When Kids Cant Read What Teachers Can Do Download Ebook PDF Epub Online

Author : G. Kylene Beers
Publisher : Boynton/Cook
Release : 2003
Page : 392
Category : Education
ISBN 13 :
Description :

A guide to help teachers reach struggling readers offers practical strategies, classroom skills, and activities.

Author : Daniel T. Willingham
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2015-03-09
Page : 240
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1118769724
Description :

How parents and educators can teach kids to love reading in the digital age Everyone agrees that reading is important, but kids today tend to lose interest in reading before adolescence. In Raising Kids Who Read, bestselling author and psychology professor Daniel T. Willingham explains this phenomenon and provides practical solutions for engendering a love of reading that lasts into adulthood. Like Willingham's much-lauded previous work, Why Don't Students Like School?, this new book combines evidence-based analysis with engaging, insightful recommendations for the future. Intellectually rich argumentation is woven seamlessly with entertaining current cultural references, examples, and steps for taking action to encourage reading. The three key elements for reading enthusiasm—decoding, comprehension, and motivation—are explained in depth in Raising Kids Who Read. Teachers and parents alike will appreciate the practical orientation toward supporting these three elements from birth through adolescence. Most books on the topic focus on early childhood, but Willingham understands that kids' needs change as they grow older, and the science-based approach in Raising Kids Who Read applies to kids of all ages. A practical perspective on teaching reading from bestselling author and K-12 education expert Daniel T. Willingham Research-based, concrete suggestions to aid teachers and parents in promoting reading as a hobby Age-specific tips for developing decoding ability, comprehension, and motivation in kids from birth through adolescence Information on helping kids with dyslexia and encouraging reading in the digital age Debunking the myths about reading education, Raising Kids Who Read will empower you to share the joy of reading with kids from preschool through high school.

Author : Charles A. Temple
Donna Ogle
Publisher : Pearson College Division
Release : 2013-09-05
Page : 624
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9780133389203
Description :

Written by one of the most dynamic author teams in the field of Reading and Literacy, the fourth edition of All Children Read continues to offer K-8 teachers the best practices for developing reading and writing in all students. The new edition integrates Common Core State Standards, deepens its exploration of Response to Intervention (RTI), looks more deeply at comprehension of informational text, and emphasizes the teaching of English Language Learners. Central to, and woven throughout, this text are the six overriding themes-the struggling reader; family/community literacy; new literacies; writing and reading connections; developmental, cultural, and linguistic diversity; and phonics/phonological awareness.

Author : G. Kylene Beers
Robert E. Probst
Publisher : Heinemann Educational Books
Release : 2007
Page : 411
Category : Education
ISBN 13 :
Description :

Adolescent Literacy discusses issues such as including English language learners, struggling readers, technology in the classroom, multimodal literacy, compelling writing instruction, teaching in a "flat world," engagement, and young adult literature. In addition Adolescent Literacy's assessment rubrics for teachers, administrators, and staff developers make it a resource for schoolwide and districtwide professional development, while its accompanying study guide is designed for small-group discussions. --From publisher's description.

Author : Phyllis Haddox
Siegfried Engelmann
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 1986-06-15
Page : 395
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0671631985
Description :

A step-by-step program that shows parents, simply and clearly, how to teach their child to read in just 20 minutes a day.

Author : Timothy D. Walker
Pasi Sahlberg
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2021-03-23
Page : 216
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0393714012
Description :

Seven key principles from Finland for building a culture of trust in schools around the world. In the spring of 2018, thousands of teachers across the United States—in states like Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Arizona—walked off their jobs while calling for higher wages and better working conditions. Ultimately, these American educators trumpeted a simple request: treat us like professionals. Teachers in many other countries feel the same way as their US counterparts. In Teachers We Trust presents a compelling vision, offering practical ideas for educators and school leaders wishing to develop teacher-powered education systems. It reveals why teachers in Finland hold high status, and shows what the country’s trust- based school system looks like in action. Pasi Sahlberg and Timothy D. Walker suggest seven key principles for building a culture of trust in schools, from offering clinical training for future teachers to encouraging student agency to fostering a collaborative professionalism among educators. In Teachers We Trust is essential reading for all teachers, administrators, and parents who entrust their children to American schools.

Author : John Corcoran
Carole C. Carlson
Publisher :
Release : 1995
Page : 288
Category : High school teachers
ISBN 13 : 9781860240737
Description :

This is the story of a man who taught high school, but didn't know how to read.

Author : National Research Council
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Publisher : National Academies Press
Release : 1998-07-22
Page : 448
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 030906418X
Description :

While most children learn to read fairly well, there remain many young Americans whose futures are imperiled because they do not read well enough to meet the demands of our competitive, technology-driven society. This book explores the problem within the context of social, historical, cultural, and biological factors. Recommendations address the identification of groups of children at risk, effective instruction for the preschool and early grades, effective approaches to dialects and bilingualism, the importance of these findings for the professional development of teachers, and gaps that remain in our understanding of how children learn to read. Implications for parents, teachers, schools, communities, the media, and government at all levels are discussed. The book examines the epidemiology of reading problems and introduces the concepts used by experts in the field. In a clear and readable narrative, word identification, comprehension, and other processes in normal reading development are discussed. Against the background of normal progress, Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children examines factors that put children at risk of poor reading. It explores in detail how literacy can be fostered from birth through kindergarten and the primary grades, including evaluation of philosophies, systems, and materials commonly used to teach reading.

