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Author : Derek Chollet
Samantha Power
Publisher : PublicAffairs
Release : 2011-11-08
Page : 400
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1610390792
Description :

Richard Holbrooke, who died in December 2010, was a pivotal player in U.S. diplomacy for more than forty years. Most recently special envoy for Iraq and Afghanistan under President Obama, Holbrooke also served as assistant secretary of state for both Asia and Europe, and as ambassador to both Germany and the United Nations. He had a key role in brokering a peace agreement among warring factions in Bosnia that led to the Dayton Peace Accords in 1995. Widely regarded to possess one of the most penetrating minds of any modern diplomat of any nation, Holbrooke was also well known for his outsized personality, and his capacity to charm and offend in equally colossal measures. In this book, the friends and colleagues who knew him best survey his accomplishments as a diplomat, activist, and author. Excerpts from Holbrooke’s own writings further illuminate each significant period of his career. The Unquiet American is both a tribute to an exceptional public servant and a backstage history of the last half-century of American foreign policy.

Author : Richard Greene
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2021-01-12
Page : 608
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 039365107X
Description :

A vivid, deeply researched account of the tumultuous life of one of the twentieth century’s greatest novelists, the author of The End of the Affair. One of the most celebrated British writers of his generation, Graham Greene’s own story was as strange and compelling as those he told of Pinkie the Mobster, Harry Lime, or the Whisky Priest. A journalist and MI6 officer, Greene sought out the inner narratives of war and politics across the world; he witnessed the Second World War, the Vietnam War, the Mau Mau Rebellion, the rise of Fidel Castro, and the guerrilla wars of Central America. His classic novels, including The Heart of the Matter and The Quiet American, are only pieces of a career that reads like a primer on the twentieth century itself. The Unquiet Englishman braids the narratives of Greene’s extraordinary life. It portrays a man who was traumatized as an adolescent and later suffered a mental illness that brought him to the point of suicide on several occasions; it tells the story of a restless traveler and unfailing advocate for human rights exploring troubled places around the world, a man who struggled to believe in God and yet found himself described as a great Catholic writer; it reveals a private life in which love almost always ended in ruin, alongside a larger story of politicians, battlefields, and spies. Above all, The Unquiet Englishman shows us a brilliant novelist mastering his craft. A work of wit, insight, and compassion, this new biography of Graham Greene, the first undertaken in a generation, responds to the many thousands of pages of letters that have recently come to light and to new memoirs by those who knew him best. It deals sensitively with questions of private life, sex, and mental illness, and sheds new light on one of the foremost modern writers.

Author : Cecil B. Currey
Publisher : Potomac Books Incorporated
Release : 1998
Page : 430
Category : Generals
ISBN 13 :
Description :

The Village Voice called the complex life of U.S. Air Force major general and CIA agent Edward G. Lansdale one of "Technicolor fascination". The maverick military thinker's brilliant counterinsurgency tactics preserved democracy in the Philippines, but his subsequent efforts to create "a broad-based, open society" in Vietnam failed following his return to the United States in 1956. Lansdale later led an undercover organization dedicated to bringing down Fidel Castro. This important biography of the legendary intelligence operative and master of political and psychological warfare is now available as a Brassey's Five-Star Paperback.

Author : Jakub J. Grygiel
A. Wess Mitchell
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release : 2017-08-15
Page : 240
Category : Political Science
ISBN 13 : 0691178267
Description :

From the Baltic to the South China Sea, newly assertive authoritarian states sense an opportunity to resurrect old empires or build new ones at America's expense. Hoping that U.S. decline is real, nations such as Russia, Iran, and China are testing Washington's resolve by targeting vulnerable allies at the frontiers of American power. The Unquiet Frontier explains why the United States needs a new grand strategy that uses strong frontier alliance networks to raise the costs of military aggression in the new century. Jakub Grygiel and Wess Mitchell describe the aggressive methods rival nations are using to test U.S. power in strategically critical regions throughout the world. They show how rising and revisionist powers are putting pressure on our frontier allies—countries like Poland, Israel, and Taiwan—to gauge our leaders' commitment to upholding the U.S.-led global order. To cope with these dangerous dynamics, nervous U.S. allies are diversifying their national-security "menu cards" by beefing up their militaries or even aligning with their aggressors. Grygiel and Mitchell reveal how numerous would-be great powers use an arsenal of asymmetric techniques to probe and sift American strength across several regions simultaneously, and how rivals and allies alike are learning from America's management of increasingly interlinked global crises to hone effective strategies of their own. The Unquiet Frontier demonstrates why the United States must strengthen the international order that has provided greater benefits to the world than any in history.

