — resulted in lives lost. A Titanic “Who’s Who” identifying notable passengers, including those who were famous before the tragedy and those who gained fame because of it. Current thinking about reports of shots being fired onboard, the details of Captain Smith’s death, Murdoch’s possible suicide, and the band’s last song. Findings from the Titanic hearings on both sides of the Atlantic. A recounting of Robert Ballard’s discovery of the wreck in 1985 and the ongoing debate over whether to salvage the wreck or let the ship remain as a memorial to those who perished. A glimpse of the most fascinating artifacts salvaged from the wreckage. The Titanic in pop culture: from Broadway to one of the most highest grossing movies in history (being re-released in 3D in 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary).

Author : Rebecca Aldridge
Publisher : Infobase Publishing
Release : 2009-01-01
Page : 112
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13 : 1438103247
Description :

The ship was supposed to be unsinkable. But on April 14, 1912, the unthinkable happened: the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner the Titanic struck an iceberg in the frigid waters in the dark of night. What happened next seemed unbelievable to people at the time. In approximately two and a half hours, the celebrated ship flooded with water, cracked in half, and sank miles to the ocean floor below. Of the 2,200 passengers and crew onboard, only 705 survived. The rest suffered a terrifying and cold death in the Atlantic. Observers around the world were horrified and saddened by the tragedy, and many wanted answers. What caused this incredible disaster to happen, and why did so many people have to die? In The Sinking of the Titanic, read about the steamship from stem to stern, from the building and construction, the crew and passengers, and the ship's fate with an iceberg, to the effect this tragedy had, and continues to have, on the shipping industry and the world.

Author : Ludwig Vogl-Bienek
Richard Crangle
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Release : 2014-01-20
Page : 276
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 0861969189
Description :

Essays exploring how reformers and charities used the “magic lantern” to raise public awareness of poverty. Public performances using the magic or optical lantern became a prominent part of the social fabric of the late nineteenth century. Drawing on a rich variety of primary sources, Screen Culture and the Social Question, 1880-1914 investigates how the magic lantern and cinematograph, used at public lectures, church services, and electoral campaigns, became agents of social change. The essays examine how social reformers and charitable organizations used the “art of projection” to raise public awareness of the living conditions of the poor and the destitute, as they argued for reform and encouraged audiences to work to better their lot and that of others.

Author : L. Enticknap
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2013-11-13
Page : 244
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 113732872X
Description :

This is the first monograph-length work intended to enable readers with a humanities background and the general public to understand what the processes and techniques of film restoration do and do not involve, attempting to integrate systematically a discussion about related technological and cultural issues.

Author : Morgan Robertson
Publisher : Рипол Классик
Release : 1912
Page : 243
Category : History
ISBN 13 :
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Author : IVY PRESS.
Pamela Hutchinson
Publisher :
Release : 2019-03-14
Page : 160
Category : Motion picture industry
ISBN 13 : 1782405496
Description :

Are you an art-movie buff or a blockbuster enthusiast? Can you reel off a list of New Wave masterpieces, or are you more interested in classic Westerns? Most of us love the movies in one form or another, but very few of us have the all-round knowledge we'd like. 30-Second Cinema offers an immersion course, served up in neat, entertaining shorts. These 50 topics deal with cinema's beginnings, with its growth as an industry, with key stars and producers, with global movements--from German Expressionism to New Hollywood--and with the movies as a business. By the time you've worked your way through, you'll be able to identify the work of George Melies, define auteur theory or mumblecore in a couple of pithy phrases, and you'll have broadened your knowledge of global cinema to embrace not only Bollywood but Nollywood, too. All in the time it takes to watch a couple of trailers.

Author : Chris Hart
Publisher :
Release :
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ISBN 13 : 1905984219
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Author : Alan Wright
Publisher : Intellect Books
Release : 2015-01-05
Page : 302
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 1783204354
Description :

Film has always played a crucial role in the imagination of disaster. The earthquake, especially, transforms our understanding of the limits and possibilities of cinema, as well as of life itself. After major quakes in countries as dissimilar as Japan, Chile, Iran and New Zealand, filmmakers have responded with films that challenge ingrained social, political, ethical and philosophical categories of thinking and being in the world. Film on the Faultline explores the fractious relationship between cinema and seismic experience and addresses the important role that cinema can play in the wake of such events.

Author : Cynthia J. Miller
Publisher : Scarecrow Press
Release : 2012-08-02
Page : 302
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN 13 : 0810885190
Description :

In Too Bold for the Box Office, Cynthia J. Miller has assembled essays by scholars and filmmakers who examine the unique cinematic form of mockumentary. Individually, each of these essays looks at a given instance of mockumentary parody and subversion, examining the ways in which each calls into question our assumptions, pleasures, beliefs, and even our senses. Writing about national film, television, and new media traditions as diverse as their backgrounds, this volume’s contributors explore and theorize the workings of mockumentaries, as well as the strategies and motivations of the writers and filmmakers who brought them into being.

Author : Aronsson-Storrier, Marie
Dahlberg, Rasmus
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release : 2022-01-18
Page : 264
Category : Law
ISBN 13 : 1839100303
Description :

This timely book unpacks the idea of ‘disaster’ from a variety of approaches, broadening understanding and improving the usability of this complex and often contested concept. Including multidisciplinary perspectives from leading and emerging scholars, it offers reflections on how the concept of disaster has been shaped by and within various fields of research, providing complementary and thought-provoking comparisons across many domains.