Author : Mark Boynton
Christine Boynton
Publisher : ASCD
Release : 2005
Page : 178
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 1416602372
Description :

Covers various aspect of effective discipline systems, including discussion of the crucial components of classroom discipline and universal techniques for teachers.

Author : Christopher Emdin
Publisher : Beacon Press
Release : 2016
Page : 220
Category : EDUCATION
ISBN 13 : 0807006408
Description :

"Merging real stories with theory, research, and practice, a prominent scholar offers a new approach to teaching and learning for every stakeholder in urban education. Drawing on his own experience of feeling undervalued and invisible in science classrooms as a young man of color, Christopher Emdin offers a new lens on and approach to teaching in urban schools. Putting forth his theory of Reality Pedagogy, Emdin provides practical tools to unleash the brilliance and eagerness of youth and educators alike--both of whom have been typecast and stymied by outdated modes of thinking about urban education. With this fresh and engaging new pedagogical vision, Emdin demonstrates the importance of creating a family structure and building communities within the classroom, using culturally relevant strategies like hip-hop music and call-and-response, and connecting the experiences of urban youth to indigenous populations globally"--

Author : Linda Christensen
Publisher : Rethinking Schools
Release : 2009
Page : 287
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0942961439
Description :

Presents a collection of essays and practical advice, including lesson plans and activities, to promote writing in all aspects of the curriculum.

Author : Dorothy Rich
Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Release : 1992-05-01
Page : 50
Category :
ISBN 13 : 1568063857
Description :

Shows parents that teaching and learning can happen when they do simple things together that make the most of their child's natural curiosity and show that learning is fun and important. This will encourage the child to study, learn, and stay in school.

Author : Ontario. Ministry of Education
Dany Laveault
Publisher : Ministry of Education
Release : 2003-01-01
Page : 86
Category : Reading (Elementary)
ISBN 13 : 9780779440924
Description :

Author : Michael C. McKenna
Publisher : Guilford Press
Release : 2002-04-17
Page : 200
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13 : 9781572307605
Description :

Presents a variety of of research-based instructional strategies for use with struggling readers in the grades three through eight.

Author : Jonathan Haidt
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2013
Page : 500
Category : Psychology
ISBN 13 : 0307455777
Description :

Presents a groundbreaking investigation into the origins of morality at the core of religion and politics, offering scholarly insight into the motivations behind cultural clashes that are polarizing America.

Author : Cornelius Minor
Publisher : Heinemann Educational Books
Release : 2018-10-11
Page : 160
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 9780325098142
Description :

While challenging the teacher as hero trope, We Got This shows how authentically listening to kids is the closest thing to a superpower that we have. Cornelius identifies tools, attributes, and strategies that can augment our listening.

Author : Natalie Wexler
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2019-08-06
Page : 336
Category : Education
ISBN 13 : 0735213577
Description :

The untold story of the root cause of America's education crisis--and the seemingly endless cycle of multigenerational poverty. It was only after years within the education reform movement that Natalie Wexler stumbled across a hidden explanation for our country's frustrating lack of progress when it comes to providing every child with a quality education. The problem wasn't one of the usual scapegoats: lazy teachers, shoddy facilities, lack of accountability. It was something no one was talking about: the elementary school curriculum's intense focus on decontextualized reading comprehension "skills" at the expense of actual knowledge. In the tradition of Dale Russakoff's The Prize and Dana Goldstein's The Teacher Wars, Wexler brings together history, research, and compelling characters to pull back the curtain on this fundamental flaw in our education system--one that fellow reformers, journalists, and policymakers have long overlooked, and of which the general public, including many parents, remains unaware. But The Knowledge Gap isn't just a story of what schools have gotten so wrong--it also follows innovative educators who are in the process of shedding their deeply ingrained habits, and describes the rewards that have come along: students who are not only excited to learn but are also acquiring the knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to succeed. If we truly want to fix our education system and unlock the potential of our neediest children, we have no choice but to pay attention.

Author : Bernice Cullinan
Bernice E. Cullinan
Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Release : 1993
Page : 64
Category : Study skills
ISBN 13 : 0788100076
Description :

Intended to help you make the most of your children's natural curiosity. B&W drawings.

Author : Katherine Bomer
Publisher : Heinemann
Release : 2005
Page : 209
Category : Education
ISBN 13 :
Description :

In Writing a Life, Katherine Bomer presents classroom-tested strategies for tapping memoir's power, including ways to help kids generate ideas to write about, elaborate on and make meaning from their memories, and learn craft from published memoirs.

Author : Wawryk-Epp, Lynne
Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Learning
Publisher : [Regina] : Saskatchewan Learning
Release : 2004
Page : 239
Category :
ISBN 13 : 9781894743792
Description :