Author : Jonathan Rosenbaum
Publisher :
Release : 2009
Page : 184
Category : Comedy films
ISBN 13 : 9783894726935
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Author : Sharyn McCrumb
Publisher : Pocket Books
Release : 2019-12-17
Page : 416
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1982136413
Description :

From the New York Times bestselling author of Prayers the Devil Answers and The Ballad of Tom Dooley, a “fascinating historical fiction novel you won’t be able to put down” (Bustle) based on one of the strangest murder trials in American history—the case of the Greenbrier Ghost. Lakin, West Virginia, 1930: Following a suicide attempt and consigned to a segregated insane asylum, attorney James P.D. Gardner finds himself under the care of Dr. James Boozer. Testing a new talking cure for insanity, Boozer encourages his elderly patient to share his experiences as the first black attorney to practice law in 19th-century West Virginia. His memorable case: defending a white man on trial for the murder of his young bride—a case that the prosecution based on the testimony of a ghost. Greenbrier, West Virginia, 1897: Beautiful, willful Zona Heaster has always lived in the mountains. Despite her mother’s misgivings, Zona marries the handsome Erasmus Trout Shue, Greenbrier’s newest resident and blacksmith. Her mother learns of her daughter’s death weeks later. A month after the funeral, Zona’s mother makes a chilling claim to the county prosecutor: her daughter was murdered, and she was told this by none other than Zona’s ghost... With her unique and “real knack for crafting full-bodied characters and using folklore to construct compelling plots” (Booklist), Sharyn McCrumb effortlessly demonstrates her place among the finest Southern writers at work today.

Author : Danielle Flood
Publisher : Piscataqua Press
Release : 2016-09-01
Page : 386
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781944393243
Description :

Special UK Edition! In The Unquiet Daughter, a journalist born of the wartime love triangle that inspired the one in English novelist Graham Greene's The Quiet American searches for her father after barely surviving a bizarre youth of privilege, bewilderment, cruelty and estrangement. As she yearns for the love and presence of a father - and that of anyone in her family on the same continent or abroad -- her tall, beautiful French and Vietnamese mother leaves her in burlesque house dressing rooms in the American Midwest, in convent schools in Long Island and Dublin and with strangers in New York City. Meanwhile she lies to Danielle about who she is and their past for decades in this sometime-humorous near-tragic multiple love story and mystery. "I was a living mystery," Flood says. Finally, Danielle uses her investigative journalism skills to find the truth of what happened between her three parents in early 1950's Saigon, where walking down a street or turning a corner could end your life. She relates what she found within the historic sweep of her family's history across Southeast Asia, the US, the UK and France during more than a hundred years. "I have been looking for home in my house again through these windows that are my eyes, " Flood says in the beginning of The Unquiet Daughter. Does she find it by the end of her journey for the truth of who she is? "Passionate and unflinchingly honest, this is a fascinating memoir that explores the tangled connections between Graham Greene's fictional version of wartime Indochina, and the real people there whose actions have haunted the author for most of her life. Danielle Flood is the child of an affair so much like the one described in the love triangle of Greene's novel that she is perfectly right to make her startling claim, 'I am a sequel he never wrote.'" - Michael Shelden, author of Graham Greene: The Enemy Within

Author : Graham Greene
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2010-10-02
Page : 208
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1409017400
Description :

Discover Graham Green’s prescient political masterpiece ‘The novel that I love the most is The Quiet American’ Ian McEwan Into the intrigue and violence of 1950s Indo-China comes CIA agent Alden Pyle, a young idealistic American sent to promote democracy through a mysterious 'Third Force'. As his naive optimism starts to cause bloodshed, his friend Fowler, a cynical foreign correspondent, finds it hard to stand aside and watch. But even as he intervenes he wonders why: for the greater good, or something altogether more complicated? WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ZADIE SMITH **One of the BBC’s 100 Novels That Shaped Our World**

Author : Bob Shacochis
Publisher : Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Release : 2013-09-03
Page : 738
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 0802193099
Description :

Pulitzer Prize finalist: “A soaring literary epic about the forces that have driven us to the 9/11 age . . . relentlessly captivating” (Ron Charles, The Washington Post). When humanitarian lawyer Tom Harrington travels to Haiti to investigate the murder of a beautiful photojournalist, he is confronted with a dangerous landscape riddled with poverty, corruption, and voodoo. It’s the late 1990s, a time of brutal guerrilla warfare and civilian kidnappings. The journalist, whom he knew years before as Jackie Scott, had a bigger investment in Haiti than it seemed. To make sense of her death, Tom must plunge back into his complicated ties to Jackie—and her mysterious past. Shacochis traces Jackie’s shadowy family history from the outlaw terrain of World War II Dubrovnik to 1980s Istanbul. Caught between her first love and her domineering father—an elite Cold War spy pressuring her to follow in his footsteps—seventeen-year-old Jackie hatches a desperate escape plan. But getting out also puts her on the path that turns her into the soulless woman Tom fears as much as desires. Set over fifty years and in four war-torn countries, The Woman Who Lost Her Soul is National Book Award winner Bob Shacochis’s masterpiece and a magnum opus. It brings to life an intricate portrait of catastrophic events that led up to the war on terror and the America we are today.

Author : D. Bahr
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2007-12-09
Page : 193
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0230609996
Description :

An oral-history-based biography of a seminal Asian-American activist. The book traces Embrey's life from her youth in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles, to her harrowing experiences in the Japanese internment camps, to her many decades of passionate advocacy on behalf of her fellow internees.

Author : Ausma Zehanat Khan
Publisher : Minotaur Books
Release : 2015-01-13
Page : 352
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1466858311
Description :

“Khan is a refreshing original, and The Unquiet Dead blazes what one hopes will be a new path guided by the author's keen understanding of the intersection of faith and core Muslim values, complex human nature and evil done by seemingly ordinary people. It is these qualities that make this a debut to remember and one that even those who eschew the [mystery] genre will devour in one breathtaking sitting.” —The LA Times Despite their many differences, Detective Rachel Getty trusts her boss, Esa Khattak, implicitly. But she's still uneasy at Khattak's tight-lipped secrecy when he asks her to look into Christopher Drayton's death. Drayton's apparently accidental fall from a cliff doesn't seem to warrant a police investigation, particularly not from Rachel and Khattak's team, which handles minority-sensitive cases. But when she learns that Drayton may have been living under an assumed name, Rachel begins to understand why Khattak is tip-toeing around this case. It soon comes to light that Drayton may have been a war criminal with ties to the Srebrenica massacre of 1995. If that's true, any number of people might have had reason to help Drayton to his death, and a murder investigation could have far-reaching ripples throughout the community. But as Rachel and Khattak dig deeper into the life and death of Christopher Drayton, every question seems to lead only to more questions, with no easy answers. Had the specters of Srebrenica returned to haunt Drayton at the end, or had he been keeping secrets of an entirely different nature? Or, after all, did a man just fall to his death from the Bluffs? In her spellbinding debut, Ausma Zehanat Khan has written a complex and provocative story of loss, redemption, and the cost of justice that will linger with readers long after turning the final page.

Author : John Connolly
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2015-11-24
Page : 480
Category : Fiction
ISBN 13 : 1501122665
Description :

Includes an excerpt from A song of shadows.

Author : Kati Marton
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2013-03-12
Page : 199
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 1451691556
Description :

Recounts how the author's marriages to Peter Jennings and the late Richard Holbrooke were shaped by the beauty and allure of Paris, where she found love and healing against a backdrop of historical events.

Author : Ramachandra Guha
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 2000-02-02
Page : 244
Category : Nature
ISBN 13 : 9780520222359
Description :

A short history of the Chipko movement in India, one of the world's most famous examples of a grassroots environmental protest movement. This is a revised and expanded edition of a widely-reviewed book originally published in 1990.

Author : Samantha Power
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2008
Page : 622
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13 : 9781594201288
Description :

Traces the political career of the United Nations humanitarian who lost his life in the 2003 terrorist attack on the UN Headquarters in Iraq, citing his role in the peace negotiations in post-invasion Lebanon and the cease-fire talks in Bosnia.

Author : George Packer
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2020-05-26
Page : 624
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 030794817X
Description :

*Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Biography* *Winner of the Los Angeles Times Prize for Biography* *Winner of the 2019 Hitchens Prize* "Portrays Holbrooke in all of his endearing and exasperating self-willed glory...Both a sweeping diplomatic history and a Shakespearean tragicomedy... If you could read one book to comprehend American's foreign policy and its quixotic forays into quicksands over the past 50 years, this would be it."--Walter Isaacson, The New York Times Book Review "By the end of the second page, maybe the third, you will be hooked...There never was a diplomat-activist quite like [Holbrooke], and there seldom has been a book quite like this -- sweeping and sentimental, beguiling and brutal, catty and critical, much like the man himself."--David M. Shribman, The Boston Globe Richard Holbrooke was brilliant, utterly self-absorbed, and possessed of almost inhuman energy and appetites. Admired and detested, he was the force behind the Dayton Accords that ended the Balkan wars, America's greatest diplomatic achievement in the post-Cold War era. His power lay in an utter belief in himself and his idea of a muscular, generous foreign policy. From his days as a young adviser in Vietnam to his last efforts to end the war in Afghanistan, Holbrooke embodied the postwar American impulse to take the lead on the global stage. But his sharp elbows and tireless self-promotion ensured that he never rose to the highest levels in government that he so desperately coveted. His story is thus the story of America during its era of supremacy: its strength, drive, and sense of possibility, as well as its penchant for overreach and heedless self-confidence. In Our Man, drawn from Holbrooke's diaries and papers, we are given a nonfiction narrative that is both intimate and epic in its revelatory portrait of this extraordinary and deeply flawed man and the elite spheres of society and government he inhabited.

Author : Arupjyoti Saikia
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2019-08-25
Page : 620
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0190990406
Description :

The unruly Brahmaputra has always been an agent in shaping both the landscape of its valley and the livelihoods of its inhabitants. But how much do we know of this river’s rich past? Historian Arupjyoti Saikia’s biography of the Brahmaputra reimagines the layered history of Assam with the unquiet river at the centre. The book combines a range of disciplinary scholarship to unravel the geological forces as well as human endeavour which have shaped the river into what it is today. Wonderfully illuminated with archival detail and interwoven with narratives and striking connections, the book allows the reader to imagine the Brahmaputra’s course in history. This evocative and compelling book will be interesting reading for anyone trying to understand the past and the present of a river confronted by the twenty-first century’s ambitious infrastructural designs to further re-engineer the river and its landscape.

Author : Adam Hochschild
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2003-02-04
Page : 350
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 0547524978
Description :

An in-depth exploration of the legacy of Joseph Stalin on the former Soviet Union, by the author of King Leopold’s Ghost. Although some twenty million people died during Stalin’s reign of terror, only with the advent of glasnost did Russians begin to confront their memories of that time. In 1991, Adam Hochschild spent nearly six months in Russia talking to gulag survivors, retired concentration camp guards, and countless others. The result is a riveting evocation of a country still haunted by the ghost of Stalin. A New York Times Notable Book “An important contribution to our awareness of the former Soviet Union’s harrowing past and unsettling present.”—Los Angeles Times “A perceptive, intelligent book demonstrating that the significance of the gulag transcends the confines of one country and one generation.”—New York Times Book Review “This probing and sensitive book…casts striking new light upon the Russian past and present.”—Washington Post Book World “The voices [Hochschild] has recorded, the relics he has seen, are haunting—and the raw material of a terrific book.”—David Remnick, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Lenin’s Tomb “No other work has brought home the full horror of this monstrous dictator’s rule than this close-up account.”—Daniel Schorr, former senior news analyst, National Public Radio

Author : Brian Bond
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2002-07-11
Page : 128
Category : History
ISBN 13 : 9781139434096
Description :

Britain's outstanding military achievement in the First World War has been eclipsed by literary myths. Why has the Army's role on the Western Front been so seriously misrepresented? This 2002 book shows how myths have become deeply rooted, particularly in the inter-war period, in the 1960s, and in the 1990s. The outstanding 'anti-war' influences have been 'war poets', subalterns' trench memoirs, the book and film of All Quiet on the Western Front, and the play Journey's End. For a new generation in the 1960s the play and film of Oh What a Lovely War had a dramatic effect, while more recently Blackadder has been dominant. Until more recently, historians had either reinforced the myths, or had failed to counter them. This book follows the intense controversy from 1918 to the present, and concludes that historians are at last permitting the First World War to be placed in proper perspective.

Author : Steve Hendricks
Publisher : Da Capo Press
Release : 2007-09-07
Page : 512
Category : True Crime
ISBN 13 : 9781568583648
Description :

In 1976 the body of Anna Mae Aquash, an American Indian luminary, was found frozen in the Badlands of South Dakota — or so the FBI said. After a suspicious autopsy and a rushed burial, friends had Aquash exhumed and found a .32-caliber bullet in her skull. Using this scandal as a point of departure, The Unquiet Grave opens a tunnel into the dark side of the FBI and its subversion of American Indian activists. But the book also discovers things the Indians would prefer to keep buried. What unfolds is a sinuous tale of conspiracy, murder, and cover-up that stretches from the plains of South Dakota to the polished corridors of Washington, D.C. First-time author Steve Hendricks sued the FBI over several years to pry out thousands of unseen documents about the events. His work was supported by the prestigious Fund for Investigative Journalism. Hendricks, who has freelanced for The Nation, Boston Globe, Orion, and public radio, is one of those rare reporters whose investigative tenacity is accompanied by grace with the written word.